MKW Chapter 300

Chapter 300 [Turning into a devil]


{Big idiot…I seem to sense my master’s aura…}

Lin Tong’s voice has a slight tremble.


When Liu Yi hears this he instantly got a huge shock.

Immortal Fox sister’s master?

That person is definitely not a good person ah! If she is a good person then why would she teach Immortal Fox sister how to absorb a human’s vital essence.

Liu Yi takes a look at Chen Cai by his side and immediately says: “Chen Cai you go back first. I still have some matters and need to return home first.”

“Okay. Understood boss.”

Chen Cai has never suspected what Liu Yi says, thus he obediently walks back to school.

While Liu Yi turns around and glances as he has already noticed that Yuan Zhenyue is observing him.

Dragon Group actually sent this police lady to follow me? What a letdown.

Liu Yi smiles as he stands there not moving while he observes his surrounding.

Beside him is a street with lots of cars and people moving around. Because it is just time to get off work, there are a lot of people and the road is very congested.

Especially the bus station in front which is packed with people waiting.

Liu Yi immediately walks into the group of people and follows some of them onto a public bus that has just arrived.

“Poor boy unexpectedly squeezed into public transport.”

When Yuan Zhenyue sees this, she immediately chases after the slowly moving away public transport. She moves along the tall buildings roofs as she leaps continuously.

When Yuan Zhenyue and the public bus disappears together at the junction ahead, Liu Yi slowly walks out from within the group of people at the bus stop.

“Sorry ah Sister Yuan, I had to use Shadow Steps to throw you off.”

As he speaks he cautiously looks around his surroundings, after making sure that there is no other Dragon Group members’ aura he turns around and walks towards a corner without people.

Walking to the corner, Liu Yi swiftly changes clothing and changed into the appearance of Blood Emperor.

{Master’s aura is getting closer and closer…}

Lin Tong’s voice is slightly apprehensive, {Let us lure my master out of the city…let’s not have a conflict around here.}

{I know.}

Liu Yi nods his head as he swiftly steps on his flying sword and instantly flies up into the sky.

Imperial Sword technique’s flying speed is very fast, like it is as fast as lightning. Within the time to smoke a cigarette, Liu Yi has already flown to the outskirts of North Dragon city.

Liu Yi finds a mountain peak that does not have any people before landing on it.

“With this bit of cultivation do you really think that you will be able to escape?”

At this moment a voice comes from the sky.

Liu Yi immediately turns around and takes a look only to see a woman flying over glowing red as she steps on a petal.

{It is really master…} Lin Tong says and shrinks into Liu Yi’s embrace not daring to come out.

“Little fellow let’s see where you can run off to!”

The moment Liu Yi hears what the woman says, she is already in front of him.

When the woman revealed herself to Liu Yi, beauty ah it is a real beauty ah.

Furthermore, this beauty is different from other beautiful women, her body releases a seductive aura which is the effect of a charm fox’s innate skill.

Her figure is very good, sweet and graceful as well as charming. If it is in the ancient era she will definitely be a woman that can cause the downfall of a kingdom.


When the woman lands in front of Liu Yi she careful sized him up before exclaiming: “To think that I find you slightly pleasing to the eye…strange….”

Liu Yi immediately opens his goodwill eyes and sees a +5 above that woman’s head and instantly understands.

It must be the goodwill aura that is causing this mischief.

This aura more or less has helped him quite a bit because Liu Yi realizes that most of his enemies are women.

The woman sweeps around with her eyes and seems to have found the secret within Liu Yi’s body and instantly snorts coldly and berates: “Evil disciple! Why are you still not coming out obediently!”


Lin Tong knows that her master has seen through the hiding place of her real body so she can only obediently emerge from Liu Yi’s spiritual world and float in front of her master.

“Evil disciple! You actually lost your real body!”

The woman frowns, “Have you forgotten what your master had told you before doing down the mountain?”

“Di…disciple remembers…”

Lin Tong is overbearing and crafty in front of Liu Yi but in front of her master she shows a very obedient appearance like it is two completely different person.

“Heng! Evil disciple, you always make your master worry for you!”

She stretches out her hand, “Why are you still not returning obediently. Your master will bring you back to reconstruct your body.”

Since Liu Yi’s strength has broken through to 4 stars, the seal between him and Lin Tong has weakened to the point where it can no longer be weakened further.

As long as either of them wish it, the seal will be broken.

But the two of them seem to have a tacit understanding and neither of them mention about it.

“Master…disciple I….”

The woman snorts, “What nonsense are you going to say? Why aren’t you coming over now? Are you waiting for master to take action and forcibly bring you away? ”

“Wait a minute!”

Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and block as he raises his brows at the woman.

“Originally you are Immortal Fox sister’s master which means that you should be my grandmaster but you are being so arrogant, don’t you think that this is too much?”

But he did not imagine that the woman would glare harshly at him and says impolitely: “Who is your grandmaster? My sect has never recognized you as a disciple! Do not be so shameless!”

The moment Liu Yi hears it, his belly became filled with fire. What the heck! I give you face and you give me a slap?!

“I, Qiu Shuiyi during my many years of leading the Charming Fox clan have seen a lot of men. But such a thick-skinned man like you is indeed the first one!”

“Master…Liu Yi he…”

“Stop talking nonsense! Did master ask you to speak?”

Qiu Shuiyi glares at Lin Tong making her instantly trembles and not daring to make any sound.

“Qiu Shuiyi right? Don’t be too excessive.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “Today I am standing here. Let’s see who dares to forcibly bring away my Immortal Fox sister!”

“Heng heng with just you?”

Qiu Shuiyi laughs coldly, “My disciple learned Star Jade eyes from me, thus I can easily see through what your cultivation is. 4 stars right, just a 4-star beginner and you dare to challenge me? My good disciple ah looks like you have not taught this little fellow properly ah.”


Just as Lin Tong is about to say something she is interrupted by Qiu Shuiyi.

“Do not help this little fellow by saying good things! Today master is here to bring you back! With just you do you think you can block me?”

As she speaks she stretches out a hand and points at Lin Tong.

Instantly Lin Tong’s Spirit Charm Blade flies out and floats beside Qiu Shuiyi.

“I, Qiu Shuiyi am not worthy and only have the cultivation of 8 stars. I want to see how powerful this fellow is to dare to let out such large words!”

Her fingers turn as the Spirit Charm Blade instantly turns into a white glow as it circles in the sky.

“Master don’t!”

Lin Tong lets out a cry of shock.

“Relax. Master will not kill this fellow!”

Qiu Shuiyi laughs, “Master will only cut off his two arms to teach him a lesson as well as to let him know what kind of person he can touch and what kind of person he can never touch!”

The Spirit Charm Blade rushes towards Liu Yi slashing towards his arm.

In Qiu Shuiyi’s eyes, Liu Yi is already a person without arms.

Afterward, the man will definitely beg her to let him off, at least she will let him have his other arm.

All men in the world are such fickle people.

Just now from Lin Tong’s attitude she obviously has fallen in love with this human man and from what she can see the love is not shallow.

Qiu Shuiyi wants to give her disciple a lesson and let her know that there is not a single man in the world who is good.

In their heart what they love most is only themselves, for themselves, they can sacrifice their own women.

The Spirit Charm Blade is already close to Liu Yi and is about to chop off his arm.

At this moment Liu Yi only stretches out his right hand to block in front of him.

he is crazy! This man’s palm will definitely be chopped off!

No matter what, that arm of his will not be saved.


What shocked Qiu Shuiyi is that Liu Yi’s right arm is encased in black armor as his palm grabs ahold of the sharp Spirit Charm Blade.

While Liu Yi’s palm was not chopped off, the Spirit Charm Blade lets out a groaning sound like it is about to be snapped into half.

“Master…disciple…disciple is afraid that you’ll be bullied…”

Lin Tong finally gathers her courage and finishes her sentence.

If she had said this sentence earlier her master would definitely not believe it.

But now…she already does not know.

A 4-star beginner how is it possible for him to block my move!

Especial the Spirit Charm Blade which is a magic treasure that I had given her when she went down the mountain! This is my natal magic weapon ah and it has very formidable might!

“Like I have said as long as I am here no one is allowed to bring away my Immortal Fox sister!”

Liu Yi raises his head as black glow flashes from his eyes.

Devil qi revolves around his eyes, whoever who dares to take away Lin Tong will definitely be cutting off a part of Liu Yi’s flesh.

I will definitely not allow Lin Tong to leave me! I will definitely not! Definitely not!

“This is not something that you can decide little fellow! Perhaps you have some ability but I still have not used my full strength so do not force me to kill you!”

Qiu Shuiyi clenches her teeth and says faintly: “None of you men are anything good.”

“To be honest I do not like people like you, who take in a manner that everyone is dead to you.”

Liu Yi looks at Qiu Shuiyi and says coldly: “But seeing that you are Immortal Fox sister’s master I will not look into this matter. As long as you leave this area and do not try to take away my Immortal Fox sister then I will give you a path to live.”

When Lin Tong heard this sentence she got a shock.

Not good…Liu Yi seems to be under the influence of his devil qi again!

In this one year plus although Liu Yi improvement is very fast but his mental state is not firm. Especially now that his devil qi has improved, Liu Yi has a high chance of turning into a devil.

In this one year plus of cultivation he has nearly turned into a devil a number of times. But luckily during those moments, Old Man Ma is around to save him.

But now…who is able to save him ah!


Chapter 300- [Turning into a devil]

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