MKW Chapter 309

Chapter 309  [The skeleton call asura]


Just as Liu Yi speaks a white bone skeleton slowly walks towards them.

The skeleton is around 1.7m tall and is holding a war hammer with both hands. It is covered with a dense angry aura and looks to be very scary.

From within its dark eye hole shoots out green light carrying greed as it lands on them.

“What the heck…what is this thing!”

Chen Cai stares at the white skeleton in shock as he exclaims.

“This is the most ordinary asura in Asura Realm.”

Liu Yi glances at the white skeleton before saying faintly: “In this Asura Realm there are five different grades of living things. The lowest is an asura, above it, are asura ghosts, asura devils then asura generals and at the very top is asura kings.”

“Wah, there are so many different grades ah!”

“Of course, this asura in front of us belongs to the lowest grade one.”

“So that is the case. Boss this little bean sprout, just leave it to me to handle him!”

When Chen Cai hears that the fellow in front of them is the weakest he becomes happy as he rushes towards the asura.

Who knew that the asura would stand there with its mouth open wide and roars towards Chen Cai.

A gust of yin wind instantly emerges from the skeleton mouth, and rushed towards Chen Cai and sent him flying, smashing into a stone wall beside them.

“What the heck…”

Chen Cai until he is confused and stars appear in front of his eyes.

“Although it is the weakest … it does have the strength of a five-star cultivator…”

Liu Yi immediately adds another sentence.

“ what the heck… boss, you are sabotaging me ah…”

Chen Cai frowns and says: “why didn’t you say so earlier!”

“Before I could say that you already rushed up like you have seen a beauty not wearing any clothes!”

“That….But if this asura is really of a female creature… then we might be able to say that is a woman not wearing any clothes.”

“What the… your taste is too heavy.”

The two of them start ridicule each other.

“Arg…Despicable human beings go and die!”

The white skeleton asura does not seem to like to be looked down upon as it lets out a roar as the same time its right-hand chops with its hammer towards Liu Yi who is standing by the side.

Looks like he wishes to smash Liu Yi to death.

The hammer is very loud and like an enormous meet meteor roars over.


While Liu Yi stands there not moving, he only stretches out his right hand and uses his fist to block the enormous hammer.

The enormous hammer stops in front of his fist before rupturing open.

“Boss… You are very cool…”

Chen Cai’s jaw drops as he watches..

“Wait till you get out from here, you will become even stronger.”


The asura roars as it sweeps with its hammer with its other hand towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s right hand encase in Black armor swings out and smash the hammer into two.

The same time his right-hand smashes into the skull of the asura.

“ desolate flames!”


The asura is instantly smashed into pieces by Liu Yi’s Glorious Sun Palm and turns into pieces as bone fragments scattered through the sky.

A five-star asura is instantly killed by Liu Yi.

“ Boss…I really worship you…”

Stars start appearing in Chen Cai’s eyes.

“This time let me show you by example. Next time when we meet an asura you shall deal with it on your own.”

“Okay okay, next time as long as we meet an asura let me deal with it!”

Chen Cai sees how smoothly Liu Yi fought and his hands start to be itchy.

Just as he finished speaking, from far away comes a roar. It seems like their combat has attracted other asuras.

“Leave it to me! Boss, do not butt in if you butt in, I will fight with you!”

Chen Cai is very happy as he tightens his fist.

“Okay I will not snatch it from you, you do it yourself then!”

“Okay boss!”

Chen Cai smiles faintly as he waits for the enemy to close in.

A white skeleton slowly appears from within the black scenery.

“Little bean I am just waiting for you! Watch how elder brother kites you to death!”

As Chen Cai speaks he prepares to use his special abilities.

But very quickly, from the shadows walks out three asuras causing Chen Cai’s face to change.

“What the heck! Boss save me!”

“I am a boss who means what I have said. I will definitely not butt in!”

Liu Yi hides his smile as he stands there not moving.

“Wuwu, boss don’t be like this ah!”

Chen Cai has the heart to cry.

Liu Yi chides: “If you wish to become stronger than rely on yourself!”

“Boss I understand!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is firm on letting him fight on his own, Chen Cai clenches his teeth and places his hands on the ground.

“Come on out Wall-Nut!”

In front of Chen Cai instantly appears a row of 3m tall brown nut wall as a protective barrier.

At the same time, he summons out 5 blue Snow Peas around him.

“Prepare and come out…”

After summoning all of this Chen Cai starts to use his abilities once again and it looks like he is preparing to summon one of the strongest fellows to protect himself.

Liu Yi is also able to feel the air undaunting. Who is Chen Cai summoning? A Champion from LOL?

Liu Yi is very curious, while at these time the asuras have already smashed pass Nut Wall as is roaring as they rush over.

The blue Snow Peas continuously spit out peas smashing onto the bodies of the asuras.

The blue Snow Peas buff are very obvious, in the blink of an eye the peas exploded on the bodies of the asuras and produce a blue glow.

The asuras’ speed instantly slows down and their actions become very sluggish.

While Chen Cai’s abilities finally actives the sky starts to the undulate following which a man wearing a half armor and holding large hatchet land on the ground.

“My blade is thirsty…”

The man lifts up his blade and licks the edge.

Liu Yi says in his heart, your sister ah aren’t you afraid of cutting your tongue???

“Take a look at how powerful is my Draven!”

When Draven from LOL sees the asuras he immediately brandishes his blade and ferociously rushes over.

It looks to be very overbearing and seems to have some show!

“Something need killin!”

Darven chops at the foremost asura but the blade is repelled away by the asura bones.

“What the heck! It is so tough!”

Chen Cai is stunned as he watches.


The asuras raise their own weapons and attack Draven.

Within a few moves, Draven is beaten till crying as he runs away on a tornado.

Chen Cai is stunned, what the heck Draven is too fragile already ah!

“These champions are still very weak after you have trained more summon out the 6300 champions.”

As Liu Yi speaks he flashes across and lands among the asuras.

“Kekeke…there is a person who came here to die!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

The asuras immediately become excited as they surround Liu Yi and prepare to kill him.

Liu Yi gives a cold laugh and with Spirit Fox Steps he dodges their attacks. At the same time, he lifts up his black Monarch Axe.

“The one who dies is not me.”

He chops at each of the asuras once smashing them onto the ground.

Clean and clear-cut, without sloppiness.

Liu Yi does have some results from the one-year training with Ma Hua.

“Boss…you, you are too powerful. When can I be the same ah!”

“My this little bit of power is still enough to face against asuras but if we meet stronger ones then I’ll be revealing my inability.”

Liu Yi rubs this throat and says: “Furthermore Asura Realm’s horror is only just starting to reveal its tip.”

Chen Cai is in curiosity: “Reveal its tip?”

“In the Asura Realm every living being that is killed will revive.”


Chen Cai is somewhat horrified as he immediately stares at the surrounding bone: “Would it be possible for them to start climbing to their feet now?”

“It should not be. All living beings in the Asura Realm will unceasingly revive. When they revive they will lose their past intelligence and turn into a living being that only knows how to slaughter. Within these living beings, there will only be a thought and that is to kill everyone else and escape from the Asura Realm.”

“Too scary already…this, is really a horrifying place.”

Chen Cai is trembling slightly.

“But this can also allow us to improve rapidly in this place.”

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai’s shoulder, “Let’s not waste our time of 50 days. Right, can you leave a mark at this place? We still need to return back to this spot in 50 days time.”

“No problem.”

Chen Cai nods his head before stretching out his hand and plants a potato landmine on the spot.

“This is a potato landmine. Normally it will grow out after 15 seconds but I have changed it to 50 days. I can sense its position clearly and at that time we just need to return back to here.”

“En, that is good then.”

Liu Yi nods his head. Actually, he has also let Little Jade leave a mark but just in case it is better to have more methods to rely on.

“Let us set off then. In front, there is even more dangerous experience waiting for us.”

Liu Yi takes a look in from towards the direction where the pitiful cry is coming from.

“Are you afraid?”

“Boss, to be honest, I am indeed afraid…”

Chen Cai says: “But, for the sake of becoming stronger all of these are a must…furthermore even if afraid we still need to go there, wuwuwu…”

Liu Yi starts laughing uncontrollably, “Let us go, let us go. We will return back here 50 days later!”


At the same time at the Hunter’s Organisation training room, Ma Hua is sitting on the ground resting when a figure suddenly appears in front of him.

“Ah…you, why are you here?”

“What? You only permit yourself to send my little brother to such a dangerous place but do not permit me to come and look for him?”

The woman he is facing smiles coldly.

“This, this….Xiao Yueyue ah…Liu Yi cannot always be under the protection of your wings. He is a man.”


Li Biyue is very unhappy as a black tip flashes within her hand, “But you also should not have sent him to the Asura Realm!”


Chapter 309- [The skeleton call asura]

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