MKW Chapter 306

Chapter 306 [Cultivate]


When Liu Yi wakes up from his absent mindedness he realizes that he is taking the last test paper for his college exams.

He does not know how did he withstand the past few days as it seems like after Lin Tong left, she seems to have taken away a portion of his soul as well.

Liu Yi has never realized that Immortal Fox sister is so important to him and affected his life so much.

If it is as per usual, she will be lying on the table as she shakes her tail and helps me cheat…

But now….the only one who is able to help me is only Little Jade.

{Master, we have finished answering the questions. You can rest for a while.}

There is still an hour before the exam is over as Little Jade reminds Liu Yi.

{Little Jade..say…did Lin Tong…really leave?}

Liu Yi asked Little Jade through his spiritual world.

{Master, please wake up, wake up!}

Little Jade sighs and says, {Master has already asked Little Jade this question a thousand, one hundred and twenty times already!}

{Is it…that many times…}

Liu Yi did not even bother to think as all, for the past days during exams, it is all answered by Little Jade.

He has forgotten all of the questions that were asked in the past exam papers.

What he really wish to do now is to make a time machine to return back to time and treat Lin Tong properly.

It seems like in the past I always made her angry…and during the past year or so I am only concentrating on cultivating and did not interact with her properly…

Thinking about it now it is really regretful.

{Master you cannot go on being depressed like this!}

Little Jade cannot help but to say, {Master did you forget about the one-year pact between you and Lin Tong? If you continue to be so depressed after a year how are you going to save Lin Tong as well as save her Charm Fox clan?}

Little Jade’s words smash onto Liu Yi’s heart like a hammer.

That’s right…Immortal Fox sister is still waiting for me to save her and yet I am passing my days so muddle-headed over here!

How can I go on like this!

I need to become strong! Even stronger!

{Little Jade thank you for reminding me.}

Liu Yi’s gaze recovers some of its brightness, {I have decided to cultivate properly and go and save my Immortal Fox sister a year later.}

After making his decision Liu Yi starts to have spirit.

After the last exam is done he directly walks out of the classroom and walks towards Hunter’s organization.

I must make good use of the rest of the holidays to improve my strength!

Immortal Fox sister wait for me!

When he steps out of the room before he could contact Ma Hua he immediately receives a call from Murong Die.

“Liu Yi, how is the exam? Do you have hope to get into a university?”

Liu Yi is already used to Murong Die saying such things the moment she speaks.

“Should be able to.”

“Then where do you plan to go? These few days you disappeared off the surface of the earth and I couldn’t find you! This lady does not have any idea so I applied for TsingBei University along with Lele. You don’t tell us that you applied for other cities!”

[TL: TsingBei University is the combined name by people from China for Tsinghua University and Peking University which are both prestigious university of China which are located in Bejing.] 

Although Murong Die’s tone is very arrogant but there is a hint of concern concealed within.

Liu Yi laughs bitterly and says: “No ah…I also applied for a university in Jingdou, Central University of Science and Technology…”

“What the…the score needed to enter that university is not that low are you sure you are able to get in? Do you need this miss to ask my father for a favor and help you arrange it?”

“No need…my score should be enough.”

Liu Yi has counted his marks and since all of his answers are following Little Jade’s answers his marks would definitely be more than enough.

Furthermore, he still has the Dragon Group, this backing.

Long San has already given word, that even if his score is not enough he’ll be able to help to make sure that he will get into Central University of Science and Technology. Ai, it is so nice to know people from the top.

“Heng if you don’t have enough let this miss know! This miss still has not bullied you enough and will not allow you to go to another city!”

“I know…I will not run away. Relax.”

Liu Yi has had enough of parting.

“That is right then! I will not talk to you anymore. I’ll be going to watch a movie with Lele! During the holiday I shall come and find you to play! If you do not come out then you’ll be dead!”

Done speaking Murong Die hangs up.

The moment Murong Die hangs up Wang Yuzheng’s call came.

“Liu Yi…i finally manage to call through…which exam hall you are in?” ask Yuzheng is a worried tone.

“I am in San Zhong how did your exam go?”

“I…I seems to have a bit of problem for the last subject…it seems like I might not be able to get into my first choice and might need to get to the second choice.”

“Don’t worry so much your results should be fine. What is your first choice?”

“Central University of Science and Technology… the Second choice is Qing Bei University…”

Although Qing Bei University also a prestigious university but Central University of Science and Technology’s cut off point is very high. But a large portion of the accepted students are foreigners. Jing Dou students also seem to need over 400 points to get in.

There is also a portion of the place being reserved for backdoor students. These students who entered through the backdoor know people thus they are able to enter the prestigious school to study.

The last portion are aristocracy students.

These students spend large sums of money to come and study which is considered as their idea of spending money. They are here not to study but to gold plate their name.

Liu Yi is shocked, “You also applied for Central University of Science and Technology?”


Wang Yuzheng does not dare to say that is it because she has asked their teacher what is Liu Yi’s first choice before applying for it.

“Relax I feel that your result should be enough. I have also applied for Central University of Science and Technology. At that time we will definitely be able to go to the university together!”

Wang Yuzheng immediately asks: “En…I applied for a math course…what about you?”

“Er…I applied for a biology course.”

When Liu Yi thinks about it, he is helpless. Base on what Long San have said, being a biological student will make it easier to get close to the laboratory.

The top has arranged it so what can I do…

“Biology…why are you learning that?”

Wang Yuzheng is shocked, “I have heard that it is very hard to learn ah!”

“I am a person who dares to open my horizons.”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain thus he can only shrug his shoulders and find a random excuse.

“Fine then…as long as you are able to get into a university it’ll be fine.”

Wang Yuzheng is slightly regretful. It would be even better if we can go to class together…

Wang Yuzheng carefully asks: “Then peacefully wait these two days for the results then… mother says that she wants to invite you over for a meal, do you have time…”

“These few days I might need to go back to my village. Wait for me to return, I will pay you a visit then.”

Liu Yi is currently only concerned about cultivating and completely does not have any heart to have a meal.

Wang Yuzheng replies with a somewhat dejected tone: “Oh…”

“Okay, then I have some matters to attend to so I shall hang up now. Wait for my phone call.”

Liu Yi hurriedly hangs up the phone.

{Master, for the whole holiday, do you really plan to use all the time on cultivating?}

Little Jade feels like Liu Yi is jumping from one misconception to another misconception.

“I only have this holiday to cultivate properly.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath before saying, {After school starts I reckon that I’ll be very busy. To be able to improve myself within this long holiday I have decided….to try out the Asura Realm that my master has talked about before.}

When Little Jade hears it she exclaims in shock, {Master! You are crazy!}

{Asura Realm…that year when the Ma Hua that old foggy finished describing it isn’t owner the one who rejected it right away! Furthermore didn’t Lin Tong disallow you to go to that Asura Realm?}

Liu Yi clenches his teeth with a determined expression, {That is then. Now is not the same. For me, the Asura Realm is my best training method currently.}

{But…owner it is too dangerous already…}

{So what if it is dangerous. Furthermore, this time I am not cultivating on my own. I will drag Chen Cai along.}

{Master…this…you are planning to look down and sell off your teammate ah…}

{No. Chen Cai also needs to train as he does not have any real combat experience.}

Liu Yi says, {Furthermore he has also joined Dragon Group and in the future, there will definitely be a lot of fights waiting for him. I do not hope that he dies in the middle of the road.}

{That is also right. Master is brilliant.}

After Liu Yi walks out of the classroom he immediately finds Chen Cai and drags him along as he walks towards the Hunter’s Organisation.

“Boss. This…where are you bring me ah?”

“I’m bringing you to cultivate.”

Liu Yi gives a simple explanation but did not say much.

Chen Cai says in indignation: “Ah that is good! I also feel that my strength needs to be stronger! Annoying. Lin Yunxi told me on QQ that if I wish to date her I must first defeat her! Damn it! She seems to have the strength of a four star while I am around two stars only…”

“After practicing with me your strength will increase crazily.”

“Real… really?”

“I guarantee it.”

Liu Yi nods his head.

But you might also lose a layer of skin. Or even…. die.

Of course, such a sad matter Liu Yi will not tell Chen Cai.

“That is great boss, I just know that you are generous! Where are we going?”

“Meet my master.”

Liu Yi brings Chen Cai to the most crowded area in the city center, two rounds to throw off their tails before walking somewhere close to the Hunter’s Organisation and calling Ma Hua.

“Master, I am bringing my friend along. Come out and bring us in.”

“Why did you bring your friend?”

Ma Hua on the other side seems to be drinking wine as his tone carries some drunkness.

Liu Yi says directly: “He’s a trustable one. A brother that I trust with my life.”

“Okay. I understand. Wait for me a while.” says Ma Hua before he hangs up.

Although this underground base has been set up for so many years Ma Hua is no scrupulous person. He has secretly dug out a hidden passageway to the surface.

Although Liu Yi knows of the passageway he has never gone through it before. But Chen Cai is unable to go into the Hunter’s Organisation as he does not have a Hunter identity.

“Stinky fellow quickly come in.”

Just as the two of them are staring blanking in the corner a rubbish bin is suddenly pushed aside as Ma Hua pops out his head out with a banana skin on top.

“What the heck…are you for real…a rubbish bin???”

Liu Yi is stunned.

What kind of passageway is this ah! Don’t tell me that this is a rubbish passageway?!

“Relax this is a fake image that Master placed to hide it from others…what the heck who threw this banana skin! Don’t you have public spirit, why don’t you go and find a rubbish bin!”

Aren’t you a rubbish bin…


Chapter 306- [Cultivate]

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