MKW Chapter 283

Chapter 283 [Is this truly love at first sight]


“Junior sister! With me here there is no need to be afraid!”

Bai Haijun feels that his self-esteem is being insulted as he shouts: “I am the 13th generation disciple of Concealed Sword Palace! How could I yield to a puny loose cultivator! Blood Emperor watch carefully as I am starting to use my real abilities!”

He forms a sword seal as his face turns red.

The swords changes direction again and forms a sword formation as its sword point rotates and shoots towards Liu Yi once again.

Once against the sword formation carries a dense sword qi, even if you dodge the sword formation, it is still possible to get injured by the sword qi.

The flying swords are very fast and are comparable to fighter jets.

In less than a second, they are already in front of Liu Yi.

In the meantime, Liu Yi was crazily filling the dragon lance in his hands with Nine Mysterious Heart qi and soon it started to trembles as it lets out dragon roars.


Liu Yi swings the lance at the frontmost sword and instantly the sword and lance crash into each other.

The mysterious ice qi instantly exploded out and forms a violent icy storm in from of him, freezing the rest of the flying swords right behind the first sword in a layer of ice.

“What! This…this is mysterious ice qi!”

Bai Haijun instantly got a shock as he retreats a few steps and explains: “Could it be that you are from Immortal Snowy Peaks?! But it cant be, how is it possible for someone from Immortal Snowy Peaks to be able to join Hunter’s organization!! Who on earth are you!”

“I already said, I am a Hunter and I am called Blood Emperor.”

Liu Yi holds the lance with a hand behind his back. With his ice, he completely has the aura of a great general.

Bai Haijun roars: “Damn it! No matter who you are daring to provoke my Concealed Sword Palace there is only one path for you and that is death!”

I also have an ability that allows me to see that the opponent is obviously just a four-star cultivator! But why is it that I a five-star expert is unable to deal with him and is instead being suppressed by him!

“I am a five-star expert and you are only a four-star loose cultivator! Fighting against me you only have a single path and that is death!”

[TL: second death of imaginary Liu Yi]

As Bai Haijun speaks he forms sword seals at high speed making Liu Yi suspicious that he usually jacks off a lot.

“This move is a big move of five stars! You will definitely not be able to receive it!”

The flying swords that are frozen start trembling and emit sword qi breaking the ice.

Following which the flying swords start to split, one to two, two to three and soon the whole sky is full of flying swords.

“Do you see it!” Bai Haijun screams, “As long as I move my finger you will immediately turn into a sieve! This is my Concealed Sword Palace sword prestige!”

“Good sword(so low-down), indeed a very good sword ah!(Indeed is such a low-down person ah!)”

[TL: 剑 and 贱 sounds the same. The bracket words are the hidden meaning that Liu Yi meant while the ones outside are what Bai Haijun hears.]

Liu Yi sneers and touches the dragon lance in his hands as he faces the endless flying sword. He smiles like he is being cleaned by the wind.

“My heart is filled with righteousness, fearing no monster and demons. My hand is holding a dragon lance, so what if the heaven collapse and the earth sinks! If you really have the ability then come at me! If I am afraid of you then I am not called Blood Emperor!”

This speech causes Bai Haijun to feel like his heart is being attacked.

Ai Ling glances at Blood Emperor, this man is somewhat different.

“It is you who are seeking death! DIE!!!”

Bai Haijun presses down his hands and the dense flying swords in the sky instantly swarm towards Liu Yi like locusts!

“You have come just in time!”

Facing such an attack Liu Yi shows no fear while he tosses the dragon lance in his hands up into the sky.

Following which he smashes his palms against each other, “Army Splitter!”

Both Liu Yi’s right and left palm uses Glorious Sun Palm’s fourth move at the same time!

The force of the palm move instantly compress together and spread out.

Two large qi waves instantly explode outwards. When the first qi wave exploded out, all of the flying swords are instantly turn into ice statues.

When the second qi wave exploded out all of the frozen swords are turned to ice fragments.


Bai Haijun is shocked as he did not think that the opponent will still be able to such so easily dissolve his technique.


He immediately changes his sword seal causing all of the flying swords to gather together and shoots towards Liu Yi from all directions.

While Liu Yi stretches out his hands to grab the falling dragon lance and starts to swings it in front of him

When the flying swords are in front of Liu Yi, they are smashed aside by the dragon lance in his hand.

“How is it possible!”

Bai Haijun is still in disbelief of what is happening. I, the proud heavenly son of Concealed Sword Palace is actually being so badly bullied by a   loose cultivator?

How would I still have face to face, my junior sister!

He glances at Ai Ling by the side who is watching him, her gaze seems to contain some coldness.

This causes Bai Haijun to become even angrier.

“Junior sister! I will definitely defeat him! You just need to watch!”

Done speaking his eyes start to turn blood red as it seems like he is going to use his full force.

“Senior brother! When you become serious you really look very handsome!”

Ai Ling sentence instantly makes Bai Haijun very happy like he has eaten stimulant he roars, “Junior sister! I shall now help you snatch the dragon girl over!”

He bites open his own tongue spraying a mouthful of blood on the flying sword in front of him.

Blood essence power!

After the flying sword is completely stained blood red, it carries a weird harsh qi, causing all of the flying swords to seem to have taken drugs and becomes berserk. Their speed increases by a lot of times, the force behind each sword increase by a lot as well while the number of swords increases by countless numbers as they shoot towards Liu Yi.

“I’ll return this to you!”

Liu Yi suddenly throws the dragon lance backward towards Ao Susu who is standing behind watching everything that is happening stupidly.

Following which he stretches out his hand towards the front of his chest.

“Come out! Emotion sword!”

A sword carrying a beautiful foxtail is immediately pulled out by Liu Yi from his chest.

Actually, Liu Yi is not pulling out the emotion sword in his body but rather the emotion sword of Lin Tong within his spiritual world.

Although he is still unable to see how much goodwill Lin Tong has towards him, Liu Yi knows that Immortal Fox sister has some sentiments towards him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to pull out the emotion sword.

Liu Yi points the sword towards Bai Haijun behind the sword rain and forms a sword seal before pointing at him.

The ice qi that is covering the Charming fox sword seems to be as sharp as sword qi.

“You actually dare to compare sword technique against this heavenly son of Concealed Sword Palace! You are simply displaying one’s slight skill against an expert! Your courting death!!”

Bai Haijun laughs and feels that victory is just in front of his eyes.

He unceasing urges the sword rain in front of him causing the sword rain to be even more berserk as it shoots out as he prepares to pierce Liu Yi until his heart is satisfied.

[TL: sounds so wrong…]

While the Charming Fox sword is like a steel male lion among the locust group as it continues to advance with a dragon roar.

The flying swords that were affected by its passing will be hit aside and turned into sculptures.

The flying swords are like moths flying to fire when they reach the front of Charming fox sword they will fall.

In comparison, Charming Fox sword is like the king among swords! Domineering and impressive!

“This is impossible! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!”

As Bai Haijun watches his flying sword group being defeated he shouts unconsciously: “How is it possible for my sword formation to be defeated! This is a sword formation that only a six-star cultivator can learn! IMPOSSIBLE….”

The Charming Fox sword has already smashed aside all of the flying swords and directly pierced through Bai Haijun’s shoulder.

Blood sprays out and turns into ice crystals in mid-air.

If Bai Haijun did not have immortal qi protecting his body, in that instance he would have become an ice sculpture.

Despite that, Bai Haijun’s upper body is still frozen as his face turns white and stammers: “How…how…how is…it …possible…”

“Senior brother! Are you alright?”

Ai Ling is somewhat anxious as she stretches out her hand wanting to pat Bai Haijun’s arm.

At that moment, a large ice qi explodes out of Bai Haijun’s body scaring her into withdrawing her hand.

While Bai Haijun’s thoughts have turn sluggish as he trembles and hugs his arm no longer caring about his sweetheart.

Ai Ling immediately turns around and looks at Liu Yi and ask: “What demonic technique did you use on my senior brother?”

“Nothing much, just some light punishment.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and keeps back his Charming Fox sword and says: “When you return, remember to tell your senior brother not to randomly throw out his sect name. So what if you are from Concealed Sword Palace, it is people like you who are selfish and forms killing intent from your selfishness, it would be better to just eradicate your sect earlier!”

“Isn’t sire’s tone is rather big.”

Ai Ling’s eyes are clear and are not resentful while she smiles at Liu Yi and says: “We who have formed into a famous sect throughout the ages naturally have a reason for forming. If you have this amount of courage why don’t you come to our Concealed Sword Palace and take a look at our sect?”

“In the future, I will visit but not now.”

Liu Yi will not be trick by her, “It is better if you bring your senior brother back for treatment.”

“I still thought that sire is a real hero among men, so sire still has some things that he does not dare to do?”

“Ah? When did I say that I am a hero among men?”

Liu Yi smiles, “Don’t think too highly of me. I am only an ordinary loose cultivator.”

“Isn’t sire going to send that dragon girl back to her palace? Isn’t that something a hero would do?”

Ai Ling smiles making Liu Yi’s heart start to shiver.

What a good fellow…this girl smile is so pretty.

If I take a look a few more times….I might really fall in love with her!

What is going on unless this girl has a fox charm technique attached to her body?

Liu Yi checks with Lin Tong who shakes her head and says, {There isn’t…she did not use any kind of charm technique.}

That is strange then…why is it that I am so attracted to her?

Unless this is really the love at first sight from legends?


Chapter 283- [Isn’t it truly love at first sight?]

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