MKW Chapter 299

Chapter 299[Dragon Group’s task]


“Hehe, the two of you joined just at the right time.”

Long San touches his eye before saying: “There is a task for the two of you.”

“Why do I have a feeling like you guys are grabbing able-bodied men at the very last moment?”

Liu Yi’s bad feeling is getting stronger.

“Do not say it like this ah, after all, we are all now Dragon Group people. Our priority is protecting our country right?”

Long San smiles faintly as he waves his hand and says: “Come, follow me to the meeting room to have a meeting.”

He turns around and walks outside.

“Looks like head really think highly of the two of you ah!”

The half stone man Chen Zhenggang touches his head before standing up and says: “This is the first time where I have seen him give newcomer task.”

“That’s right. The two of you need to work hard ah. Little brother do not let elder sister be disappointed ah!”

The nurse Ling Yunxi flutters her eyes at Chen Cai making him instantly elated.

“Liu Yi I believe you. You will definitely bring glory to our third team!”

Yuan Zhenyue brandishes her fist at Liu Yi and says: “If you screw up, I will come and find you daily for a fight!”


Do you really have to be so violent…

Furthermore, you are also unable to defeat me…

As for this point, Liu Yi is somewhat gratified.

The group of them follows Long San and walks into the meeting room to find that there is already a weak looking bespectacled man sitting inside the meeting room.

“He called Xiao Dao.”

Yuan Zhenyue points at the man who is tapping on a keyboard and say: “He does not have any abilities but he is a calculation genius and is tasked with our Dragon Group’s network management.

{Eh, eh..}

Liu Yi glances at Xiao Dao a few more times as Little Jade also let out a sound of shock.

{So it is him who blocked my invasion? Gods, this fellow is very powerful ah…}

That is of course. If my Dragon Group network can be so easily hacked by the island intelligence’ss then what is the point of our existence!

Of course such words he does not dare to say directly to Little Jade as he is afraid of angering the rich in emotion AI.

“How do you do?”

Chen Cai greets Xiao Dao but he only nods his head towards them before pushing his spectacles and continued to tap on his keyboard.

“He is very shy and is different from thick-skin people like the two of you.”

Yuan Zhenyue adds another sentence.

What the heck…how are the two of us thick-skin?

Liu Yi felt wrong, my skin is very thin okay!

“This time’s task is very important, regarding this task I have some information that I need to let you know first.” as Long San speaks he claps his hand.

“Xiao Dao pulls out the map.”


Xiao Dao nods his head and taps the keyboard a few times.

Instantly a few animal pictures appear on the screen of the meeting room.

Liu Yi takes a look. These animals are rather familiar…there are a total of 12 of them and if placed together…it should be the 12 zodiacs?

“This is the 12 zodiac plan that we have always been secretly developing.”

Long San points at the pictures and says: “Currently all of the countries in the world are secretly developing their own weapons. Our country is also the same. This 12 zodiac is a plan that we are always researching on. It is different from the island gene cultivation plan. Our 12 zodiac is based on a mysterious sect and using their special mysterious magic to breed out…but we do not know how but this information has been released out and a lot of people from other countries knows about it. They even secretly sent out their own spies.”

“This is my country’s territory how can other people dip their hand into our pie!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist and asks: “Your meaning is for us to eliminate them?”

“No no. We do not have evidence. Making these people die shadily on our territory it will not be good. Internationally it will create a large public pressure on our country. Furthermore, the most important point is we also do not know who is the spy from other country and who is a normal foreign exchange student. Thus the task I am giving the two of you is to get into Central University of Science and Technology and find out who are the spies.”

“Ha? We still need to get into Central University of Science and Technology?”

Chen Cai is stunned, “Just kill me…with my results…”

Central University of Science and Technology is a famous school. To get in a student usually need at least 650 marks or above!

With Chen Cai results… he will definitely not able to get in ah!

“Relax. Since we want you to get in, our group definitely let you guys not fail.”

Long San smiles faintly, “As long as you guys take part in the exams no matter what is your results we will send you guys to Central University of Science and Technology.”

“Wow!!! That is great! Leader, I love you to death!”

Chen Cai is very touched.

“So…why do we need to go to Central University of Science and Technology (CUST)?”

Liu Yi does not care about what Long San has said as his results can allow him to go wherever he likes.

But his first ambition is to go to Shanghai not Jingdu thus he is slightly resisting to go to Jingdu.

“Because our technology is actually a project that is started by one the professor in CUST but has currently joined our Dragon Group. Currently, this project is under him. Within the whole of China, only CUST has the laboratories that are able to research into these…”

“So unreliable…you guys should have built a secret laboratory ah!”

“Hai, back then we did not think that the news would be leaked.”

Long San shrugs his shoulders, “But currently the members of the second team are guarding there. They are guarding the underground laboratory in CUST 24/7. But a hundred secrets are difficult to defend against negligence thus the top want us to investigate thoroughly, especially about those spies…thus the task is actually very arduous for the two of you. I hope that you will not throw away our third group’s face.”

“How would it be. With me and my boss taking action we guarantee that we will settle those spies!”

At this moment Chen Cai is very happy. Originally he thought that relying on his results he will only be able to go to a normal college and study for three years. And now he has the opportunity to study in a famous school, why wouldn’t he be excited?

“I still have a question that I want to ask.”

Liu Yi suddenly raises his hand.

“What question do you have.”

Long San’s gaze lands on Liu Yi. He is rather suspicious of Liu Yi.

He has checked this person’s background and is from a completely normal family.

His father is a purchasing agent in a small company, his mother’s family matter…is somewhat special but is also not too special, at least it does not have any relation with how Liu Yi obtained such powerful strength.

This fellow…where on earth did he obtain his strength?

That Chen Cai’s situation we have already understood it through the security camera earlier. Although it is somewhat unique it is not understandable.

This current task is not only to find all of the spies, at the same time it is to secretly observe the two of them.

“If I find any spy can I kill them if I have no other alternative?”

As Liu Yi speaks he smiles nefariously.

Yuan Zhenyue by the side frowns slightly and says: “If you can don’t take action, then it is best to not take action!”

She feels like Liu Yi is becoming more and more unfamiliar. In the past, Liu Yi is rather silly and frank as well as somewhat stupid.

But now she is completely unable to see the past Liu Yi, instead, currently, he is shrouded with an evil aura.

Although this Liu Yi is more charismatic Yuan Zhenyue still thinks that the past silly fellow is much more adorable.

“Sister Yuan I cannot guarantee that.”

Liu Yi gently raps the table as he speaks: “If I recognize those fellows, I believe that they will also not be polite to me right?”

“Enough. If there is really no other choice you can take action.”

Long San agrees with Liu Yi’s point of view, “But you must be careful. Those spies from other countries are all elites and their skills will not be weak.”

“Relax without a diamond drill I will not monopolize the porcelain.”

Liu Yi rotates his joints, “As for those who offend our Chinese people I will not be polite to them.”

Long San warns: “En…but remember not to beat the grass to scare the snake.”

“Understood. Now can we return back to school?”

Liu Yi takes a look at the time, “We need to report back before they release the class otherwise the teachers will blow their top.”

“Okay, Gang Zi you send them back.”

“No need. The two of us will walk back after all it is not far away.”

Dragon Group general headquarters is indeed not far away from their school. As Liu Yi speaks he pulls Chen Cai up as he stands.

“That…Sister Nurse, I will come by often to play with you!”

Chen Cai says good-bye reluctantly to Ling Yunxi causing her to laugh.

Hai, what a promising fellow ah…

Only after Liu Yi have pulled Chen Cai out of the room did he bear to turn around.

“Boss, why don’t we stay a while more? There also wouldn’t be a problem if we do not go and report.”

“You ah looking at women until you go crazy ah?”

Liu Yi glares at Chen Cai, “We are now nothing but two new people who have just joined Dragon Group. You think they will really be so assured and give us a task to do?”

“Eh? Boss’s meaning is?”

“Long San will definitely send people to secretly observe us. These few days you better be honest and do not go to those dirty places.”

Chen Cai immediately says with a grievance: “Wuwu, boss I have never ever been to places like pubs ah…today it is you who brought me for my first time ah.”

“Your sister! Can’t you have some morality when you are speaking?!”

Liu Yi immediately gave Chen Cai a punch, “What I mean is on the net do not do anything suspicious. The Dragon Group people will definitely record down all of our actions. If our actions are bad, there will definitely be some results. Including us skipping class do you understand?”

Chen Cai is somewhat whithered: “Understood boss…”

Liu Yi actually has his own plans as he also wishes to see what Dragon Group is trying to do.

Being new people, they actually tell us about such an important information like the 12 zodiac…looks like if mine and Chen Cai’s actions are bad perhaps they might just kill the two of us…eh even if they do not kill us they will also remove our memories.

{Big idiot…}

Just as Liu Yi plans to return back to school he suddenly hears Lin Tong’s trembling voice.

{What’s the matter Immortal Fox sister?}

{I…I seem to sense my master’s aura…}


Chapter 299- [Dragon Group’s task]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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