MKW Chapter 296

Chapter 296 [Who can go over>]

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After instant killing Lan He and his bodyguards, Annie brings her bear and disappears into the sea of fire.

Only Chen Cai stands within the sea of fire with dull eyes.

His eye expression changes as he finally looks at Wang Chunjiao sitting by the side.


Looking at that girl, Chen Cai eye expression seems to have recovered some life.

“No…don’t come over! Devil…”

Chunjiao is badly frightened as she keeps retreating with her face full of horror and deadly paleness.

“Chunjiao…it is me ah…”

Seeing that Wang Chunjiao is so afraid of him, Chen Cai expression instantly starts to be in pain.

“I am just trying to save you ah…”

“Do not come over! You devil…”

Wang Chunjiao curls up as she keeps trembling.

She is very afraid, afraid that Chen Cai will kill her! Lan He and his bodyguard’s corpses are lying there pitifully.


Chen Cai feels like the world is crumbling down.

The distance between him and Wang Chunjiao is becoming further and further away.

The fire sea burns steadily as Chen Cai does not speak again. The surrounding people have all escaped as the atmosphere turns weird.

Liu Yi is still thinking, why is it that Chen Cai summoned out a champion of LOL?

This matter lets out a very thick strangeness!

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly feel that there is a strange movement in the surrounding air!

Following which some somewhat dark ray of lights surrounds this space.

Liu Yi instantly feels that the surrounding light has darkened, like playing a game the scene suddenly changes into an ink style.

{It is a barrier!}

Lin Tong reminds Liu Yi, {Be careful, there seems to be expert coming close!}

{I can also sense them…}

After a year of effort, Liu Yi has already refined 50% of the dragon pearl into dragon energy.

The current him is no different from a half dragon and his perception is very strong.

He realizes that there are a few experts moving closer, their speed is fast as well as familiar…

What the heck!  They are people from Dragon Group!

Liu Yi suddenly turns pale with fright but it is already too late as a few figures fall from the sky into the barrier!

He takes a careful look, indeed it is not strangers!

Half stone man, that nurse, Long San…

Most importantly a girl wearing dragon armour who is the most majestic, she looks around and got a shock when she sees Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi? Why are you here?”

“This…….I…I am just passing by….”

Liu Yi also does not know how to explain.

Long San’s single eye longly glances at Liu Yi before ignoring him.

“Wah the high school students nowadays are very wild ah…”

The nurse looks at Chen Cai who is standing within the sea of fire and says: “But his spiritual world seems to be in disorder…elder sister is unable to manage it!”

The half stone man shouts towards Chen Cai: “The person over there because you misuse your superpower and caused enormous damage you are under arrest!”

“Arresting me?”

Chen Cai blankly turns his head over and looks at the Dragon Group’s secret agent, “Hehe…arrest me…fine then…after all I no longer have any intention of living anymore why don’t you guys directly kill me…”

Chen Cai stretches out a hand and presses down.

Instantly ripples form in the air.

“Come out! Ashe!”

A seductive and elegant woman falls from the sky and lands on the ground.

Rows of ice appear on the ground like an ice carpet.

What the heck…

Liu Yi’s jaw drops. He even manages to call out the ice archer?!

Chen Cai is trying to pierce the heaven ah!

“Turn into ice…”

As Ashe speaks, she pulls her bow in the direction of the Dragon Group.

Following which a row of ice arrows is shot out flying towards the Dragon Group.

“Insignificant skills!”

The Dragon Group agents are not afraid, the half stone man directly rushes forward as his body turns into a large half stone body. His arm grew long and large stones like a stone door, blocking in front of the rest of the agents.

-dang, dang, dang!-

The ice arrows hit the stone arm.

“A fellow who just got his special abilities and dares to be so arrogant!”

The half stone man laughs as he stomps on the ground with his right leg.

The ground instantly starts to trembles as the half stone man stomps out a stone wave that rushes towards Chen Cai.

[TL: like Fissure from Earth Shaker from Dota2 or Impale from Nyx Assassin]

Ashe is the first to be sent flying by the stone wave and collapses onto the ground.

Following which is Chen Cai who collapses onto the ground and did not move.

The half stone man’s strength from Liu Yi’s point of view is 5 stars and is a lot stronger than Chen Cai.

Chen Cai’s strength…his original body is rather weak but his strength is summoning!

Currently what Chen Cai summoned are the cheapest 450 champions from LOL… I don’t know how strong he would be when he summons the most expensive 6300 champions!

[KG: The number refers to cost not number of summonable heroes]

Thinking about it, Liu Yi is looking forward to it.

“Hahaha be arrested obediently!”

The half stone man laughs as he walks towards Chen Cai.

Liu Yi knows that he cannot try to bear with it anymore.

“Stay your hand!”

He immediately runs over and blocks in front Chen Cai.

“If you wish to touch my friend you must crawl over my corpse!”

Liu Yi himself also cannot push aside responsibility for this matter, after all, if he did not allow Chen Cai to try to find his vigour he would not have lured out the people from Dragon Group.

Being his friend he is even unable to watch Chen Cai being taken away by Dragon Group!

Long San glances at Liu Yi and says: “Get lost, there is nothing for you to be concerned about!”

Yuan Zhenyue immediately advises:  “Liu Yi stop messing around! We will not do anything to Chen Cai! Quickly get lost and stop messing around!”

Liu Yi does not have any intention of moving, “I will not move aside.”


Chen Cai is lying on the ground as he stares at Liu Yi touched.

Liu Yi comforts Chen Cai, “Relax as long as I am here I will not let them touch you.”


“These two friends seem to be filled with bromance.”

The nurse licks her lips before laughing, “Elder sister likes yaoi most…”

“Stop messing around this is not the time to watch a show!”

Long San berated before saying to Liu Yi loudly: “Little friend, this is not a place where you can meddle with. You are only a normal person, this kind of special power crime case how are you going to meddle with?”

“Even if I am a normal person I will also not let you touch my friend.”

Liu Yi does not have any intention to move.

“Since that is the case then do not blame us for being impolite.”

Long San waves his hand, “Take him down.”

“Haha leave it to me team leader!”

As the half stone man speaks he walks over to Liu Yi in wide steps.

Liu Yi glanced at Long San as he laughs coldly in his heart, since when have you been polite!

At this moment the half stone man is already in front Liu Yi as he punches with a giant stone fist at Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi only grabs the air with his right hand and a beautiful black axe appears in his hand.

The axe blade is very sharp and the axe handle curved like a scorpion tail exquisite but awe-inspiring.

Monarch Axe!

This is the weapon that the Monarch Scorpian transforms into for Liu Yi to use and is extremely formidable.

Liu Yi swings the axe and directly blocks the half stone man’s stone fist.


The half stone man got a shock as he did not think that this high school student would be able to suddenly summon out such a huge axe.

“Open for me!”

Liu Yi shouts out as the axe suddenly disappear and turn into a black ray of light and envelop Liu Yi.

Instantly black armour appears on his body.

The black armour is very cool and shiny black, the metallic look is very realistic.

This is the Monarch armour that Yan Qiuhong transformed into! Incomparably hard!

After Liu Yi puts on the armour he immediately raises his leg and kicks the abdomen of the half stone man.

The half stone man was directly kicked flying away and collapsed onto the ground haggardly.

“He is actually able to send Gang Zhi flying?!”

The nurse stares in shock and blurts out: “This high school student has such large strength!”

“Liu Yi you…”

Yuan Zhenyue is also shocked as she stares at the black armoured Liu Yi in extreme shock!

That little fellow…he is actually not a normal person?

No wonder…back then he would go and save Murong Die on his own…

“I am here, who will go over?”

Liu Yi is wearing black armour and looks very cool.

A black long lance appears in his hand which is transform from Yan Qiuhong’s scorpion tail.

The half stone man climbs up to his feet and groans: “Good fellow, so you are also not a normal person!”

“Who says I am a normal person?”

Liu Yi raises his black lance and laughs, “If you have the ability to crawl over my corpse then you are able to bring my friend away!”

Towards the Dragon Group people, Liu Yi does not dare to use the rest of his abilities!

Afterall if they found out that he is Blood Emperor then it would be very bad!

At this moment Monarch Scorpion’s strength has become his protective shroud!

“Liu Yi…back down!”

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly walks forwards and says to Liu Yi: “This is not a place where you should intervene…you…do not force me to arrest you!”

“Sister Yuan. You have your principles I have my code of brotherhood.”

As Liu Yi speaks he glances at Chen Cai sprawling on the ground, “After all, I do not think that Chen Cai has done anything wrong with killing those people. This time around no matter what I will protect Chen Cai!”

Long San give an order, “Obstructing enforcement of laws. Yuan Zhenyue arrest him.”

Yuan Zhenyue is somewhat hesitating and her eyes expression shows some anxiety, “But…team leader…”

“Arrest him! This is an order!”

Long San repeats another time with an unquestionable tone.


Yuan Zhenyue looks at Liu Yi with an apologetic expression and says: “Liu Yi….i’m sorry, please let yourself be arrested.”

“It’s impossible for it to happen Sister Yuan!”

Liu Yi touches the lance in his hand before saying: “No matter who is it, you must ask the lance in my hand if you wish to touch my brother!”

Actually what Liu Yi really wish to say is ‘ask my lance’ but he is afraid that Yuan Zhenyue will go out of control and beat him up very badly!

“Good since the case then I shall come!”


Chapter 296- [Who can go over?]

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  1. F*ck, Liu Yi know some influents people at the Hunter Association, his “Big Sister” is one of the most influents people over there.

    If the Dragon Group really becomes too overbearing, he should just put Chen Cai under their protection and threaten the Dragon Group of retaliations from the Hunter Association if they keep creating mess like that…

    If only Liu Yi was a bit more willing to use his connections and aggressive in various ways.


  2. Did another author take over from chapter 294 on? Because it’s totally not in style with the previous story imo.
    Thanks for the chapter =)


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