MKW Chapter 287

Chapter 287 [Scorpion Spirit]


All he can see in front of him are prawn soldiers and crab generals!

Three thousand this number is not a lot, neither is it very little!

At the very least from what Liu Yi sees it is enough to take joy in other’s disaster!

“Your dragon race does not seem to be reasonable people ah!”

Liu Yi looks at the old dragon king as he recalls the time when Yuan Zhenyue was wearing Long Xin and instantly deflated.

“Since that is the case then do not blame me for being impolite!”

Liu Yi’s principle is as long as I do not cross others, others will not cross me as well. If you offend me, I will reduce you to death!

He faces the incoming prawn soldiers and crab generals without any expression on his face.

At the same time, Little Black is summoned by him and worn on his body as bone armor.

After equipping the bone armor made of Little Black, Liu Yi feels much safer.

Little Black who has transformed into bone armor not only has the defensive power of his ice armor, it also has a very high regenerative ability!

Even if part of the bone armor is damaged, as long as he has enough qi the bone armor will swiftly repair itself which is very good for endurance.

Liu Yi raises both palms as he circulates the power of Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra.

Facing these prawn soldiers and crab generals, Liu Yi does not wish to deal lethal blows. After all, he does not have any large grievances with Dragon Palace. Furthermore, he more or less has some responsibility for killing that dragon.

Really it is calamity falling on me unknowingly ah…indeed the Great God curse is really giving me face!

“I’ll chop you to death!”

A crab general wearing carapace armor waves his lance and stabs towards Liu Yi, while he uses Spirit Fox Steps and casually dodges his stab.

At the same time, he shifts his body forward, sticks to the front of that crab general and hits his chest with his palm.


That crab carapace instantly scatters and the crab general flew away like a kite with broken strings for over ten meters and drops into the river tide.

Liu Yi uses Spirit Fox Steps as he moves in ease within the prawn soldiers and crab generals.

His palm is sent out unceasingly and every palm sends a prawn soldier or crab general flying, causing them to lose the ability to move.

These prawn soldiers and crab generals have cultivations of around 2-3 stars which is very weak. Although there are a lot of people to Liu Yi, there is no pressure.

He casually sends the Dragon Palace navy who appear in front of him flying.

On the other hand, when the weapons of the prawn soldiers and crab generals land on Liu Yi’s bone armor, there are only some sparks?

Liu Yi can only sigh in sorrow, River Song’s navy is really too weak. All of their strength is so weak and there isn’t anyone decent, making them weaker than the ghosts in hell.

“Ai yah, yah this is angering me to death!”

When the old dragon king sees that his own navy is being beaten by Liu Yi to the point where it no longer looks like a navy, he is so mad that he cried out and scolds.

“Form a formation and kill that hunter!”

Old dragon king waves his hand and his remaining underlings stop rushing forwards randomly and instead form a large formation before facing Liu Yi again.

“Little Cai! Help out!”

Liu Yi isn’t shocked, he stands in his original spot and flips his hand. A five colored blade appears in front of him as it revolves.


Liu Yi circulates his immortal qi and converges it on the fantasy butterfly blade.

Instantly the fantasy butterfly blade splits into hundreds and scatters with a whistle shooting in all direction.

A large number of prawn soldiers and crab generals are hit by the fantasy butterfly blade. Their strength is too low so they are unable to withstand the sharp flying blade.

Very quickly there is another batch of troops that collapses.

When Ao Susu sees her family troops being so easily defeated, she looks at the prawn soldiers and crab generals on the ground as she unconsciously licks her lips.

What the heck…it is all this evil Blood Emperor’s fault! It seems like he has turned this princess bad!

The old dragon king roars in rage: “Damn it is there really no one in my race that is able to take this fellow down?”

Turtle Minister by the side suddenly says with hesitant: “Dragon king don’t be angry. This old subject has a method…only this method is a bit extreme…”

“What method! Say it quickly!”

The old dragon king says impatiently: “ If its extreme then so be it if we do not think of a method quickly all of our navy will be defeated! This bunch of disappointing fellows!”

“Dragon king do you still remember…that there is a Scorpion spirit sealed within our River Song…”

“What are you saying!”

The old dragon king eyes instantly widen and nearly pop out from his sockets.

“You, you, you…you are talking about that, scorpion spirit…”

“That’s right…this old subject is talking about her…”

The old dragon king seems to have a heart attack as he covers his chest powerlessly and says: “Let me think…let me think…”

This scorpion spirit is not kind-hearted …the reason why he is being sealed in this river also has its own justification…

The old dragon king starts to be apprehensive.

“Why do we need to call that whatever scorpion spirit. Dragon king leave it to this general!”

By the side, a carp grand general raises his pair of hammers and shouts: “This general will go and take down that little fellow!”

The old dragon king watches the nearly three-meter tall black faced carp grand general as his heart is consoled.

“Go then my beloved general, our Dragon Palace’s reputation is relying on you!”

“Dragon king please do not worry, Aiyah yah! Little fellow take this grandpa’s hammer!”

The carp grand general stands on a spray and jumps down from the tide as he smashes the brass hammer in his hand towards Liu Yi’s head.

Talking about this carp grand general, he is the number one fierce general of the Dragon Palace!

With him stepping up I can naturally be relieved.

While Liu Yi stands there as he watches the carp grand general land from the sky.

This pair of brass hammer are very impressive while having a terrifying appearance.

The wind seems to be smashed, aching as it gives off  a vibrating sound.

This momentum is very scary.

The surrounding aquatic race are very excited and expectant of the carp grand general’s fame of smashing flat the human with one hammer!

It can work! That Blood Emperor is definitely done for!

“Scram  to the side!”

While at this time, Liu Yi only stands there without retreating. He lowers to a horse stance and uses his right palm to receive the falling huge hammer.

“Desolate Flames!”

A large qi wave instantly explodes out and a deep pit appears under his feet on the shore.

The old dragon king watches at earlier majestic carp grand general as he is directly slapped away along with his enormous hammer.

He turns into a black parabola and splash into the river with a pu-tong sound.

“I’ll go and look for scorpion spirit!”

The old dragon king immediately roars out: “Watch that damn human for me! I’ll go and look for reinforcements!”

The old dragon king turns into a red long dragon and instantly enters the river, creating a big spray and frightening Liu Yi.

What is the matter with this old dragon king, why did he suddenly go for a long walk?

“What is the matter with your royal father?”

“No idea ah. He says he’ll go and invite reinforcements…”

Dragon Palace’s little princess wipes her mouth with a hand as she looks in the direction of the river water, her face is also bewildered.

“Your Dragon Palace still has even stronger people?”

“No one already ah….Big brother and Second brother have already left to other places to be judged…the strongest is my third brother, but he is already killed by you, this evil person.”


Liu Yi is slightly embarrassed, who is this old dragon king going to invite…

The remaining aquatic race army surrounds Liu Yi but none of them dare to go up.

At this time the old dragon king is in the river as he speedily swims to the bottom of the river.

At the bottom of the river is a mountain hole, surrounding it is enchantments. The only person who is able to see the hole and enter is only the old dragon king.

Old dragon king swims into the hole and transforms back into a human form.

Within the hole it is very gloomy, like it is in hell, making people shiver in fear.

Old dragon king’s sight pierces through the layer of darkness and lands in front of a large water prison.

Within the water, prison sits a girl wearing a black long skirt.

The girl’s eyes are tightly shut, her pretty and delicate feature is like a beauty embryo.

Her hands and legs are locked with black chains restraining her movement.

But Old Dragon King does not dare to move forward like he has seen a dangerous being.

“In this three hundred years it seems like no one has come. Ao Li are you here to remise with me?”

“Yuan Qiuhong… I know that you have stayed here for five hundred years thus you have some grievance…but seeing that we have known each other for three hundred years can you help me out with a matter?”


Yuan Qiuhong who is sitting within the water prison opens her eyes as a pair of red pupils stares at the old dragon king, causing his hair to stand.

“Did I hear wrongly? This River Song Dragon king is actually inviting me, this criminal to help?”

“That’s right….”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha….”

Yan Qiuhong instantly starts to laugh loudly as waves of demonic qi spread out in all directions causing the old dragon king to be terrified.

What intense demonic qi…indeed sealing this scorpion spirit here has its own reason.

“You are not afraid that Ill run away?”

“I am only opening the outside river prison…your body still has the origin sealing lock so even if you escape there is no meaning.”

“You actually have a good plan eh.”

The scorpion spirit Yuan Qiuhong glance coldly at the old dragon king and this glance causes him to feel like he is in an icehouse.

This scorpion spirit…is too scary.

“Anyway…are you willing to help…if you do not wish to help so be it. At most my River Song aquatic race will lose its face…”

“Heng! Do not use such speech to rally me!”

A fierce glow flashes across Yuan Qiuhong’s eyes, “Staying in this River Song for five hundred years it can also be said that I am also a member of River Song’s aquatic race. I want to take a look at who dares to touch my River Song’s aquatic race!”

“That is good, that is good. Then I shall now open the water prison now!”

The old dragon king is very happy, as long as this scorpion spirit is willing to take action, the matter will be solved easily!

He immediately moves forward and carefully uses the iron key that he is safeguarding to open the water prison door.

The instant the door is open, the originally seated Yuan Qiuhong turns into black smoke and directly rushes towards the old dragon king knocking him to the ground and flies out.

“My gosh ah…”

The old dragon king is so frightened that he trembles in fear, those that do not know would have thought that Yuan Qiuhong wants to kill him!

I never thought that this scorpion spirit is actually so impatient and would instantly fly out.

“Who is so unbridlef at my River Song!”

A girl’s shout comes from within the river water.

Following which the river surface exploded open as a black smoke surges out and lands on the river shore, transforming into a girl’s figure.

The girl is around 1.7 meters tall and her figure is not bad, the s-line is there but her body has such an intense demonic qi!


Chapter 287- [Scorpion Spirit]

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