MKW Chapter 297

Chapter 297 [Want to join?]


“Here I come!”

Yuan Zhenyue’s shout makes Liu Yi slightly sinister.

Of all things to shout why do you shout ‘Here I come’…

Can’t you shout your move instead?

Liu Yi is having evil thoughts in his heart while Yuan Zhenyue who does not know of Liu Yi’s bad ideas has already run in front of him.

A girl wearing golden red dragon armor and a man wearing black scorpion armor crash against each other.

“Move aside for me!”

Yuan Zhenyue punches at Liu Yi’s cheek, perhaps she is mad about Liu Yi’s stubbornness.

While Liu Yi uses a hand to grab hold of her fist.

A qi wave erupts causing Yuan Zhenyue’s hair to be blown up.

Liu Yi did not move, instead, he smiles and say: “Sister Yuan, your strength is not very large ah!”

“How is this possible!”

Yuan Zhenyue herself is shocked, although she has not entered her second awakening her current strength is already approaching 4 stars!

How is it possible that a 4-star expert is not able to defeat Liu Yi!

This is not science!

Yuan Zhenyue is stunned but Liu Yi is calm.

A year of devilish training…within this year as long as it is not studying time Liu Yi is basically staying over with Ma Hua.

To train out an overpowering disciple, that old foggy put in a lot of expenditures ah…

All kind of training methods were fully used on Liu Yi’s body!

Liu Yi nearly trained to death! But the results are Liu Yi’s currently cultivation is at the peak of 4 stars.

As long as he has an opportunity he will be able to immediately break through to 5 stars stage!

Furthermore, the gravity on Liu Yi currently is 100 times. This 100 times gravity to the current Liu Yi is like nonexisting, if he removes it…his strength will skyrocket.

The only thing that makes Liu Yi sad is that the current technology is only able to go up to 100 times gravity, anything higher is impossible.

If it is possible, Liu Yi really wishes to try out 1000 times or 10000 times effect.

But it is a pity that this kind of external training methods is already at the peak.

Currently, during the battle with Wang Zhenyue, Liu Yi is carrying 100 times gravity on him.

Liu Yi’s original body weight is around 78kg and under 100 times gravity, it is 7800kg!

This is around 5 tons worth of bodyweight ah, thus as he stands there Yuan Zhenyue has a feeling of facing a dense and heavy mountain.

“Fall down for me!”

Yuan Zhenyue immediately kicks at Liu Yi’s chest.

She only feels like she is kicking a metal door, while Liu Yi did not even move, she is a force to retreat around a meter from the counterforce as her leg trembles.

“You…why are you so hard ah…you make my leg so numb…”

Yuan Zhenyue’s unintentional words make Liu Yi start to have evil thoughts, even the nurse also cannot bear it and utters, “Yue Yue…if you keep talking like this, even I am unable to stand it…gods…”

“What the? What did I do?”

Yuan Zhenyue looks at her own team member in puzzlement.

“Forget it…nothing…you just continue…”

The nurse is also speechless, Yuan Zhenyue is really extremely pure.

“Damn it! I just do not believe it!”

Yuan Zhenyue looks at Liu Yi who is standing there as she takes a deep breath and starts to awaken her second stage.

A long dragon tail appears while the armor that Yuan Zhenyue is wearing becomes even stronger and more formidable.

Second stage awaken! Back then it is in this state she exploded out a final move and nearly beat Liu Yi until he nearly vomited blood.

Liu Yi remembers that under this state Yuan Zhenyue is able to blast out fireballs and is very awesome!

“Liu Yi if you do not move aside I shall use my full strength to thrash you!”

After Yuan Zhenyue enters the second stage she roars towards Liu Yi. At this moment her strength has already completely entered 4 stars and is close to 5 stars.

“Come then Sister Yuan, please do not be polite to me! Between the two of us who is following who ah!”

Liu Yi hooks his finger at Yuan Zhenyue.

“Stinky fellow you are looking for a thrashing!”

Yuan Zhenyue is very angry, this Liu Yi is really pig-headed!

How can he resist law enforcement!

She roars and rushes towards Liu Yi again.

At the same time, a fireball emerges from her mouth and hits towards his face.


Liu Yi is wearing Monarch armor and casually slaps away the fireball with his hand.

At the same time, Liu Yi avoids Yuan Zhenyue’s Black Tiger Heart Smash, afterward, he turns around and faces the back of Yuan Zhenyue’s neck and sends out a strike.


Yuan Zhenyue collapses onto the ground as her brain is in a mess and in front of her is pitch black.

“What the heck…what is this fellow’s strength!”

The half stone man cries out in shock, “Yuan Zhenyue does not seem to have any ability to retaliate in front of him! Even under the second stage, she can only passively accept a beating!”

“This…where did this fellow pop out from…why did I did not hear about him before…”

The nurse also covers her mouth in shock.

Long San’s single eye suddenly turn as he realise that his underling is not Liu Yi’s opponent. He decided not to use force anymore instead he slowly says: “Liu Yi. This must be your name!”

“What is it? Can’t defeat me and so you want to trick me?”

Liu Yi’s sentence make Long San slightly awkward,

“This…if you really want to fight, our Dragon Group still have even stronger people and they are willing to accompany you. But Liu Yi I have heard Yue Yue mention about you. You must be a third grade high school student right? And you are about to take college entrance exams soon right?”

What the hell, what does this old fox want to say?

“That’s right, it is indeed the case.”

“You all want to go college as well as have your beautiful youth. But now the two of you are already criminals and you still wish to go college? Basically your friend has killed a person and you are protecting him. A while later there will be an arrest order for the two of you which will be sent throughout the whole country. I would like to ask, do you wish to destroy your future life this way?”

Long San’s words make Liu Yi’s heart to somewhat sink.

It must be said that this kind round Long San words is very right.

[TL: I’m more surprised that the dark Liu Yi did not appear… based on what we have seen in the past the dark Liu Yi would have already acted and start killing everyone.]

With great difficulty Liu Yi had finally managed to be able to go to college, Liu Yi really does not wish to destroy his future life. That is the reason why he keeps using the identity of Blood Emperor to shield himself to ensure that his normal life will not receive interference.

While Chen Cai is also the same. He shouldn’t destroy his life for a woman.

“Then what is your meaning?”

Liu Yi feels that Long San definitely has more things to say.

“Actually my meaning is very simple. Enter my Dragon Group.”

Long San once again throws out this invitation. “The agents of Dragon Group are not ordinary people. Only people like you who possess special abilities are able to join our group to protect our country and guard our eastern dragon.”

Join Dragon Group?

What the heck why can’t this Long San have something more interesting?

Looks like he is really thirsty to the point where he is broken from thirst!

“Dragon Group’s agent’s possess some privileges and one of them includes immunity from killing people.”

Long San continues to lure Liu Yi, “If you do not wish that you and your friend to carry the crime of killing people, either you squat in prison or you wander around outside of china…just join our Dragon Group and be a glorious member of Dragon Group.”


Liu Yi is really considering.

To be honest his heart is somewhat rejecting Dragon Group because the people in the group are tyrannic, especially Long San who always likes to force people to do things!

If I really become his underling…then it will really be a pain in the ass.

“Liu Yi…you idiot hurry and consider for me!”

Yuan Zhenyue rubs her head as she climbs to her feet, “If you do not consider properly even if I risk my life I will be the first to arrest you!”

What the heck…Yuan Zhenyue this lass is really too bold already…

Liu Yi cannot hold back his roasting and ask: “Sister Yuan…with your character are you not afraid that you will not be able to get married?”

“Who needs you to care?!?!”

Yuan Zhenyue rolls her eyes are Liu Yi, “Furthermore since when did I wish to marry people? What is the point of marrying this thing?! I might as well be unfettered!”

What the heck…Liu Yi completely kneels down in amazement.

“How is it, do you want to join? Our Dragon Group is not an underground power but is the most mysterious group in China which is directly devoted to the Zhongnanhai.”

[TL: Zhongnanhai is the palace adjacent to the Forbidden City, the now central headquarters of the Communist Party and the States Council.]

Long San guides patiently, “You also would not be at disadvantage in joining this group. All you need to do is to do some tasks, protect our Chinese people’s livelihood and safety, that’s enough. If you also love the country you should know that in this country there are some things that the police or the government are unable to do on the surface. For example when some influence from other country sneaks into our country or some corrupted officials fleeing to foreign countries…these operations to behead the traitors or enemies will be up to us. How is it, this kind of group do you wish to join?”

Long San stretches out his right hand towards Liu Yi.

Eating the rice of the country?

At this moment Chen Cai has sat up and when he hears what Long San have said his blood is fired up as he says to Liu Yi: “Boss…it seems to be rather good, let us join…”

What the heck…why does it sound like there is a feeling of being taken up by bandits!

“Dragon Group welcomes you!”

The nurse suddenly speaks up: “If you join us, sister will help you nurse your body free of charge daily ah…”

The $@$%…this is beauty temptation ah…

“I…I wish to join…”

Chen Cai looks at the nurse as his eyes start to shine.

Your sister! You have just lost your first love ah…don’t you think that you have lost your integrity ah!

Liu Yi really wishes to ruthlessly roast Chen Cai.

“Join us and I will help you settle this matter cleanly.”

Long San also says: “This matter can be treated as a gas explosion. As for those people who are watching earlier, there will be specialists who will go and remove their memories. Do not look down on our Dragon Group ability. Furthermore this little girl’s memories…we can also help to clear remove them.”

Looking at the trembling Wang Chunjiao kneeling in the corner, Chen Cai’s gaze contains sorrow.

“In any case, I will join…”

Chen Cai takes a deep breath before deciding, standing up and pat away the ashes on his body he says: “Although my ability is nothing much I am willing to join Dragon Group. Also, I hope that you are able to do what you say and remove her memories…boss what is your decision?”

Ai…Chen Cai this fellow is being implicated by woman ah!

I also seem to be implicated as well.

Everyone’s gaze immediately lands on Liu Yi as he hesitates.


Chapter 297- [Want to join?]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Liu Yi’s original body weight is around 78kg and under 100 times gravity, it is 7800kg!
    This is around 5 tons worth of bodyweight ah, thus as he stands there Yuan Zhenyue has a feeling of facing a dense and heavy mountain.
    ^-He must not have been consuting with Little Jade. 7800 kg are 7.68 long (UK) tons, 8.6 short (US) tons, exactly 7.8 tonnes (metric tons), 7.17 tons longweight (old unit; shortweights equal long tons) and if chinese had their own tons, they would be 10 picul (dám or chinese hundredweight) in value, so 15.6 of that supposed unit…

    [TL: I’m more surprised that the dark Liu Yi did not appear… based on what we have seen in the past the dark Liu Yi would have already acted and start killing everyone.] <- I think I remember that when he got his pet scorpion Dark LY appeared for a moment to say that he was steadily fusing with old "good" LY, so…


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