MKW Chapter 286

Chapter 286 [Dragon Palace Navy]


Turtle Minister recently feels like he is on fire and it is not an ordinary small fire!

He is currently feeling like he is a bastard keeping his hand above a fire, unbearably hot and anxious!

I was originally being tasked by Dragon King with the important task of protecting little princess to the surface to seek the killer of the Third Prince!

But I did not imagine that just as we arrived at the surface this little princess instantly becomes excited like she is on drugs and immediately flew off!

Until now, she still has not returned!

Turtle Minister wishes to cry but he does not have tears. He has the worst mobility among all of the people in Dragon Palace.

Originally he hopes that little princess will bring him along but after she left him behind, he has been chasing after her but is unable to catch up ah!

After running along the river bank for an afternoon, Turtle Minister realized that he did not even run further than 300 meters, thus he gave up.

Thus he can only change into his human form and sit by the riverbank as he waits for his house’s princess to return.

But the little princess seems to have forgotten about him, after leaving for such a long time, he is so anxious that his mouth is full of fiery foam.

My little princess ah, where did you go…

Turtle Minister is almost about to turn into a stone by the riverbank as he bears with the washing of the river wind and beating of river tides.

After waiting for an unknown amount of time, Turtle Minister finally noticed two light glows falling.

One of them obviously has the scent of their little princess…while the other seems to have the scent of the Third Prince!

Little Princess is back?

Who is the other person? Could it be that third prince is still alive?

Turtle Minister is immediately happy as he uses his fastest speed to walk towards the two figures.

When the two of them finally enter Hotpot City, Turtle Minister starts to feel strange.

Why would the little princess go there for?

But as he is worried about the  little princess he continues walking. After half an hour he finally reaches the entrance of Hotpot City and walks in.

Walking in isn’t a problem but what he sees scares him out of his wit’s.

What he sees is his house’s princess plucking off the head of a lobster and stuffs the white delicate lobster meat into her mouth.

While sitting in front of her is a man who is giving off the scent of a hunter as he smiles merrily at little princess!

Bullshit! The Little princess is definitely under the control of his demonic magic! She is actually killing her own aquatic race!

Gods…this is bad…I must quickly return and report to Dragon King and save little princess!

Turtle Minister quickly runs out with a pale face.

Liu Yi does not know that a catastrophe is hanging over his head. At the moment he is attracted by the news on the TV of the restaurant.

Most of the content of the news is about a matter, A falling meteorite from the sky, mysterious beauty as well as the appearance of Blood Emperor.

It can be said that Blood Emperor’s appearance gives a large number of North Dragon city people a shock.

For example, that night Liu Yi exposes that he is able to fly with a flying sword as well as the abilities that he usually uses.

Currently, all of the people in North Dragon city are treating Blood Emperor like a Superman or Spiderman and worship him.

Of course, other than those crazy fans, there are a few people who are vilifying Blood Emperor.

For example, the police who are trying to capture Blood Emperor.

“Eh, they seem to be talking about us?”

Ao Susu watches the TV as she deshells the lobster.

Liu Yi immediately stuffs a prawn that he has deshell into Ao Susu’s mouth and says: “This place is still part of the human society. You need to take note of what you are saying. Do you want to be captured by humans to be put on display like a monster before you are happy?”

“Do…do they dare…”

Although Ao Susu says this her voice is lowered, “I am a princess from Dragon Palace…”

“This place does not care about Dragon Palace…only Hotpot City, that’s all!”

Liu Yi reminds Ao Susu, “Human society is very complex. After you have return do not randomly run out again. This place is not suitable for you!”

“Heng who say I am not allowed to come out again! I will definitely come out again!”

“What the heck! Why would you come out again for?!”

Ao Susu pouts and says: “Revenge! You this evil person who killed my elder brother! This princess still needs to find you for revenge!”

[TL: are you really sure it is for revenge?]


Liu Yi wipes away his sweat, “Why do you still remember this matter?”

“Treating my own elder brother’s death as nothing is abnormal okay?”

Ao Susu pouts in dissatisfaction, “Although I and my elder brother relationship is normal, he is still my elder brother! Furthermore, you are stained with dragon blood and have the dead soul of a dragon in your hands that is an undeniable fact! You currently are indeed already a hunter! In the future all of the demons who see you will either escape or hate you to death!”

“Ai… what a headache.” Liu Yi shakes his head, “The trees long for peace by the wind, never ceasing..everything does not happen as I originally intended.”

Ao Susu pets her small chest and suddenly says: “Relax. This princess will not let them harm you!”


Liu Yi is rather surprised, this lass is willing to protect me?

“You are this princess’s revenge target. Other than this princess no one has the rights to kill you!”

Can I sweat first ah…?

Ao Susu’s manner of thought is too valient…I am unable to follow her tempo, don’t you think so???

“But seeing that you have invited me to eat good food, at that time this princess will take action faster and let you die without pain!”

“Alright then…then let me first thank your highness princess!”

Liu Yi can only submit helplessly.

Facing Ao Susu, he is completely defeated!

While the two of them are eating heartily, this Hotpot City is suddenly thrown into disorder.

They can only hear the people by the window seats shouting: “Large tides! Large tides ah! It is going to flood! Quickly run!”

“Gods…save me ah….”

Hotpot City becomes very messy as a lot of people are in a hurry to escape.

Liu Yi stands up and takes a look out of the window.

This glance really astonishes the heart ah!

What he sees is the originally frozen river surface split open.

A scary large river tide around 5-6 meters tall is slowly moving towards Hotpot City.

What the hell….are you joking?!?!

Only the Qiangtang river during spring tides would there be such a scale alright?!?!

When does your Song River have such large tides!

Because of such a large tide, very quickly all of the people within the restaurant have run away and no one is left. After all who will stay here and wait for death. Taking advantage that the tide has yet to reach, all of them have escaped.

Currently, there is only Liu Yi and Ao Susu left. While Ao Susu does not bother about the tide outside as she is struggling with the prawns and crabs.

Liu Yi looks at the tide outside and swallows his saliva before asking: “Should we also escape…”

Ao Susu waves her hand and says: “There is no need. It is definitely my royal father who asked them to fetch me. There is no problem.”

“Ah…wait a minute!”

Liu Yi immediately cries out in shock: “What the heck! Are you for real? Why would you need to make such a big fuss to fetch people? How is this fetching people! This is more like looking for a fight alright?!?!”

“ seems to be that case ah…”

Ao Susu turns and glances out of the window with a prawn in her mouth.

“Aiyah! Oh my gosh! My royal father has brought out his three thousand strong navy…”


3000 strong navy of Dragon Palace of the river…

Liu Yi says in his heart, what the shit…luckily it is a dragon king from a small river…if it is a dragon king from the north sea or south sea wouldn’t it be a hundred thousand strong navy!!!

What the heck are you making such a big ruckus for? Snatching your daughter back?

Liu Yi complains in his heart, should I go and call the Red Scarf Army over and make it into a group fight?

But it seems like most of them are only ordinary people…while the opponent are prawn soldiers and crab generals…these prawn soldiers and crab generals are not small fries like what the stories describe them, instead, they are a proper army!

Haiz it’s better to forget about it. If it is possible to reason with them then let’s just reason with them.

Liu Yi is afraid that when the dragon king is angry he will flood Hotpot City, thus he quickly walks out to the door and shouts towards the incoming tide.

“This one is Blood Emperor! Those who are coming over please halt!”

From the tides come a raging roar: “You damn standing monkey! It is you who killed my third son and tricked away my little daughter!”

This roaring voice is very loud like a thunder.

Luckily the people here are already gone otherwise when they hear the dragon king rage they would have wet their pants in fright.

“Is this the dragon king?”

Liu Yi stands in front of Hotpot City as he faces the tide.

On top of the 5-meter tall tide stands row after row of prawn soldiers and crab generals.

In the center of them is a dragon-headed human, supporting his sinking beer belly as he stands on the ocean spray and glares fiercely at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says: “I feel that there are some misunderstandings in between. We should sit down and have a good talk. En, I do not like violence.”

“A bunch of nonsense!”

Dragon king roars: “Your body is still stained with the fresh blood of my son! What is there for you and me to discuss! Be obedient and hand over my daughter and I shall give you a quick death!”

Liu Yi turns around and asks Ao Susu who is eating prawn: “Is your royal father temperament always so violent?”

“It’s still okay ah? Royal father’s temperament has always been very good. How about this, let me help you talk with him.”

As Ao Susu speaks, she hides the lobster behind her as she walks forward and stands in front of Liu Yi, she faces the tide and shouts: “Royal father! I am fine! He is here to send me home!”

“My daughter ah! What kind of demonic technique are you under ah!”

The old dragon king sees that his daughter’s mouth is still stained with prawn juice and immediately starts to tear, “Do not worry! Royal father is coming to save you now!”

“Ah! Royal father, I really am…”

“My army listen to my order! Take down this damn hunter! Let him know the rage of our Dragon Palace!”

The three thousand prawn soldiers and crab generals raise their weapons and roar: “Arrrrr!”

Ao Susu shrugs her shoulders: “Fine then…my royal father’s temperament is indeed very violent…”

Liu Yi looks at Ao Susu in shock, “That’s all?”

“That’s right, then what else do you think?”

Ao Susu takes out a large prawn and eats it in two to three bites.

“Can you try to reason with them again?”

“Aiyah, you guys can just fight …”

Ao Susu smiles merrily with a hint of cunningness, “You bullied this princess before and there needs to have someone who will help this princess take revenge right?”

“The heck! You are doing it on purpose!”

Liu Yi finally realized what was going on!

This lass is not pure at all! She is obviously a black-bellied princess ah!

While on the other hand the prawn soldiers and crab generals have already arrived in front of Liu Yi.


Chapter 286- [Dragon Palace Navy]

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  1. Maybe you could write Sea Dragon or Flood Dragon? Because I was confused when she ate her own clansmen in the previous chapter because for me dragons are air & ground/normal/fire/etc. pokemon .

    Thanks four your work =)


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