MKW Chapter 29

Chapter 29  [Title below]


Honestly speaking, among 10 men, 9 are losers. Among 10 losers, 9 of them masturbate.

Although the uncle in a black suit cannot be considered as strictly a loser, after all, he is a special force soldier who is an elite of their country.

But after retiring from the army, he has always been a chauffeur-bodyguard in the Murong Family and does not have time to go dating.

As for visiting places for prostitutes…this is going against his principles.

I will definitely not go to this kind of place!

Thus the uncle in a black suit can only use the sole entertainment method that Yang Guo used for many years while Xiao Longnu is not by his side.

[TL: Yang Guo and Xiao Longnu is from the show Return of the Condor Hero. During this period of time, Yang Guo had his left hand cut off prior to this period so well you know…]

Super hand technique.

When Yang Guo found Xiao Longnu back, Yang Guo says very happily, “As long as I have Aunty, even if I no longer have my left hand, so what!”

[TL: When Yang Guo first sees Xiao Longnu, she makes him call her Aunty due to their age difference.]

It is only the uncle in black suit still has not found a girl to replace his right hand.

But now that he was touched by Liu Yi on his legs, a pleasure that exceeds his hand technique instantly attacks his entire body.

If it is a pleasure that comes from a girl’s touch, the uncle in a black suit will definitely be very happy.

But right now it is because of a guy and he is both embarrassed and unable to control himself as he lets out a moan.

Very quickly his strength is gone.

Both his legs turn soft.

Liu Yi only uses his ‘Amorous Hand’ due to being anxious.

He also feels that he is very sickening to use this kind of hand technique on a big man.

But everything….is to protect his life ah!

He does not know where did this fierce uncle in black suit pop out from and he is very powerful!

My red qi flow has run out again thus I am definitely not able to fight against him. It is best to escape.

Luckily at this moment, the white qi flow is kind enough to emerge. Not only did it slowly heal Liu Yi’s injury, but it also gives him some strength.

After Liu Yi dealt with the uncle with his right hand, he instantly without any hesitation runs away without a trace.

After lying on the ground for a while, the uncle takes a deep breath of cold air before calming himself down.

Really seen a ghost…

Just now just what kind of power is in that fellow’s hand. It actually turned me into such a wretched state!

Could it be that he had applied some medicine in his hand?

I have heard that there is this kind of super-effective drug overseas which is able to make a person instantly amorous…

Could it be that that youngster’s hand….was applied with this kind of drug?

Hard to say!

But how is it possible for a normal student to get in touch with this kind of high-tech drugs!

The uncle starts to be suspicious of the student identity of ‘Liu Yi’.

This student….is definitely not an ordinary person!

I must tell Master and let miss change her school.

This school is really too dangerous.

After the uncle calms down, he turns around and returns to the car, completely ignoring the people lying on the ground.

These people are just asking for it only.

“Uncle Wang, why did you only come back now?”

In the car, Murong Die is slightly tired already, “What is it, is Kai Wen very thorny?”

“No, not at all…”

The uncle turns red and says, “Just a small problem, which delayed a bit of time….”

“Like I said…”

Murong Die rubs the head of Wang Lele who had fallen asleep in her embrace, “Just a student of my school. How is it possible to make Uncle Wang waste time.”

“Hahaha….what miss says is right….”

The uncle sits in the driver seat and puts on his sunglasses, thus no one notices his red face.

“That….big miss…is there a student call Liu Yi in your class?”


Murong Die who was originally leaning calmly instantly panics as her legs tremble, nearly jolting Wang Lele awake.

Luckily Wang Lele this lass sleeps like a dead pig, she sleeps very deeply.

She smacks her lips before continuing to sleep.

While Murong Die subconsciously recalls this morning when Liu Yi touched her right hand, that sorry-looking shy appearance of hers!

This causes her inner heart to be in a complete mess!

“Uncle, Uncle Wang….why would you suddenly ask about Liu Yi?”

Murong Die stammers slightly.

“No, nothing….”

The uncle is also ashamed.

“I just heard that Kai Wen discussing Liu Yi….so I am curious….Big miss, what is your relation with Liu Yi? Are you very familiar with him?”

Murong Die once again recalls that instant, when their hands touched each other and instantly her face, turns red and stammers, “No, definitely not familiar!”

Murong Die immediately shakes her head, “Did not even talk to each other before…”

“Oh….like this ah…then let us return home then….”

Only then did the uncle starts driving.

This matter….I need to report to Master.


“Hu, hu….”

Liu Yi runs home in one breath like he is escaping for his life. When he is opening the door, his hand which is holding the key is trembling.

{Trash! Look how badly frighten you are!}

Lin Tong who is by Liu Yi’s side mocks.

“It, it is not like you are the one fighting….”

Liu Yi resents Lin Tong’s sarcastic words.

He finally opens the door while trembling, he meets his mother dressed up and is about to leave the house. Looks like she is going to work night shift in the hospital again.

“Liu Yi, why did you only return back now? The dishes are in the kitchen. Remember to heat them up before eating when you are hungry…”

Liu Yi’s mother had her head lowered as she puts on her shoe, thus she did not see how sorry-looking her son looks.

Liu Yi lets out a long breath, lucky.

He kicks off his shoes and escapes to his room like smoke.

“Aiyah, this child how can you throw your shoes to the side! Remember to eat dinner!”

Liu Yi’s mother exhorts a few more times before leaving as she needs to go for work.

Liu Yi takes off his school uniform that was stained with blood and tossed it on the floor before lying on his small bed and takes a deep breath.

What had happened today is like a dream!

From his meeting the fox demon yesterday and his death….

Until earlier when he exchanged blows with that powerful uncle in black suit…

Everything basically should not have appeared in my Liu Yi’s life ah!

Just what on earth did I, Liu Yi did…..

Everything is not a dream right….

He ruthlessly pinches his cheek and instantly cries out in pain.

It is really not a dream!


The little fox is lying on Liu Yi’s chest as she says lazily, {Aiyah, so annoying to death. Why did I meet such a big idiot ah….}

“You still got face to say….”

Liu Yi is lying on his bed and wishes to wash his school uniform that is stained with blood.

But right now his entire body is aching badly and he does not even have any strength to stand up.

Just now he forcefully bore with it and ran home. Upon reaching his bed, he feels like the exercise system in his body has completely collapsed.

The current Liu Yi has a feeling of immediately dying.

His heart is beating very rapidly, his entire person has a feeling of going to faint any moment.

This feeling…is really damn difficult to bear ah….

“Didn’t you say….after I, I cultivated, I will become very powerful…”

It is very strenuous for Liu Yi to speak. He gasps for a while before continuing asking, “Why, why is it….I feel like I have eaten drug….and overdrafted my strength…”

{That is because you do not control the proper way of utilizing the strength.}

The little fox is lying on Liu Yi’s chest as she sweeps Liu Yi’s face with her tail and says, “You are like a little kid waving about an iron hammer. Even if you harm others, first you will harm yourself!”

“This….you, you also did not teach me ah….”

After lying for a while, the red qi flow and white qi flow in his body have also recovered slightly, allowing him to feel much better.

{Idiot, you think that this is buying vegetables in the market? Just naming a price and it is done?!}

Lin Tong cannot help but say in feigned anger, {Furthermore while you are in school, you have also just opened your first star jade. It is important for you to replenish your Immortal Qi first! Who asked you to go and stir up trouble, getting chased by others during the night.}

“Oi, oi, oi….”

Liu Yi starts sweating, “It is you who first urged me to fight okay….”

Lin Tong looks out of the window and wags her tail as she says, “Coughs, today’s night view is not bad eh!”

Liu Yi asks, “Then you….can teach me now…”


As the little fox speaks, she flies up and floats in front of Liu Yi before saying seriously.

{Liu Yi, there are 4 main branches of cultivators. Every single branch is both complex and powerful. Right now I want you to choose a branch to cultivate. You must consider it seriously before choosing.}

“Is it really that important?”

This is the first time Liu Yi sees the little fox Lin Tong being so serious.

{Because your choice will affect your entire life. The moment you choose, you will no longer be able to change it. You must then be faithful to it and walk onwards on the path you had chosen. But if you wish to change midway, you will be very very miserable during your cultivation journey!}

“Fine, fine them….so what are the four branches, tell me about the….”

{The four big branch are martial cultivators, Dao cultivators, Spirit cultivators as well as Tool cultivators. Martial cultivators are split into body cultivators and sword cultivators. As for Dao, it is split into the 5 elements cultivation which is also the 5 elements technique, you can choose one of them to cultivate. After which is Spirit which is split into Beast cultivator or 5 phase cultivator. Beast cultivators summon out their spiritual beast. 5 phase cultivation is a living being that can summon out the 5 phase system…the last one is tools. Tools can be slightly divided into thousands of choices, or you can say that there is no division. Because tool cultivators are cultivating their own magic treasure. Human and tools combine into one, the number is polar opposite from those that are in the earlier ones….even if you wish to learn it, I am also unable to teach you any cultivation techniques for tool cultivation.}

“Tool cultivation…I thought it was auto repair…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, in this cultivation , is there an East auto repair school…

{Do not joke around! This is a very serious matter!}

Little fox jumps on to Liu Yi’s head and uses her tail and sweeps his nose, causing him to feel itchy and want to sneeze.

{You must treat it seriously! Hurry and choose a type! After choosing, only then can I teach you how to utilize the de…Immortal Qi in your body!}

“Ah! So confusing!”

Liu Yi feels like he is choosing a class when he starts playing an RPG. Very confusing.

Martial cultivation sounds not bad…at the very least it is good at fighting! Some more it also branches into sword cultivation. I should be able to step on flying sword later on right! It will be damn cool ah!

Dao cultivation also seems quite okay….find a person annoying, left hand a fireball, right hand an ice wave, hehehehe…..the novels’ magician’s appearance deeply reflects in Liu Yi’s mind.

Spirit cultivation is also quite good….summoning out a little brother to fight…..I will be very relaxed!

Fucking hell, so confused. Just which one should I choose ah!



Chapter 29  [Annoying multiple-choice question]

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