MKW Chapter 302

Chapter 302 [Entering dreams]


These golden eyes brighten up as he gazes at Qiu Shuiyi instantly causing her to tremble!

“Golden pupils!”

Qiu Shuiyi face turns pale, “Why on earth do you have the bloodline of the Heavenly Fox!”

“You ask me, who do I go and ask?!”

Liu Yi speedily close in on Qiu Shuiyi, “No matter what kind of bloodline it is I will still use it to save Immortal Fox sister! If you wish to snatch her away from me, dream on!”

“Lin Tong is my disciple, her future is up to me to decide not you, this stinky man!”

Sorry disciple do not blame your master. For the Charm Fox clan ’s thousands of people…master can only sacrifice you and your lover.

“Spirit fox explosion!”

The fire fox instantly spits out an eye-catching red fireball which is like a little sun at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi is already in front of the fireball and does not have any place to dodge, he also did not think of dodging it.

He waves the lance in his hand and smashes the lance’s body against the fireball.

Instantly he feels that his body is being pressed down as he is forced to land on the ground.

The fireball presses against the lance’s body and seems like it is going to swallow up Liu Yi any moment.

The lance in Liu Yi’s hand is trembling causing the webbing between his fingers to turn numb.

“You will not be able to block it!”

Qiu Shuiyi chides with an arrogant tone, “Give up on these pointless struggles. I can give you a chance. As long as you give up on my disciple I will leave you a path of survival!”

The fireball is pressing tightly against the lance’s body making it hard for Liu Yi to speak.

He clenches his teeth as his eyes are filled with determination.

“I don’t have much patience and will only give you three seconds to consider!”

As Qiu Shuiyi speaks her hands continue to press down.

She thought that Liu Yi will give up soon but it seems like the situation is going against her expectation.

“If you want Immortal Fox sister then first you need to kill me!”

Liu Yi roars, “But, you still need to have the ability first!”

At the same time Liu Yi removes the 100 times gravity field on his body!

A wave of aura spreads out from Liu Yi in an instant.

An enormous strength surges out from within Liu Yi’s body as he swings his lance like a baseball bat and sends the fireball flying.

The fireball lands on a forest far away and instantly blows up the forest with a large black mushroom cloud of smoke like a missile.

After the mushroom cloud has dispersed the forest has disappeared and left behind a ten plus meter deep hole.

From this, it can be seen that this move from Qiu Shuiyi is horrifying.

“Immortal Fox sister! Lend me a helping hand!”

As Liu Yi speaks he stretches out his hand towards the far away Lin Tong and uses a technique.

Instantly Lin Tong starts trembling. Under the attack of this kind of pleasurable sensation, Lin Tong is no longer able to retain her image and once again turns into a human.

While a long sword with a fox tail lands in Liu Yi’s hands.


Liu Yi uses Imperial Sword Technique and the Charming Fox sword instantly flies out piercing towards Qiu Shuiyi’s head.

Qiu Shuiyi controls the enormous fox and uses its claws to block in front of her.

The Charming Fox sword’s flying path got instantly blocked and instantly floats in front of Qiu Shuiyi.

“You will not be able to break through my defense!”

Qiu Shuiyi is clear of the condition of the firefox that she had summoned if she is not careful that sword would have cut off her head!

“Heng!” Liu Yi only snorts as his body moves and in an instant appears in front of the fox claws.

What does this fellow plan to do?

Is he crazy? Don’t tell me he wishes to forcefully break the fox claws? It is impossible unless he is the god of strength!

“Desolate flames!”

Liu Yi is already standing right in front of the claw as he sends out a palm attack at the same time towards the claws.

Blood suddenly appears from Qiu Shuyi’s nose as the pair of claws is immediately split apart from the attack and drops off from the shoulder and lands on the ground turning into flames that slowly dissipate.

“This ….is impossible…”

Looking at the man wearing black armor and holding the Charming Fox sword, Qiu Shuiyi is stunned.

My disciple left the mountain for less than two years…even if she is a genius teacher it is impossible to teach out such a strong and mysterious cultivator!

Furthermore…in his body is the bloodline of the Heavenly Fox…


Qiu Shuiyi suddenly thought of a possibility and immediately becomes even more nervous.

“The defense that you are proud of has been broken.”

Liu Yi points his sword toward Qiu Shuiyi and says faintly: “With the next move, I shall take is your life.”

“No! Don’t kill my master!”

At this moment Lin Tong uses Spirit Fox Steps and instantly stands between her master and Liu Yi.

Disciple, move aside!

But Qiu Shuiyi is not grateful as she scolds, “This is master’s and that man’s problem! Dont meddle in it!”

“Master…disciple cannot watch you throw away your life ah!”

Lin Tong is no longer able to hold back her tears, “What disciple doesn’t wish to see the most is the two of you fighting against each other…the two of you are both disciple’s most precious person…if either of you die…disciple also won’t wish to live anymore…”

When Liu Yi sees Lin Tong in this manner his heart instantly softens.

I should not have made Immortal Fox sister upset ah…

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi you are really an idiot…why do you always make Immortal Fox sister upset..

Liu Yi sighs as he keeps the Charming Fox sword.

He no longer prepares to take action after all if they continue to fight on, it will only make his Immortal Fox sister even more upset.

“Ai…silly child…”

Qiu Shuiyi is also very upset, but what method do I have ah…

The ghost fox clan’s deadline is getting closer and closer, and after a year it will be the date when my disciple will get married.

It is not that I am willing to part with disciple, but I have no choice but to part with her ah…

The hopes of the thousands of people of the charm fox clan all lie on my disciple ah…

Although I feel sorry for disciple but this is a sacrifice that I don’t have a choice in….

But in front of my disciple is an idiotic fellow blocking me…

Qiu Shuiyi suddenly thought of something and suddenly sighs and says: “Forget it, forget it. Since the matter has come to this point master also does not wish to say anymore. My foolish disciple, master will leave now but will wait for you at a monastery in the outskirts. If you change your mind then come and look for master.”

Qiu Shuiyi drops her spirit fox state and left in a sorry figure.


Lin Tong looks at her master’s back view and suddenly feel some heartache.

Liu Yi immediately comforts Lin Tong, “Immortal Fox sister, do not be upset, there is still me who will accompany you.”

“You do not understand, big idiot…”

Lin Tong rubs away her tears and says: “From young, I was an orphan…it is my master who brought me up. It can be said that my master is like my parent. She really loves me…really really loves me….and now I am upset because I abandoned my master in this manner…”

“Don’t be upset. In the future we just need to go back to your sect often then.”

Liu Yi gently pats Lin Tong’s shoulder. Currently Lin Tong is in the form of a human and the beauty that had fooled him in the public bus once again appears in front of him.


Lin Tong nods her head and leans into Liu Yi’s embrace.

What she needs now is comfort and the warm hug that Liu Yi is giving her.

“Let us go back.”

Liu Yi feels that they have stayed here for too long and with all of the disturbance here it will definitely attract the attention of other experts.

So it is best to leave immediately


This time Lin Tong is very obedient as she turns into a red glow and returns back to Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi steps onto his taiji sword and instantly flies towards the clouds.

“Foolish disciple ah…do not bear grudges with master ah.”

When they left a woman’s figure walks out of the forest.

Actually Qiu Shuiyi had not left, instead she uses illusion technique to lie to them while she hides in the forest.

She chased after Liu Yi and flies after him.

Qiu Shuiyi is like an old-timer hunter as she secretly follows behind Liu Yi. Not too far nor too near, making Liu Yi unable to sense her as she chases.

Very quickly they fly into the city and Qiu Shuiyi watches Liu Yi fly to a window of a tall building and enters.

“So you live here.”

Qiu Shuiyi nods her head as she twirls in the air and instantly turns into a pretty white cat and lands on Liu Yi’s balcony.

Qiu Shuiyi removes all of her aura to prevent Liu Yi from sensing her. She secretly lies on top of the balcony and is in no hurry as she waits for something.

Liu Yi returns home and is also somewhat tired.

Within today there is simply to many things that happened.

Chen Cai going berserk, the invitation from Dragon Group and finally the fight between him and Immortal Fox sister’s master.

He turns on the heater and take a bath before falling asleep.

Qiu Shuiyi waits till Liu Yi is in deep sleep before slowly standing up and stealthy enters Liu Yi’s room.

Liu Yi is in very deep sleep and with Qiu Shuiyi transforming into a white cat and hiding her aura, she manages to escape Liu Yi’s senses.

Qiu Shuiyi does not have any killing intent towards Liu Yi as what she wants to do is to bring away her disciple, that’s all.

The white cat gently creeps to the side of Liu Yi’s bed and walks to his back and stretches out with a cat claw and pokes his back.

“Do not blame me…this is your destiny…”

She uses an illusion technique which directly went into his spiritual world.

Liu Yi trembles slightly but did not wake up from his deep sleep.

While at this moment within Liu Yi’s spiritual world, Lin Tong who is also asleep enters a dream world.

Lin Tong realizes that she returned back to her Charm Fox village, although this village looks to be very backwards, in this little village there is more than thousands of family in it and everyone coexists with each other happily and are very warm towards each other.

“Lin Tong you have returned?”

An old granny with a stretched out tail walks over on crutches. She is already over a thousand years old but still look as benevolent as before.

“En, granny you are going on a stroll?”

Lin Tong immediately walks up to support her but was gently rejected by the granny.

“You still know to return?”


Chapter 302- [Entering dreams]

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