MKW Chapter 290

Chapter 290 [Planting a heart devil]


Just as Liu Yi is restless, Ao Susu suddenly stands in front of the aquatic clan army and sends a prawn soldier flying with a fist before shouting: “All of you do not take action! His life is this princess’s!”

Old dragon king got a huge shock, my little ancestor ah…why are you messing around now!

While the scorpion spirit swings her tail and pincer left and right sending the surrounding aquatic clansmen that ran over flying as well.

It seems like Yan Qiuhong also does not like others to join in her fight.

As Ao Susu speaks she run over, “Evil scorpion spirit! Let go of Blood Emperor, he is his princess’s prey!”

“Little lass you are seeking death!”

What kind of strength does Yan Qiuhong have? She instantly sends Ao Susu onto the ground before her tail pierces towards her.

What the heck! This Yan Qiuhong actually fights until her eyes have turned red!

Liu Yi cannot defend passively anymore as he immediately jumps up, at the same time the Scarlet Blood Desolate Flames congest onto the Monarch Sword.


Liu Yi forms sword seals with both hands and uses Imperial Sword technique to control Monarch Sword. The sword carries flames as it swings towards Yan Qiuhong’s enormous body.


Indeed she is a Monarch scorpion that came out from lava. Although the hot flames are burning on her body it does not create an injury. It only sends her body flying into the river by the side.

Monarch scorpion falls into the water but very quickly she crawls out and asks Liu Yi in shock: “Aren’t you a dragon hunter?!?! Why are you actually helping a dragon now?! Are you crazy????”

“I do what I like to do.”

Liu Yi is too lazy to explain to Yan Qiuhong. He sends a dragon girl home but is being tormented till now so he is filled with anger.

He only wishes to beat someone up!

Especially after combining bodies, the devil qi’s impact on him is very large.

If he does not control it properly he will directly turn into a devil.

Under the influence of the devil nature, his golden pupil’s starts to turn slightly red as black qi coils around his body,

“What a strong devil qi…immortal, demon and devil in a body…what on earth are you”

Yan Qiuhong who has turned back to normal is shocked as she sprawls by the river bank no daring to step forward.


Liu Yi suddenly roars as the black bone armor reforms on his body making him look to be even more sinister.

The devil qi seems to have some style, with it being around his body it makes it looks like his bone armor has evolved.

In front of him floats a black sword covered with devil qi making the devil mark look very vivid and lifelike.

“What a frightening dragon hunter…”

Yan Qiuhong who has turned into a Monarch scorpion is scared into trembling uncontrollably. But she has a king’s pride and will not retreat. Even if Liu Yi looks very scary now but Yan Qiuhong still rushes forward like a tank to prepare to send Liu Yi flying by colliding against him.

Am I nice to bully?

Liu Yi’s eyes turn red as he rushes towards Monarch scorpion.

Think I am good to bully? Let me tell you what it means, I am not to be trifled with.

Liu Yi’s right-hand brandishes as the Imperial Sword technique activates.

The black sword covered with devil qi instantly start to move and blocks in front of him like a shield, directly blocking Monarch Scorpion in her path.


The heavy sword trembles and raises up a qi wave but it is actually able to stop the enormous Yan Qiuhong in her path!

“Scram for me!”

Liu Yi’s shoulder twitches as his right arm moves and pushes the great sword in the air.

The greatsword instantly trembles as it rams against Yan Qiuhong.

Immediately Yan Qiuhong is sent flying and falls on the plaza far away pulverizing the sculptures in the plaza.

The aquatic clan on the side quickly escapes in all direction as none of them dare to cuts into the expert fight.

{Not good…Liu Yi seems like he is going out of control…}

Lin Tong says in worries, {But it does not seem like his other side is influencing him.}

{What do I use to influence him ah..}

By Lin Tong’s side comes the other Liu Yi’s voice, “With Liu Yi getting stronger…my strength is already getting weaker and weaker…”

In Liu Yi’s spiritual world a figure faintly appears.

When Lin Tong sees him she is instantly vigilant.

Isn’t this the other evil Liu Yi?

“No need to worry…my strength is no longer enough to go against you…”

The figure takes a deep breath and says slowly: “I have already said before… I and Liu Yi are originally one. He is me and I am him…only I am the side that is always hidden by him, that’s all. Everyone actually has another side of their heart. For example, a very kind-hearted person, in his heart might hide a very scary devil. Thus China has a saying; an honest man cannot be bullied. While a very bad person might have an innocent side…”

“Big idiot might still have such a scary dark side? This miss does not believe it!”

Lin Tong shakes her head.

“Why would he not?”

The figure smiles coldly, “In the past, Liu Yi is bullied by other students daily and being blamed by teachers. Even the girl that he likes kept sabotaging him, make fools of us, of him, as well toying with him. Such a person if there isn’t a devil hidden in his heart, then it’d be weird. I am formed under this kind of situation.”

“Then now you why are you unable to?”

“Liu Yi’s main body nature is becoming strong…he already no longer needs me.”

The figure keeps smiling, “You can also say that… I and he are already starting to combine together…this way, actually is also quite good…he already no longer needs me to care for him…little fox Ill be leaving him to you…”

“Tsk, this miss is not the nanny of that idiot!”

“Hehe…to him you have a very large responsibility.”

“Responsibility? What responsibility?”

“There are some matters which looks like you do not know.”

As the figure speaks, eye-catching red flames appear in his left hand, “Why is it that I cultivate Scarlet Blood Sutra faster. It is not only because I am evil…the reason behind it, go think about it slowly…”

The figure slowly dissipates.

“Oi, oi, oi! You bugger can’t you be clearer with what you say! Stop talking in riddles with this miss!”

Lin Tong shouts for a while but the figure did not appear again.

{Damn it…I hate people who speak in riddles so much! Liu Yi, you better quickly regain conscious ah! Big idiot!}

Liu Yi does not seem to be able to heart Lin Tong shout.

At this moment he is already controlling the large sword as he hacks at Yan Qiuhong.

While the majestic Monarch Scorpion earlier is now being pounded by the great sword to her last breath!

Black devil qi covers the entire plaza, Liu Yi is like a berserk monster as black scales start to grow out of different place.

“My god…this dragon hunter is too scary…”

Old Dragon King starts to weep again, “Dragon palace’s doomsday ah!”

He starts to regret, how did I provoke such a scary fiend!

Even the Monarch Scorpion is beaten up so badly, what other savior do I have!

Finished, this time around I am really finished!

“Dragon palace soldiers for our honor, our homeland survival lets do a last fight!”

Old Dragon King wipe away his tears as he faces the dragon palace troops and says: “Hope is within our own hands!”

Saying that he personally picks up a dragon lance and run towards Liu Yi,

Seeing Old Dragon King personally going up to fight, the rest of the soldiers also stop hesitating as they pick up their own weapon and rush towards Liu Yi.


“Kill him! Kill him!!”

“For our country!! Smash him!!”

Under the leadership of Old Dragon King, the prawn soldiers and crab generals instantly surround Liu Yi.


While Liu Yi roars in rage as he swings the great sword in his hand in a circle.

Instantly a devil qi wave spread out as all of the rocks in the plaza split apart.

The prawn soldiers and crab generals cry out in shock when they were hit by the devil qi as they fly out and collapse onto the ground.

Old Dragon King himself is also unable to withstand the wave of devil qi and is also sent sprawling.

“Gods…has doomsday really come…?”

Old Dragon King collapse on the ground trembling.

After all, he is only a dragon king from a small river…he does not have much battle strength.

If only my eldest son and second son were around…it is a pity that my eldest son is at south sea while my second son is in heaven being a judge…this is the person whom you need help from is ignoring you!

“Who can come and block him ah…”

Dragon King is in complete despair.

While Liu Yi stomps on a down prawn soldier as he raises the heavy sword above that prawn soldier’s throat. His hand is about to push down and cut off the head of that prawn soldier.

“Enough Blood emperor!”

Ao Susu sees that her own clansmen is being injured and there is going to be dead, thus she is unable to bear it and jumps out.

“If you continue on like this my people will be all killed by you!”

Liu Yi looks at Ao Susu and lets out a deep roar.

His eyes let out a red glow and it looks like he does not recognize her but his actions slow down as he stops.

“Stop your actions!”

Ao Susu takes advantage and blocks in front of Liu Yi blocking the prawn soldiers from Liu Yi’s heavy sword, “Even you are an evil person…previously you made this princess happy…this princess appreciate it! You quickly wake up! The current you is very scary!”

“Those that block me… must die…”

From Liu Yi’s mouth comes a disharmonic sound which seems like the words are squeezed out from his throat.

When these words were heard by Ao Susu, it makes her feels like she is in an icehouse.

The current Blood Emperor…is really a completely evil person?

“Then kill this princess !”

Ao Susu sticks out her chest without timidness, “After all this princess should have already died in your hands right?”

“Then go and die!”

A red glow flashes across Liu Yi’s eye as his hands clap together and pushes forward.

Instantly the giant sword changes direction and pierces towards Ao Susu.


Chapter 290- [Planting a heart devil]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Old dragon king got a huge shock, my little ancestor ah…why are you messing around now! <- how can Ao Susu be his ancestor??!! She's his daughter, and therefore his descendant; an ancestor would be a forefather, a relative high up the family tree.


    • Because she’s the most important person to him. Chinese people revere the old, especially the elders of the family e.g. their ancestor and they’d do anything the ancestors tell them to do.

      Thanks for the chapter. Only 1023 to go?


      • e.g. means “for example”; you may have meant to use i.e. “that’s to say/in other words”.

        My complain here would be that no matter how much he reveres someone, that doesn’t make that person his ancestor (there’s no conmutative property), even less if that person is his own descendant (unless you’re called Philip J. Fry).


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