MKW Chapter 282

Chapter 282 [Concealed Sword Palace]


“What do you want to do!”

Ao Susu is badly frightened and nearly cried.

While Liu Yi only stretches out his hand and pushes Ao Susu aside.


A white ray pierces passed Ao Susu’s hair like lightning.

Ao Susu’s fine hair stands as she senses that something is wrong.

“You have some skills to be able to dodge my imperial sword technique!”

From afar comes a voice.

Liu Yi turns around and sees a cloud and behind the cloud hides a figure wearing sky blue qipao.

That figure is very confident and at ease, when Liu Yi takes a closer look he immediately sees a very handsome appearance.


At that moment Liu Yi defines him in that manner.

That figure is standing on a sword and there seem to be seven to eight swords floating around him.

What the hell? Why does that guy have so many swords? Is he a sword seller?

“Senior brother! Have you caught the dragon?”

Following which, a girl wearing a white nichang skirt standing on a pretty sword flies over to the back of that gigolo.

The white nichang girl slightly shocks Liu Yi because she is too enchanting and bewitching to people. If it is placed in the ancient era it is definitely a woman with the looks to cause the downfall of a city! Even if placed in this current era it is also an exquisite star material beauty.

But this kind of woman is not only pretty but at the same time it also symbolizes another matter and that is damage to a country and suffering to people.

When Liu Yi sees the girl for the first time, in his brain appears a thought.

This girl is definitely not a good person to be together with!

“Not yet junior sister. I have met with a little trouble.”

The gigolo waves his hand and says in a pleasing manner: “But senior brother will settle it soon. Leave it to senior brother, the dragon pearl as well as dragon tendon that you want, senior brother will help you get them.”

“Hehe, then let me thank senior brother! I know that senior brother pampers me the most!”

That gigolo immediately becomes happy.

But Liu Yi can clearly see that when the pretty girl smiles, the smile doesn’t reach her eyes.

Ai, looks like it is another case of a female goddess successful hooking and making use of a man.

At the same moment, that pretty girl turns her head and their gazes match.

At that moment, Liu Yi feels his body shake.

This woman’s eyes are very pretty ah…twirling around like it is able to speak. Even me who is used to seeing pretty girls, my heart rate increased slightly as well.

At that moment Liu Yi has a type of urge to embrace that girl tightly and dominate her everything.

Any male that is close to her needs to die!

Liu Yi is immediately scared by his thought, what is this…why is that girl emitting such a strong attractive force on me!

Love at first sight? Impossible! Impossible! How is there such kind of matter!

That pretty girl also takes a few glances at Liu Yi, but she is unable to see his appearance because of the mask he is wearing.

But he is emitting an aura that is making the pretty girl take notice of him.

Who is that masked cultivator? Seeing that he is standing on a flying sword, is he a sword sect person?

The gigolo cups his hands towards Liu Yi and asks: “May I know which sect or faction is this one from?”

While speaking his eyes are sneakily looking at little dragon girl.

Ao Susu starts to tremble and hides behind Liu Yi.

“Before asking other people shouldn’t you be reporting your own sect or faction?”

Liu Yi hugs his arm as he looks at the two people.

This gaze under the cover of his mask is looking mostly at the pretty girl at the back.

Although he is already doing his best to control himself he is unable to bear it and glances a few more times.

“What sire say is right.”

The gigolo instantly becomes proud as he sticks out his chest and says: “This one is a Sword Zhong from Sword Faction, Concealed Sword Palace 13th generation disciple, Bai Haijun! This one is my junior sister Ai Ling.”

{Concealed Sword Palace…}

Lin Tong doesn’t dare to sit on Liu Yi’s shoulder in case she got noticed.

She hides inside Liu Yi’s spiritual world and secretly says, {Big need to be careful. It is better if you leave this place immediately. Concealed Sword Palace is one of the largest sects of the Sword Faction. The sect’s power is very strong and is within the top three of the sword faction! Currently, your power is not enough…it is better if you hide as much as possible!}


Liu Yi looks back at little dragon girl who is still shivering and tossed aside that though.

How can I hide?

Didn’t I promise to send Ao Susu back to Dragon Palace? Whatever a man says he must accomplish!

Bai Haijun cups his hands and ask: “So sire is from which sect and faction?”

Liu Yi directly answers: “Hunter.”

“Hunter? Only a loose cultivator?”

When Bai Haijun hears that he immediately smiles in disdain.

“To think I thought that sire is an expert from a big sect. So you are only a fallen from grace small hunter from that hunter’s organization!”

Bai Haijun attitude is completely different from his earlier attitude, “Since you are a person from Hunter’s organization then it is better if you do not meddle with our Concealed Sword Palace Sword Zhong matters! Otherwise, do not blame us for being impolite!”

“Ah? When did I meddle with your matter?” laughs Liu Yi.

“You better obediently hand over the dragon girl behind you.”

“Hand over?”

Liu Yi laughs loudly, “Are the people from Concealed Sword Palace braindead? This person here is a living person, not goods that you can hand over as you like!”

“How dare you insult our Concealed Sword Palace! Are you looking for death?”

Bai Haijun frowns as a fierce glow erupts from his eyes.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says“If your Concealed Sword Palace only bullies the weak and fears the strong as well as willfully killing the innocent then there is no need for me to respect you guys.”

The pretty girl Ai Ling pouts and says pitifully: “Senior brother…look…he is looking down on us…”

“How dare you! Looks like this hillbilly loose cultivator does not know how powerful our Concealed Sword Palace is!”

When Bai Haijun sees Ai Ling’s pitiful manner he instantly rages and roars as he forms a sword seal.

Instantly sword shadows appear, around seven to eight surrounding Liu Yi with their tips pointing at Liu Yi as they revolve around him.

“Do you see! This is my Concealed Sword Palace’s sword prestige!”

Bai Haijun laughs coldly, “If you do not wish to die then hurry and hand over the dragon girl!”

Liu Yi glances at Ai Ling a few more times, this girl is indeed very powerful.

With just a few sentences and she is able to draw out this Bai Haijun’s killing intent.

What Grandpa says is right, as long as a girl is beautiful they all possess powerful weapons.

“Who wants to go with you guys! Damn it this princess, this princess is in a hurry to return back to Dragon Palace…”

Ao Susu hides behind Liu Yi and shouts at Bai Haijun.

“Heng, demon don’t be delusional! You will not be able to escape from my Bai Haijun’s sword!”

Liu Yi suddenly says: “Five stars.”


Bai Haijun does not know why did Liu Yi say such thingst.

“I am saying your cultivation is around five stars.”

Liu Yi kneads his hands and says: “I must admit that with your cultivation you are indeed able to defeat this stupid little dragon girl beside me…”

“Who is stupid! Damn it this princess is very smart okay!”

Liu Yi continues speaking: “……but if you want to defeat me you are still lacking.”

By the side Ai Ling blinks and ask: “Senior brother he is still looking down on you ah! Is it true that senior brother isn’t very powerful?”

“Then senior brother needs to be careful and must make sure not to get injured by that cultivator. If he injures you, this junior sister will be upset.”

“Hahaha, what a joke!”

Bai Haijun laughs, “I, Bai Haijun will get injured? Junior sister you are too suspicious. Just him will never be the opponent of me Bai Haijun! As long as I say a sword chant he will be pierced full of holes from my sword qi!”

The swords surrounding Liu Yi instantly exploded with blue sword qi glows, they are very eye catching and dazzles the eyes of Ao Susu by the side.

Ao Susu is slightly suspicious…is this evil person really able to win?

The opponent is an actual disciple of a famed sect and faction ah! What he is cultivating are definitely the best techniques!

Although this evil person’s powers are slightly high without a good cultivation technique he will not be the opponent of the enemy!

Liu Yi suddenly shouts: “Ao Susu, retreat!”

Ao Susu glances at Liu Yi before retreating back tens of meters.

“You from Concealed Sword Palace, I do not care if you are a Sword Zhong or a despicable man but let me tell you this. Today with me here no one is allowed to touch this dragon girl! Today I, Blood Emperor shall care about her matter!”

“Every well then Blood Emperor, looks like you are seeking for death!”

Bai Haijun clenches his teeth and says: “Junior sister watch as I kill this fool that does not know what’s good for himself and obtain the dragon pearl and dragon tendon that you want!”

Instantly the swords increase their speed and pierce towards the center.

While Liu Yi instantly turns into a black glow and disappears and dodges Bai Haijun sword prison besiege.

At the same time, his figure appears beside Ao Susu, stretch out his hand and grabs hold of the dragon lance in her hand.

“ I’ll be borrowing your lance for a while!”

Done speaking he flies towards Bai Haijun.

“Damn it! Let me see how many moves can you dodge!”

Bai Haijun forms a sword seal and points at Liu Yi, instantly the swords change direction and one after the other shoots towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is composed as he actives his Black and white world.

With Little Jade’s assistance, he is able to see the swords direction and path clearly.

He wields the dragon lance as he stands on the taiji sword and sweeps thousand soldiers.

-Dang, dang, dang!-

The swords are sent flying by Liu Yi one after the other.

When Ai Ling by the side sees that scene she immediately shudders and says: “Senior brother! It looks like you cannot win!”

“That Blood Emperor…will he harm me?”


Chapter 282- [Concealed Sword Palace]

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