MKW Chapter 298

Chapter 298[Do you know who am I?]


“Boss thank you…”

At the Dragon Group headquarters, Chen Cai looks at Liu Yi in guilt and says: “If not for me you would also not Dragon Group.”

“Enough, it is okay. Don’t take it to heart.”

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai’s shoulder: “Didn’t I join because I hear that they will pay us quite a sum of money monthly? Hehehe…”

Long San promised that as Dragon Group members are considered as government employees, the danger pay is very high.

[TL: anyone knows of better term to use instead of complete?]

[KG: very high?]

Liu Yi has never touched most of Red Scarf Army income as he is leaving it aside for Red Scarf Army to use for development. The private stash that he has is just a small corner of Red Scarf Army’s income as well as the rewards from Hunter’s organization tasks.

As long as it can earn money as well as not being an outrageous act he will do it.

“But still…thank you, boss…”

Chen Cai still thinks that Liu Yi is saying polite things and says in gratitude: “In the future my life is yours, boss, if you want me to go north I will definitely not go south. If you want to me to beat dogs, I will not go and steal chickens.”

“What the heck…don’t say it so nauseatingly. But I want to ask you where did you get your abilities?”

Liu Yi is rather curious about the matter of Chen Cai’s abilities.


Chen Cai suddenly start to snickers and his smiles is somewhat wretched.

“What the heck…what is with your answer! Hurry and say it!”

“That…boss…actually what happened on that day is…”

Chen Cai coughs and glances around to make sure that there is no one around before explaining in a whisper.

“That day ah…I was playing with friends when suddenly one of the brother’s videos exited me. Just as I am about to get mad he says he has something good to show me… afterward, I opened the web and realized that it is a group of erotic girl dancesr…tsk tsk that small figure and little butt shaking… at that moment my mouth became dry…so I stretched out my hands to grab water….but I accidentally knock over the cup and the computer short-circuited, electrocuting me nearly to death…after I woke up I become like this.”

Chen Cai words nearly cause Liu Yi to spurt blood.

“What the heck are you sure you did knock over the water while trying to reach for tissues?”

Liu Yi looks at Chen Cai with disdain.

“Boss I swear that I definitely did not do it. I was really only trying to drink water!”

Chen Cai immediately says: “Furthermore boss the most important question is…I actually am best at is not summoning LOL champions…but is…”

“What is it?”

“It is Plant vs Zombie…”

“What the heck…”

Liu Yi nearly vomited blood.

Chen Cai gave two dry coughs before saying: “That game is something that my younger sister plays…I snatched it over and played for fun, thus I am much better in that game…”

Liu Yi rubs his forehead and says: “I feel that this matter is too strange…let me digest it for a while…”

“No problem boss, you can digest it slowly after all we have a lot of time.”

Chen Cai’s smile can be said to be very wretched.

At this moment they are waiting outside of the room when the nurse’s sweet yell comes out from the room.

“Two handsome guys, come in for your test.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says: “Let’s go.”

Chen Cai pouts and says: “So depressed…it is obvious they who invited us to join Dragon Group and there is still a need to test.”

“No problem, as long as you are used to it.”

Back then when I entered Hunter’s Organisation I also had to go through an exam. This should also be a type of routine.

“Two handsome brothers this test is actually very simple. The two of you will definitely be able to pass it.”

The nurse seems to be worried that the two of them will think too much thus she comforts them and say: “This is only a formality, even if it is our head he cannot directly give you guys the green light. This type of matter…its like a test for the members. Even if it is the bureau chief’s daughter who wishes to join us she also has to rely on her own abilities! Those that rely on their father are those who do not have any use!”

“Okay, then I admit that what you say is reasonable. Seeing that it is from a pretty girl then I shall not bother to bicker over it.”

Chen Cai smiles as he nods his head: “What is the test?”

Liu Yi sends all kind of disdaining gazes at the Chen Cai. This fellow has really thrown away his moral principles! Haiz how lamentable ah, nowadays people who are knowledgeable like me is really too little!

“It’s very simple, handsome brothers follow along with this sister.”

The nurse smiles charmingly and says: “Ah that’s right! This sister’s name is Ling Yunxi! That silly wooden block that can turn into stone is called Chen Zhenggang. Our team leader is called Long San, en, there are a few other members afterward I will slowly introduce them to you.”

“Hehe…the rest of them don’t matter, can I ask to call you sister nurse hehehe…”

Chen Cai smiles at Ling Yunxi vulgarly making Liu Yi cover his face.

“It is okay ah little brother…”

Ling Yunxi smiles.

Chen Cai pets his chest and says: “I am not a little brother! On the November 1, I’ll be going to college!”

“Hehe, that’s right. Little brother is growing up. Come let elder sister pet you!”

As Ling Yunxi speak she stretches out her hand and pet the top of Chen Cai’s head.

“Little brother is very obedient…”

Liu Yi nearly vomited out blood, these two living treasures ah…

It is completely like a Tv show!

The three of them walks through the corridor and come to a spacious hall.

Long San is sitting by the side of the hall and beside him are a few people who look like examiners.

These few people have the face of an examiner ah! Old men and old ladies look at Liu Yi and Chen Cai gravely.

“Little Three ah, this   the two new people who you are strongly recommending?”

An old man sneers and says: “They look to be very young ah and don’t seem remarkable.”

Liu Yi starts smiling at that.

Long San is actually called Little Three, hahaha…this is way too funny!

Long San’s face twitches slightly before coughing slightly and says: “These two new people are very powerful. I, Long San have never randomly recommended people.”

“Then demonstrate something for us to see.”

The old man purses his lips and says: “Come, perform something.”

“I apologize.”

Liu Yi does not like that old man who talks like a person in charge, who does he think he is ah!

I am still not your underling okay!

This is really annoying…

Liu Yi crosses his arms and says impolitely: “My ability is not used to perform but to kill people.”

Your mother still what perform something. Do you think that I am a monkey performing tricks or do you think I am taking part in a performance for elderlies?

Long San’s face turns rigid as he did not expect that Liu Yi would be talking so directly.

“Bastard! Do you know who I am?”

“Whoever you like to be, then you be that person, what does it matter to me?!”

Liu Yi sneers, this fellow is really thinking that he is someone important.

“Insolent! Long San! This is the new person that you have found? He actually dares to be so impolite to me! I want you to immediately arrest him!”

“Old foggy do you believe that before he can arrest me, I would have killed you easily.”

Liu Yi suddenly appears beside the old man unknowingly by the rest as he sits beside him in an empty space.

The old man becomes so badly frightened that he nearly fell off his chair.

“You, you, you…”

“Let me tell you, me joining Dragon Group is because Long San invited me! I am not here to play for you to see but to protect the country. If you still insist on wanting me to perform then I can only perform how to kill you.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and gently taps on that old man’s temple.


The old man, in the end, was badly frighten till he fell off the chair.

“You you you…”

“I I I, what about me, do you want me to perform a bit?”

Liu Yi smiles merrily.

At this moment Yuan Zhenyue just walk in to see the current scene and immediately says: “Liu Yi….stop messing around.”

This fellow is really starting to be undisciplined and out of control! He even dares to bully those investigators!

“Sister Yuan it is him who wanted me to perform ah…I already say that I do not want to perform. This cannot blame me ah!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and gives off an innocent appearance.

The group of people nearly vomited, does this fellow really do not know shame?

“Enough enough. We have seen that your ability is indeed very outstanding…”

The rest of the investgators immediately pass Liu Yi, none of them daring to say anything else.

In Dragon Group this place, most of the agents have extreme personalities. To be exact this place is no different from a criminal organization! Everyone in this area is very strong! The only thing that is constraining them is their love for country.

“I hope that you are able to use your ability on protecting the country!”

A female examiner speaks up: “The other fellow…you …do you want to show us your abilities?”


Chen Cai nods his head and directly stretched out his hand and summoned out a pair of red cherries on the ground.

“Such a small pair of cherries what is the use ah!”

The examiner who was badly frightened earlier starts to act awesome again as he narrows his eyes and say: “What we want is an agent, not a farmer!”

“Don’t look down on my pair of cherries! It is very powerful!”

Chen Cai immediately emphasizes.

“I want to see how powerful can cherries be!”

As the old man speaks he walks towards the pair of cherries.

“Ah! Don’t go there! It is dangerous!”

“Why don’t I see any danger, I…..”

Before the old man speaks finish the cherries suddenly violently expand and instantly turn into one-meter large cherry before exploding!

It is completely like a hand grenade. Luckily the room is very large and the old man is standing rather far away!

Otherwise, that old man’s body would have been sent flying by the force from the explosion.

The old man collapses onto the ground and fainted, unknown if dead or alive.

“This…I had warned him before…”

Chen Cai hurriedly explains but seeing the smiles on his mouth it looks more like it is done on purpose.

Liu Yi secretly gives his brother a thumbs up while Chen Cai winks at him.

“Quickly send him away for treatment…”

Long San waves his hand before saying happily, “Although there is a small accident during the process of the test I am satisfied with your abilities! During the battle earlier I already know somewhat and now I understand more. Congratulations on joining Dragon Group third team. I am your team leader Long San, in the future, you guys can call me leader.”

Liu Yi asks: “Dragon Group’s third team…that means that there are still other teams?”

“To be exact there are three teams.”

Long San smiles, “We divide the three-teams based on strength…we can also say that our team is the weakest thus our tasks are the simplest…”

“What the heck…so we actually joined the weakest team!”

Chen Cai cries without tears.

“Hehe…thus I say, the two of you need to quickly increase your strength. As your strength increases, I can suppress those two fellows easier…”

Long San smiles merrily and Liu Yi suddenly feels like he had boarded a pirate ship!


Chapter 298- [Do you know who am I?]

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  1. Long San promised that as Dragon Group members are considered as government employees, the danger pay is very high.

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  2. Omg this Chen Cai is so annoying, he better go away in the next 15 chapters or else it’s time for a massive chapter skip!


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