MKW Chapter 312

Chapter 312  [Finally coming out]


“It is time.”

After fifty days Li Biyue finally opens her eyes, “I should be able to see my little brother now.”

“Relax I am more accurate than you!”

Ma Hua looks at his watch, “This watch of mine is a famous brand and will not deviate a single second! After fifty days has passed the two little fellows should have grown up!”

He takes a deep breath as he walks in seven-star steps as he revolves the devil qi in his body.

An enormous strength revolves in his body causing Ma Hua to look very ferocious instantly.


He stretches out his hands and fiercely pulls apart in front of him.

Instantly space rips apart as a hole appears within the training room.

Li Biyue instantly becomes nervous as she stares at the hole.

Liu Yi, Liu Yi you must hurry and come out ah!

Otherwise older sister can only go in and look for you!

Even if it is the Asura Realm Li Biyue is willing to go in and kill out a blood road for Liu Yi!

The moment the hole appears a figure with ragged clothing tumbles out and lands on the room floor.

A dense baleful aura instantly flooded the room shocking both Ma Hua and Li Biyue.

What a strong baleful aura!

Don’t tell me that an asura has run out!

The asura lies on the ground and kissed the floor fervently.

“Thank the gods and Buddha above. I have returned. I have finally returned…girls I miss all of you to death ah….gods, quickly gift me with a girl ah I am so thirsty…”

“Take my attack!”

Li Biyue raises her black blade and attacks immediately.

“Wow, it is really a girl!”

The youngster is shocked as a black demon blade appears in his right hand and blocks the attack of Li Biyue.

The youngster did not move where as Li Biyue has to retreat two steps with deep shock.

This…is this an Asura King?

“What the heck, Master! Master it is me ah!”

The youngster immediately brushes aside his long hair and reveals his face.

Ma Hua exerts his strength and asks through clenched teeth, “Chen Cai! What the hell! It is you! Why do you have such a strong baleful aura! Where is Liu Yi?!”

“He is behind me. There is a bit of problem but it will be settled very soon.”

Chen Cai smiles faintly.

At this moment another youngster slowly walks out from the hole.

In his hand is a malevolent human head.

“I am sorry.”

The youngster is smiling demonically as he says faintly, “There is an Asura King that came and messed around and was killed by me.”

He throws the human head on the ground.

Looking at the rolling human head Ma Hua swallows his saliva.

What the heck…are you for real…this is an Asura King in the Asura Realm ah!

It seems like it was casually killed by this disciple ah…

“This fellow seems to have followed us a few times no matter how we kill him he does not have memories.”

Chen Cai kicks the human head away, “But boss this time around you brought this fellow’s head back, would he revive here?”

“No” smiles Liu Yi widely, “I have already scattered his soul.”

“Very fierce…Glorious Sun Palm is indeed overbearing! But it is such a pity in the future we will not be able to see Chi Zha this fellow anymore.”

“He is only an Asura God that’s all. Relax, in the future we will meet even more experts.”

The conversation between the two of them shocks Ma Hua. What the isn’t that one of the few Asura God in the Asura Realm???

In the Asura Realm, there are a few super strong experts! The few of them are being termed as Asura Gods and Chi Zha is one of them. But listening to the two fellows tone…it seems like they do not take Chi Zha seriously…

While Li Biyue also faintly raises her eyebrows she suddenly pulls out her black blade again and flashes to the back of Liu Yi.

When an earth grade expert takes action it is as fast as lightning and not visible to the naked eye.

But Liu Yi seems to unintentionally move to the right and dodged Li Biyue’s attack.


On the floor appears a crack while Liu Yi is fine.

Li Biyue attacks again and sweeps out with her black blade and in a radius of ten meters appear a black circle and anything within the black circle is split into two.

“What the heck!”

Chen Cai says as he lies on the ground.

While Ma Hua is much more fortunate as he is standing further away thus is not affected by the qi waves.

Liu Yi’s figure is cut into two before dissipating.

“Older sister isn’t it bad to give little brother such a warm greeting?”

Liu Yi’s voices come from the side. As Li Biyue turns around and takes a look he is sitting on the chair that Ma Hua is usually sitting on and smiling at her.

This fellow speed…is very fast!

Although I am holding back it is definitely not something that the past Liu Yi is able to withstand!

After going to Asura Realm for fifty days….this fellow actually grew so much?

“Little brother…”

Li Biyue stares at her little brother’s figure as her heart turns sour.

Liu Yi has grown, furthermore, he has grown until I am feeling unfamiliar with him…

Am I able to protect him forever…or is it like what Old Man Ma says, in the end, we will become enemies?

“Talking about this, older sister why are you here?”

Liu Yi stands up and walks towards Li Biyue.

Li Biyue stares at Liu Yi as her eyes start to become moist.

But she holds back her tears and smiles towards Liu Yi.

“Older sister is worried about you, so I came over and took a look. You are really outrageous to actually run off to such a dangerous place to train! What did I tell you in the past! Didn’t I disallow you to take such dangerous actions?”

“Older sister I am already an adult.”

Liu Yi says: “Furthermore I am a man. I cannot always hide behind older sister. From now on perhaps I might even be able to protect older sister.”

“Heng. Your strength is still far from enough!”

Li Biyue smiles faintly.

“As long as I am able to help older sister I can be happy.”

Liu Yi blinks.

Li Biyue is curious, it seems like my this little brother temper has changed a lot from the past!

In the past little brother is like a young man with a fiery temper and likes to oppose me.

But the current him seems to know how to be modest and open minded. For some matters, he does it casually and gives people a feeling of closeness.

He only went to the Asura Realm for fifty days why did he have such a large change?

It is only around 2 months only can it really change a person?

Li Biyue is unable to understand it.

“It is very fortunate that the two of you are able to return back safely.”

Ma Hua laughs lightly by the side and says: “Why don’t we, master and disciple go and have a drink to celebrate?”

“Aiyah! I am afraid that it is not possible!”

Chen Cai counts the date before saying: “The two of us still need to go back and pack. It seems like a new semester is about to start and we need to go to Jing Dou to report!”

“What the heck, must the two of you need to go to Jing Dou?”

Ma Hua is somewhat sad, “Ai, in the future there wouldn’t be anyone to accompany this old man.”

“Master don’t say such things. We will return often to visit you.”

Liu Yi comforts Ma Hua and says: “Disciple will definitely return often to visit master. Even if I do not come I will send people to send master good wine. I have some ways that to obtain some special Maotai liquor…”

“Hahaha, I just knew that you know how to pay respect to master, hahaha…”

When Ma Hua hears that there will be good liquor he instantly starts smiling widely.

For Liu Yi who is in control of North Dragon city, it is not a problem to obtain a few bottles of special Maotai liquor.

Using it to make Ma Hua happy is the best.

Li Biyue immediately asks: “Which university are you going to. Older sister will visit you often. Recently I might need to go to Jing Dou to do some work.”

“Central University of Science and Technology. Older sister you have my number. When you come and look for me just give me a call.”

“I am not used to using handphones.”

Li Biyue smiles, “If there is some matter, I will directly appear in front of you.”

Liu Yi immediately raises both his hands and say: “Okay older sister is formidable, older sister is domineering…”

“Since you are fine then I still not stay with you. I still have a task on hand that has been delayed for a while.”

Liu Yi waves his hand to say goodbye to Li Biyue, “En. Older sister take care. Little brother will miss you.”

Li Biyue glances at Liu Yi a few more times before turning around and walks out of the training room.

“Boss…you are not being honest ah…”

Chen Cai stares at Li Biyue’s departing view and did not withdraw his gaze after a long time.

“You have such a beautiful older sister…why don’t you introduce her to me ah…”

“I am just worried about your safety.”

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai’s shoulder, “My older sister is an earth grade expert and is Li Biyue the A grade Hunter. Didn’t you see that when our master sees her he is trembling in fear and did not dare to breathe loudly.”

“Peh! You two stinky brats! Who is trembling in fear in front of her and does not dare to breathe loudly! Master, the master is respecting women, do you guys understand?!?!”

“Right master then why do I not see you being so polite to Leng Mo.”

“What the heck you are just asking for a beating. Master has decided to kick you out of my sect!”

“Master this is a liquor that we have found in Asura Realm called ‘Asura spring’. Although I have not drunk it before it is said that it is only a liquor that Asura King are able to taste.”

“Good disciple. Quickly pass it to master to try…”

Ma Hua’s saliva is about to drip onto the ground…

By the side, Chen Cai secretly gives Liu Yi a thumbs up. Boss is becoming more and more black-bellied and more shameless.

It must be known that after training in Asura Realm for five hundred years Boss has turned to his current manner from a brainless youngster.

Down there is way too much tempering…especially tempering for five hundred years…as long as you are a person you will also become smarter.

Although I have become an Asura King and have the power of an earth grade expert…but compared to boss I am still lacking.

I have lit up ten stars and can be considered as one of the top experts in Dragon Group! While boss did not light up as many stars as me…but….

“Enough. We should go and take a look at the human society that we have not seen for a long time.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and raises his head and stares at a certain direction, “To be honest…I am already somewhat impatient already…”

Murong Die, Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng, Wenren Qian as well as Immortal Fox sister…we have not met for five hundred years already…are you girls still fine



Chapter 311- [Finally coming out]

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  1. I quote this sh*t!
    ‘Murong Die, Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng, Wenren Qian as well as Immortal Fox sister…we have not met for five hundred years already…are you girls still fine’
    For you its 500 for them its been 40 days only 😂


  2. The fact that Chen Cai is still firm on Chasing Girls and uses it as a motivation to grow stronger even after 500 years….you have my respect bro ! 😀


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