MKW Chapter 293

Chapter 293 [Chen Cai’s Goddess]


“Ah ah ah!”

After lessons, Chen Cai who is sitting in the first row suddenly lets out a wail of despair shocking everyone in class. A lot of people send looks of disdain at him as they walk out of the classroom.

[KG: Time skip]

[KG: Start of College Arc in my opinion]

[TL: maybe ^^]

A year has passed and unknowingly the college entrance examination in drawing near. Everyone is very depressed and needs to breathe in fresh air.

“Are you having a spasm?”

Liu Yi stands up, walks in front of him and pats his arm.

“Boss! I wish to die ah!”

Chen Cai spawls on the table as he cries: “There are so many questions that I simply am unable to finish all of them…I just feel like my brain is about to explode!”

“Earlier I had secretly taught you those heart sutras didn’t you practice them?”

Liu Yi has obtained some simple hearts sutra to teach to Chen Cai. These heart sutras would not make him into an expert but will allow him to live longer, improve his constitution and improve his memory.

“I cannot ah…my brain is like dumpling paste…these questions are simply wanting my life ah…”

Chen Cai looks at the stack of question papers.

He really wishes to die.

Liu Yi looks at him in pity, luckily I have the breathing technique as well as Little Jade so to me the exam is not a problem.

He is able to choose any of the colleges in China.

For the approaching college entrance exam even if it schools like Yi Zhong, the study atmosphere is still stifling and scary. Every student is like prisoners who are about to enter the execution grounds and none of them are smiling.

No matter if it is coming of exams or the coming of parting, both events make every student not feel well.

“But Boss…recently there is some matter that I need to tell you…”

Chen Cai suddenly raises his head and blinks at Liu Yi mysteriously.

“What matter? You are not planning to take the college entrance exams?”

“How is that possible! I still plan to go to the same city as Boss.”

Chen Cai is destined to hug Liu Yi’s thigh, “It is not related to studying…it is something that happened two days ago…it is these matter that makes my thoughts mess up and unable to study anything. Boss you must help me solve it ah…”

“Wait a minute!”

Liu Yi seems to have recalled something bad and immediately says: “There are some things that you must use your own hands to settle! Do not look for me!”

“@$#@$%@##!!! Boss what are you thinking of! It is related…ai forget it let’s talk about it later. Boss, I am depressed…how about we skip the afternoon lessons and go out for some fun…”

Murong Die who is sitting behind and listening to them, instantly cuts in when she hears the previous sentence, “Oh? Where is our Sir Liu going out for some fun?”

“Someone had disappeared during holidays, don’t you think it is time to pay back? How about bringing this miss out for some fun as well?”

“That’s right, that’s right! What Sister Die says is right!”

Wang Lele’s eyes also brighten up, “Brother Yi it’s been a long time since you last brought us out to play!”

Wang Yuzheng did not speak as she faintly tilts her head as she stares at Liu Yi making his heart agitated.

These three lasses are not easy to settle ah…

“My dear big misses…please give me this one chance to occupy Boss ah…”

Chen Cai cups his hand and implores, “Being Boss’s same-sex friend, since the beginning of last year we have not even gone to the internet cafe together! These few pretty ladies ah please ah do not keep occupying my Boss ah…can you give him some personal space?”

Murong Die instantly rolls her eyes, “Heng! Who is occupying him! heng! This miss is only bored and allows this fellow to bring this miss out for a walk that’s all! Other people who wish to have this opportunity also do not have it!”

“How about this, Little Die, Lele as well as Yuzheng. After the college entrance exam is over Ill bring you girls out to play for a whole day as a celebration.”

Liu Yi also feels that he has neglected Chen Cai for too long and is indeed inexcusable.

Furthermore seeing that Chen Cai’s frame of mind is quite bad, he needs to comfort him a bit.

Good friends for a lifetime what.

“Heng! Who wants to look for you to play!”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi, “Go out and play lah you…be careful that you are unable to get the grades you want for your college entrance exam!”

Murong Die is the big sister of the three girls since she has given word, the other two no longer make any sounds.

Liu Yi loosens his breath, just need to pacify that lass than itll be fine.

“Let’s go then Chen Cai. Today I’ll treat you. Let’s look for some casual place to play.”

Currently, Liu Yi can be considered as somewhat rich. After Zhuo Long had died all of the gang properties in North Dragon city became under Liu Yi’s banner. The Red Scarf Army has already become the biggest gang in North Dragon City, but different from the Black Dragon gang, Red Scarf Army is like an organization that maintains discipline in the underworld and does not harm the common people. This point gives Fu Zhongtian quite a few achievement as his career raises step by step under the secret assistance of Red Scarf Army.

These properties give Liu Yi an increased income, other than the accumulated funds prepared for establishing a security company, Liu Yi put aside some private funds for himself to be used for his college days.

The businesses in North Dragon city are basically saturated already, thus Liu Yi plans to establish a security company elsewhere. After all Red Scarf Army territory must not be limited to North Dragon city. Liu Yi is planning to study college so they can both go together.


Chen Cai looks at Liu Yi in shock, “You…are you having a fever?”

“What fever? My body is fine okay!”

“Then why aren’t you being miserly anymore…I remember that in the past you always planned on how to spend every single cent.”

“The heck! Then you treat me then!”

Chen Cai immediately smiles and says: “No ah, just now I did not say anything! Boss is the most brilliant and unparallel one!”

As the two of them walk out, Murong Die adds a sentence, “This miss wishes the two of you to live a long and happy life together!”

Liu Yi’s legs soften as he nearly collapses onto the ground. The heck! Are you for real? When is this lass so rotten?!

“Chen Cai where do you want to go and play?”

Chen Cai suddenly lowers his head and stammers, “That…boss…honestly recently I found a girl that I like on cyber dating…”

Liu Yi instantly got a shock, “Ha? What the heck are you for real? Really online dating? What year is this already, why are you still playing online dating?”

“Actually…actually it is a shake out from WeChat one…”

As Chen Cai speaks he takes out his handphone and opens a photo for Liu Yi to see.

Liu Yi takes a look. This lass looks quite good but the makeup on her face is rather thick…she looks like a 7 point black fungus ah!

[TL: 7 point is out of a score of 10. As for black fungus… well too much ***will turn a woman body part black.]

“This is your goddess?”


Chen Cai rubs his head in embarrassment and says laughing: “Hehe, she is also within our North Dragon city and we have a good time chatting.”

“How old is this girl ah? She looks rather young. Which school is she from?”

Liu Yi’s gossipy soul starts to wake up. Chen Cai finding a loved one is a big matter ah! Liu Yi really thought that this fellow is destined to be single forever!

Although he has chased before all kind of girls all of them ended in failure!

Has this fellow’s luck with ladies finally arrived? Are the gods dozing off?

“Hehe… 17 years old. She says that she is no longer studying and is working in a coffee shop.”

Chen Cai looks at the photo in the picture as he smiles foolishly.

Liu Yi is able to see a trace of love from his gaze.

Damn, it looks like this fellow is serious this time around!

En, it can also be considered that the girl is fortunate. Chen Cai other than 2 points, everything else is alright.

“You wish to go and look for her?”

“That’s right…she says that when she is working she will be busy so she does not like me to disturb her…thus, boss secretly go to the coffee shop and take a look at her how about it?”

Chen Cai stares at Liu Yi with longing.

Lin Tong lazily lies on Liu Yi’s shoulder and says, {Spring is coming ah!}

{Summer is here now ,okay…} replies Liu Yi before patting Chen Cai on the arm.

“Let’s go. Since you want to go then Ill accompany you. The girl you are talking about what is her name?”

“She is called Wang Chunjiao!”

The name that Chen Cai said shocked Liu Yi for a moment. Fine then…this name is slightly unsophisticated.

The two of them did not say anything else, after all, there isn’t anything to chat between two grown males. When they step out they directly flag a taxi and went to the coffee shop that the girl is working in.

Chen Cai pulls Liu Yi like a thief as he sneakily walks into the coffee shop.

This sneaky appearance to Liu Yi is like a male who has just fallen in love as he peeks at his goddess.

But this feeling seems to be rather warm, when will I meet my own goddess ah…

Within Liu Yi’s mind suddenly appears a figure. Luckily the figure is not Ma Yixuan…

It is a girl wearing a white nichang as she softly snickers at him with her eyes full of merry.

The first moment Liu Yi sees her, his heart beat rapidly increases.

Today’s pride, yesterday’s glory is incomparable to your single smile that lets a hundred flowers blossoming. Glancing back in time, filled the eyes with breathtaking beauty. The beauty is like a delicate flower causing heroic aura to change to fiery blood.

Not knowing why in Liu Yi’s mind would appear such an image.

This kind of thoughts occupies him until a waitress walks towards them and disrupts it.

“Two sirs, may I know what do you want to drink? I recommend you our shop’s special coffee, the taste is rather good and is currently selling at a special price!!”

“Since it is such a hot day then give us two iced coffees!”

Chen Cai does not care about what kind of coffee he drinks as he directly orders.


The waitress nods her head and walks out, while Chen Cai is still secretly glancing around trying to find his goddess’s figure.

“Ai…where is she ah…Boss, you don’t know that when you fall in love with a girl, your heart is always filled with her…not knowing when she will suddenly jump out in front of you. That feeling is really like scratching your heart ah…”

“Indeed ah indeed ah…”

Liu Yi once again thinks of Ai Ling and agrees unknowingly.

{Heng, heng you must be thinking of that MM again right!} says Lin Tong as she bites down on Liu Yi’s ear harshly waking him with pain as the scenery in front of him disappears.

The waitress walks over with two iced coffee.

Chen Cai stops the waitress and ask in a hurry, “Beauty can I ask you a question. Did Wang Chunjiao come to work today?”


Chapter 293- [Chen Cai’s Goddess]

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  1. Are you sure one whole year passed? What happened to Ma Yuanyuan? Was she killed or is the author just *!$”*F”% and forgot her?

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    “She is called Wang Chunjiao!”

    The name that Chen Cai said shocked Liu Yi for a moment. Fine then…this name is slightly unsophisticated.
    ^- a footnote, if you don’t mind?


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