MKW Chapter 31

Chapter 31  [Title below]


“Brother Liu Yi! Why did big sister take off her clothing ah!”

A young loli asks by Liu Yi’s side.

Hearing this loli’s voice, Liu Yi’s heart nearly pops out and shoots into the computer screen.

“Yuanyuan! Why did you run down here!”

Liu Yi promptly tries to turn off the screen in a flurry but at this moment the computer actually has a problem and jams.

On the screen, Misaki Rola is sticking out her butt as a guy’s head scoots over.

The two of them are frozen on the screen and no matter how Liu Yi taps his keyboard, this image did not disappear.


Why are you freezing ah your sister!

Why did you freeze at such an important moment!

Liu Yi really wishes to kill people.

The building that Liu Yi lives in is those outdated family floors. It is back then when his mother married when she is working, her work unit allocated it to her.

The outside of every house is a very large balcony.

Liu Yi’s house’s balcony and Ma Yixuan’s house’s balcony are linked together.

Ma Yixuan has a sister called Ma Yuanyuan who is 14 years old. She has just entered 2nd year of junior high. She is a model lolita who does not know anything.

But her charming and cute appearance is way above her older sister.

This Ma Yuanyuan is the treasure of their family. Even her older sister Ma Yixuan loves this little sister of her dearly.

From young Ma Yuanyuan was sent to learn dancing, thus although she is only 14 years old, her figure is actually quite good. Tiny waist, soft body, very protruding butt. Although her chest is still not obvious, after all, she is still 14 years old only and still has a lot of development time.

But Liu Yi usually treats Ma Yuanyuan as her younger sister, after all, he likes the older sister of this lass.

But Liu Yi must admit that Ma Yuanyuan is really cute, and makes people find her likable.

Especially those pedophiles uncles.

In another 2 to 3 more years, this lass will definitely be a calamity grade beauty!

Furthermore what this lass gives Liu Yi the biggest headache is that she is a 100% tattletale!

This lass always likes to secretly sneak over from the balcony!

After being caught by Liu Yi a few times, Liu Yi starts to close the balcony door.

But today Liu Yi is too tired, the moment he returns home, he heads straight into his room and forgot about the balcony door…

Thus Ma Yuanyuan caught him red-handed in his wretch appearance.

“Ahhhh!!! I know!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s eyes suddenly brighten up and say, “Brother Liu Yi could it be that you are watching the rumored AV! I am going to tell my elder sister on you!”

Liu Yi’s heart burst in grief.

This tattletale ah!

My life is already very miserable already and Ma Yixuan really hates me as well.

This lass actually still wants to go and tell on me!

Mother ah!

So sad ah!

But Liu Yi cannot do anything to the lass, after all, she is only 14 years old and is also Ma’s Family little princess!

Ma Yixuan’s parents are not home usually and in their home, there is only their grandmother who is taking care of them.

This lass is also being pampered since young and has never been beaten before.

Thus she is slightly undisciplined and out of control.

When Liu Yi sees this lass, he only has a single word!

A headache!

Fine then, it is two words…

[TL: In chinese, it is two words]

Right now, Liu Yi is having a very very deep headache.

Why did I once again let this devil girl in….

Especially right now when my relationship with Ma Yuanyuan’s older sister is very awkward.


What should I do now ah!

“Yuan Yuan ah, you have seen wrongly. This is an advertisement, an advertisement!”

Liu Yi raises his leg and kicks away the power source of the computer.

Only after the computer screen extinguished did Liu Yi breathe a sigh of relief.

“Oi, oi, Brother Liu Yi do you really think that I really do not know anything?”

Ma Yuanyuan immediately places her hands on her waist and stares at Liu Yi, her pupils carry a bit of uncivilized.

This lass, this is defying nature ah!

“Although I am only junior two I do know quite a bit! You are definitely watching AV! Hmph! pervert big brother and still wish to chase after my older sister how is that possible!”

This lass!

Her words are making me very mad!

Liu Yi really wishes to seize this lass and ruthlessly smack her little butt.

But he does not dare to.

His relationship with Ma Yixuan is already very stiff, and now it is even hard for him.

This is the first time Liu Yi feels that his brain is not enough to use.

Cultivate and the likes….

Is it possible to help me settle interpersonal relationships?!

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly feels that his eyes are slightly warm.

Very quickly above Ma Yuanyuan’s head appears a few numbers.

Goodwill, 10.


I am actually able to open goodwill eyes?

Could it be that…because Ma Yuanyuan has 10 goodwill towards me and she got close to me which allows the red qi flow in my body to grow?


This lass actually has 10 goodwill towards me!


Even the female classmates in my class have very pitifully low goodwill towards me!

If it is not 0, it is 1 which is no different from being a passerby!

While Ma Yuanyuan who has always been an overbearing princess and like a little devil towards me….her goodwill towards me is actually 10!

This is way too inconvincible!

Liu Yi does not dare to believe in his eyes!

Could it be that the goodwill eyes have sensed wrongly?

“Brother Liu Yi, being silent is also not good!”

Ma Yuanyuan with her hands on her waist says overbearingly towards Liu Yi, “You big pervert, I will definitely tell big sister that you watch AV! And make her stay away from you!”

Hearing this Liu Yi is even angrier!

Is she done or not!

Being angry, the red qi flow in his body suddenly starts surging again.

His entire body’s blood flows rapidly and swiftly enters another boundary.

Looking at that arrogant Ma Yuanyuan, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs the soft and petite Ma Yuanyuan, and pressed her on top of his tights.

“What, what you are doing?”

Ma Yuanyuan got a huge shock as she raises her head and looks at Liu Yi who is sitting there with a slight shock on her face.

She provokes Liu Yi regularly but the current reactions from Liu Yi are the first time!

While Liu Yi did not reply Ma Yuanyuan. He presses Ma Yuanyuan on his thighs before raising his left hand and aims towards her protruding butt and slaps down heavily.


This slap is very loud and clear, echoing within Liu Yi’s small room.

Ma Yuanyuan’s body instantly stiffens.

While Liu Yi feels that…this lass’s butt is not bad…

Amitabha, where am I thinking to, clear the heart clear the heart. Giving this lass a lesson is the most important!

Thinking to here, Liu Yi’s raises his palm high up again and once again descends on Ma Yuanyuan’s butt heavily.

This time around Liu Yi’s palm is actually slightly bounced away.

Mother ah, this feeling and elasticity are really good!

Liu Yi cannot help but lick his lips.


While Ma Yuanyuan suddenly lets out a huge cry as tears start flowing down.

From young, till now she had never been beaten before!

As for the guys in my class, which one of them is not flattering me and chasing after me.

This damn Liu Yi actually dares to hit me!

And he dares to hit my butt!

“Liu Yi! You scumbag! You are hateful! You big pervert! I am going to tell my older sister that you bullied me and you took advantage of me as well! I will make her hate you and scold you!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s mouth is even more unforgiving.

Hearing Ma Yuanyuan saying so, Liu Yi is almost emitting smoke from his nose.

When this lass has nothing to do she comes to my room wants to be a telltale and using this to keep bullying me.

When I hit her twice, instead of apologizing she actually becomes even more aggravating!

Mother ah if I do not discipline her properly today, wouldn’t she climb over my head in the future!

Liu Yi decided to be heartless as he smacks ruthlessly, pa, pa, pa continuously on Ma Yuanyuan’s butt.

Ma Yuanyuan feels that her butt is unbearably painful as her tears start flowing.

“Who let you be so barbarous!”


“Who let you keep running to my house for no reason!”

-pa, pa!-

“Who let you keep going over to Ma Yixuan to tell on me!”

-pa, pa, pa!-

Liu Yi keeps smacking down while Ma Yuanyuan starts to cry out loudly and struggle. Finally, she actually becomes obedient and lies on Liu Yi’s leg not moving.

After hitting for half a day, Liu Yi who is happy senses that something is wrong.

Why is there no reaction from the lass!!

Could it be that I hit too hard and something happened!!!

“Ma Yuanyuan! Reply to me!”

At this moment Ma Yuanyuan raises her small face as reveals her watery eyes, looking at Liu Yi as she for the first time ever says apologetically towards him, “Wuwu…brother, brother Liu Yi….do not hit anymore. I know my mistake…”

“Know your mistake already? Why are you not scolding anymore, not going to tattletale on me?”

“I, I know my mistake already….Brother Liu Yi, you beat me so heavily…I, I feel that I’m bleeding….”

“What the heck?”

Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock.

Mother ah!!!!

Did I hit too fiercely?

And beat her soft butt until it bleeds?

Liu Yi immediately takes a look at Ma Yuanyuan’s white shorts.

Indeed on the area around the leg portions, there is a few eye-catching small red flower which had trickled down to her white legs.

My Gods AH…..

Liu Yi’s heart instantly twitches.

I have caused a problem ah…I have caused a problem ah….

Are you for real!

Just hitting her butt twice and I beat out blood?

“Are, are you alright?”

Liu Yi carefully asks.

“Yeah…only feel like….I bled a lot…”

Ma Yuanyuan rubs her watery eyes and sniffles and asks, “Brother Liu Yi….will I die….wuwuwu, I will no longer be like this in the future, I will listen to what brother Liu Yi says….I do not wish to die…”

“You, you don’t be afraid…”

Liu Yi says, “How about I bring you to the hospital!”

Ma Yuanyuan instantly shouts, “Don’t want! I don’t want to go to the hospital, I don’t want to get injections!”

“Then what!”

Liu Yi’s head becomes big.

This demonic girl….

Is really wanting my life ah!

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly lowers her voice, her voice is like a mosquito as she buries her face into Liu Yi’s tight and says muffledly, “You, you first help me see…if my injury is heavy or not…”


Liu Yi nearly loses control of his hand and tossed Ma Yuanyuan away.

Take, take a look at the injury?

On her butt?


Chapter 31  [Open a small red flower]

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