MKW Chapter 315

Chapter 315  [Disciple from a great sect]


After the girls have played for the whole day along with the swaying of the train, when it is night they become tired.

They leaned against each other and fell into a deep sleep.

Even Chen Danui is unable to stay awake anymore, closes his eyes and sleeps.

Most of the people on the train are asleep and the very few that are somewhat awake are using their handphone.

“Peanuts, melon seeds and bottled waters ah…”

“Give me a leg portion…”

Occasionally there is still a salesperson who pushes a trolley through the train but seeing the way he acts it also seems like he is also tired.

Liu Yi has been narrowing his eyes with his Black and White World activated.

At this moment the Great God sect people start whispering to each other again.

Their voices are heard clearly by Liu Yi.

“It is almost time Incense Lord, do we take action?”

Incense Lord? I did not realize that there would be such a high-rank disciple here ah.

Liu Yi starts to secretly evaluate the opponent’s strength.

“There is no need to rush. As long as there are people awake it will be troublesome. Let me cast a spell first to make the rest of them sleep.”

Within the black and White World Liu Yi is able to sense a tall man open a box-like object and touches something inside before starting to chant his spell.

“Demonic infant, assist me!”

The tall man finished talking and a bizarre power flows along the train.

The power is like an air particle and spreads into the foremost cabins.

Instantly all of the awake males and females all fall asleep.

Putting everyone to sleep? What a good method.


By the side, Chen Cai gently pushes Liu Yi before blinking at him.

Other than Liu Yi no one else is able to hear his voice.

This is the voice transmission technique that is unique to asuras. Other than target/s chosen by the asura no one else is able to hear what the asura says.

“There are people using magic…”

Liu Yi nods his head before making a keep silent hand signal.

The two of them have lived together in Asura Realm for five hundred years thus they have good coordination. With Liu Yi’s single signal Chen Cai understands what he wants to do.

Thus he also keeps silent as he sits in his original spot.

The snores in the carriages rise and falls.

The two Great God sect disciples stand up and walk towards the front of the train.

“Follow along.”

Liu Yi gently waves his finger and Chen Cai nods his head before fading away, disappearing from thin air.

Asura King’s hiding technique can conceal away his figure.

Liu Yi himself is also not an exception as he forms a hand seal and a black ray covers his body as he changes into a black butterfly flying in the air.


During the five hundred years Liu Yi has learned a number of useful stuff from Little Cai and Yan Qiuhong. As he lights up more star jades, the number of special abilities he has increases as well. Transformation is one of the abilities that he has obtained after lighting up one of his star jades.

What Liu Yi can currently transform into is not a lot, he can only turn into either a butterfly or a scorpion. The more demons he gets in contact with the more he can transform into.

The black butterfly flutters in the train cabin but as everyone is asleep no one notices this demonic butterfly.

The two Great God sect disciples walk to the train door before opening the door.

The night wind instantly blows in. Even though it is summer due to the fast-moving train the wind is very ferocious.

The two Great God sect disciple clothes are blown up and one of them is protecting a strange ancient looking small box as he shouts: “Go up and prepare to perform the ceremony!”


The other Great God sect clergy is like a zombie as he sticks to the train side and floats up.

Afterwards, the Incense Lord also follows along. The two of them went to the top of the train as the plan to borrow the moonlight to perform a ceremony.

“Incense Lord there are clouds blocking the moonlight!” says the clergy nervously.

“A small matter, leave it to me.”

As the Incense Lord speaks he places the ancient wooden box on the roof before biting open his finger and uses his blood to draw a weird diagram around the wooden box.

Afterwards, he kneels in front of the wooden box and starts mumble to himself.

Suddenly a large wind starts blowing away the clouds in the sky allowing the moonlight to shine through.

The wooden box suddenly starts to jump and seems like it is sealed with something sinister. When it is touched by the moon rays it starts to become impatient wanting to come out.

“Sire demonic infant there is no need to hurry. Below you is a train full of flesh and blood to be your meal.”

The Incense Owner smiles faintly before continuing to chant.

“Great God sect’s glory is about to descend onto this earth!”

The clergy is very excited.

“Great God sect is it? Why don’t you count me in as well?”

At this moment a young man suddenly walks out from mid-air and lands beside the two Great God Sect disciples.

“Who are you!”

The Incense Owner is shocked before excoriating: “I am performing the sorcery. You go and settle him!”


The clergy smiles coldly as he stretches out his hand and summons out a three-eye ghost infant on his shoulder.

The ghost infant opens its mouth wide and spits out a number of blood arrows.

The person who appears is none other than Chen Cai.

He smiles faintly as he does some stretching actions and easily dodges the blood arrows.

“How is this possible?!”

The clergy is shocking as he stares at the common looking youngster in disbelieve\.

“How is it possible for you to dodge my blood arrows!”

“Aiyah. Indeed people from Great God sect are indeed a group of brainless maniacs.”

Chen Cai sneers, “What boss says is right ah.”

“Damn it all whoever blocks my Great God sect must die!”

The clergy roars and controls the ghost infant preparing to risk his life.

Chen Cai is composed as he stretches out his hand and pressed against the train roof.

Instantly an enormous purple plant grows out.

The plant is very strange and it seems like it only grows a large bloody mouth which swallows up the clergy in a single bite before starting to chew.

The clergy shrieks a few times before there is only left with the sound of chewing.

The Incense Owner’s hair starts to stand.

This…what is this scary thing…

“You, who on earth are you…”

“I am only a corpse that has crawled back from the Asura Realm that’s all.”

Chen Cai pretentiously smiles faintly and says: “My boss has said before to not to be lenient to people from the Great God sect. Moreover, your demon sect is already on the blacklist of my Dragon Group. You are now captured so obediently stand there and do not move.”

“People from Dragon Group!”

The Incense Lord instantly becomes afraid as he wishes to keep the wooden box in a fluster.

But Chen Cai obviously does not wish to give him the chance as he throws a blue ice mushroom on the ground.

The ice mushroom expands slightly before instantly exploding and freezing the Incense Lord in place.

“I have already told you not to move. This is the result of not listening to me.”

Chen Cai shrugs his shoulder and stretches out his hand and picks up the wooden box.

“What on earth is this thing to make the person from Great God sect value it so much.”

As his hand stretches out half way he immediately withdraws it.

An ice sword releasing cold air suddenly stabs in front of him trembling.

“What the heck…it seems like it is an expert.”

“Do not touch that box. It is mine.”

A girl’s voice rings out coldly, the voice seems to be even colder than the ice sword.

Chen Cai turns around and take a look and sees an extremely beautiful girl flying towards him in the air.

White ice swords revolve around her before shooting out towards Chen Cai.

“!#$@!$@# are you for real! Why are you attacking me!”

Chen Cai is shocked as he is able to feel the power contained within the ice swords as he hurriedly summons out his two black demon blades and starts to block the ice swords flying over.

But when every single ice sword lands on Chen Cai’s sword it will explode into ice fragments jolting him to the point where he is forced to retreat continuously until his guard is broken.


An ice sword finally gets passed Chen Cai’s defence and is piercing towards his throat.

Chen Cai immediately shouts out in fear: “Boss save me ah!”

A black butterfly flies over and lands in front of him.

Following which black rays emerge and turn into a human form.

Liu Yi stands in front of Chen Cai and slaps out with his right palm.



The ice sword immediately exploded in mid-air and fall on the train roof as ice fragments.

“It is you?”

The white-clothed girl lands on the train roof and a layer of ice forms under her feet on the train roof.

She stares in shock at the young man that suddenly appeared before her as the ice swords float around her tremble as well.

Why is it him?

I had originally decided to distance myself from this unpredictable youngster…why is it that we will meet each other here again?

Unless mysteriously there is something that is tying the two of us together?

“It has been a long time since we last met Gu Yu.”

Liu Yi lowers his right hand as he looks at the Fairy Gu Yu standing opposite him.

Based on what Lin Tong said back then, Gu Yu should be a disciple of Immortal Snow Peak.

Disciples from that sect are all incomparably haughty and have a dense aura of eldest disciples and eyes higher than heavens.

Gu Yu is clearly also such a female disciple thus she frequently makes Liu Yi angry.

“Who wishes to meet you! I have already let you off before and you actually come and look for me!”

“Why do you speak as if I am a bad person.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders: “Fairy Gu Yu although you are a disciple of a large sect you can’t be so unable to differentiate good or bad right? When have I, Liu Yi done anything that harms the society. Why do you always like to target me?”

“Heng, is the number of bad things you have done little? Just based on the dense demonic qi emitting from your body I should kill you ten of thousands of time!”

Gu Yu snorts coldly as she emits out her immortal qi.

Her beautiful attitude causes Chen Cai who is by the side to salivate.

“Boss. This fairy is very upright ah…”

Just as he speaks halfway, an ice sword rubs passed his cheek and disappears into the night.

“But her temper is a bit too explosive…”

Chen Cai swallows his saliva.

“This is Fairy Gu Yu from Immortal Snow Peak. She is a disciple from a large sect. Her eyes are higher than her head and as you can see she is very arrogant so you must not provoke her.”

Liu Yi says with fridge irony and scorching satire.

“Liu Yi you are seeking death!”



Chapter 315- [Diciple from a great sect]

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