MKW Chapter 301

Chapter 301 [Real and illusion, illusion and real]


Everyone actually has a temper even if he is the most honest person; they are also the same.

Thus back then in Kyoto there is a man call Ma X who is a student who was bullied. In the end, he used a kitchen knife to stab his bully to death.

Because everyone has a reverse scale, and what is a reverse scale?

Below a dragon’s throat is a palm-sized large white scale in the shape of a crescent moon which is termed as the reverse scale. From a medical point of view underneath the reverse scale is the main vein of which blood flows from the heart of the dragon to the other parts of his body. Even the mildest dragon would start to rage the moment its reverse scale is touched.

Not only does a dragon have a reverse scale, but humans also have reverse scales. But this reverse scale is not a physical object. Rather it is something that exists in a human’s heart that must not be sullied!

In Liu Yi’s heart, the thing that must never be sullied is what? It is none other than his Immortal Fox Sister Lin Tong!

For Lin Tong, Liu Yi can risk his life and fight against hell!

For Lin Tong, Liu Yi can raise his blade against Kṣitigarbha!

For Lin Tong, what would Liu Yi not do for her!

So what if it is just a turning into a devil!

But Liu Yi does not seem to have completely turned into a devil and still retained his reasoning. After all, he has been taught by Ma Hua that old fellow for so long, more or less he still has some ability to resist.

Currently, both of Liu Yi’s eyes are emitting black gas and red light and causing Qiu Shuiyi’s heart to tremble.

Where did fellow pop out from! How on earth is it possible for my naughty and mischievous disciple bring up such an expert!

Qiu Shuiyi is shocked, but her hand’s movement did not slow down.

Her hands continue to form seals and in a blink of an eye Liu Yi’s right-hand trembles before being blasted away.

The Spirit Charm Blade turns into a two-meter-long crescent moon saber and revolves before slashing towards Liu Yi.

“Petty tricks!”

Liu Yi snorts coldly as his hands tremble and a scorpion tail lance appears in his hands.


The lance in his hand trembles as he thrust out a series of Total Annihilations at the crescent moon saber

The crescent moon saber is instantly sent flying away by the lance towards a little mountain by the side. As it flies into the little mountain, it chops off the top of the little mountain.

The power of the Spirit Charm Blade is very large, but to Liu Yi, it has no effect.

To Liu Yi who is wearing Monarch Armour, he is almost invincible in close combat!

Liu Yi is a martial cultivator who cultivates the sword as well; thus he is a close combat king among cultivators. The only weakness is perhaps his physical body being fragile.

But now with Monarch Armour to make up for this weakness, it allows Liu Yi to be peerless in close combat.

“You indeed have some moves.”

Qiu Shuiyi’s expression turns heavy, “But do not look down on us dao cultivators! Dao magic is mysterious, and today you shall witness it!”

After saying that she starts chanting as she form seals.

Instantly one red firefox after another appears and runs towards Liu Yi.

In a blink of an eye, the whole wildness is filled with these red firefoxes.

The lance in Liu Yi’s hands instantly starts to dance around as it attacks the firefoxes.

But when the firefoxes in front of Liu Yi were attacked by him, they were fine. These firefoxes directly passed through Liu Yi’s body before disappearing.

Strange? What is this situation?

A lot more firefoxes pass through Liu Yi’s body, and he starts to become even more bewildered

This is an illusion?

In Liu Yi’s mind suddenly appeared this thought, is this a formation?

He stops using the lance to protect himself and allows the firefoxes to pass through his body.

Indeed it is an illusion technique; there isn’t any form of harm.

Just as Liu Yi feels that he can see through the illusion technique his body suddenly trembles as a firefox exploded on his body as red flames spread out pushing his body backward.

Liu Yi stomps on the ground creating a deep hole as he stabilizes his body.

What is going on?

Is this not an illusion? Why is it able to harm me?

If not for Monarch Armour protecting me I would have been heavily injured!

Lin Tong by the side watches Liu Yi worried but does not know how to help. It looks like master is getting serious…

As the head of the Charm Fox clan, when Master becomes serious she is very scary…as an eight-star expert, she is almost at the door of earth grade.

But different from Liu Yi, master has countless hours of combat experience!

“You thought that you had seen through my illusion technique?”

Qiu Shuiyi laughs coldly, “Little fellow you are too green. Real and illusion, illusion and real. I am afraid that till your death you will still be unable to comprehend the mystery behind my illusion technique.”

She continues to control the firefox formation and attacks Liu Yi.

Calm down…I must calm down…

Liu Yi takes two deep breaths as he clenches his lance.

There will definitely be a method to victory… this illusion technique, how do I break it?

That’s right!

Liu Yi suddenly got a revelation as he immediately activates his black and white world

In the black and white world, everything loses color.

Only Qiu Shuiyi is surrounded by a red light that represents menace.

While among all of the firefoxes there are only a few that carry red light, these firefoxes with red light are the attacks from the formation!

Qiu Shuiyi is very crafty as she hides her magic within her illusion technique; thus there is the real and illusion, illusion and real!

Qiu Shuiyi is smiling as she thought that she is going to win!

Liu Yi twirls the lance in his hand before stabbing it into the ground ignoring the rushing firefoxes.

Qiu Shuiyi thought that Liu Yi had given up, with a cold laugh she instantly increases the power of the magic technique.

The number of hidden real firefoxes within the illusion technique increased!

They gather together as they rush towards Liu Yi and prepare to use a large technique on Liu Yi!

Liu Yi suddenly smiles, “Qiu Shuiyi you have indeed fallen for my trap!”

He fiercely slaps the ground.

“Army breaker!”

The earth starts to trembles as waves of ice spread out instantly freezing all of the surround firefoxes into realistic ice sculptures.

“This…this is a Glorious Sun Palm technique!”

Qiu Shuiyi is shocked as she glares at her disciple.

“You actually passed him such legacy techniques?”


Lin Tong pouts and does not dare to say anything.

“Heng! Sinful disciple! Sinful disciple ah!”

Qiu Shuiyi is so mad that she is almost jumping.

While at this time from in front of her comes the roar of Liu Yi.

“Qiu Shuiyi! Take my attack!”

A black figure has already reached the front of Qiu Shuiyi as Liu Yi started to brandish the scorpion lance in his hand and pierced towards her neck.

Qiu Shuiyi is not afraid as her hands form a magic seal as an enormous firefox appears behind her.

The firefox is 7-8 meters tall and is very enormous. It slaps towards Liu Yi with its claws.

While the fox claws directly pass through Liu Yi’s body as his body slowly disappeared.


Qiu Shuiyi is shocked. What is this situation?

Before Qiu Shuiyi can understand what is happening Liu Yi’s figure once again appear as he sweeps with his lance.

Qiu Shuiyi hurriedly controls the enormous firefox to breathe fire towards Liu Yi.

When Liu Yi’s body is being burned by the fire wave, it once again disappears.

Qiu Shuiyi is about to become crazy. What on earth is going on!

Liu Yi figure keeps appearing and want to attack Qiu Shuiyi.

But every time Qiu Shuiyi controls the enormous firefox to counter-attack she will only strike air and is unable to touch Liu Yi’s body.

“Qiu Shuiyi ah, real and illusion, illusion and real ah.”

Liu Yi is still standing on his originally spot like he had never moved before as he smiles faintly.

“This…this is illusion technique!”

Qiu Shuiyi is shocked, “Why do you know illusion techniques! Disciple, don’t tell me you also taught it to this fellow?! This is not possible! Even if it is you, you also would not be able to train this fellow to such skill with illusion techniques!”

“Yeah…it was not taught by this disciple…”

But Lin Tong knows the truth; this illusion technique is definitely created by the fantasy butterfly.

She is very clear of this point, but for some reason, she did not remind her master.

“Trying to play me with illusion technique! You are still too inexperienced!”

Qiu Shuiyi is very angry as she feels like she who has lived for such a long time is actually being toyed by a kid that has not grown up and it is very uncomfortable!

Before she could react Liu Yi’s figure once again appears and sweep out with the lance in his hand.


Qiu Shuiyi snorts and ignores the illusion, but the lance in Liu Yi’s hand has solidly landed on her abdomen.

Qiu Shuiyi immediately vomits out some bitter bile as she is sent flying by the lance. Like a cannonball, she slams into the mountain peak of a far away mountain and blasts out a large dust cloud.

“Ah! Master!”

Lin Tong got a shock as she hurriedly flies over to check on her master’s condition.

“Stinky fellow! You are seeking death!”

Qiu Shuiyi has climbed up from the mountain peak, and her body is covered with mud and looks very haggard.

The originally pretty and beautiful hair is very messy, and the previously charm has disappeared.

The currently Qiu Shuiyi is only left with anger.


The firefox behind her also roars as a red glow exploded from her body and the surrounding trees are instantly lit aflame.

“Oh gosh…master is mad now…”

Lin Tong is now two headed with worry, “Big idiot…you, you better quickly run away! The reason why my master is the head of Charm Fox clan is….when she is mad…she is very strong…”

“Immortal Fox sister, I am no longer the stupid fellow that you first met.”

Liu Yi smiles toward Lin Tong, “In my, Liu Yi’s, dictionary there is already no longer the word run. Furthermore for Immortal Fox sister even if it is climbing a mountain of blades is also okay.”

“You…you big idiot!”

“I am willing to be a big idiot for Immortal Fox sister!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he advances instead of retreating as he lifts his lance and steps onto his flying sword as he speeds towards Qiu Shuiyi.

Behind the enormous firefox appears two red tails.

The two tails move beside the fire fox’s mouth and start to condense energy.

Very quickly a large red fireball is swiftly condensed.

Liu Yi can feel the strength behind the fireball which is very strong and is enough to turn this area into ashes.

But for Immortal Fox sister, I must definitely not retreat!

“Since you want to fight then let’s fight!”

Liu Yi roars as his eyes turn golden.


Chapter 301- [Real and fake, fake and real]

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  1. Than ks for your work.

    Thus back then in Kyoto there is a man call Ma X who is a student who was bullied. In the end, he used a kitchen knife to stab his bully to death. <- may it be the same city where THAT university is located?


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