MKW Chapter 295

Chapter 295 [Where is my little bear]

Before our story begins let’s have a short song

Big bear small bear,

Fat bear skinny bear,

Cute bear ugly bear,

There are all kinds of toy bear in this world.

But where did my little bear go?

-SkyFuji (^///^)


That rich man walks in and immediately noticed Wang Chunjiao who is being restrained and says: “Who is this idiot who has lived long enough! Daring to snatch my girl!”

“Young Master Lan it is them who forced me to come! Otherwise, they will smash my place, wu wu wu…”

Wang Chunjiao instantly pounced into the Young Master Lan’s embrace as she cries.

Chen Cai is so angry that he clenches his fist, he feels like his whole world is collapsing.

Why…is it true that without money there will not be true love?

“Young Master Lan, it’s been a long time. No wonder I did not see you in class, so you are cheerfully mingling around here.”

Liu Yi sits there as he sips the wine and smiles towards the Young Master Lan.

Originally Lan He is very arrogant but when he sees Liu Yi sitting on the sofa he almost collapsed from fright.

What the hell…why is it this fellow…

“Young Master Lan it is him! He is bullying me as well as this person! You must teach them a good lesson!”

Seeing Wang Chunjiao’s action, Chen Cai is almost in complete despair.

Lan He stands there awkwardly as he does not know what to do.

“Young Master Lan who is this person? Let me help you settle him!”

Saying this a fierce looking person walks in.

Liu Yi is not afraid as he calmly asks from the sofa: “Who is this brother?”

“What the heck! You have not heard my name?!”

The man points at himself, “I am the Boss of the Sky Wolf Gang! You dare to snatch the girl of Young Master Lan? I think that you are sick of living anymore! Today if I do not make you kneel down and call me grandpa I will change my surname to yours!”

Chen Cai is frightened but Liu Yi unhurriedly says while sitting still: “Brothers ah this is the territory of the Red Scarf Army! Don’t you need to consider about this first before acting?”

“What the heck! What is the Red Scarf Army?!”

Yang Yi starts scolding, “In the past, this is the territory of the Black Dragon gang and their relationship with us is rather good! The Black Dragon gang is the real big gang. What does Red Scarf Army count as!”

Yang Yi appears to be 70% not accepting and 80% fearless.

“Enough, since you say it this way that means you do not give the Red Scarf Army face.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Then there is also no need for me to give you face.”

He suddenly stands up and picks up a wine bottle on the table. With a pong he smashes it on top of that Sky Wolf gang leader’s head.

Before the Sky Wolf gang leader could react his brain is already split open as fresh blood flows out.

His body softens and collapses on the ground.

“Kill…killing people ah!!!”

That Wang Chunjiao is instantly stunned stupid as she screams.

“I, let us quickly leave…”

Lan He also fearful and alarmed as he turns around and escapes.

“Young Master Lan, Young Master Lan! Wait for me!”

Wang Chunjiao hurries and chased after Lan He and ran outside.

Liu Yi did not bother to look at the dying person on the floor as he wipes his hands on a towel and asks Chen Cai: “Chen Cai what do you plan to do?”

“Do you plan to chase after her or you do not wish to care anymore?”

“I…I want to chase after her and say everything clearly…”

Chen Cai clenches his fist and says firmly, “No matter what Wang Chunjiao is the first girl that I wished to live forever with…I wish to say out my deepest thoughts clearly to her…if she really does not like me then I shall give up.”


Liu Yi sigh. How is Chen Cai’s current conduct no different from mine towards Ma Yixuan…

Thus he can understand Chen Cai.

“Fine. Since you wish to chase after her then we shall chase after her.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls Chen Cai as he runs out of the private room.

There are a lot of people outside who are looking at them in horror as inside the private room is a person who is about to die!

“This person looked down on the Red Scarf Army. You guys know what to do.”

As Liu Yi walks out he instructed one of the little brothers.

“No need to worry Sir Liu. Leave this matter to us. Is there any other instruction Sir Liu?”

“Prepare a car. I want to chase after those people in front.”

Liu Yi is impolite after all this is his own gang.


The little brother immediately takes out a handphone and instructed over the phone before saying: “Sir Liu, the car is waiting for you outside the door! It is a black Toyota!”


Liu Yi leads Chen Cai outside, indeed there is a large SUV outside, the person who opens the door is a little brother that Liu Yi knows. It is the big brother who drives a tank!

“Sir Liu, board the car otherwise they would escape far away!”

This tank driver seems to know that Liu Yi wants to chase after Lan He as he beckons in the car.

Liu Yi boards the car with Chen Cai as he asks curiously: “How do you know that we are chasing after them?”

“Aiyah I just have to take a look to know. Those people are in a hurry and they board the car in a hastily. It is obvious that they are escaping for their lives.”

The tank driver laughs before saying: “But they will definitely not be able to escape from my palm. Come two sirs, sit tight.”

The little brother immediately floored the accelerator.

The Toyota SUV roars like a beast before shooting out.

The car license plate is from Red Scarf Army which is known to almost all of the traffic police thus even if the little brother drives very fiercely no one will pull them over.

“Quickly drive! Quickly drive ah!!!”

Lan He is sitting in the car and beside him is the trembling Wang Chunjiao.

“Young Master Lan….save me ah…”

Wang Chunjiao is very afraid, she only comes out to be a princess only to earn money, how would she dare to be caught up in such matters!

Lan He scolds: “Damn it, it is you who caused me trouble! In the past, I, with great difficulties tried to get rid of that fiend!”

“Wuwu, Young Master Lan…save me..”

“Save your head! Just now who is the one who gave you permission to board the car! Slut!”

Lan He slaps the girl on the face and the force behind the slap leaves a 5 fingered palm print on her face.

Wang Chunjiao is so frightened that she does not dare to cry.

“Young Master Lan…they…they are chasing up to us!”

The little brother who was tasked with driving says trembling.

“What the hell! What are you afraid of! Drive towards the city area!”

Lan He looks at the food market at the side and shouts: “Let’s see what do they dare to do inside there! Do they dare to kill people in broad daylight?!”

The car turns and drives into the crowded food market, as it drives in a straight line, the car knocks down a number of stalls.

The people within the food market are friengten into running in all directions, causing a massive mess in the whole food market.

Looking at the messy food market, the tank driver says awkwardly: “Sir Liu. We are unable to go in.”

“No problem, we can just walk in.”

Liu Yi looks at the black car that is no longer able to move as he opens the car door and leads Chen Cai down the car.

Lan He also seems to realize that within this area the car would not be able to move, thus he gets off the car and prepares to escape on foot.

Although Wang Chunjiao was slapped, but she still chases behind Lan He as he is her only hope.

“Slut! Stay further away from me!”

Because Wang Chunjiao is pulling Lan He’s arm causing him to be unable to escape quickly, she incurs Lan He’s rage who fiercely kicks Wang Chunjiao’s abdomen.

Wang Chunjiao was kicked to the ground and in pain.

“Lan He!”

From afar came Chen Cai’s roars of rage. He is standing on the other side of the food market when he sees his goddess being kicked to the ground and is enraged.

He rushes forward and directly leaps at Lan He.

While two of Lan He’s bodyguard instantly block Chen Cai and one of them trips him.

Liu Yi frowns but he did not step forward to help Chen Cai.

He feels that Chen Cai needs a bit of valor.

In school, Chen Cai borrows his fame to do bad deeds but actually, he is a good person but he is just lacking this bit of valor.

Liu Yi remembers what his grandpa have said, living in this world man needs this bit of valor!

If they do not have any valor what is the use of being a man? He’ll be nothing but a walking corpse!

“Damn it you also dare to act cool in front of me?!”

Lan He stomps on Chen Cai as he scolds, “Why don’t you pee and take a look at the reflection of your morality!”

As he speaks he grabs hold of Wang Chunjiao’s hair and pulls as he shouts: “This is the girl that you want?, You really love her right? Faggot, you have a very pretty dream ah eh just who do you think you are to date a girl! Even if I have played enough of her I also wouldn’t give her to you!”

As he scolds Lan He keeps shaking Wang Chunjiao’s long hair making her cry out in pain.

Chen Cai is angry, “You! You release her!”

Lan He scolds: “Let go your ass! You even dare to talk to me, Young Master Lan! Even if I pull her so what? What can you do to this young master?”

Liu Yi clenches his fist as he bears with his urge to take action.

The surrounding people are watching the show but none of them dare to step up to stop it.

“Lan He! You! Damn! Bastard!”

Chen Cai’s eyes suddenly turn red as he scolds.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly feels a spiritual qi bursting out from Chen Cai body.

Wow…Chen Cai actually has spiritual qi within his body?

Those heart sutras that I had given him shouldn’t be good enough to allow him to step onto the path of cultivation ah!

What is going on?!

“Come out! ANNIE!”

Chen Cai shouts out and the ground suddenly trembles as the air turns hot.

A heat wave suddenly erupts outwards and in the center of the heatwave appears the figure of a lolita.

The lolita has golden hair and blue eyes, wearing a red cloak and looks very cute.

She sucks on her finger as she blinks and stares at the stunned Lan He in front of her.

“Do you know where did my little bear go?”

She stretches out her hand and points at Lan He.

Instantly a large fireball falls from the sky and lands on Lan He.

The ground starts to tremble again as fiery flames spread out towards the surrounding.

The surrounding people got frightened and run away afraid that they’ll be harmed by the flames.

Liu Yi is able to see clearly that in the center of the flames is a large hole and within it stands a three-meter tall fierce bear doll.


The bear roars like it is showing its might.

Other than Wang Chunjiao who is still alive as she stares at the bear doll stupidly, Lan He and his two bodyguards already turned into ashes.

Liu Yi swallows his saliva, What the heck….LOL?



Chapter 295- [Where is my little bear?]

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