MKW Chapter 291

Chapter 291 [Title below cause it is a spoiler]


Ao Susu knows that she is completely unable to block Liu Yi’s attack thus she closes her eyes in despair.

Just as the sword point is about to pierce Ao Susu’s head, Liu Yi suddenly trembles as his face turn pales and forcefully withdraws his attack.

The heavy sword rings as it stops in midair, the sword body is trembling as it lets out dragon roar like it is very unsatisfied.

It still has not tasted fresh blood! Wasting this devil qi for nothing!

Liu Yi’s forehead is full of sweat and his body is completely drenched like he is just pulled out from a vat of water.

Just now…what happened to me?

It completely looks like what has happened in my nightmare!

“This…this princess is still alive?”

Ao Susu seems to have died once as she takes a deep breath as she touches her body. Still here, still here…still alive…this is great…


As Liu Yi speaks he waves his hand and pierces the heavy sword into the ground.

He leans against the sword hilt as he takes a deep breath.

He apologized to Ao Susu.

Ao Susu does not know what to do, she is completely lost.

This fellow in front…is he good or is he bad ah…

The sky starts to let down white snowflakes which fall slowly. The aquatic clan standing by the riverbank are completely silent.

Lin Tong finally comes out as she glances at Yan Qiuhong who is at her last breath before saying, {That Monarch Scorpion is seriously injured by you…it looks like she is unable to live much longer.}

{It is my fault…}

Liu Yi complexion is heavy as his heart is in a mess.

How did I lose control earlier? In the future will this situation keep happening?!

Unless everything that happened in my dream will really happen? No! It must definitely not!


Liu Yi originally planned to ask Ao Susu if the Dragon Palace has medicines to save Yan Qiuhong.

But when he turns his head around to talk to her, she instantly got frightened and retreated a few steps.

Liu Yi face turns sad as his heart closes even tighter.

A Dragon hunter’s fame is too scary…I’m afraid that in future it will spread all over the place…

He shakes his head and walks pass Ao Susu to Yan Qiuhong.

Yan Qiuhong was badly slashed by Liu Yi’s devil sword a lot of times, her body’s internal organs are completely in a mess and it looks like she cannot live long.

She lies on the ground but she is smiling.

“Hehe…being, being able to die in the hands of such a strong opponent…it is also worth it…only…if I am sealed….and 500 years of my cultivation being absorbed away…I, I will not lose to you…”

Back then Yan Qiuhong is a big demon who overturned the world! But afterward she was sealed in the river and 500 years of cultivation was forcefully stripped away.

If not, the her back then will be able to kill him in an instant without a doubt!

“I will not let you die.”

Liu Yi crouches by Yan Qiuhong’s side and places his hand on Yan Qiuhong’s scorpion head.

Liu Yi feels like he is touching a metal, indeed a Monarch Scorpion’s outer shell is very hard.

He takes a deep breath as his heart sutras start to revolve.

Although he has just finished a large battle, the three heart sutras start to revolve at the same time restoring his strength very quickly.

Furthermore, he possesses compressed liquid qi, thus during a battle of attrition, it can last very long.

A black glow emerges from Liu Yi’s palm and forms a weird formation which engraves itself on Yan Qiuhong’s body.

“This..this is….”

Yan Qiuhong’s voice is slightly shock, “This is a spiritual beast contract!”

Without waiting for Yan Qiuhong to react, Liu Yi has already bitten his tongue and spits some blood which forms a blood pearl floating in the air.

“I wont…even if I die I do not wish to be a spiritual beast for other people…”

Yan Qiuhong says this without moving, she already does not have the strength to resist.

Liu Yi frowns and asks: “You have the courage to die, why do you not have the courage to live?”

“I’d rather stand and die than kneel and live!”

Yan Qiuhong, on the contrary, is very unyielding, “I am a Monarch Scorpion since I have been forced down to the mundane world, I have sworn that I will no longer be a slave!”

“If you really have so much backbone why don’t we have a gamble.”

Liu Yi smiles, as for such a headstrong girl like Yan Qiuhong, he does have some methods.

“Gamble on what?”

“Gamble on if you dare to be my spiritual beast!”

Liu Yi says: “Being my spiritual beast you naturally have the chance to continue cultivating furthermore you have already said yourself that you are a Monarch Scorpion. Why don’t you try breaking our contract then kill me! Kill me and you can regain your freedom!”


Yan Qiuhong did not think that Liu Yi would say such things and was shocked.

Liu Yi asks again: “So? Do you dare?”

Yan Qiuhong’s eye narrows as she says: “Why would I not dare! What is there that I, Yan Qiuhong do not dare! Come then come who is afraid of who!”

“Good! You have spirit, indeed you are a Monarch Scorpion!”

Liu Yi laughs and presses down his finger.

Instantly the blood pearl enters Yan Qiuhong’s heart.

Spiritual beast refinement start!

“Gods…finished, this time around we are really finished…”

Old dragon king wants to cry but has no tears as he trembles at the side, “Kill my third son, defeat my army…and now you actually save away the convict, Yan Qiuhong of the Imperial Court…little fellow, you…you have violated heaven’s law ah…”

“So what if I violate heaven’s law?”

Liu Yi sneers, “The heaven and earth are heartless, treating all living things like dogs! Heaven’s law is unjust so why should I follow it!”

Old dragon king says firmly: “You cannot disrespect ah, you must not disrespect ah!”

“Enough with this nonsense. I have already violated the law, so what!”

Liu Yi completely does not wish to pay attention to the inflexible old dragon king as he focuses on refining Yan Qiuhong.

During the refining process, he also sees the memories of Yan Qiuhong.

So this Yan Qiuhong was once a spiritual beast of a celestial being of the Heaven Court. But one day that celestial being perhaps being stifled for too long in such an asceticism place, he starts to crave for it and conspire to force himself on Yan Qiuhong. What is Yan Qiuhong character? Completely overbearing ah! Thus she would rather die than bow, in the end she killed that celestial being by accident!

Thus the Heaven court forced her down to the mundane world and sealed her in this River Song as well as using Primal Origin Lock to absorb away her cultivation. If she was sealed for another 500 years Yan Qiuhong would have completely lost all of her cultivation and turn into an ordinary little scorpion.

What Heaven Court did not think of is that after 500 years have passed there would be a mundane person called Liu Yi who is able to break this seal and release Yan Qiuhong.

But most of Yan Qiuhong cultivation has already been absorbed away. The original heaven grade spiritual beast currently does not even have the abilities of an earth grade.

One of the shackles is already broken by Liu Yi while the other one automatically loses its effectiveness during the refining process.

Without the two shackles, Yan Qiuhong’s cultivation is around 8-9 stars. After entering ten stars then she will really be in earth grade.

Of course to the current Liu Yi, she is already a superb spiritual beast! Especially with the extraordinary defensive ability of Yan Qiuhong’s body which is what Liu Yi is the weakest at!

Very quickly the refinement is over.

Yan Qiuhong enormous body has disappeared and turned into a small black scorpion which is around palm size. She crawls up Liu Yi’s hand to his arm then to his shoulder.

Liu Yi uses a finger and pokes her but she immediately pinches his finger with her pincer.

“Stop messing around! I, Yan Qiuhong’s dignity does not tolerate people taking liberties!”

“What the heck…you are still able to speak?!”

Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock as he stares at the Monarch scorpion which has raised its stinger on his shoulder, “Are spiritual beasts who have not been refined unable to talk?”

“You are the one who is unable to talk! I am not an ordinary spiritual beast! I am an immortal beast!”

Yan Qiuhong proudly corrects her own identity, “I am different from those low-grade spiritual beasts. I am a proper 9-grade immortal beast! But because I was sealed for so many years my current grade has dropped to 7th grade. But in the future, after I have cultivated for a while my grade will be able to rise back up again!”

What the heck… 9th-grade immortal beast…

Liu Yi has a feeling of him picking up a treasure…

“Little fellow you are a dragon hunter, a fiend of demons! Thus from those points, you are my enemy! Heng, do not lower your guard because one of these days I shall kill you and regain my freedom!”

Yan Qiuhong turns into a black light and returns to Liu Yi’s spiritual beast space.

Liu Yi swallows his saliva, this spiritual beast have quite a character…

Completely comparable to Little Cai

Little Cai is so obedient ah, it is still butterflies that are the gentlest…

While Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi’s shoulder as she looks at him with worry.

This big idiot still have not realised…he is just one Alaska dog short of the prophecy man that Li Biyue had mentioned back then….

Liu Yi turns around and raises the black heavy sword as he looks at Old Dragon King and says “Who still wishes to battle again?”

Old Dragon King trembles and immediately shakes his head.


Is there still a need to battle…

We are completely unable to fight back okay?! The whole Dragon Palace has risked everything and even Yan Qiuhong was snatched away…

If the top wants to blame me what am I going to do?

Cannot…I must be the first to go to Heaven court and accuse him to get rid of the responsibility.

After all, my third son has already died and such matters need to be accounted for.

“Since that’s the case then I shall not stay and play with you guys anymore.”

Liu Yi is able to faintly hear the sound of the police siren. Looks like the movements over here is too big and has attracted the police over.

Ao Susu suddenly asks “Evil person…you…will you still come again?”

Her pair of eyes are watery as she looks at Liu Yi.

That eye expression contains something unknown…but Liu Yi is able to see a trace of horror at him.


Liu Yi can only sigh in his heart and say: “I’m sorry little princess, earlier I have scared you. I have already upheld my promise and sent you back. Now it is time for me to leave.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and the heavy sword lifts itself out of the ground and floats in front of his feet. Liu Yi jumps on top and stands firmly.

Suddenly Ao Susu speaks up: “You wait for me for two years…after two years this princess will go and look for you and you shall be this princess’s husband!”

[TL: jaw drop >///<]


Liu Yi stumbles and nearly fall of the sword.


Chapter 291- [Wait for this princess for two years]

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  1. Bwhahahaha expected this to happen. I mean really. Author said that dragon girls only come out to find a mate. Thats a big hint in this damn arc.
    Well i did not expect her too still ask him though even when i knew that.


  2. Lmao, this is why i love dragon lolis. You could literally kill her brother a week ago and just by showing of your power all of a sudden she wants to get married lol.

    Thanks for the chapter.


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