MKW Chapter 303

Chapter 303 [Ling Tong’s decision]


“You still know to come back?”

The earlier benevolent fox granny in a blink of an eye turns malevolent. There are blood stains all over her face as she clenches her teeth and says: “We are all….harmed because of you!”

“Granny…you…what are you saying?”

Lin Tong is shocked.

At this moment she realizes that the earlier peaceful Charm Fox village has turned into a hell on earth!

Every where is burning with flames and corpses of the villagers!

The entire mountain village is covered with corpses and their blood forms a river!

The dense fishy smell nearly causes Lin Tong to have the urge to vomit.

“It is all because of you…if  not for you why would all of us die!”

The fox granny hysterically howls in grief.

“If not because you left the village and followed that human why would the ghost fox clan abandon us! Now all of our thousands of charm fox’s are all killed! The males are all killed and the women are being snatched away to be sold! Charm fox clan ah…the charm fox clan is finished!”

Being….being exterminated…..

Everything in front of Lin Tong turns black as she nearly collapses onto the ground.

Why would this happen…I only left for two years …

Why would everything turn this way…

“You! It is you! Why are you still alive?! Why are you still alive!!!!”

The fox granny is howling in grief when suddenly from out of nowhere a flying sword flies out and pierced into the granny’s chest.

Blood flows out from the granny’s chest and flows down the sword, scaring Lin Tong badly as she trembles.

Why…why would everything becomes like this…who can tell me what on earth is going on!

Why would Charm Fox clan be exterminated!

“You are Lin Tong?”

At this moment a man walks out from within the flames.

The man looks very handsome like a rumored gigolo.

He looks to be amiable, his eyes flickers with evilness.

Although this fellow is much more handsome than Liu Yi but in Lin Tong’s eyes he looks more unpleasant than Liu Yi.

The first time she sees him, Lin Tong suddenly have an unpleasant feeling!

She does not know where it comes from but she just dislikes him!

“So you are my fiancee. Have you seen, this is the result of you breaking the promise of marriage.”

“Broken promise of marriage? What promise of marriage?”

Lin Tong is shocked.

“Looks like you do not know. Twenty years ago our two clans set up a promise of marriage.”

The gigolo points at himself then points at Lin Tong and say: “The two of us twenty years later will be married. This is the term set up by the chief of Charm Fox clan to get the protection from our Ghost Fox clan. Why else do you think that with the Charm Fox clan’s strength you guys are able to live peaceful and safe for so long?”

“Why, why is it like this…”

Lin Tong trembles as her face turns pale.

“These are the rules that we had we have established but you broke this rule and left the Charm Fox clan. Thus our Ghost Fox clan also gave up on you guys and the end result, well you have seen it.”

“Why must it be this way…”

Lin Tong looks at the mountain filled with corpses as she starts crying and collapses on the ground.

“Why are you upset? This is the result of your choice!”

The gigolo snorts, “You chose to escape and chose freedom to enjoy yourself. Since that is the case then your people shall pay for your freedom!”


Lin Tong’s face is completely drained of blood.

“What about you? Anyway, what you need to know you already know. Go back to where you should go back to!”

The gigolo points with his hand and instantly the surrounding image disappear.

When she wakes up again she is kneeling in Liu Yi’s spiritual world drenched in cold sweat.

What is with the dream earlier…is it only dream?

Something is wrong…it is not a dream…

Lin Tong does not know why but her first reaction is to get rid of the thought that it is a dream.

She is worried about her clan’s safety as she flies out from Liu Yi’s spiritual world.

Looking at the still asleep Liu Yi, Lin Tong bites her lips.

Big idiot…do not think of me too much…

If it is possible I will definitely return and look for you…

Lin Tong flies to the side of the table and turns into human form. She writes something on a piece of paper and left it on the table.

Afterward she breaks the seal between her and Liu Yi before flying out of the window.

The temple in the outskirts eh…

Lin Tong knows where is it and quickly makes her way over.

Spirit body movement speed is very fast and almost within a second Lin Tong has already reached.

On top of the tallest pagoda in the temple is her master’s aura. Lin Tong flies over and sees her master sitting in a lotus form meditating.


Lin Tong flies over and kneels in front of her master.

“Silly disciple you finally know to come back?”

Qiu Shuiyi faintly opens her eyes as emotions flashes cross her eyes as she stares at Lin Tong.

Lin Tong trembles, “Master…”

Have you finally understood?

“Disciple has understood…”

“En…it is not master’s wish to force you but our Charm Fox clan’s life and death all lies on you ah…master also finds it difficult ah…now master will pass the decision to you and let you decide yourself. Do you choose to stay here or follow master back, restore your body and complete the marriage promise?”


Lin Tong’s face turns completely white as tears form in her beautiful pair of eyes.

Who said that spirits don’t have tears?!

When spirits are very sad they will still cry and have tears.

On one side,  is to leave Liu Yi…who she really cannot bear to…

On the other side, it is to sacrifice all of her clan’s people…over thousands of lives are resting on her shoulders.

At this moment Lin Tong suddenly feels that her shoulders are very heavy and so heavy that she cannot breathe properly.

“Master…disciple is very tired…”

Lin Tong’s voice carries a bit of sorrow as she speaks.

“Master knows…it is master who let you down…”

Qiu Shuiyi secretly wipes away her tears.

I seem to have given disciple too much pressure…. perhaps that year I should not have let this lass down the mountain…who would have known that when she left the mountain she would meet a person she love.

Charm Fox clan’s fate is…the moment they fall in love they will love the other to death…

Ai…ill-fated relationship ah…ill-fated relationship ah…

“Wuwu…master…disciple is really really upset ah…”

Lin Tong lies on Qiu Shuiyi’s leg as she cries loudly. Qiu Shuiyi gently pats her disciple head as her heart is also very heavy.

Her own disciple that she has brought up since young if she does not love her it is impossible.

But she cannot ignore the lives of so many people.

It is like her own disciple even if she have to give up her lover she also cannot give up on the lives of so many people.

This is their karma ah.

“Disciple…disciple really cannot bear to part with him…”

Lin Tong lies in Qiu Shuiyi’s embrace as she cries sadly, “Master you do not know…disciple, disciple really really love him…master, you have said that there is no man in the world who are good things. They are all selfish and only know how to say sweet things…but why does disciple have to meet Liu Yi ah! He is so stupid and does not know how to say sweet things to me, he also does not know how to do romantic things to pamper me…but he really treats disciple really good…to the point where he can give up his own life…disciple really really love him ah…”

“Silly child ah silly child…”

Qiu Shuiyi keeps combing her disciple’s hair as her heart sighs in sorrow.

If only back then I had also met such a man…perhaps now it wouldn’t be like this.

If not because he lied to me… the Charm Fox clan would also not land to such a plight…wuwu…

I did not think that this debt will fall on the shoulder on my own disciple.

Debt ah it really is a debt…

That damn man where are you now?!

Back then the matter that you has promised me, why is it till now you still have not finished it! Why do you want to let my disciple shoulder your debt! Bastard!

“Come tell me about the matter about that silly boy. Master is curious about it.”

Qiu Shuiyi does not know how to comfort her disciple so she can only let her say out her heart’s thoughts.

“En…master listen to me. That big idiot ah…”

Lin Tong starts to talk about how she came to know him till Liu Yi learned demonic cultivation from then and afterward learned immortal cultivation and devil cultivation. When she talks about how Liu Yi is learning how to cultivate from Ma Hua, Qiu Shuiyi is astonished.

“I did not think that this fellow actually had such fortunes. Let’s not say about learning three peak heart sutras, he is also personally taught Emotion Sword technique by Ma Long the devil sect leader…just now, master had personally experienced that Emotion Sword technique and it is really powerful…”

[TL: Ma Long is Ma Hua’s name in the past. He has changed his name to Ma Hua after returning to the Human Realm.]

Lin Tong continues to talk about how Liu Yi chose to protect her from Kṣitigarbha causing Qiu Shuiyi to hiss in shock.

“In a lifetime as long as a woman is able to know such a man…it is not in vain for a woman to live…ai…”

She starts to feel melancholy. As she looks at her disciple there is a trace of envy as well as doting in her eyes.

Envy ah envy ah to think my disciple would be able to know this kind of infatuated man as well as pity, as she finally got to know such a man but has no choice but to part from him.

To a woman what else could be even more saddening then this matter?

From Qiu Shuiyi’s point of view…there is nothing else that is sadder than this.

As she silently listen to her disciple talking about the events they had experienced Qiu Shuiyi sighs again.

“Silly child ah, being able to meet such a man is really hard. Master shall give you another chance to choose. You can choose to stay here and live with that man.”

As for the rest of the matter, let me shoulder all of them.


Lin Tong stands up from Qiu Shuiyi’s embrace and wipes away her tears and says firmly: “After being with that big idiot for so long, perhaps disciple has also become stupid. If I choose to sacrifice thousands of lives for my happiness. Then why don’t I die right now.”

“Silly child…you…”

Master, I will go back with you. I believe that if I choose to stay with him and sacrifice the lives of so many people, even he will not agree. Thus, let’s us leave…”


Chapter 303- [Ling Tong’s decision]

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  1. Hum, and what about the option of telling Liu Yi everything so he’ll just destroy that “Ghost fox Clan” ?

    He reached the same level as her in only about 2 years, have Ma Long as a teacher and the Backing of both Hunter association and Dragon Group (more or less)…

    I mean, she should just help Liu Yi with various pills or special decoctions for him to break trough 5 stars or 6 stars, this way he’ll probably have a battle power of about 10 stars (earth immortal if I remember well).
    I don’t believe that if she used a good part of the ressources of her clan she wouldn’t be able to at least do this.

    If Liu Yi is Super-talented and already super-strong, she should just make him even stronger, if he is strong enough to protect her clan, why would she need any compromise with the Shitty Ghost fox Clan…

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