MKW Chapter 285

Chapter 285 [Escaping in a sorry figure]


Liu Yi is shocked, This Ai Ling girl has a really meticulous mind.

If I keep staying with her, there might be a day when I got sold by her!

Liu Yi’s heart is heavy as he does not know how to face the beauty in front of him.

Is she sent down by the gods to be my bane?

All kinds of guesses appear in his mind.

“Although sir has heroic sentiments but sir does not have a heroic brain.”

Ai Ling smiles and her smile is like a spring breeze clearing the spirit of people.

At the same time, her words hammer heavily at Liu Yi’s mind making him look straight.

“Today this girl meets sir and feels that I am kindred spirits with sir that is why I say these to sir. If sir goes, this girl feels that it is inauspicious and is not assured.”

Ai Ling words making Liu Yi heart in a mess.

This girl…what is she trying to do…

If this goes on, I am afraid that I will really fall in love with her…

Damn it!

Liu Yi clenches his fist and bites his own tongue to use pain and clear his mind.

Even I can go and like a girl, she must not be Ai Ling! I don’t wish that in the end, I don’t even have my bones!

Just take a look at Bai Haijun’s end and you will understand!

I must not fall into that girl’s trap!

While Ai Ling is not in a hurry as she seems to already treat Liu Yi as her prey.

Ai Ling feels from the past it is always males chasing girls but the truth is that girls are the real hunters. While men are the actual prey.

If you wish to capture prey you need a smart hunter. Ai Ling believes that she is an outstanding hunter. Blood Emperor, this prey will never be able to escape from my palm.

“Hehe…this girl seems to have accidentally said out my true thoughts.”

Ai Ling suddenly laughs enchantingly, her laughter nearly causes Liu Yi to lose attention.

“But sir if you are a smart person why don’t you sell this dragon girl to us? We will also not force you, Concealed Sword Palace can use a large sum of money to buy this dragon girl from you. Expensive magic weapons, high-grade heart sutras, you can ask for any of them! Furthermore…y even if you wish for me to be your Dao partner…en, it is also possible.”

Liu Yi thoughts start to go wild, What is this Ai Ling trying to mean! This is clearly an enticement!

When Ao Susu hear this, she seems to be slightly afraid as she tugs Liu Yi’s shirt from the back, afraid that he’ll agree to Ai Ling.

While Liu Yi’s eye expression keeps changing like he is having a battle with a celestial being.

“So have you thought it over? Sir?”

But what replied to Ai Ling was the Charming Fox sword that Liu Yi swings out.

The Charming Fox sword flashes passed Ai Ling’s ear and some strands of her hair fall on her shoulder.

“Demonic girl, do not think about enticing me anymore. What I, Blood Emperor have decided will never change.”

He keeps away the Charming Fox sword and picks up Ao Susu with a hand and flies away on his Taiji sword.

But his leaving figure…why does it look somewhat haggard.


Ai Long gently caress her hair by her ears and says softly: “You thought that you are able to escape the palm of this fairy? You are able to escape this time but next time you will not be able to escape.”

When she sees that so-called Blood Emperor, Ai Ling feels that she has lost interest in the dragon girl.

That Blood Emperor’s attractive force seems to be stronger than her’s! Ai Ling is also unable to explain why, but she is very interested.

Ai Ling takes a look at the trembling and pale Bai Haijun by her side and says: “Senior brother, we should return.”

“Okay, okay…junior sister. Let’s return after we return…I must look for senior brother, to, to help you eliminate this fellow…”

“Hehe, let’s not bother senior brother about this first, senior brother still needs to recuperate first when you return. Junior sister is feeling heartache seeing you like this.”

“It, it is still junior sister who cares about me…”

Bai Haijun smiles foolishly and barely controls his sword to follow Ai Ling back to Concealed Sword Palace.


Liu Yi pulls Ao Susu as he stands on the taiji sword and flies as he asks: “Ao Susu which is the approximate direction of your Dragon Palace?”

Ao Susu thinks for a while before saying: “It is in the direction of Northeast..”

This Ao Susu is a basically a person with no sense of direction. Other than general bearing she completely does not know anything else.

As Liu Yi flies in the direction of the northeast, he starts to think.

I remember that Ao Susu says that she is living at the Song River of Heilongjiang tributary river center…

Isn’t river song one of the rivers of North Dragon city?

Looks like Ao Susu’s clan of dragons should be living there.

With an approximate direction, Liu Yi’s heart is much calmer as least there is no need to run all over the place.

He changes the direction of his flight and brings Ao Susu towards Song River.

The flying sword’s speed is very fast, although North Dragon city is not small but in less than ten minutes Liu Yi has already brought Ao Susu to land at the side of the Song River.

To prevent attracting the shock of other people, Liu Yi changes back to ordinary clothing and removes his face mask. Towards Liu Yi’s appearance, Ao Susu does not care much. Although she has more or less relied upon Liu Yi that is because there is the scent of her elder brother on him.

Ao Susu herself has changed to a pretty little girl appearance and the horns above her head are gone.

It is currently in the middle of winter and is close to the new year, A layer of thick ice has already frozen over Song River.

The river bank is very famous for a hotpot, thus Liu Yi pulls Ao Susu and walks towards this Hotpot City.

The business inside the Hotpot City is rather good and a very nice smell emits out.

Ao Susu’s stomach instantly starts to rumbles. Liu Yi glances at her who immediately looks away with a red face.

Ao Susu also did not forget to say: “That..that…that is the sound of my shoes when I am walking. It is not that I am hungry! You lizard do not misunderstand!”

Liu Yi wishes to laugh, this lass is too adorably proud.

She is indeed the little princess of the Dragon Palace ah.

“Thinking about it, I am hungry though. How about little princess accompany me to eat something?”


Ao Susu immediately becomes excited but when she sees the smile on Liu Yi’s face she immediately changes her tune and says: “Heng, this princess is very full! But this princess is kind-hearted by nature and does not wish to let this damn lizard starve!”

“Yes, yes, yes, princess let us go in then.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls the slightly shy and indifferent Ao Susu like a little sister into Hotpot City.


Hotpot City is rather high class, there is two pretty waitress wearing cheongsams who welcome them at the entrance enthusiastically.

“Where did you come from evildoers!”

Seeing the two pretty girls dressed up to the nines, Ao Susu got a huge shock as her hands move like she is going to summon out the dragon lance.

Liu Yi gt a huge shock as he immediately restrains her hands and says to the waitress.

“Table for two!”

“Very well, sir, this way please.”

Ao Susu’s appearance like she is facing a big enemy did not attract their unhappiness but rather it makes the two waitress feel that she is very cute.

The two pretty girls smile as they lead Liu Yi and Ao Susu to a table with two seats.

“Take a seat, they are ordinary humans how could they become evildoers.”

“If they are not evildoers why would they have such sinister appearances!”

Ao Susu pouts, “Your human realm is so scary, out of everything to learn, you guys go and imitate monsters.”

“Fine then fine then…”

Liu Yi is unable to do anything to little dragon girl so he can only pass her the menu and say: “Take a look. What do you wish to eat?”

“This princess is not hungry!”

“You are the princess, so it is naturally you who decides!”

“Heng, heng, at least you are tactful!”

Ao Susu then takes the menu as she looks with some craving expression.

Their conversation makes the server beside them laugh, as he prepares to take their order he says to Liu Yi: “Your girlfriend is really cute.”

“Who is his girlfriend! This princess is a princess from the Dragon Palace!” roars Ao Susu immediately.

“My little princess ah, please be quieter. Do you still wish to eat?”

“This..this princess is not hungry! I am accompanying you to eat, this reptile!”

Ao Susu glares at Liu Yi before continuing to look at the menu.

After looking for a while, her face suddenly turns white.

“Gods, all of this is our water clan ah…you, you humans are too scary…”

“What’s the matter? So you are not eating?”

“Don’t ah! That, this big prawn gives 2 catty! And this, what the heck is this…whatever just give me some. Serve up some of everything!”

Ao Susu is really blunt as she orders a large amount.

Liu Yi starts to sweat…how is this sympathizing with her own kind!

What big prawns and crabs…

After a while, the hotpot is served piping hot and has a special seasoning smell.

Ao Susu starts to drool, looks like she is really starving.

The first dish that is served is a few live crabs in a glass pitcher. There are around ten plus of them squeezed together making threatening gestures.

Actually, Liu Yi personally does not like to eat live crabs because he feels that it is a bit cruel.

When the waiter pours the crabs into the hotpot, instantly the crabs start to struggle in the boiling water, unable to lift their pincers.

Amitabha, Amitabha…Liu Yi can only chant in his heart, the one who is eating you are Ao Susu, not me if you want revenge you must look for Ao Susu…

After all, she is your princess!

“Wuwu…so cruel…you human beings are really bad!”

Ao Susu watches as the living crabs turn red from the heat as tears leak out.

After a while, she carefully picks one up and places it into her bowl before tearing out one of its legs and place in her mouth and chew.

“Wu Wu… it tastes so good…”

What the hell…what Dragon Palace princess is this…eating her own water clan so happily!

“When will the big prawn be served! Hurry up ah hurry up! This princess hates waiting the most!”

“That…eat slower…no one will snatch from you…”

“Heng…this princess does not need you to care!”

While Liu Yi and Ao Susu are struggling over the hotpot, a somewhat stooped figure walks unsteadily into the Hotpot City.


Chapter 285- [Escaping in a sorry figure]

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