MKW Chapter 305

Chapter 305 [One Year pact]


The Demon Realm entrance opens once a year and a lot of demons will take advantage of this moment to sneak into the human realm to play or return back to the demon realm to rest.

Qiu Shuiyi wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to bring her disciple back to the demon realm and back to her Osmanthus mountain.

If they miss timing the demon realm path will be closed and if they wish to travel back to demon realm they would have to challenge the realm guardians.

Realm guardians are very strong, although Qiu Shuiyi has never personally challenged them before their legends that they have left in the six realms are everlasting.

Even the devil realm kind Ma Long is not their opponent and was badly beaten to the point where his cultivation regressed, who does she think she is?

“Understood master…”

Lin Tong nods her head and turns back to take a look before obediently follow behind her master.

Looks like my fate with Liu Yi shall end here…

In front of them is a forest with a slightly dark portion which is the boundary wall between the human realm and the demon realm.

Every year when the wall opens there will be a few people who went missing around here.

Thus there is a few missing cases around here. When these people enter the demon realm their fate is definitely not as beautiful as in the crossover stories.

All of the people in the demon realm hate humans and it an incontestable truth.

Just like humans randomly slaughtering animals for food, in the demon realm why would the strong demon clan people not do the same?

The natural law of order circles around in appropriate retributions.

“There are around ten more minutes till the wall opens. Let us wait for a while.”

Currently, the boundary wall still has not fully opened, the moment it is fully open there will be countless of little demons who will pass through and come to the human realm to ‘play’.


Lin Tong glances at her master and her mouth trembles but did not say anything else.

From the moment she had stood here she has decided to give up on her own way to live.

“Immortal Fox sister!”

Just when the demon realm boundary wall is about to open from far away suddenly comes a scream.

Hearing this voice, Lin Tong and Qiu Shuiyi tremble at the same time.

Lin Tong is unable to hold back as she starts crying.

“He…he really came…”

“This fellow…he actually chased all the way here!”

Qiu Shuiyi frowns, “It is good that he has come…disciple, there are some things that you must tell him clearly face to face!”

“Disciple…disciple knows…”

Lin Tong rubs away her tears and slowly turned around.

At this moment a white light flashes over from the sky as Liu Yi appears in the sky.

He nimbly jumps down from the taiji sword and softly lands on the ground before running over to Lin Tong.

“Immortal Fox sister don’t go!”

“Don’t come over…”

Lin Tong suddenly exclaims as she retreats not allowing Liu Yi to come closer to her.

“Immortal Fox sister, what is the matter…why do you want to leave me and go?”

Liu Yi is very upset as he stares at Lin Tong, he wishes that he is able to immediately embrace her.

“Big idiot…don’t be like this…don’t make things difficult for me again please…why do you still appear here…”

Lin Tong collapsed on the ground as she sobs.

“Immortal Fox sister, don’t cry, don’t cry ah…why don’t we have a talk okay?”

This is the first time that Liu Yi has seen such a feeble Lin Tong. Usually, she is very arrogant and proud, why would she be crying so helplessly.

“How do we talk…this time around it is really impossible to talk…”

Lin Tong wipes away her tears, “Big idiot…this time around you shall listen to me okay? I really must go back. All of my clan members lives are relying on me…I really cannot abandon them…”

Hearing Lin Tong’s crying voice, Liu Yi starts to feel nervous as well as some heartache.

Clan’s people lives? What clan’s people lives?

“Liu Yi there are some matters that you do not understand.”

Qiu Shuiyi who is by the side says coldly: “You are a human thus you do not understand how tough the lives of our demon race is. As demons from the moment we are born, will face the fate of the weak being the food of the strong. From this point, you humans are really fortunate.”

“That is only you not understanding the way human’s live that’s all.”

Liu Yi is not happy about this Qiu Shuiyi and there is even some hate.

If not for her Lin Tong and I will not be break up!

“You do not understand …I must go back to demon realm otherwise all of my Charm fox clan’s people will be finished.”

Lin Tong finally finished rubbing away all of her tears as she stands up and says firmly.

“Big idiot take it as me begging you this time listen to me okay. If you do not let me go back, then I will directly die in front of you!”


Liu Yi is so badly frightened that he immediately stops her.

“Immortal Fox sister….I, I….”

“Don’t say anymore. This time around you must listen to me.”

Lin Tong clenches her teeth, “Big idiot if you really wish to bring me back, a year later at this time come to the demon realm and find me. I will be staying at the Osmanthus mountain in the demon realm where the Charm Fox clan stays.”

A year pact?

When Liu Yi thinks of leaving Lin Tong for a year his heart is already starting to become unbearable.

Qiu Shuiyi gave her disciple a complex look not knowing what she is planning.

Why would she want Liu Yi to wait a year before going to the demon realm?

“Liu Yi my Charm Fox clan will be facing a grave danger soon. I am the key to resolving this danger. But if you become even stronger after a year…come to demon realm to save me as well as my Charm Fox clan.”

As Lin Tong does not know how to choose thus she places her hopes on Liu Yi.

Big idiot…within this one year you must cultivate properly…otherwise I will be married to other people…

“Within a year you can become even stronger, right? I can… rely on you?”

“I definitely will, Immortal Fox sister.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “I have never let you down so this time around please believe in me as well.”

“I believe you, I always believed you.”

Lin Tong nods her head as she looks at Liu Yi.

It is a pity that the time is very tight, if we had another year worth of time…how good would that be…

“The passage is opening, we must hurry!”

Qiu Shuiyi glances behind her and immediately says: “If we do not go we will not be able to make it in time.”

While she is speaking Liu Yi feels that there is a strong undulation in the air like the forest in front of him has some kind of change.

Following which appears waves after waves of demonic aura as well as countless shouts.

“Hahaha, the demon realm door finally opens!”

“Now we can go can go to the human realm to enjoy!”

“Human meat! I want to eat human meat!”

Groups after groups of demons walk through the demon realm passageway but their numbers are too much and the passageway seem to be slightly narrow and instantly the passageway is blocked tightly and wanting to come out is harder than reaching heavens.

While Lin Tong and Qiu Shuiyi are also blocked at the passageway entrance, no one is able to come over, no one is able to go back.

“Damn it stop squeezing! One by one!”

“F*** you, I want you to lose weight!”

“Human meat! I want to eat human meat!”

The crowd of demons starts clamoring and no one wants to give way to the other.

“Immortal Fox sister since you have already decided then let me open the path for you.”

As Liu Yi speaks he glances at the passageway before saying faintly, “All of you make way for me.”

Liu Yi’s voice carries immortal qi thus it is like thunder as it spread throughout the forest.

“What the hell, look it is a human!”

“Hahaha, since the human has come here to die ,brothers quickly go forward and kill him!”

“Human meat! I want to eat human meat!”

When the crowd of demons see Liu Yi all of them instantly turn around excitedly and become ferocious.

“Looking for death!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and Monarch Axe appears in his hand.

An enormous pressure instantly spread out from his body and covers the whole forest in a blink of an eye.

Instantly all of the little demons’ face loses color as they cry out in shock.

“Damn it…this, this is a hunter!”

“So scary…wuwuwu…I want to look for my mommy….”

“Let me go back….let me go back ah….”

The crowd of demons are very horrified like the apocalypse has arrived as they escape in fright.

But they are blocked at the entrance of the passageway so none of them are able to escape.

Liu Yi raises the Monarch Axe high up as he pushes immortal qi, devil qi and demonic qi into the Monarch Axe.

“All of you die for me!”

A black glow flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as the axe smashes down onto the ground.

A black light sweeps out and immediately strikes the air into half and chops onto the passageway.


A large group of little demons are turned into mincemeat by the axe as fresh blood covers the whole forest.

Because a large number of little demons have died and also turned into mincemeat the passageway is instantly open.

The fortunate little demons are frightening as they scatter and run away falling over each other to escape back to the demon realm.

“The passageway is open Immortal Fox sister. Take care of yourself.”

Liu Yi grips the axe tightly as he looks at Lin Tong as blood seeps out from his lips.

A fishy feeling enters Liu Yi’s heart making him more awake as well as more upset.

“Big idiot…next year you must definitely come…”

Lin Tong rubs off all of her tears before smiling at Liu Yi sweetly and follows Qiu Shuiyi and walks through the passageway as she glances back at Liu Yi.

With this glance, all kind of feeling surges through her heart.

Originally Lin Tong does not wish to cry but at that moment tears fall out of her control.

Lin Tong forces herself to smile and say: “It must be that it is too hot making my eyes wet.”

“Immortal Fox sister…”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand towards Lin Tong.

“Big idiot…”

Lin Tong also stretches out her hand vacantly grabbing towards Liu Yi.

Their hands seem to have missed each other.

“Let us go…”

Qiu Shuiyi sees that the passageway is going to close as she immediately pulls her disciple and passes through to the demon realm.

“Immortal Fox sister!”

Watching Lin Tong leave, Liu Yi’s heart become very heavy like something have been cut off, very painful and very unbearable.

At that moment he rushes towards the demon realm as he no longer wishes to wait anymore and only wish to find Lin Tong.

But the demon realm passageway is already closed and Liu Yi only rushes through the air and lands on the other side of the forest.

At that moment he truly felt that Lin Tong have really left…


Chapter 305- [One year pact]

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