MKW Chapter 308

Chapter 308  [Asura Realm]


“Stop it!”

Ma Hua who is sitting there watching beauties suddenly appears behind Liu Yi and slaps his back.

Instantly the heart sutra that is operating in Liu Yi’s body stops as he luckily survives as he pants deeply with cold sweat covering his body.

“Idiotic fellow! When it is possible that star jade can be broken through by brute force?!”

Ma Hua impolitely scolds him, “You nearly went crazy do you know that! I really do not know why you are in such a hurry. This is the first time I’ve seen you being so abrupt!”


Liu Yi’s heart turns sour as tears start to form.

“I…my Immortal Fox sister left me…”

Ma Hua drinks a mouth of wine and says: “I see, no wonder I did not sense that little fox aura on your body. So she has left?”

“Master….I and Immortal Fox sister set a one-year pact…a year later, I need to go and save her.”

“Save her? Save her how? Is she caught by bad people?”

“She is brought away by her master…she say she needs to go to save her clan…”


A light flashes across Ma Hua’s eyes, “Interesting…looks like I have not gone out to walk for a long time. To think that so much interesting stuff has happened in the cultivation realm…your little fox went to where?”

“Demon realm!”

“So that is the case.”

Ma Hua nods his head, “The Demon realm passageway opens once every year. Looks like you are waiting for the chance when the demon realm passageway open next year?”

“Yes. I must become even stronger before that and even before I go to university!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “Master. I have already decided I want to go to the Asura Realm.”

“Wow, I did not hear wrongly right!”

Ma Hua wakes up from his drunkenness as he stares at Liu Yi, “Last time no matter how I tried to convince you last time but you do not want to go and now you actually want to go on your own accord! Indeed ah, young man you are muddle-headed from love ah!”

“Master, don’t you also encourage to get revenge for your wife?”

“That, Asura Realm is indeed a very scary place. With Master’s cultivation, I can at most open a passageway twice. The first time is to send you there, the second time to bring you back. Over there won’t have any protection from master and you might die any moment. Have you decided?”

“Yes, Master! Disciple has already decided.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Without Immortal Fox sister disciple also does not have any reason to live on. Since that is the case I might as well go to the Asura Realm to temper myself.”

“You going alone is too dangerous…”

Although last time he wished that Liu Yi would go and train a bit there but this time the old man suddenly starts to feel worried.

“No problem. I’ll be going with Chen Cai.”

“What the heck, that fellow’s spiritual power is so low. If he goes he will be your baggage!”

“Didn’t master say that Asura Realm is the best place to grow?”

Liu Yi smiles, “I think that when we are there after a while Chen Cai will very quickly become strong. At that time when I go and save Immortal Fox sister I will also have a helper.”

“You stinky brat…”

Ma Hua does not know what to say and could only continue drinking.

The Asura Realm is actually an Asura Realm.

This Asura Realm is considered as the same as ghost realm and within all of the six realms, it is the only realm that Ma Hua is able to enter and exit as he pleases.

Back then the reason why Ma Hua is so strong is because he went to the Asura Realm to train.

Different from other realms, the Asura Realm Cross-boundary guardian seems to be in deep sleep. When Ma Hua uses a unique secret technique he is able to secretly open a small passageway to Asura Realm without alerting that Cross-boundary guardian.

Back then Ma Hua is able to enter and exit as he pleased but now his cultivation has dropped and it is no longer so easy to open the passageway to Asura realm.

Like what he had said, his strength is only enough to open the passageway twice,

Just as the two of them are in deep thoughts Chen Cai suddenly lets out a yelp as his eyes open.

“Come out my powerful natal pet!”

Chen Cai is very happy as he thinks that he is definitely able to summon out a powerful pet.

But when a red-furred and red butt little monkey jump out, Chen Cai gives up on his earlier heroic attitude.

Why…why is it a monkey!

Chen Cai looks at the monkey scratching its butt and asks: “What the heck, big brother are you the monkey that is invited over by Xuanzang?”

[TL: the monk from Journey to the West]

Chen Cai thought that since it is his natal pet it be fine if it is obedient, “Come come. Come over to master!”

Who would know what the monkey just outright ignore him as it happily rushes over to one of the big-chested bikini ladies and throws itself into her chest.

The simulation room is very high tech and the scenery objects are like in real life.

When the monkey leaps onto the large chest lass, she exclaims in shock.

The monkey even steps on her chest a few time very happily.

“What the heck…this damn monkey…”

Chen Cai scolds angrily, “This monkey is making me envious!”

The monkey continuously jumps onto a few girls chest’s like it still has not enjoyed enough.

In the end, its eyes land on a beauty wearing a skirt staring at the sea.

The monkey opens its mouth and exhales at that beauty.

Instantly within the room, a huge gale rises lifting up the skirt of the beauty revealing her white panties.

“I’ll be damned…it is really like what kind of owner is what kind of monkey ah…”

Liu Yi is stunned, “This ability is indeed like what you wished to have!”

“Boss I am wrongly accused ah…”

As Chen Cai pretends to cry he did not forget to take out his handphone and take a few pictures.

“You damn monkey…you really…did very beautifully…”

“Does your monkey only know how to blow up girls skirts…”

Liu Yi cannot help but say, “If we bring it to the Asura Realm like this…I’m afraid that it will be useless.”

Chen Cai asks: “Asura Realm? Boss, what kind of place is the Asura Realm ah? It sounds very evil …”

“It is a place like this.”

Ma Hua presses the controller again and instantly the surrounding scenery changes swiftly.

The beauties, beach, and sea disappear and the three of them instantly arrive at a place filled with mountains and lava.

This place seems to be uninhibited and looks to be desolate and despairing.

“This, this place makes people uncomfortable…”

Chen Cai hugs himself as he trembles.

When the little monkey realize that there aren’t any girls around it cries out in disappointment before running over and nimbly climbs onto Chen Cai’s shoulder.

Liu Yi looks at the little monkey on Chen Cai’s shoulders and starts to recall his Immortal Fox sister and instantly become sad.

“Damn monkey only know to come back when there are no girls around.”

Chen Cai sneers and immediately his ear is being grabbed by the monkey.

“Aiyah my ear! What the heck you damn monkey! Are you my natal pet ah! Why are you even more arrogant than me!”

“I hope that a while later you are able to maintain this kind of vigor”

Ma Hua smiles faintly, “The scariness of Asura Realm is way above this fake image. When you are there then you will really be able to feel….what is call despair.”

Chen Cai is somewhat apprehensive, “I’ll be damned…boss do we really need to go there and train?”

Liu Yi did not directly reply to Chen Cai, he only looks at him and asks a question: “Chen Cai let me ask you. Do you wish to become stronger?”


Chen Cai paused for a while not knowing why Liu Yi suddenly asked this question.

Liu Yi asks again, “Chen Cai. Do you wish to become strong?”

“I wish to!”

At that instant, Chen Cai seems to be able to sense Liu Yi’s atmosphere.

Who does not wish to become stronger?

Who would still wish to live as a nobody!

When he remembers the expression of Wang Chunjiao when she looks at him back then Chen Cai’s heart starts to ache.

He want to becomes stronger. That’s right he wants to become as strong as boss!

“Since you wish to then come with me.”

Liu Yi says: “Become stronger, these two words do not fall from the sky. Without experiencing bloody tempering how would you become stronger?”

“I understand boss. I will go with you to the Asura Realm!”

“En. That is that my good brother!”

“En, after becoming stronger than it will be easier to chase after girls. Boss, I understand your meaning.”

“What the heck…what kind of bugs are contained in your brain…”

“Nothing, as well as ladies.”

Chen Cai smiles widely. Liu Yi is completely defeated.

What the heck…this fellow already has set a goal. Hope that he will be able to rely on it to defeat the enemies in the Asura Realm!

Within the Asura Realm, there are no friends. Everyone is all enemies. That place is a place where everyone only knows how to kill because in the Asura Realm there is a sentence.

“Only the person who survives to the end can leave the Asura Realm and return to Human Realm.”

“You guys must be clear there is only this one chance.”

Ma Hua puts down his wine bottle and says seriously.

“If something goes wrong I will be unable to save you guys. Have you guys considered properly?”

“Of course. I have already decided. Master lend us a helping hand.”

“Fine then…since that is the case then I will not say anymore.”

Ma Hua seeing that the two of them have decided did not say anymore.


He stands there as both his hands continuously form seals before seeming to grab something in front of him and slowly pulls apart.

Ma Hua’s face turns red as he seems to be strenuously tearing apart something.

After exerting strength for half a day he finally pulls open a hole in the space in front of him.

Within the hole is dense yin qi and killing aura causing Chen Cai to tremble as he withdraws his neck.

The little monkey immediately hides behind Chen Cai and seems to be badly frightened.

“Quickly enter I cannot hold it for too long!”

Ma Hua shouts hoarsely, “If you do not enter then itll be too late!”

“Let us go!”

Liu Yi immediately pulls Chen Cai up and passes through the hole with him.

Instantly they feel like summer has turned into winter as they start trembling from cold.

Even though they have the strength to protect their body, but they do not seem to be able to block off the coldness.

In their line of sight is darkness and the surrounding scenery is also gloomy.

A mournful roar seems to be carried by the wind as well as a faintly discernible fighting sounds from far away!

As the space behind them starts to restore itself comes the roar of Ma Hua, “The two of you remember that after 50 days at this time return back to this place! Remember you must come back on time….”

“Boss…this place is very cold…”

Chen Cai looks at the surrounding as he trembles while Liu Yi only frowns and say: “Our fight…seems to have started.”


Chapter 308- [Asura Realm]

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