MKW Chapter 288

Chapter 288 [Yan Qiuhong who is as tough as iron]


Her wrists and ankles are locked with pitch black manacles and looks like a criminal.

Such a pretty girl  possesses such an intense demonic qi!

Looks like the manacles are there to suppress her!

Liu Yi is standing there but is able to feel the marrow-chilling coldness drilling into him.

He immediately circulates his immortal qi before being able to feel somewhat warm.

What a strong demonic qi ah…who on earth is this demonic girl?

Looking at the surround prawn soldiers and crab generals, it seems that the demonic qi is the reason why all of them are lying on the floor not daring to move.

Demons have their own ranks…it is obvious that this pretty girl that popped out is one of the higher ranking ones!

They are only little demons so who dares to provoke her ah!


Yan Qiuhong smells with her nose and says: “ I did not imagine that it would be a dragon killer…this time, it looks like it would be even more interesting.”

“Who is this girl?”

Liu Yi turns around and asks Ao Susu behind him.

At this moment Ao Susu is also trembling and her face is pale.

“This…this ……this girl…….she……she is……”

“Who is she?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, why is this lass so badly frightened, unless this girl is very powerful?

“You are still not worthy to know my name.”

Yan Qiuhong suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi, at the same time her index and middle finger join together and pierce towards Liu Yi’s forehead.

This movement gives Liu Yi a feeling that a dagger is stabbing towards him!

Liu Yi is shocked as he instantly uses Spirit Fox Steps to dodge, avoiding Yan Qiuhong’s attack.

By the river bank there is a sculpture, Yan Qiuhong did not manage to stab Liu Yi, instead, she stabs the stone lion behind him.

Instantly a black hole appears on the stone lion.

Liu Yi’s scape starts to turn numb, This girl is very fierce!

“It is my turn now!”

Liu Yi borrows Spirit Fox Step’s agileness to dodge and uses desolate flames on his left hand and hits towards Yan Qiuhong’s back.


But Liu Yi only feel like he has hit a metal plate, the recoil tore the webbing between his fingers and his palm become numb as he retreats back!

What is this situation!

Is that girl using iron skin?! Even if it is iron skin I should be able to penetrate it ah!

“Are you trying to tickle me?”

Yan Qiuhong calmly turns around and smiles coldly at Liu Yi.

{Monarch Scorpion! She is a Monarch Scorpion! Oh my gosh!!!}

Lin Tong lets out a painful groan, {Why would we meet a Monarch Scorpion ah!!! This time around will be really miserable!}

Liu Yi instantly asks curiously, {What is a Monarch Scorpion?}

{A Monarch Scorpion is the most special among all scorpion spirits! And is also the most savage one…}

Lin Tong says, {They are different from normal scorpions, these Monarch Scorpions originally live near areas of lava so their toxicity is very low. It can be said that Monoch Scorpion have the firmest outer shell and it can be said that they are lords among demons. But they should have gone extinct a long time ago…but why would one appear here!}

{So it is such a thorny opponent…}

Liu Yi smiles mischievously as he kneads his hands. The injury to his fingers webbing is already almost healed, {Let me test out her weight!}

{No ah! This Monarch Scorpion is at the very least around seven to eight stars! If I did not guess wrongly what is hanging from her body should be Origin Sealing Lock! Nearly half of her powers are sealed! If there isn’t the Origin Sealing Lock, you would have already been instantly killed!}

{So what if it is a ten-star opponent? I have also fought strong opponents before.}

Liu Yi is not convinced, {Let me give it a try! Didn’t Immortal Fox sister say before that combat is the easiest method of increasing ability?}

Liu Yi currently is now much more looking forward to combat especially combat against expert!

He wishes to quickly turn into an expert thus he must use the fastest method of growth!

Combat! Only combat!

“I can feel your fighting intent!”

A bright light suddenly flashes passed Yan Qiuhong eyes, “There are very few people who are still able to possess such fighting intent in front me. Not bad! I can let you die with joy!”

“Beauty, such a dull fight has no meaning ah!”

Liu Yi stretches out his finger and beckons her, “Why don’t you tell me your name and QQ number, that way later when we go back we can continue to discuss our feelings?”

Although she does not know what is a QQ number Yan Qiuhong can feel that Liu Yi’s words carry clear hint of taking liberties.

I am the noble Monarch Scorpion! Even if I am sent to the water prison of River Song, I still have my inviolable king aura!

This hunter is really acting recklessly!

“Lecher, let me first tear off your mouth!”

As Yan Qiuhong speaks she stoops down slightly like she is going to rush towards him.

This Monarch Scorpion’s speed is indeed very fast.

Liu Yi also does not dare to slight her as he quickly activates his black and white world.

At the same time, all of the different types of qi in his body start to circulate. The forty times gravity is also removed as immortal and devil qi combine together.

Activating all abilities! Liu Yi wants to bring out all of his ability to fight with the Monarch Scorpion!

A golden glow flashes from his eyes as he glances at Yan Qiuhong.

Yan Qiuhong who is prepared to attack suddenly tremble as her face changes color.

“Golden pupils…you, you also possess demonic qi!”

“Oh? You know what it is!”

After Liu Yi and his other nature combined bodies, his temperament also changes as well.

At the same, this both his eyes will activate golden pupils which have a very powerful effect on girls!

It can be said that all of the abilities that Liu Yi has are killer moves against girls.

What Goodwill Eyes, Goodwill Halo, Amorous Hand, Bountiful Chest Bubbly Hands, Golden Pupils…

“A hunter that possess demonic qi…interesting, really interesting!”

In the end, Yan Qiuhong unexpectedly started laughing loudly, “Very good, I, Yan Qiuhong for the past 500 years have not met such an interesting matter! I did not imagine that when I left the water prison I would meet such an interesting guy! Come, come, come let me take a good look at the abilities of you, this unusual hunter!”

She suddenly jumps up and directly hacks down with a palm.

Liu Yi feels a very scary qi coming and he immediately dodges.

Yan Qiuhong whole arm is wrapped with black qi as her palm is like an ax and carries a very sharp qi and directly cut a deep gorge on the ground.

The ground is laid with stone block to form the city plaza ah…it can be seen how sharp is Yan Qiuhong’s palm.

“What the hell…what is this girl’s hand’s made of ?”

{She is a Monarch Scorpion ah, natural hard armor! After the Monarch Scorpion cultivates into a spirit, it will be even more outstanding…}

“ You only know how to dodge?”

Yan Qiuhong is obviously a girl but her momentum is unparalleled, her hands are covered with a black glow hanging by her side as she looks at Liu Yi with a smile of disdain.

Liu Yi lets out a mouthful of torrid air.

Something seems to have awakened within his body as it flows throughout his body.

This power allows Liu Yi’s disposition to come out, “Then that will depend on who is the true tyrant!”

Lin Tong starts to cry out gloomily no good! Damn it, at this time the dragon power within his body is starting to become stronger!

A dragon’s dignity must not be provoked! That provocation from Monarch Scorpion makes the dragon pearl to refine faster! Making the demonic qi in his body to change fiercer!

On Liu Yi’s stomach, some black scales secretly emerge and then disappear.

“Dragon power?”

Yan Qiuhong raises her eyebrow, “Looks like you have consumed a dragon pearl. But if a normal person wishes to turn into a dragon it is just a myth! It is better if you go to hell earlier. Let me send you off!”

Yan Qiuhong rushes forward as her palms unceasingly chop down, like a pair of axes chopping towards Liu YI.

While Liu Yi keeps retreating and dodges Yan Qiuhong’s chops.

Luckily there is Black and White World which slows down the speed of the opponent allowing Liu Yi to be able to dodge easily.

Although Yan Qiuhong’s speed is very fast and her moves linkup perfectly, Liu Yi is able to deal with them.

“With just this and you have the face to say you are a hegemon?”

Yan Qiuhong smiles in contempt.

Liu Yi suddenly roars, as he dodges Yan Qiuhong’s chop he instantly retaliates with a palm smashing against her chest.

When he felt the softness of Yan Qiuhong’s chest the power of desolate flame blasted out.

This time around Liu Yi is in a horse stance as he uses full strength for that blow.

Liu Yi feel that this palm is enough to send even a two-ton truck flying!

But when the palm hits Yan Qiuhong, she only slightly slides backward two to three meters before restraining her steps.

She pets her shirt and says: “Have you eaten?”

Liu Yi got a huge shock!

I have already used my full strength to throw out that palm!

Even if it is an enormous dragon that receives that palm, he will also need to vomit 3 liters of blood!

But when this girl receives it, nothing happens at all??

F***, are you for real?

Liu Yi shakes his numb palm and looks at the pretty girl with some shock.

Lin Tong advises, {This is Monarch Scorpion ah…we do not have any chance of winning…}

{I bought a watch last year! I just do not believe it!}

[KG: What does a watch have to do with winning?]

[TL: basically I bought a watch last year means <I go and F your M>]

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rolls up his sleeves, {Immortal fox sister give me a helping hand!}

He stretches out his hand towards his chest and pulls.

Charming Fox sword is pulled out along with its beautiful foxtail. Lin Tong strengthless, lies in Liu Yi’s spiritual word and scolds, {Big evil idiot….sooner or later I will scratch you to death!}

At this moment, Liu Yi already does not care about her scolding him. His hands hold Charming Fox sword tightly as his qi gathers around the sword edges before he chops towards Yan Qiuhong fiercely.

“Insignificant skills.”

Yan Qiuhong laughs coldly and did not even bother to dodge. As she receives the blow, she waves her right hand.


A section of broken sword pierces into the side of the stone lion.

There is only half of the Charming Fox sword that Liu Yi is wielding left!

Yan Qiuhong’s single move actually break Liu Yi’s sharp emotion sword!

What in the nine hells….what bullshit is this!

“Your sword is already broken. Do you still want to fight ?”

Yan Qiuhong stands there proudly, although she is being chained with manacles, it is unable to block her king aura.

“Who says that my sword is broken!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and wipes the sword. Instantly Charming Fox sword is restored back to normal!


Chapter 288- [Yan Qiuhong who is as tough as iron]

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