MKW Chapter 310


The following chapter contains blood and gore

Read it at your own risk

Chapter 310  [Die!]


“I do not care what is your identity or what kind of person you are in the past. But if you harm my little brother you shall pay with your life.”

Li Biyue stares at Ma Hua coldly as the black tip in her hand glows like it is a black sword.

“Li Biyue, I know that you are an Earth grade expert but do not think that i am afraid of you!”

When Ma Hua is being threatened in such manner he is very unhappy. As he speaks dense devil qi emerges from his body.

“Although I, Ma Hua, is not as powerful as in the past, I still have the backbone of a devil cultivator! Li Biyue you must be clear on a matter. Liu Yi is not your little brother who had died! He will not live under your wings forever! You, will also not be able to protect for a lifetime!”

“Why can’t I protect him forever! You do not believe in my abilities?”

Li Biyue points at the letter ‘A’ embroidered on her cuffs.

This is the mark and badge of an A rank hunter.

“You are a hunter and the strongest hunter is only S grade.”

Ma Hua laughs and says lightly, “Furthermore the rumored S grade hunter has already disappeared a long time ago. But in the world of cultivation, there are more and more people who possess the strength of an S grade hunter appearing. Based on your strength do you think you can protect him?”

“Why can’t I. I, sooner or later will become an S grade hunter!”

Li Biyue’s eyes are filled with self-confidence.

“Ai, Xiao Yueyue ah, talking about it is easy. Even if you are an S grade hunter how are you able to protect Liu Yi, this kind of person? If this old man did not guess wrongly he should be the statue erected at the door right?”

Ma Hua’s sentence instantly causes Li Biyue’s face to turn pale.

“You….you know everything?”

Dense killing intent rises from Li Buyue’s body.

Li Biyue seems to want to really take action.

Cold sweat forms on Ma Hua’s back, seriously speaking even if the current him takes out all of his capability he might not be the opponent of Li Biyue.

“What I should know I naturally know.”

Ma Hua pucks up his courage and says strongly and calmly: “In the future the enemies that Liu Yi need to face might be the whole Hunter’s Organisation. At that time will you also stand by his side?”

Li Biyue trembles.

“Within the Hunter’s Organisation contains your Li’s family heart’s blood. Can you go against your family’s will?”


Within Li Biyue’s eyes seems to have two things fighting each other.

“Liu Yi this fellow is also my Ma Hua’s disciple. Do you think that I will not worry about his life?”

Ma Hua sees that Li Biyue is somewhat wavering and says firmly: “But that fellow needs experience! Furthermore, this is his own choice!”

“I want to wait here for him to return back.”

As Li Biyue speak she sits down in a lotus position, “If my little brother does not return then you can go and accompany him.”

“So what…if you wish to wait then feel free.”

Ma Hua a cough dryly and picks up his wine bottle.

“Let us wait together then.”

Seeing that Li Biyue has decided, Ma Hua is also unable to do anything. 50 days ah…As he thinks of staying together with this demonic girl for such a long period his heart also turns numb.

“It is 50 days only, it will go by very quickly, very quickly…”

Ma Hua comforts himself.

But as he has not gone to Asura Realm for such a long time he has forgotten about a very important matter.


While a few minutes have passed in the current realm, Liu Yi and Chen Cai have already returned back to the place where they set off from with bodies full of injuries.

“What the heck man…this Asura Realm is way too ferocious. I am not coming back anymore!”

Chen Cai wipes away the cold sweat on his forehead and says: “Just now when we met that Asura General I nearly died!”

“Asura General are indeed very tough.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “But in the end didn’t he get killed by the two of us! Furthermore, we have also become a lot stronger.”

Liu Yi and Chen Cai have already stayed in the Asura Realm for 50 days already and have realized a startling matter.

And that matter is also the reason why the living beings in the Asura Realm love to slaughter!

After they had entered the Asura Realm, every time the two of them kill an asura living being they will be able to absorb a portion of their cultivation and strengthen themselves!

As the number of asuras being killed increases, the two of them becomes stronger and stronger!

“That’s right! Especially just now after that Asura General we obtained quite a bit of strength!”

Chen Cai sticks out his tongue, his current temperament has turned calm and much more capable.

“Hehe…luckily the two of us have a good rapport otherwise it would be bad if we die.”

If they died in the Asura Realm the two of them would also turn into asuras.

“My potato mine has sprouted!”

Chen Cai looks at the potato mine under his feet and says with a faint smile: “I already can’t wait to go back! University! Beauties! Us perverts are coming!”

“What the heck you pervert, do not include me as well!”

Liu Yi instantly kicks Chen Cai in his ass.

Chen Cai rubs his ass before saying jokingly: “Hehe…boss, the two of us are a group what!”

Within the fifty days of staying in the Asura Realm, the two of them have saved each other countless times and their friendship has become stronger.

Chen Cai looks at his watch as ask: “But it is already time ah…why is master still not opening the passageway? Don’t tell me that master has fallen asleep from drinking too much?”

“Not clear. But it should be this time ah.”

Liu Yi takes a look at the time that Little Jade has recorded, it is indeed right.

Ma Hua shouldn’t be a person who does not have a concept of time and Liu Yi also feels that the old man is not unreliable to that point!

“Based on logic the passageway should have opened already…unless something has happened?”

“Let us wait longer…”

The two of them have no choice but to sit there and wait for the passageway to open.

After waiting for three to four hours but there is still no movement.

“Why is he still not opening the passageway ah? What on earth is going on!”

Chen Cai starts to become worried when he starts thinking that he be unable to return back if he missed the timing.

After staying in the Asura Realm for such a long time they also understand a matter.

The living beings in the Asura Realm are forever unable to leave.

In other parts of hell what you need to do is to payback. No matter how many years it is as long as you have payback for all of your sins then you can leave hell.

While in Asura Realm…you can only kill people. The more you kill the heavier your sins. Since that is the case you will never be able to leave!

Liu Yi and Chen Cai have discussed before how to leave Asura Realm?

The only possible method is to give up your martial abilities and let other people kill you.

Only after being killed countless of times only would you be able to wash away all of your sins and there might be a possibility of leaving Asura Realm.

But…this is impossible.

Every living being in Asura Realm is only filled with the thoughts of killing people. They only know how to rely on slaughter to attempt to escape and this is the scariness of the Asura Realm.

“We, what can we do…”

Chen Cai’s face starts to turn pale.

“Do not worry…let me think…”

Liu Yi closes his eyes as he starts to think about what on earth is happening.

Suddenly he recalls something that Ma Hua had told him in the past.

<But the Asura Realm is actually a very mysterious place. A day in  the Human Realm is ten years in the Asura Realm.>

A day in Human Realm is ten years in Asura Realm….

Suddenly cold sweat forms all over Liu Yi’s body.

Ten years…..TEN YEARS….

Then….fifty days…….that…that means that it is FIVE HUNDRED YEARS!!!!!


Don’t tell me that I and Chen Cai have to wait here for up to five hundred years?!?!

Five hundred year…my grandson’s grandson’s grandson is already none of my business…

Liu Yi does not have any other method and can only tell Chen Cai his speculation.

Chen Cai is so frightened that he immediately kneels down.

“Boss don’t scare me ah…I’m about to pee in my pants already…”

Chen Cai’s legs are indeed trembling slightly.

“Don’t be afraid… let’s think of a method…”

“What..what other methods do we have…”

Chen Cai’s eyes are filled with despair, “I, I am only a person with special abilities…how is it possible for me to live up to five hundred years…”

Indeed, no matter how long Chen Cai’s lifespan is it will not last more than a hundred years.

This is the difference between a special ability person and cultivators. Liu Yi has learned heart sutras thus he can extend his life and live as long as the heavens.

But it is impossible for Chen Cai…

“If it is not possible then Ill try to teach you heart sutras….”

Liu Yi stretched out his hand and tried to teach Chen Cai a heart sutra to let him cultivate.

But Chen Cai and Liu Yi are different as he has first awakened his special abilities and halfway changing to cultivate heart sutra…so Liu Yi is afraid that he is unable to learn it comprehensively enough.

If that is the case he could live for up another 100 years at most.

Liu Yi starts to think bitterly.

“Boss…what should I do ah…”

Just as Chen Cai is confused not knowing what to do a lightning bolt flashes across the sky attracting his attention.

What is that?

Before Liu Yi can understand what is it the lightning bolt suddenly falls.

A white lance appears in front of Liu Yi.


The lance pierces through Chen Cai’s chest nailing his body onto the ground.

“I thought who could have killed my general…so it is this kind of rubbish.”

In the sky stands a demonic beautiful man and it is an Asura King!

In the Asura Realm, a normal asura only has the appearance of skeletons. As the number of people they killed increases, they will absorb the power of other people.

As the power increases their body will start to grow flesh and blood.

When they become an Asura General generally speaking they would have restored their human form.

When they have turned into an Asura King then they are no different from a human.

The earlier Asura General has the strength of a nine-star cultivator at earth grade.

While the Asura General in front of them….has the strength of a ten star and has genuinely broken through the human realm and is an expert that has step into earth realm!


Chen Cai’s body is nailed there as fresh blood puddles under him on the ground.

“Look…looks like…I am unable to go to university with you….and …chase…chase after girls together…”

Blood drips from Chen Cai’s mouth as he looks at Liu Yi blankly.

“Chinese new year ….and another festival…..remember …to, to burn joss stick … front ….of … …..picture…..”

Chen Cai breath his last breath.


Liu Yi is so frightened that he is terror-stricken.

After enduring for fifty days and in the end he died here?

The Asura King in the sky says slowly: “Weak human being, when is the Asura Realm a place that you can come?”


Liu Yi clenches his teeth and points at the Asura King in the sky, “WILL FUCKING END YOU!”


Chapter 310- [Die!]

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