MKW Chapter 289

Chapter 289 [Blood Emperor must die!!!!!]


Emotion Sword originates from the heart! That is why even if it breaks as long as the female owner is still alive the emotion sword will be able to restore endlessly.

“What is the use? To me, it is just a toy.”

Yan Qiuhong smiles indifferently and learning from Liu Yi, she stretches out her hand and beckons him with her finger.

“Come ah!”

Heck! This is pure provocation!

“Do not look down on me too much!”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and disappears like a ghost and appears in front of Yan Qiuhong.

At the same time his right-hand presses against Yan Qiuhong’s arm.

Instantly Yan Qiuhong feels that lighting passes through her body making her body go soft and aching, causing her to have an urge.

What is going on? Did that hunter cast some demonic technique on me?

“Come out!”

Liu Yi knows that experts like Yan Qiuhong will be able to shake off his amorous hand! He immediately circulates his qi and uses golden pupils on her as well.

Within moments, Yan Qiuhong’s goodwill towards him is more than 50+!

It is enough!

Liu Yi stretches his hand and directly pulls out a pitch black metal sword from Yan Qiuhong body.

The sword is 1.4 meters long while the width is half a meter wide! It is like a heavy sword used by cavalries!

Even with Liu Yi’s strength, the sword is too heavy to wield properly!

This gives Liu Yi a feeling that he is not supposed to use this sword for dueling but rather to smash them with it!

“This…what is this…”

When the emotion sword was pulled out from Yan Qiuhong her body is invaded with pleasure and it took some time for her to calm down.

She looks blankly at the black greatsword that Liu Yi has pulled out from her body, not knowing what is going on.

Emotion sword! This is my master Ma Hua’d self-created sword technique which no one in the cultivation realm has seen before!

This is the technique that Liu Yi uses to catch Yan Qiuhong unprepared.

“Let’s take a look at who is the one who is not up to par!”

Liu Yi lifts up the greatsword with both hands and swings it towards Yan Qiuhong.

Yan Qiuhong instantly lifts up both her arms to block in front of her.


The greatsword instantly smashes against Yan Qiuhong’s arms and makes a sound of metal clashing against metal.

Following which Yan Qiuhong is sent flying tens of meters by the greatsword before crashing into a stone lion and collapse on the ground.

“You are actually able to….send me flying?”

Yan Qiuhong’s arms turn numb as they dangle by her side. She stands up and looks at Liu Yi flabbergasted.

“Little fellow, what kind of person are you?”

“I am only a bystander who is here to send her back home okay?!”

Liu Yi is angry but has no place to vent, “Ah hell, indeed what Ai Ling said is right. The trees longs for peace but the wind will never cease… are you guys done? If you are done, I am going back!”

“Going back?”

Yan Qiuhong suddenly laughs, “Ha ha ha, I Yan Qiuhong after being imprisoned for 500 years and finally found an interesting opponent, how would I let you go back so easily! Come let’s continue fighting!”

She rushes towards Liu Yi again. Every step she takes leaves a deep footprint on the stone pavement.

The sound of the footsteps is like stepping on his heart as moves closer.

“Let’s take a look if you, dragon hunter are stronger or I, Monarch Scorpion am stronger!”

Her arms start to swings like she is waving two axes as she attacks Liu Yi.

Liu Yi raises the door-like big sword as he continuously blocks her attack.

The big sword is simply too stupidly heavy and makes Liu Yi feels like when comparing to a normal sword it is like a shield.

Yan Qiuhong’s attacking speed is very fierce and smooth, making him block the attacks haggardly not knowing when he would be hit.

{ Use the Imperial Sword technique! Idiot!}

Lin Tong reminds him, {Why are you clashing against a Monarch Scorpion head on? What about your Imperial Sword technique?!}

Ah right!

I still have the Imperial Sword technique ah!

A ray of light flashes across Liu Yi eyes as he immediately tosses aside the big sword and circulates immortal qi to both his hands and he points his index and middle finger at the big sword called Monarch sword.

Instantly Monarch sword spins twice before coming to a stop and blocks in between Liu Yi and Yan Qiuhong.

-dang, dang, dang!-

Monarch sword keeps blasting out red sparks but under the control of Liu Yi’s Imperial Sword technique, it stills remain floating in between them.

“Taoist Laozi, quick as I command!”

Liu Yi mouths a sword chant making the Monarch Sword to instantly weave about like it has a life, its agile movement blocks all of Yan Qiuhong’s attack.

Under the control of Imperial Sword technique, the Monarch Sword is as agile as a snake and defend like wind not allowing the enemy to come close!

Very quickly Yan Qiuhong becomes restless.

“Open for me!”

Both her hands suddenly grab hold of the sharp sword edge before like lifting a gate, she raises it up.

“Go and die!”

A black light suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi’s sight.

It is a sharp scorpion tail, with an equally large stinger piercing towards Liu Yi’s head!

Liu Yi’s head is not very tough! This move will definitely blast his head apart!

He immediately stretches out his hands and grabs hold of the scorpion tail.

With a pa! The scorpion tail is grasped in Liu Yi’s hand.

The sharp sting is already in front of his forehead and is almost about to touch his forehead!

Cold sweats form on Liu Yi’s back.

This scorpion spirit is indeed swift and fierce ah!

“Damn it…”

Yan Qiuhong did not expect that Liu Yi has such a quick reaction and is able to block her hidden attack!

“Hidden attacks don’t look like the way of a monarch!”

Liu Yi recovers his breath and laughs coldly, his hands grab firmly onto Yan Qiuhong’s scorpion tail as both his arms exert force.

Liu Yi instantly swings Yan Qiuhong in a circle before smashing her against the ground.

A hole appears on the ground as Yan Qiuhong lies within it.

Liu Yi right-hand presses down and the large Monarch Sword instantly pierces to the side of Yan Qiuhong’s right ear, almost piercing into her face.

Liu Yi says impolitely to Yan Qiuhong: “You have lost!”

“If I use my  full strength this Monarch Sword is enough to cut your throat!”


Yan Qiuhong snorts in dissatisfaction, “If my body wasn’t sealed by the Primal Origin Lock, why would I be defeated by you this dragon hunter!”

“Dragon hunter, dragon hunter Blood Emperor…hehe this name is rather good.”

Liu Yi smiles, “I have already killed a dragon it does not matter if I kill a Monarch Scorpion.”

Yan Qiuhong becomes silent.

At this moment old dragon king has also run to the show, originally he is excited to collect the corpse of Blood Emperor but seeing that the one lying on the ground is Yan Qiuhong, his face instantly loses color.

“This…what is going on!”

“We are defeated…”

Turtle Minister stands by the side as tears flow down.

He also did not imagine that with Yan Qiuhong taking action they will still be defeated!

Bullshit, is today our River Song’s aquatic clan’s doomsday?

“Finished, finished…looks like me and my daughter’s dragon pearls are will be taken…”

Dragon King starts crying, “I hope that in the future, my sons will come back and take revenge ah…”

The group of aquatic clan hugs each other as they cry together.

Liu Yi starts sweating seeing the scene…

Come on…it is not like I am going to capture all of them for hotpot! There is no need to go so far!

“Since I am defeated then you can decide how you want to handle me.”

A hint of cunningness flashes across Yan Qiuhong’s eyes.

“Oh, then I shall…”

Liu Yi thinks for a bit as he considers how he should handle Yan Qiuhong. At this moment Yan Qiuhong suddenly stands up as her hands grasp at Liu Yi’s throat.


Liu Yi instantly retreats as he uses Imperial Sword technique to control Monarch sword to chop in front of him! Yan Qiuhong smiles as she raises her hands up high.

Instantly with a dang, the Monarch Sword directly chops onto the manacles on Yan Qiuhong’s hands.

The manacles are instantly chopped off with a brittle snap!

Liu Yi blinks, crap! I got tricked!

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Yan Qiuhong laughs loudly, “Dragon hunter, was it? This time around it shall be this lady’s turn to hunt you!”

Her body suddenly lets out a black glow.

Following which a truck size black scorpion suddenly falls from the sky, falling above Liu Yi’s head.

Liu Yi immediately stands on Monarch Sword and fly backward tens of meters.


The ground shakes severely as the enormous scorpion spirit rushes towards Liu Yi like a tank bashing aside everything in its path.

“I’ll be damned.. so fast…”

Liu Yi only manages to say those words before his whole body immediately smashes into the air as it flies out of the city and smashes into the loose river bank behind the city.

It is really like being knock by a car! This, Yan Qiuhong after recovering her body is too ridiculous already…

The speed and strength increased by so much! Her human body is only so big ah!

Before Liu Yi regains his conscious, the enormous scorpion spirit is already in front of him. At the same time, the enormous scorpion stinger pierces towards Liu Yi’s forehead like black lightning.

“Monarch Sword!”

Liu Yi immediately uses Imperial Sword technique to place Monarch sword horizontally in front of him.


Monarch sword directly receives a stab from the scorpion tail sting.

Sparks appears from the friction as the sword body sinks slightly.

Liu Yi lets out a breath of relief, damn it at least I managed to save my life!

With great difficulty and returning from hell! I cannot die like this! I suppose that this scorpion spirit only has these few moves…

It seems like he is thinking too beautifully. The scorpion tail sting suddenly changes shape and aims at Liu Yi. Following which is is a peal of pop, pop, pop sounds…the scorpion tail stinger changed into something similar to Gatling gun!

Liu Yi immediately uses the Imperial Sword technique to control the Monarch Sword to weave in the air to block all of the poison needles flying towards him!

What the heck! Is it a Gatling gun?!

“Advance! Advance together! Take advantage and kill that dragon hunter Blood Emperor!”

“Advantage! Kill Blood Emperor! Aquatic clan can lose but Blood Emperor must die!!!”

Instantly a group of prawn soldiers and crab generals gather their courage and shout as they rush towards Liu Yi.

The real big fight is now starting as everyone rushes at Liu Yi in from all directions.

Liu Yi heart sinks.

This time round, am I really going to die?


Chapter 289- [Blood Emperor]

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