MKW Chapter 314

Chapter 314  [Train to Jing Dou]



Chen Danui got a shock and nearly jump up from his seat.

What joke is this! This fellow that did not speak at all is the boyfriend of these three pretty ladies?!

How is this possible!

Liu Yi himself is also surprised. What the heck…I am lying down and still got shot…

Did the three of them discuss this before?

“These junior sisters ah you girls really know how to joke hahaha…”

Chen Danui starts laughing as he thought that the girls were joking around.

The beauties share the same boyfriend? How is that possible unless that fellow is Mr Perfect? It is even more impossible, where would there be a Mr Perfect wearing such lousy clothes!

Wang Lele smiles sweetly and says to Liu Yi: “Husband, I am thirsty, pass me your drink.”

Liu Yi has just opened a bottle of juice to drink and nearly sprayed out the mouthful when he hears Wang Lele’s sentence.

I’ll be damned…Lele what the hell is wrong with you!

At least wait for me to finish before messing around okay!

This lass is just asking for it ah!

When Chen Danui hears the big chest girl calling the silent guy husband instantly, his heart turns sour. Damn it there is one less quality good already. It really is a flower inserted in cow dung…

Wang Yuzheng lowers her red face and mumbles immediately afterward: “Hus, husband…I am also thirsty…”

What the heck…Yuzheng what are you joining in for ah…you are an obedient girl, do not mess around okay!

Liu Yi roars in his heart.

Chen Danui’s mouth is unable to close. What the heck one having two! Damn it, is there any heaven’s law ah! Two flowers inserted in a cow dung ah! But luckily there is still one more flower left, although her chest is a bit small her face is very beautiful, and her temperament is an absolute beauty ah!

“Damn, damn it….”

Murong Die sees that the two lasses have hardened their hearts and she herself cannot be behind them!

She clenches her teeth and snatched over the bottle of juice in Liu Yi’s hand and starts drinking fiercely.

Everyone stares at the white throat moving.

Liu Yi is also stunned. This…isn’t this an indirect kiss…

How, how can this be…it seems like I got taken advantage of…

“Remember next time give this miss the drink first!”

Murong Die places the bottle on the table before glaring at Liu Yi, “This miss is the, is the….is the main!”

Liu Yi nearly falls under the table as Chen Cai sends all kind if disapproving looks at him.

On the other hand, Chen Danui’s heart is dripping blood.

He finally bursts out, “Are you for real…aren’t the lot of you like…flowers inserted in cow dung?”

“I do not permit you to say such things!”

Liu Yi immediately becomes unhappy as he pats his chest and says: “I do not permit you to say that they are cow dung!”


The three girls gift Liu Yi with a middle finger.

“The other people are talking about you alright!”

Murong Die is even more direct as she roars at Liu Yi: “You are too shameless to actually push it to us!”

“Eh? Is that the case?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly. “I thought that he is saying that I am the flower. Although I am rather delicate, it is the first time that other people called me a flower, so it is embarrassing.”

“Your sister…”

The girls roll their eyes at Liu Yi.

“This is not logical ah…”

Chen Danai really wishes to cry out loud, why are the beauties being taken by the stinky fellow ah!

Are the gods crazy?

Wang Lele suggests, “Ten hours of train ride. It will be very boring if we just sit. Why don’t we play cards?”

“Why don’t we play Three Kingdom Kill, I brought it along!”

As Chen Cai speaks he search his backpack, “I have prepared this set of Three Kingdom Kill for a long time and is finally able to put it to use.”

Wang Lele says: “Yah, yah, I still do not know how to play teach me!”

“This miss also do not know how to play. Let’s learn together.”

“I know a little bit…there are people who play it in my neighborhood, and I have observed it before…”

Just as the five of them start to entertain themselves, Liu Yi’s ear suddenly twitches.

From the other side of the cabin comes a weak voice.

“Great God bless us. We must definitely succeed in this operation…”

“Relax. The Great God is forever standing on our side. When it is night, and everyone is in a deep sleep we shall go to the front of the train and take action.”

“Okay. Great God bless us.”

Liu Yi blinks and actives Black and White World.

In his Black and White World appears two figures, one tall and one skinny, who are covered with a red glow.

The two of them have menace on them and also seems to be emitting a bit of ghost qi.

Great God Sect people…it has been so long since I ran into them. What is their actions this time around?

Seeing the two Great God Sect’s disciple Liu Yi starts to think of Wenren Qian.

The train finally shakes as it slowly starts its engines like it is about to move.

“Ai so sad. There is no one coming to send me off to go to university.”

Chen Cai laments bitterly, “No matter what in senior high school I have chased after so many girls but why did I not link together with one ah! My heart is freezing ah…”

“Hurry up and freeze then.”

Liu Yi sneers, “After all your heart is already frozen.”

As an Asura King, Chen Cai’s heart is no longer beating, and his blood no longer flows.

It can be said that he is no different from a Chinese Zombie.

“Ai, if there is a beauty that will send me off this lifetime it’ll be worth it…”

Liu Yi comforts him, “Don’t think so much. Where would there be a beauty who will send us off!”

“That is also true…luckily there is still boss accompanying me. Brothers in hardship ah….”

Just as Chen Cai is sighing in sorrow from outside of the train window comes a girl’s shout.

“Idiotic bull….idiot bull…. Liu Yi Older brother….”

The girl’s voice is very cute and somewhat urgent.

“Don’t start the train ah…damn it…”

Liu Yi hurriedly sticks his head out and realized that it is Ma Yuanyuan that little lass chasing behind the train.

The lass is wearing a beautiful black flowery skirt and wearing a sexy black socking as well as a pretty sun hat.

At this moment she is holding down her sun hat with one hand while holding her high-platform shoes with the other as she runs after the train barefooted.

When Liu Yi sees this his heart instantly aches. Is this lass crazy? Running barefooted!

“Yuanyuan are you crazy! Quickly go back!”

“Liu Yi older brother…you bastard…wuwuwu…”

Ma Yuanyuan cries as she chases, “Why did you not say anything before leaving…I, I hate you to death…”

“I am going to university ah!”

Liu Yi take advantage that the train is still slow and quickly shouts: “Quickly go back, the train is about to increase speed! I will go and visit you during the holidays!”

“Bastard! Idiotic bull! Stinky idiotic bull!”

In the end, Ma Yuanyuan is still a girl thus very quickly she is no longer able to catch up.

She stands there and shouts loudly, “Wait for me for three years! I will get into a university there and find you!”

The train’s speed slowly increases and as it drives away Ma Yuanyuan’s shouts becomes less audible.

Liu Yi is slightly stunned as he seems to see a two-faced lass with dragon horns standing there telling him, “Wait for me for two years…after two years this princess will go and find you  to make you my husband!”

What the heck…why are the girls nowadays so wild?!


Chen Cai stares at him, “Can I push you off the train…”

Chen Danui’s brain is already completely paralyzed.

Despite having three great beauties, this fellow still has such a cute little lass chasing after him with her life…

Mother ah…why is it so unfair…I am so handsome but why is it that I cannot even hook up such kind of girls…

Please give me a dagger; I want to slash him to death ah!

As Murong Die ponders over her cards, she sourly says: “Tsk tsk…did not realize that your neighbor’s sister is so infatuated towards you.”

“This, this…she is only treating me as a big brother that’s all.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, the current Ma Yuanyuan no longer has an elder sister. Her grandma is often sick as well, and recently it is me who took care of her.

That lass is definitely treating me like an older brother that’s all.

[KG: Would have been nice to see some of that.]

“What the! Wooden block!”

Murong Die sneers, “Whichever girl that fancies you is blind.”

“Little Die older sister it seems like you are scolding yourself…”

By the side, Wang Lele blinks.

“This miss…this miss…”

Just as Murong Die is about to say why would this miss like him, she glances at Chen Danui who is sitting opposite before swallowing back her words and pouts in anger.

“Alright alright let us play Three Kingdom Kill! Xiao Yi older brother, I equip large blade and have four ‘kill’ which I use all to kill you!”

Liu Yi immediately reminds, “Oi, oi, oi. Every turn you can only use one ‘kill.’”

Wang Lele looks at her general card before saying: “But I a Zhang Fei ah!”

[TL: In this card game Zhang Fei’s passive ability is that he can throw an unlimited amount of ‘kill’ as he likes per turn.]

“What the heck…”

Liu Yi has no other choice but to see his Ma Cao die.

Internecine strife ah! All of us are heroes from the Kingdom of Shu ah how can I die just like this…

“What is your identity, hehehe.”


Liu Yi is very depressed. How did Lele see through me and can identify me immediately as a rebel?

Wang Lele claps her hands and cheers, “Hehe looks like the saying of out of ten Ma Chao 9 are rebels is true.”

What the heck!

Liu Yi has a feeling that he is being schemed as the girls do not look like they have never played the game before!

Liu Yi does not know that while they are playing Three Kingdom Kill, in the sky there is a white-clothed figure chasing after the train.

She is stepping on ice like a fairy from nine heavens as her white skirt flutters in the air. She gently lands on the roof of the train and sits down in a lotus position.

This girl is very beautiful like from a picture. But she gives off a very cold temperament making normal people feel like they cannot get close and when they get close to her, they will be turned into ice sculpture by her.

“Really strange. The scent of a demonic infant actually led to here. Don’t tell me that they want to use the hundreds of lives on the train to replenish the power of their demonic infant?”

She knits her eyebrow and closes her eyes and start to sense the demonic qi coming from the train, “When it is dark it will be your death! After killing you, the twelve zodiac plan will not be destroyed.”

She becomes like an ice sculpture and sits there not moving.

The curtain of night slowly descends.



Chapter 314- [Train to Jing Dou]

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  1. Lets count Lui Yi’s Harem so far:
    1. Rich Tsundere
    2. Large-chested friend of tsundere
    3. smart girl from another class
    4. Girl next door’s little sis
    5. Immortal Fox girl
    6. Great God cult’s leader’s daughter
    7. Immortal sect frosty chick
    8. That one cat cultivator
    9. The fiesty police girl
    10. Hunter Big Sis
    11. Dragon Princess
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  2. I’m in doubt…
    The 12 zodiacs plan is to increase the power of LY devil to destroy the cielo(siempre quieren destruir_lo) and 12 girls in love which were born on different dates have a sword that increases their power, so when you sleep with a girl automatically It has that “pesadilla” what will happen in the future, as a runway. ” And it kills them so that the sword is not wiped out. And organizations believe that it is a formation of swords super powerful.


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