MKW Chapter 311

Chapter 311  [Five hundred years]



The Asura King covers his forehead and starts laughing loudly.

“In this Asura Realm, there isn’t anyone who is able to kill me! Come come come, let me take a look at your abilities. I hope that you will not let me lose interest too quickly.”

As the Asura King speaks he licks his lips.

“You deserve death…”

As the killing intent around Liu Yi starts to warp, the fifth-star jade starts to tremble.

While cultivating here for the past 50 days although Liu Yi did not break through the fifth-star jade he is getting closer and closer to the door.

On the other hand, Liu Yi’s combat capability has become even stronger. He feels that the current him is able to defeat ten of the past him before coming to Asura Realm!

“I still have not appreciated my death before, but I can appreciate yours, human being.”

As the Asura King speaks he raises a hand and points at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s instinct instantly sounds the alarm and without hesitation, he immediately dodges and disappears from his original spot.


From the Asura King’s finger shoots out a black ray of light.

The light lands on the ground and instantly blast out a large hole in the ground.

Within a radius of 30 meters, everything turns into smoke.

Even Chen Cai’s corpse is also the same.

“He was actually killed by me. Humans are indeed such so pitifully weak.”

The Asura King crosses his arms as he stands in the air, “This place is my territory, only I shall be the person who lived for the longest.”

“Apologize then you can die.”

Beside the Asura King’s ears suddenly comes a very cold voice.

The Asura King’s complexion instantly changes as he stretches out his right hand to the side of his face to block.


A black Scorpion Tail Lance lands on his arm and instantly sends him flying like a baseball into the ground below causing an eruption of smoke.

“Chen Cai relax. I will help you get revenge.”

Liu Yi clenches the Scorpion Tail lance as he wears the Monarch Armour looking very awe-inspiring and majestic.

“How is it possible that you are still alive!”

The Asura King climbs out of the ground in a sorry figure, “I am obviously an earth grade expert….how is it possible for you to send me flying!”

Earth grade expert?

Liu Yi smiles coldly.

Currently, he has drawn out all of his powers and has completely released the 100 times gravity.

Adding the Monarch Armour that Yan Qiuhong turns into his strength is completely comparable to an earth grade expert.

So what if you are an asura king? After killing my brother you still need to pay with your life!

“Prepare to die.”

Liu Yi clenches the Scorpion Tail lance tightly as the Scarlet Blood Heart Sutra erupts.

The lance body turns red as it releases hot air.

“Asura King right? Now let me turn you into Asura Bastard!”

As he speaks, Liu Yi’s body disappears and instantly appears in front of the Asura King as the lance sweeps towards him.

The Asura King was hit three times by that attack as red fire waves exploded out.

But Asura King is indeed an Asura King and is very powerful and has a tough body.

After being hit three times by the lance he is still firm and upright.

But his expression is in pain as he still suffers internal injuries.

Feeling the fire exploding within his body the Asura King vomits blood and asks: “What kind of heart sutra is this…”

“A heart sutra that can kill you!”

Flames shoot out from Liu Yi’s eyes as he pierces the lance directly towards the throat of the Asura King!

“Get lost!”

The Asura King feels that he has received insults as he roars out loudly and blast out a qi wave from his mouth towards Liu Yi.

The ground where the qi wave passes split open as broken roars fly about revealing the might of the qi wave.

But when it hits Liu Yi, it only causes him to retreat two steps before he is able to withstand it.

Liu Yi is somewhat in regret. Such a pity that there is only asuras around here and no pretty girls. Otherwise with an Emotion Sword technique and Imperial Sword technique I would definitely be able to chop off this Asura King’s head.

“Insignificant human how dare you challenge my honor!”

The Asura King roars in rage as a black glow flashes in his hand.

A pair of black wings grows out from his back and starts flapping showing that he is different from the norm.

To attack, Liu Yi decided to give up a portion of defense.

“Little Black come out!”

He waves his hand and combines bodies with Little Black.

Black bone armor instantly covers his body replacing the Monarch Armour.

While Monarch Axe appears in his hands replacing his Scorpion Tail lance.

Compared to the Monarch Armour, the armor formed by Little Black is much lighter.

Liu Yi holds the Monarch Axe as he moves forward.

“Go and die!”

The Asura King summons outs a black ball and throws at Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi raises the Monarch Axe and instantly chops the black ball into half.


A large power exploded behind Liu Yi causing qi waves to surge.

“Impossible! Impossible!”

When the Asura King sees that his attack is not effective towards Liu Yi he is instantly shocked as he keeps throwing out black balls towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi uses Spirit Fox Steps as he wields the Monarch Axe and keeps chopping apart all of the black balls.

His Earth grade strength is completely disregarded by the angry Liu Yi.

He crazily rushes forwards and closes in on the Asura King.

“I am the king of this place!”

The Asura King rages as he releases all of the strength in his body.

The ground starts trembling as ray after ray of black glow emerges from the ground and rushes towards Liu Yi.

Spirit Fox Steps is strange and has many variations, Liu Yi relies on the pace to easily walk through the gaps within the black rays of light.

The Asura King is finally impatient as he rushes towards Liu Yi with two demon blades formed from the black lights. The blade attacks are very fast as the Asura King unceasingly attacks Liu Yi.

Liu Yi activates Black and White World, thus even though the Asura King speed is very fast it is still unable to escape from his sight.

-Dang, dang, dang!-

Their weapons keep colliding with each other creating sparks.

Ripples of their clash surge in all direction as the ground beneath their feet cracks.

“Why is it! Why is it that you possess the strength comparable to an earth grade!”

The more the Asura King fight the more shocked he got as he feels that the more Liu Yi fight the more courageous he gets like his stamina is boundless!

“Idiot! After reincarnation take your time and think!”

Liu Yi feels that this Asura King is still weaker and should have just broken to earth grade recently!

If it is Li Biyue he will definitely be able to put up a fight!

“Little Cai! Help out!”

He stomps on the ground heavily and instantly chains erupt from the ground and twine around the Asura King locking him in place.

“Mountain Mist!”

Liu Yi jumps into the sky and sends a palm attack down towards the ground.

A four-meter large fire palm instantly appears in the air and presses down towards the Asura King.

The Asura King roars as he stretches out both hand and breaks the chain and blocks the falling fire palm.

“I will not let you kill me!”

The Asura King roars as anger flashes across his eyes.

“Be the funerary object of my friend!”

When he recalls that Chen Cai has died, Liu Yi almost breaks his teeth from clenching his jaw too hard.

His glorious sun palm revolves around the peak as he presses down heavily with his palm.

The enormous fire palm directly smashed onto the ground leaving behind a large palm shape hole.

The Asura King is sprawling within the hole and his body is burned into smoke.

An awe-inspiring Asura King died just like this down here.

The power within his body is being absorbed by Liu Yi.

Liu Yi feels that his physical strength is increasing and the qi within his body also become stronger.

Ai, it is a pity that Chen Cai has died otherwise we be able to get stronger together.

“Chen Cai be assured. I will go university and chase after girls for you as well. Every year during new year and the festival days I will burn some Maria Ozawa photos for you.”

“Boss…the one I want is Aoi Sora ah…”

“Aoi Sora is already old…what the heck!”

Liu Yi turns around and take a look and got a huge shock.

A white skeleton is moving its jaw as it stands behind him.

“Asura! Go and die!”

Liu Yi grabs the Monarch Axe and rushes forward.

“Wait wait wait! Boss, it is me! It is me ah!”

Chen Cai immediately pats his ribs and shouts: “I am Chen Cai ah!”

“Rubbish! How dare you pretend to be my dead friend! Even though he is very perverted but he is very important in my heart! I shall kill you!”

“Boss, Boss it is really me!”

The white skeleton hurriedly stretches out his hand and summons out a little monkey.

The little monkey lands on the ground, scratches it’s head, turn around and looks at its owner before crying out in fright and running away.

“$%#$!!! You damn monkey what are you running for! I am your owner!” scolds Chen Cai in anger.

“Oh my gosh, it is really you!”

Liu Yi is stunned, “Why did you turn into such a ghostly appearance!”

“Wuwuwu, boss I died so I turned into an asura ah…”

Chen Cai cries and says: “I also do not wish to be like this but this is the Asura Realm ah…”

Right…this place is the asura realm…

Liu Yi also remembers about this problem.

“Boss what should I do ah…with this body of bones how am I supposed to chase after girls ah…”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva before saying: “How about…I introduce you to Little Black…it seems to be a girl ah…”

“Boss why don’t you just go and die! I want girls, GIRLS ah!”

The place rings with a wail of an asura.

At this time on Chen Cai’s body suddenly grows out a little piece of meat.

Although it is not a lot it shocks the two of them.

“Right! Slaughter!”

Liu Yi slaps his thighs, “We can restore your body through slaughter!”

“Eh? Slaughter?”

“In the Asura Realm killing people can allow you to rank up!”

Liu Yi reminds Chen Cai, “As long as you rank up to an Asura General you can restore your body! And if you cultivate to an Asura King wouldn’t it be even better?”

“That’s right…but, boss can we do it?”

Chen Cai is more or less apprehensive.

“Why is it not possible? Do not forget…we need to stay here for five hundred years.”

Liu Yi sighs faintly, “Five hundred years later…I will also be old…”

“Boss you are a cultivator what are you afraid of!”

Chen Cai laugh lightly, “Now that I am an asura I have already experienced death. Come let the two of us cut out a piece of territory in this Asura Realm! I Chen Cai shall become an Asura King!”

“Good. Then I, Liu Yi wants to become the Boss of an Asura King!”

“F** your sister!”

“Get lost. Even if I have a sister you also do not have a tool.”

“Boss you are shameless!!!”

“Thank you for your praise. Let us continue to advance. Five hundred years later let us return back to this place.”


Chapter 311- [Five hundred years]

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  1. Damn, sucks to be the ghost fox clan in a year(earth time). If they end up staying for the entire 500 years then even Chen Cai should be enough of a threat to them upon his return. And even assuming they have a few Earth Realm experts, Liu Yi is gonna rek them all.

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