MKW Chapter 284

Chapter 284 [This girl is not ordinary]


Ai Ling just stands on the flying sword as she watches him. Her white nichang cheongsam is very appropriate for the occasion and carries a type of allure.

She ties up her hair into a bun but leaves two feelers beside her ears.

The two hair ends are very charming as it stretches all the way to her chest.

It must be said that her chest is neither too large or too small, it is just nice.

It seems like with a glance that is can be grabbed with a single hand. Liu Yi lowers his gaze,  it should be around B cup.

Although it is incomparable to Wang Lele’s, Liu Yi is thinking that this kind of chest seems to be what he likes the most.

Especially when combined with Ai Ling’s delicate face which is simply perfect.

“Hehe, where are this sire’s eyes looking at?”

Ai Ling seems to notice Liu Yi’s gaze and immediately smiles alluringly.

She is proud of herself, so what if you are a hero among men, in the end, aren’t you fond of this fairy’s appearance!

So what if you are the hero of the world! So what if you are the king of the world! In front of this fairy’s appearance, you still have to obediently bow your head and drool!

“Ah, ah…I am thinking of things.”

Liu Yi hurriedly withdraws his gaze, this Ai Ling actually has such strong attractive force on me…but why is that so…

Unless the two of us are destined lovers from our past life? Thus during this lifetime, there is still such attraction?

Liu Yi is somewhat lost. But he knows that what he needs to do now is not covet beauties but to protect Ao Susu properly!

“Wherever sire wishes to look then just look. I will not reject.”

Ai Ling flutters her eyes at Liu Yi causing his heart rate to increase.

This demonic woman!

Liu Yi curses in his heart!

Even if it is Jiang Qini that enchanting exceptional woman enticing him, he does not have such feeling!

But as for this Ai Ling, he does not have any resistance! Damn it! Blasted! Liu Yi feels that he is really going to turn into a devil!

He secretly pinches his thigh to make use of pain to rid himself of the strange feelings.

“Demonic woman! Stop enticing me! Since you are not going take actions then we shall part!”

Liu Yi waves at Ai Ling and prepares to leave.

“Is sire in such a hurry to leave?”

But Ai Ling stretches out her arm to block, that posture of myriad appearances causes Liu Yi’s heart to tremble.

It is like a little hand unceasingly fiddling with his heartstrings, very itchy and sour.

Liu Yi is shocked as he immediately suppressed that strong thought of amorous feelings.

What is going on! Liu Yi are you in a draught?

“Hehe…sire seems to be somewhat unwilling to part with this girl.”

That smile of Ai Ling is lovingly touching, making Liu Yi feel that a flower has bloomed in his heart.

What is going on, what on earth is this situation!

Why am I acting like I’ve been poisoned!

Who poisoned me with love poison? Who is so cruel ah!

Perhaps the beautiful girl in front is not from Concealed Sword Palace but from a female demon race who applied some magic on me?

While Liu Yi is guessing, he suddenly feels that there is someone poking his back.

He turns around to take a look, so it is Ao Susu.

At this moment, Ao Susu is pouting and her large eyes flicker as she glares at him.

Her expression contains some trace of disdain!

Liu Yi also becomes clear-headed, the girl that I am facing is not someone benevolent! I must not think of random stuff!

“This sir seems to be interested in this girl. May I know if sir is interested in joining our Concealed Sword Palace?”

At this moment, Ai Ling completely does not care about Bai Haijun feelings as she smiles merrily at Liu Yi and says: “Seeing that sir’s sword technique seem to be an original one, if you are willing to join Concealed Sword Palace then in the future you will definitely be a famous person! Furthermore, most importantly you can be a junior brother of this girl!”

“I’d rather not.”

Speaking seriously, in that instance Liu Yi is slightly affected and almost agree.

This urge is quickly suppressed by Liu Yi, damn it what is wrong with me!

“I am much more suited to be a loose cultivator. Your Concealed Sword Palace is a big place that is too high for me to visit.”

Liu Yi directly rejected Ai Ling’s goodwill which causes her to be shocked.

“You are not willing to enter Concealed Sword Palace?”

Concealed Sword Palace is in the top three sects of the sword factions! Other cultivators are breaking their brains to try and enter but this fellow in front actually rejected!

This is unimaginable!

“What is so good about a big sect?”

Liu Yi laughs coldly, “This loose cultivator is much better off, unfettered and free”

“What a weird person…”

Ai Ling shakes her head and says: “Such a large sect like Concealed Sword Palace you don’t want to join it, I really have no idea what you are thinking of.”

“What I wish is very simple!”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Helping justice!”


Ai Ling is speechless, can this fellow speak seriously?

“Since sir does not wish to join our Conceal Sword Palace then we might be enemies in the future. Are you really willing to face a large sect? Even experts in the cultivation realm also do not wish to be enemies with a sect.”

Liu Yi swings the Charming Fox sword and says: “They are they, I am me. I have my own standard of conduct. As long as my conscience does not let down the heaven and earth, so what if I offend the big sects.”

“Your words are very pretty, I hope that sir have the abilities to be our enemies. This girl still cares about sire. If sire is in danger then this girl will be unhappy.”

Ai Ling’s words make Liu Yi’s heart rate increase.

What is the meaning of her words…unless she is interested in me?

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi you must not be enchanted by her!

Liu Yi pinches his leg again to prevent himself from being bewildered by her.

“When our words get sour there is no point in talking anymore. Let’s chat till here. In the future let’s not meet!”


It is better if I do not meet this girl again! Otherwise, I will definitely be ruined!

“Sir! Don’t be in a hurry to leave first! This girl still has a matter to discuss with sir.”

“What matter is there, hurry and speak…”

As Liu Yi speaks he secretly activates his Goodwill Eyes to take a look at how much goodwill she has for him.

It can be said that Liu Yi has two types of thoughts.

The first thought is to know if Ai Ling is using sweet words to lie to him.

The other thought is to secretly see…how much does Ai Ling like him…

His current mentality is like a little fan secretly in love with a goddess…

My sister ah…why do I have this type of feeling again! So annoying…really annoying!

Liu Yi clenches his fist and looks at Ai Ling as he starts to sweat.

Even when looking at Kṣitigarbha I am not as nervous as looking at Ai Ling!

Liu Yi recalls what his grandpa has said to him before. If he meets a beauty with such a strong aura then his grandeur will be snatched away, if that is the case, a man without grandeur will have a weak aura thus will be easily looked down upon by the beauty.

I must protect my aura!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as well as activating his breathing technique to adjust his attitude.

The breathing technique sobers his spirit and is very effective like he has eaten medication.

The results make Liu Yi very comfortable and lessen the attraction Ai Ling has to him.

“Hehe, sir’s nature is rather impatient. There is no need to be so impatient listen to this girl speak slowly. If we speak slower then I and sir will be able to interact longer right?”

Liu Yi’s heart is beating crazily as the earlier preparations were destroyed.

He borrows his masks cover and takes two deep breaths and quickly adjusts his breathing rhythm.

Where did this girl pop out from…is she my bane?

The feeling of being lead by the nose is really not nice!

At this moment Liu Yi’s Goodwill Eyes have also activated as he glances at Ai Ling but unexpectedly what appears above her head is not number!

It is two large question mark?!

Ai Ling’s result is the same as Immortal Fox Sister which is unknown!

This…what is this situation?!

And I thought that Immortal fox sister is considered as a special situation after all she is a spirit…

But what is the situation of this Ai Ling! Are you for real? What a fraud!

Liu Yi is really about to blow his top!

Why is it that such unlucky things are happening to me!

Ai Ling pouts as she laughs lightly and asks: “What is the matter, sir? Are you uncomfortable?”


Liu Yi literally spits out the words from between his clenched teeth.

Saying the words is much harder than him fighting a battle.

This Ai Ling girl…what kind of demonic powers does she have in her body!

“Sir is going to send this dragon girl back to Dragon Palace right? Then may I ask sir what is your objective?”

After Ai Ling asks the question, Ao Susu who is hiding behind Liu Yi also looks at him curiously.

“No objective. I promised to send her home thus I will naturally do it.”

Liu Yi hugs his arm and says: “I am naturally not a good person but I am a trustworthy person.”

“Sir really is hero material. But did sir consider before, even if you are benevolent and keep your promise to send this little princess back home…but did you think before that her family will be grateful to you?”


Liu Yi indeed did not consider this question.

“Sending her back is just sending her back. I also do not expect her family to repay me.”

“Even if you think that way, but dragon race is very anti-foreigner.”

Ai Ling says slowly: “While sire’s body seems to have the scent of dragon blood and it is not completely dispersed. If what that little girl said is right, sire is a dragon killer right? In legends, it is said that what demons hate as well as fear the most are hunters. Especially to the dragon race as it is blood vengeance! I’m afraid that after you send this lass to Dragon Palace, she will survive but you, have a high chance of dying.”

When Liu Yi hears what she says, his body trembles.

This matter…he indeed did not consider before!

He did not think that this Ai Ling can actually consider this matter so comprehensively! This girl is not ordinary ah, at least she is much smarter than me!

Even Lin Tong also trembles and pats her own forehead, why did I not help Liu Yi to consider all of this!


Chapter 284- [This girl is not ordinary]

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