MKW Chapter 30

Chapter 30  [Title below]


Little fox immediately gives Liu Yi a few options, letting him choose.

Every time Liu Yi plays an MMORPG, the part where he is at a loss is to choose a class.

Now in real life, he has such a difficult choice in front of him.

“Is, is it possible to dual cultivate…”

Liu Yi’s eyes suddenly brighten up and ask with hope.


Lin Tong nods her head.

“Real, really?”

Liu Yi becomes excited but Lin Tong toss a bucket of cold water over him.

{Possible your sister! The result of dual cultivation is dying!}

Lin Tong berates fiercely.

{Every single cultivator’s cultivation path is very tough and difficult. Being able to cultivate one path is already quite good and you want to dual cultivate? Did your grandfather not tell you that as a person you cannot be too greedy?!}

“This….he did say that before….”

Liu Yi lowers his head embarrassedly.

But I am very stressed ah.

These choices….which one does not sound good!

Damn it, so confusing….

Why must there be so many choices in the world!

So annoying!

Liu Yi suddenly sits up straight and clenches his fist before saying firmly, “I have decided!”

{Oh? Which direction have you decided to choose?}

“I’ve decided to throw a dice!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls open his drawer and takes out a dice.

{Your sister ah….}

Lin Tong feels completely speechless.

Such a lack of own view guy….

Why on earth is he, my current host!

Lin Tong has a feeling of crying but has no tears.

“One and two are martial cultivators. 3 and 4 is Dao cultivator. 5 and 6 is Spirit cultivator!”

{Your sister ah….}

Lin Tong starts mocking, {Do you have any future prospects?}

“Which cultivation path should I choose to cultivate, I choose to let the heavens help me!”

Liu Yi says grandiosity and tosses the dice onto the table.

As the dice spins, Liu Yi’s eyes are in a daze.

Liu Yi is guessing in his heart…

Just what are the results!

Gods…give me one that is powerful!

After spinning for a while, the dice finally starts slowing down.

A big 6 appears in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.

Could it be that I am going to be a spirit cultivator?

Summoning out little brothers to fight….

Seems like it is not bad eh!

Liu Yi starts to calm down in his heart.

But the little fox is very anxious.

Damn it, please don’t be spirit cultivator!

Spirit cultivation is very difficult and although I know a bit, it is just superficial.

If I am going to be his master and teach him…isn’t that just digging a hole for myself…

Later when he starts asking the question, but I don’t know how to reply to most of them….where will my prestige go ah…

Thus Lin Tong blows on the dice lightly.

The dice instantly tilts to the side and flips over and stop on 1.

“Martial cultivator!”

Liu Yi is shocked, “Could it be that I am destined to be a warrior!”

{Martial cultivator is okay ah, hehe….in later stages, martial cultivators are very powerful! Only the strength of your body is everything!}

Lin Tong secretly wipes away her cold sweat.

Luckily it is not spirit cultivators.

“Damn it, I still wish to try and be a dao cultivator!”

Liu Yi is very regretful, “Left hand toss out a fireball, right hand toss out an icicle….how cool would that be…”

{Dream on, of the 5 elements you can only cultivate a single type.}

Lin Tong rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, {If you wish to cultivate fire and water at the same time, only a genius born per thousand years is able to!}

After which Lin Tong comforts Liu Yi.

{Okay already. It is you who wants the gods to choose for you. So you cannot be angry with this result right! Come, let us start to choose which path of martial cultivation you will be cultivating. Do you wish to cultivate body cultivation or sword cultivation?}

“What the…this also needs to choose ah, this time around I can dual cultivate right?”

{It is best if you choose only a single type!}

Lin Tong feels that Liu Yi is too greedy!

{I recommend that you first start from body cultivation. Even if you wish to learn sword cultivation, I am also unable to obtain a sword for you.}

“Fine then….then let us start now….”

Liu Yi hurries and says, “Tomorrow afternoon I still need to go for the basketball match….don’t know if Lan He will find a group of people to beat me up…so vexing.”

{Relax. After entering body cultivation, you will know how to fight. At that time even a few trash like Kai Wen will also not be your opponent!}

“Then what if I meet that uncle?”

Recalling the uncle he met earlier, Liu Yi’s feels that his scalp is numb.

That person is too powerful….

It is clear that he is a professional! Could it be that he is the bodyguard from Lan He’s family?

I am lucky this time around and managed to use my amorous hand to deal with that uncle.

But who knows if the uncle will be wary of my right hand from now on…

Lin Tong says with some hesitation, {This eh….is slightly difficult…}

“Ah? Why? I had already opened my first star jade and properly entered the cultivator’s path! How is it not possible for me to defeat an ordinary person?”

{Ordinary people are also categorized in a few different grades okay!}

Lin Tong instantly shakes her head at Liu Yi’s ignorance, {An ordinary person’s body has large potential. After experiencing a few special training they will also be very powerful! It is just like the guy you met today, he definitely is a person who had gone through systematic special training! His strength is at least around the power of a cultivator who had opened 3 star jade! Unless you are able to open the 4th-star jade, you will not be able to defeat him!}

“What the….so perverted….then what is the point for me to cultivate…”

{Are you stupid?}

Lin Tong instantly glares at Liu Yi fiercely, {The road of cultivation is endless without limits! No matter how much that guy trains anymore, in his lifetime he will not be able to defeat a person who has opened 4 star jades and entered early mid-grade! In the future, if you cultivate long enough, your growth potential will be something that he can only admire do you understand!}

“That is a which year and month matter….what if I meet such a scary enemy right now….”

{You pig head!}

Lin Tong is angry at Liu Yi failing to live up to her expectation, {With this miss here, what are you afraid of! This miss is an expert who had opened my 4th star jade before! Furthermore, I have gathered a lot of cultivation laws. Let me go and see if there is any super powerful body cultivating technique that is able to allow you to defeat super strong opponents! This miss is going to enter the spiritual space to carefully take a look, perhaps without two hours, I will not be able to come out! Use these two hours you do your things and do not disturb this miss do you understand?}

“Oh, okay…understood…”

Liu Yi can only nod his head.

If she is really able to find a strong cultivation law then that will be very good.

What I currently need is the strong attacking techniques ah!

Otherwise, if I meet that uncle in black suit again, I will definitely be dead!

After saying finish Lin Tong turns into a stream of smoke and enters Liu Yi’s body.

As for the so-called spiritual world, it is almost the same as Liu Yi’s consciousness world.

After entering it, it is a deep level cultivation.

If people disturb, it will be harmful to the cultivation.

After Lin Tong did not react, Liu Yi does not know why but he sighs in relief.

After all, Lin Tong is also a girl ah….

A girl cohabiting in my body….more or less, there are a lot of matters that will be inconvenient!

Taking advantage that Lin Tong is not around, Liu Yi hurries and strip to his skin, removing the dirty clothes and put on his soft sleepwear.

So comfortable ah…

Later when I bath. I’ll just toss the dirty clothing into the washing machine to wash them…

Otherwise, if my mother notices it, she will start nagging at me.

As Liu Yi thinks, he takes his dirty clothing and walks toward the toilet.

At this moment Liu Yi’s handphone starts ringing.

It is Chen Cai who is calling me!

What is this fellow calling me at this time for?

Liu Yi picks up the phone call and Chen Cai’s wretched voice nearly penetrates his eardrums.

“Liu Yi! What are you doing! I have been shouting at you on QQ for a while already!”

Chen Cai sounds very anxious.

“What the…I am going to wash my clothing….”

“Wash your sister, hurry up online. I have some good things to pass to you!”

Done speaking, Chen Cai hangs up.

Liu Yi is speechless. He can only first stuff his dirty clothes into the washing machine and sits in front of his computer and turns it on.

Liu Yi’s computer is a very cheap, 19-inch screen, an old desktop computer.

After all, Liu Yi’s family is only an ordinary family. His mother works hard, naturally, there is no need to say about his father’s side.

Furthermore, his father’s company has not paid wages for over four months already and owed his father around ten thousand.

Thus the family recent expenses are rather tight.

Being able to buy this desktop is because Liu Yi’s mother wishes to let Liu Yi use it to learn English.

But as for whether did Liu Yi uses it to learn English, only Liu Yi himself knows.

Perhaps English and the likes he cannot make it. But Japanese, Liu Yi more or less is slightly proficient in it.

Yamete and the likes…

It flows off his tongue with ease.

At the very least right now Liu Yi dares to say that if he is given a video, without the subtitles he is able to understand what is being said….

This is the achievement of a loser!

On the QQ is Chen Cai’s message, ‘Liu Yi, Misaki Rola’s new torrent. No need to thank! Just introduce me to Wang Lele tomorrow, hahaha…’

After Liu Yi receives the torrent link, he replies ‘go and die’ before closing QQ.

What is a good friend….it is people who can be discarded easily after using them!

As for introducing him to Wang Lele….I myself am also not familiar with her okay!

The internet speed in Liu Yi’s house is rather quick. a 200+ MB video is downloaded very quickly.

Recalling that the little fox is currently not around, his heart starts to beat rapidly.

After all, this is also a new film…more or less I can take a look!

Just perfect, the little fox is not around, the timing is perfect!

Later when she comes out, I will not be able to watch anymore!

Then wouldn’t it be a waste of ten minutes of downloading!

Right, I am only taking a look only….without doing it the little fox should not notice it!

Liu Yi’s curiosity and perverted thoughts start urging him and thus he plays the video.

In the film, a mixed-blood beauty appears. After a simple storyline, she starts to take off her clothes.

Just as Liu Yi is about to see the mix-blood beauty takes off her undies, a pure and young voice asks beside him, “Brother Liu Yi….why did the big sister want to take off her clothing ah?”

Hearing this voice, Liu Yi’s heart nearly pops out into the computer screen.


Chapter 30  [Why must I take off my shirt ah]

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