MKW Chapter 307

Chapter 307 [MA Hua’s second disciple]


“Stop saying nonsense and quickly come in. If we get noticed there will be trouble!”

When Ma Hua finished talking he burrowed back into the rubbish bin.

“Boss….I, do we go in…”

“Enter, of course, we’ll be going in!”

Liu Yi firmly nods his head, “Chen Cai ah it is time to test ourselves. We are already not ordinary students anymore and in the future, there be even tougher trouble that we will be facing. This is just a rubbish bin how can it block our path! Gather your courage. We can do it!”

“But…boss…I’m afraid of being dirty…”

“Do not worry brother.”

Liu Yi stretches out both his hands and places them on Chen Cai’s shoulder, “I am your boss so let me go first as an example!”

“Wuwu…boss you treat me the best.”

Chen Cai is extremely moved.

“That’s right. Who asked me to be the boss.”

Liu Yi smirks and exerts strength with both hands and lifts up Chen Cai and tossed him into the rubbish passageway.

From the rubbish passageway comes Chen Cai’s shriek, “What the heck…boss you are sabotaging me…”

“I am doing it for your own good young one. Do not stop your steps in front of hardship!”

Liu Yi kneels beside the rubbish passageway and glances in.

A vile smell emits out and he instantly retreats as he nearly fainted.

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before turning around and walking through the front door of the Hunter’s Organisation and uses the lift to go down.

When Liu Yi enters the training room a black and dirty Chen Cai rushes over as he shouts: “Boss aren’t you the one who says that we must not stop our steps in front of hardships?! Why did you enter through the main door!”

“Do not stop your steps in front of hardship and needing to learn how to take a detour.”

Liu Yi immediately dodges Chen Cai’s lunge and stands to the side.

“Boss this is firmly betraying your teammate’s actions! You are too shameless!”

“This is experience given to you by the gods. You must face it head-on young one.”

“Experience it your sister! Why don’t you experience it!”

“Because my gaze needs to be placed even further away.”


Chen Cai gifts Liu Yi with a pair of middle fingers.

“Boss you are becoming more and more shameless.”

“Nonsense. My heart is righteous young one, it is you who sees the problem in a different angle. You are shameless so you see everyone as shameless.”

Liu Yi’s sentence nearly causes Chen Cai to vomit blood.

“Enough. Stop discussing about shameless. Today I bring you here is to train our abilities. Before that, I need to tell you about a  matter.”

As he speaks Liu Yi points at the room, “This is Hunter’s Organization gravity training room. I am also one of Hunter’s organization’s members. Today I brought you here other than to train with me is to pass to you two of Hunter’s organization’s skills. You are different from me as you awakened a special ability thus this hunter’s skills and cultivation method is most suitable for you. I can only pass to you the technique as for how you are able to raise your ability, my master Ma Hua will teach you.”

“Annoying brat you just love to give me trouble.”

Ma Hua sits by the side and gives a burp.

Chen Cai glances at the drunk old man and does not know what he is able to teach him.

“Don’t think that my master looks like a rustic old man. Actually, he is very powerful and back then he was the number one Devil cultivator.”

“He? Number one devil cultivator?”

Chen Cai does not believe it.

“In the future, you will know. Let me first teach you these two skills.”

Before Lin Tong left she taught Liu Yi the knowledge transfer technique.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and taps Chen Cai’s forehead.

Instantly the method to use shadow steps and natal pet summoning are transferred into Chen Cai’s mind.

“Aiyah..boss what did you drill into my mind…so big ah…”

Chen Cai cries out and Liu Yi kicks him on to the ground.

What the heck so sinister!

Liu Yi really wishes to trash Chen Cai to cure his urge to vomit.

“Boss…boss this is so mysterious. There are so many things in my brain…ah, I, let me try…”

Chen Cai climbs up to his feet and tries to use shadow steps as he leaps towards somewhere far away.

Instantly his figure disappears from his original spot and appears around one meter away from his original spot.

Although it is only one meter to a beginner it is a very large improvement.

That is if he did not land on his butt.

“Damn it…my ass hurts…”

Chen Cai rubs his butt as he let out a howl of grief.

“I have finally met someone who is even stupider than you…”

By the side, Ma Hua glares at Liu Yi with ridicule.

Looks like Ma Hua had already known about the matter of Liu Yi knocking into a training puppet when he first started learning shadow steps.

“Drinking wine with the two of you young fellow is meaningless. I need to have a better scenery.”

As Ma Hua speaks he takes out a controller and presses a few buttons.

Instantly the gravity room scenery changes.

Very quickly the three of them seems to be on a scenic dating beach.

The waves gently beat against the shore and surrounding them are beauties wearing bikinis.

The old man happily opens a bottle of wine and says with laughter, “Hehehe, this is excellent.”

What the…

This old man is really treating this high tech place as nothing…to create this kind of place…

But these bikini lasses are quite beautiful…

“Ill be damned…”

Chen Cai is also shocked, “What kind of place is this…”

“This place can undergo scenery simulation”

Liu Yi rubs his forehead, “Actually this is used to test out combat but it is used by this old man to see the scenery.”

“Boss. This place is too impressive ah…”

Looking at the surrounding bikini beauties Chen Cai’s eyes turns green.

“Little fellow slowly learn from me how to enjoy. hehe.”

Chen Cai who looks down on Ma Hua earlier is now eagerly crouching in front of the old man to curry favor.

What the heck…no moral principles ah!

Liu Yi sends over a gaze full of despise.

When Liu Yi hears the two of them starting to discuss which women’s chest is real and which women’s butt is lifted, he is finally unable to bear it and coughs twice before saying: “Stop messing around quickly summon out your natal pet!”

“Aiyah boss you really do not know enjoy yourself…”

“That’s right. This fellow is completely a wooden block. Chen Cai ah in future you must learn more from master. Master has decided to pass down to you some of my secret skills. Hahaha…”

“It is for real master? Exceptional martial skills?”

“Learning those is so pointless. Master will teach you how to chase girls!”

“Master…you treat disciple too good…disciple loves you to death!!!”

Liu Yi is about to go crazy. This is really a pair of clowns ah.

Why do I feel like I am like an outsider…unless it is because I am too pure? That must be the case…

But I do not have time to waste anymore. Immortal Fox sister is still waiting for me.

“Quickly come over!”

Liu Yi waves his fist with a strong indication of threat.

“Fine fine, then boss let me try…”

Chen Cai sees Liu Yi’s serious expression thus he can only walk over.

“This natal pet is a Hunter’s strongest move. What you are missing now is a reliable strong pet. The summons earlier are all not reliable thus it is harmful to your fights.”


Chen Cai narrows his eyes, “Natal pets are so mysterious?”

“Let me show you mine.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stretches out his hand and summons out his black little skeleton.

Seeing the around 1.5-meter tall little skeleton Chen Cai cries out in shock, “What the heck, is this little toy reliable?”


Just as Chen Cai finish speaking the little skeleton toss out a fireball at his face.

Luckily Chen Cai already possesses the protection from spiritual power while the little skeleton did not attack seriously. But Chen Cai was still blasted into a black face Rakshasa as black smoke sprays out of his mouth and quite a bit of his hair is burnt.

“Little black has a bad temper and is very touchy about people looking down on him.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs the skull of Little Black.

“Fine then…he is cool…”

Chen Cai’s mouth twitches before saying: “But boss…why do I have a familiar feeling when I see this little skeleton…”

Chen Cai thinks for a while and says: “It seems like…I have seen it before in the information that is given to me by the Dragon Group…”

“Of course you have seen it before.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Because I am Blood Emperor.”

As he speaks he swiftly changes attire and places a white mask on his face.

Chen Cai’s eyes widen as he starts at Liu Yi in horror.

“What the heck…boss so you are Blood Emperor!”

“Why are you afraid?”

“No boss…come help me sign…”

Chen Cai gives Liu Yi all kinds of worship looks, “So my boss is Blood Emperor…you have no idea how many girls are your fans ah. If I have your signature I will definitely be able to get girls…”

“What the heck. Now is not the time to discuss chasing girls…”

“Boss you have no idea. There is a girl in my neighborhood who likes you a lot and has been telling everyone that she wants to give you her first time!”

Chen Cai starts to be jealous, envious and angry as he clenches his teeth and say: “How could there be such a shameless woman!”

Liu Yi instantly snorts, “Give me her handphone number. I want to properly criticize and educate her!”

“Bullshit! Who would give it to you!”

Chen Cai gifts Liu Yi with another middle finger.

Liu Yi a cough and urges, “Whatever let us quickly start then!”

“Okay… I hope that my natal pet is as cool as boss’s one.”

After Chen Cai says this he closes both his eyes.

The first time searching for the natal pet is somewhat difficult thus Liu Yi hopes that Chen Cai will be able to do it somewhat successfully.

He sits by the side and starts to silently meditate.

Currently, his cultivation is at the peak of four stars. He needs to breakthrough and improve himself so that during the one-year pact he would have more hope.

Liu Yi unceasingly operates the power in his body before using the three qi to rush towards the fifth-star jade ‘heart’.

The top of the star jade ‘heart’ is twined with the three colored qi which creates a dazzling halo.

But the star jade calmly floats there without any sign of movement.

Damn this. I do not believe that I will not be able to break passed you small little star!

In anger, Liu Yi gathers the three qis together and fiercely smashed them towards the fifth-star jade like a hammer.


The star jade shakes heavily while Liu Yi’s complexion turns white as he vomits out blood.


Chapter 307- [Ma Hua’s second disciple]

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