MKW Chapter 304

Chapter 304 [Dragon Sound Temple]


When Liu Yi wakes up, like normal he brushes his teeth and washes his face.

Today’s morning seems to be like normal, nothing special.

Only that when he looks at the calendar it is three more days to the colleague exams.

During these three days, there are no lessons in schools and the students are given their own time to do what they want. If they wish to revise in school it is okay, if you wish to revise at home it is also okay.

6th of June to every high school student it is a very important turning point.

Twelve years of bitter studying and fate shall change on this date.

Whether you’ll be a dragon, a tiger, snake or bug will be decided on this date.

Although it is somewhat cruel it is the process that every student must experience to transform.

Whether if it is to transform into a butterfly and fly freely or die within the cocoon will be dependant on themselves.

“Immortal Fox sister, should I follow along with Dragon Group’s intent and go to that school or should I go Shanghai to study?”

Liu Yi asks but Lin Tong did not answer him as normal.

Strange…doesn’t Immortal Fox sister always like to wake up early? Why did she not reply?

“Immortal fox sister?”

Liu Yi calls out again but Lin Tong still does not reply him.

This starts to make Liu Yi worried. Is she still upset about the matter yesterday?

But she does not look to be so weak ah!

Liu Yi immediately enters his spiritual world to look for his Immortal fox sister to have a good chat and find out his future path.

But when he enters he got a shock as Lin Tong is not in his spiritual world like normal!

Damn it where did Immortal Fox sister run off to?

Liu Yi searches around the spiritual world but did not find Lin Tong.

He immediately starts to search around the house and try to find a warm corner where the little fox might be secretly sleeping in.

In the end, he is disappointed as no matter how he searched he is unable to find his Immortal Fox sister.

The little fox seems to have disappeared off the face of the world and disappeared from his life.

Liu Yi walks back to his bedroom where he suddenly sees a piece of paper on the table.

On it is rows of graceful calligraphy which is obviously not his. Is it something left behind by Immortal Fox sister?

Liu Yi picks up the letter left behind by Lin Tong like it is a life-saving grass.

Indeed on it is words written to him by his Immortal Fox sister.

-Big idiot let us have an agreement for a year. If I do not return after a year…please forget about me…-

There are only a few sentences but it carved out blood letters in his heart.

Liu Yi’s heart beats rapidly in pain.

Lin Tong left? Why would she need to leave?

Liu Yi immediately changes into the attire of Blood Emperor and jumps out of the window.

“Daoist Laozi, rapidly as command! Sword come!”

The taiji sword instantly flies beneath his feet and supports him flying rapidly towards the temple in the outskirts.

Liu Yi remembers what Qiu Shuiyi said yesterday, if Lin Tong has thought it through then she’ll go to the temple in the outskirts.

I hope that I am still in time!

North Dragon city actually has some temples within, especially the city center which has a large temple. Inside incense is burning continuously as tourist enters in an endless stream.

While in the outskirts there is a small temple which pales in comparison. The temple is very cold and quiet and there aren’t many Buddhist worshipers but there is a sacred aura that is only unique to Buddha.

In comparison, Liu Yi prefers this place more.

But now he is not here to light incense and pray but is here to find a lady!

Liu Yi lands in front of the temples and removes his Blood Emperor disguise and rushed into the temple.

“Amitabha, Amitabha! This benefactor, please stay your steps.”

A monk wearing grey sweeping the ground immediately hurries to block when he sees a man suddenly rushing in.

“Is this benefactor here to pray? Today we are reorganizing the place so we do not entertain Buddhist pilgrim.”

“I am here to find a lady!”

After saying this he wants to continue walking in.


The monk got a shock as he hurries to block again, “Benefactor! This is a buddhist place! Why would there be a lady here! Benefactor, did you come to the wrong place?”

“The lady I am looking for is here!”

“This benefactor there isn’t even a nun in this temple!”

The grey attired monk is about to cry.

“I do not care. You better let me in otherwise I will not be polite!”

Liu Yi’s heart is already filled with fire from worry and it is almost impossible for him to hold it in.

“This benefactor…”

“Move aside!”

Liu Yi finally rages as devil qi erupts and engulfs the whole temple.

The originally solemn temple suddenly turns scary with dense yin qi oppressing the hearts of people.

“Mu Ran let him enter.”

At this moment from within the temple comes a somewhat solemn and aged voice.

The voice carries some buddha qi and is actually able to calm Liu Yi’s temper slightly.

Looks like the old monk has some cultivation.

“See, it is still your head who is more reasonable.”

Liu Yi lets go of the monk and walks into the temple with wide steps.

He did not remove his devil qi as he wants to intimidate them to prevent the monks from being rude to him.

Currently, the most important thing is to find Immortal Fox sister as for the rest…so what if I become a devil!

“Amitabha, benefactor this way please.”

From the main hall comes the voice of the old monk.

Liu Yi also does not have any clues on where to find Lin Tong thus he can only enter the main hall.

In the center of the main hall is Shakyamuni Buddha statue. On the left is MoKeJiaYe on the right is Prince Ananda who all represent three different realms of Buddha!

Entering the main hall there is a solemn feeling that rushed towards him.

In this hall, Liu Yi seems to feel that his devil qi has weakened a lot.


An old monk with a long white beard walks over and look at Liu Yi as he says faintly with profoundness: “Benefactor, your baleful aura is too strong and is not inconsistent with benefactor’s nature ah.”

Liu Yi who is seeking for Lin Tong did not think of anything as he asks: “Do not talk to me about all these useless things. Let me ask you if you have seen two pretty ladies?”

“Amitabha…benefactor’s heart has turned into a devil for a woman. This is inappropriate ah inappropriate. This one sees that benefactor has karma with Buddha as well as an intelligence root. Why don’t you cut off your passion and join Buddhism and have blue lights as companions and discuss Buddhism.”

“Discuss your sister! I still have not had a girlfriend yet and do not wish to be a monk!”

Liu Yi instantly rolls his eyes, “Don’t try to lure me into the temple! I am not here to be a monk!”

“If you are here to look for ladies then benefactor really came to the wrong place.”

The old monk smiles faintly, “The only girl in our temple is the statue of Bodhisattva. Benefactor, please take a look which one is the one you are looking for?”

“You also have a belly full of rubbish!”

Liu Yi is really not happy as he loosened his throat and gave a loud shout.


“Benefactor, benefactor this is a Buddhist place you cannot shout ah cannot shout ah!”

Some of the younger monks by the side advises.

“All of you scram!”

Liu Yi thoughts are in a mess. Without Lin Tong around he feels like he does not have a direction.


The old monk places his hands together and starts to chant Buddhist mantra.

Instantly the devil qi in Liu Yi’s heart trembles and appears to be attacked as it slowly dissipates.

“Benefactor do not let the devil qi cover your eyes.”

The old monk says: “It be better if you join Buddha and learn our heart sutra to expel your heart devil.”

Liu Yi snorts coldly, “If I don’t have my Immortal Fox sister, I’d rather be a devil!”

“I pity your buddha affinity.”

The old monk sighs, “Pity ah, really such a pity.”

“In this world, there are too many pitiful things!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “If you still do not say the location of the two girls then it will be a pity for your teeth!”

Liu Yi does not believe that with the monk’s cultivation he is unable to notice the two foxes.

“Benefactor do not be angry. This one shall tell you.”

The old monk starts speaking, “Yesterday night this one was meditating in this one’s room. Talking about this, recently this one’s spirit is very happy and is able to feel that the Buddhism is in this one’s heart thus this one wishes to comprehend it and so…”

“Stop beating around the bush and say the main point!”

“Fine…just when this one was in Zen, this one indeed sensed two demonic auras sitting on top of the roof of the pavilion tower. But the gods have a compassionate character, they are only two small demons so this one is not inclined to bother with them…”

When Liu Yi hears it he immediately turns around to leave.

“Benefactor please stay your steps. Benefactor where do you want to go?”

“Of course it is to check the pavilion tower!”

“Benefactor please stay your steps!”

The old monk immediately stops Liu Yi, “All of that happened yesterday night and with what is the time already. The two ladies have already left.”

“Which direction did they leave?”

“Benefactor, what needs to be let go, just let go…”

“I see that your teeth are itchy!”

“Benefactor their demonic qi left in the south direction.”

Liu Yi instantly moves, stepping on his taiji sword he rushes out and flies towards the south.


From behind him comes the Buddha voice of the old monk, “Benefactor this monk’s Buddhist name is Anatta. In the future, if benefactor has confusion you can come to this Dragon Sound temple to have a chat with this one…”

Chat your granny! Where on earth do I have that kind of time now!

Liu Yi is yearning for Lin Tong as he rushes through the air in the south direction.

No matter what I must get my Immortal Fox sister back!

Regardless of who it is no one is allowed to bring my Immortal Fox sister away!


Under a tree far away, Lin Tong who is taking a nap suddenly exclaims as she is shocked awake from her dreams.

Qiu Shuiyi who is sitting by the side notices her disciple’s movement and immediately asks: “What is the matter, disciple?”

“I…I seem to feel that big idiot is shouting for me…it seems like he is chasing over now…”

Lin Tong’s complexion turns pale as she stands up.

“How is that possible? How would he know that we are here.”

Qiu Shuiyi waves her hands, “In front is the entrance to the demon realm. When we are there you do not need to worry so much.”


Chapter 304- [Dragon Sound temple]

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  1. “In front is the entrance to the demon realm. When we are there you do not need to worry so much.”

    Woman you don’t know just what the mc is. If he has the original bloodline of the fox tribe you bwtter be sure he could enter the realm.


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