MKW Chapter 294

Chapter 294 [No money, no real love]


“Wang Chunjiao? Who is Wang Chunjiao ah?”

They did not expect that the waitress would shake her head and say: “There isn’t this person working here ah.”

“Ha….beauty you are joking right…”

Liu Yi laughs drying for a moment but the waitress’s serious expression finally makes Liu Yi start to feel apprehensive.

“That…are you a new person?”

“How is that possible. This coffee shop was opened by my father. I help out during the holidays.”

The waitress smiles, “You must have found the wrong place. Why don’t you try out our shop’s special coffee to calm down…”

What the…even till now this mami still does not forget to promote her house’s coffee!

“It’s okay. Thanks…”

Liu Yi immediately chases her away otherwise he might collapse.

“How…how could this be…did she lie to me?”

Chen Cai hands are trembling.

“Do not worry too much. Perhaps she only lied to you about her name or about her job.”

Liu Yi hurriedly comforts him.

Chen Cai takes out his phone with trembling hands as he takes a look at WeChat.

He opens the location checker and takes a look at his goddess’s location. She is somewhere within 200 meters of their current location.

“But…boss, she is indeed around here somewhere…”

Chen Cai’s mind is in chaos.

“Let me help you check then, do not worry too much.”

Liu Yi comforts Chen Cai as he takes out his own handphone and calls someone.

In front of Chen Cai, it is better if he does not use Little Jade’s direct calling functions.

While because of that Little Jade snorts a few times like she is jealous of the handphone.

“Dahai. Help me investigate about this girl called Wang Chunjiao. En, check around Nanko Street.”

“Okay, wait a moment boss!”

Chen Dahai immediately sends people to go and check. Within North Dragon city, Liu Yi can be said as a person who can cover the skies of the city.

This area has a number of Red Scarf Army territories, thus searching for people to Liu Yi is very easy.

Very quickly Chen Dahai calls back with news.

“Boss we have the details ….”

After listening to the report from Chen Dahia, he is instantly stunned.

“Boss what did you find out?”

Chen Cai knows that Liu Yi is currently much more powerful thus he might be able to investigate out something thus he quickly asks.

“This….you really wish to know?”

Liu Yi looks at Chen Cai not knowing how to break the news.

“Of course! Boss quickly tell me! Is Chunjiao working in other coffee shops?”

Chen Cai is so anxious that he pulls on Liu Yi’s sleeve.

“Fine then…but you must be mentally prepared.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stands up, “Come with me.”

“Oh, okay…”

Chen Cai does not know what Liu Yi is trying to mean and can only distractingly follow behind him.

The two of them walks out of the coffee shop, turn around the corner and walk in front of a bar.

The bar shop’s front is very large and looks to be made from gold.

“Boss don’t tell me that you are bringing me here to make me happy because you see that I am down? Wah boss you are way too admirable!”

Chen Cai looks the busy bar entrance as he swallows his saliva.

“Heng! You think too much.”

Liu Yi glances at Chen Cai, “We are still not old enough, thus we cannot casually come here to play. Don’t tell me that you want to be eaten up by these strange big sisters?”

“Eh? There are strange big sisters around here?”

Chen Cai licks his lips, “Boss then what are we waiting for! Let’s quickly go in and take a look around!”


Liu Yi can only give it to Chen Cai, I’m afraid that after he enters he will start to cry.

“Okay then, lets us go. You follow me.”

The inside of such bars, in the end, are slightly messy. If there is no one to bring you around it is better to not causally come and play around.

Based on what Liu Yi knows, inside has some mami’s lures to make you drunk before making you buy all kind of wines.

“Sir Liu!”

“This way please Sir Liu!”

When Liu Yi walks in, instantly a little brother by the side immediately greet him.

These people do not know Liu Yi’s identity in Red Scarf Army, as he fabricated a rumor that he is an honored guest of the Red Scarf Army.

With this kind of identity, it is easier to walk around in North Dragon city.

Seeing the little brothers greeting Liu Yi, Chen Cai is shocked before it turns into envy, jealousy, and hate.

This bar can also be considered a one of Red Scarf Army’s territory which is under Sister Tao.

Inside has a few princesses, although it looks like they are only around to accompany people to drink but if you spend enough money, they will naturally follow you out and find a place for “papapa”.

“Ai, Sir Liu how come you are free today to come to our place and play ah!”

When a Mami sees Liu Yi walking in she immediately greets with a smile, “You are the honored guest of Red Scarf Army ah! How about this since today is your first time here, your expenses today will be all on me!”

Behind the Mami is a resting area where a lot of beauties are wearing low cut shirts and miniskirts holding their handphone as they chat or play handphone games.

“You are too polite.”

Liu Yi faintly nods his head.

Chen Cai is completely stunned as his eyes are blurred from looking at the beauties.

A few of them flutter their eyes at Liu Yi before laughing merrily at Chen Cai’s silly look.

Liu Yi is indifferent, during this one year he did not mingle around for nothing and most of the time he mingled around with his master Ma Hua.

Ma Hua, after all, used to be a devil king, not only did he train Liu Yi’s strength he also trained his temperament even harder.

For this kind of small occasion, Liu Yi is no longer flustered and at wit’s end like in the past.

“Give me a room. I want to choose a person.”

“Very well sir Liu, this way please!”

The Mami immediately brings Liu Yi to a high-class private room. Chen Cai hurries after Liu Yi and walks in apprehensively but his eyes are still sneakily glancing at those mami’s collars and legs.

After they are gone the sitting mamis instantly starts to discuss them.

“Who is that person to make Sister Wang so affectionate?”

“Seems like he is an honored guest of the Red Scarf Army ah!”

“Wow…that is so damn cool…oh how I wish that I am able to drink with him…”

“You are thinking too much dirty things again !”

“Heng heng it is you who is a pervert…”

The group of mamis are falling over in laughter while Liu Yi and Chen Cai just entered the private room and sit down.

The Mami first pour Liu Yi a glass of wine before standing up and say: “Sir Liu let me bring the sisters in to let you pick!”

Liu Yi waves his hand and says: “No need. I am just choosing a person.”

“Oh? There is someone that Sir Liu has a fancy for?”

Mami asks curiously, “Which sister has such a blessing?”

Liu Yi bluntly says a name: “Let Jiao Jiao come over.”

“Aiyah so it is Jiao Jiao ah!”

The Mami is slightly troubled, “This…Sir Liu, I am sorry. Currently, Jiao Jiao is on the stage.”

“Heng Heng, do not make me say so much nonsense.”

Liu Yi laughs coldly, “Do you still wish to mingle around in North Dragon city?”

“This…since it is Sir Liu who had taken a fancy of Jiao Jiao then it is Jiao Jiao’s blessing. Sir Liu please wait a moment, wait a moment…”

That Mami immediately retreats out.

Chen Cai is still confused, “Boss just choosing a sister? How would it be enough for the two of us? Why don’t we find a few more to choose from? I have seen on the book that when we come to this kind of place to play, the princesses will be standing in a row and group after group. They will also tell you one by one which city do they come from! Hehe, I heard that Sister Xiang is not bad and wishes to take a look eh!”

Seeing Chen Cai’s simple-minded thoughts, Liu Yi sighs in his heart.

In a while, I am afraid you wouldn’t be able to smile anymore ah…

Very quickly the private room door is pushed open as a sister wearing a black short skirt revealing her long legs walk in.

“I have heard that there is a handsome guy looking for me…”

As the sister speaks, she moves to sit on Liu Yi’s embrace.

But the moment her gaze lands on Chen Cai, she froze.

Chen Cai is also stunned, the two of them stare at each other as the atmosphere stiffen.

“You…why did you come here….”

“You… why are you here…”

Chen Cai’s face turns white as his body starts trembling.

“I, I…”

The girl he is facing is none other than Wang Chunjiao in Chen Cai’s handphone.

“Chunjiao…didn’t you say…you are working in a coffee shop….”

Chen Cai feels like the heaven and earth are rotating.

“Alright then, I was only chatting with you because I am bored and you actually chased me here?”

That Wang Chunjiao suddenly sneers and say: “Still say that you want to be my boyfriend. Are you able to provide for me?”

She stretches out her hand and shows off her apple handphone, “Are you able to buy a handphone for me? Are you able to buy a car and house for me? Are you able to buy branded clothing for me or give me high-class purses?”

“But…but I seriously like you ah…”

Chen Cai immediately says: “I really like you ah Chunjiao…”

“What is the use of liking someone? Can it be sold?”

Wang Chunjiao scoffs.

“Soon I am going to college then I can do some part-time job to earn money for you to spend!”

Liu Yi who is sitting by the side looks at Chen Cai in shock.

Looks like this fellow is really serious this time.

He completely does not look like the usual him ah!

“Forget it! Part-time work? How much money can you earn from working part-time?”

Wang Chunjiao laughs coldly, “What I want,  you are unable to give me! You really think that I like you? Isn’t it because your honeyed mouth that made me happy? Since you already know what is my job then stop pestering me. Afterward, I’ll go and shake on WeChat to find a few more men. There are so many of poor fellows like you with honeyed mouths!”

She turns around and walks off.

“Chunjiao wait a minute!”

Chen Cai hurriedly stretches out his hand and stop her. Wang Chunjiao screams out twice and flings aside Chen Cai’s hand, “What are you doing! Do not touch me!”

“Chunjiao. I really like you can’t you just give me a chance?”

“F*** your like! Don’t come and look for me!”

While the two of them are quarreling from outside suddenly comes a few shouts.

“Bastard! Who called away my lady! Have you lived too long and wish to die?!”

“Young Master Lan! Save me Young Master Lan! They are molesting me!”

When Wang Chunjiao hears the voice outside she immediately smiles and started screaming.

Young Master Lan?

What a very familiar name…

Liu Yi arches his eyebrow.

At this moment the private room door is pushed open as a young man wearing a white shirt and black pants walk in with a few other burly men.


Chapter 294- [No money, no real love]

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