MKW Chapter 281

Chapter 281 [Send you back home]


“I will help you increase your chest.”

As Liu Yi speaks, bountiful chest bubbly hands activates.

Ao Susu’s chest is originally flat but within moments it turns into a pair of balloons as it swells.

Following it is her startled cries.

“AHHHHHHHH! What did you do to me! What kind of demonic technique is this! You  **rod!! Evil big **rod!!”

“Do not worry, I am only helping you to increase your chest size there won’t be any harm.” smiles Liu Yi merrily.

“You better remove this magic quickly! How evil! You this **rod! You cannot treat this princess this way! I, I want to kill you!” cries Ao Susu.

“Even if you kill me your chest will not turn back to normal.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders as he crosses his arms and floats in front of the little dragon girl, “If you do not believe then you can try to kill me. I’m standing here so come on then.”

Liu Yi points at his chest, “Stab here and I will immediately die.”

“You! YOu! YOU!!”

Ao Susu really does not know what to do about the fellow in front of her! This evil person who killed elder brother is actually so shameless!

“What about me?” asks Liu Yi with a smile.

“You this **rod! Quickly change my chest back to normal! This princess’s current appearance will make people laugh at me!”

“Why should I care?”

Liu Yi sneers, “Aren’t you screaming about killing me? Why should I care about you being mocked by other people?”

“This princess is a majestic princess of Dragon Palace! You cannot treat me like this!”

Liu Yi reply with his arms cross, “This master is the majestic no.1 of losers! Who is scared of who!”

“Why are there people like you…Wu wu wu…this princess doesn’t care you must change this princess back!” says Ao Susu in an incomparable barbarous and willful manner.

“I’m just not going to. What can you do to me? Bite me?”

Liu Yi beckons Ao Susu with his finger.

Ao Susu suddenly hugs the arm that Liu Yi stretches out and bites down harshly on his arm.


Liu Yi immediately feels a heart-wrenching pain as he screams.

“You really bit me ah! Are you born in the year of a dog?!?!”

“You hateful evil person! Four-eyed bug!”

Ao Susu uses a lot of strength to bite down and after seeing blood she says in satisfaction: “This princess is not a dog! This princess is a noble dragon! You bully this princess and this princess did not bite your throat is already giving you a favor!”

“What the hell!!! Release your mouth!”

Liu Yi taps on Ao Susu chest with his finger and activates amourous hand.

These are his two instantly kill technique on girls!

Immediately Ao Susu gives a delicate moan as she retreats a few steps and glares at Liu Yi hatefully with tears in her eyes.

“You! What evil demonic technique did you use!”

“ A technique that is just for handling uncivilized princesses like you!”

Liu Yi looks at his arm in heart pain, Gods…she really bit so deeply…the shirt is bitten through and there are also teeth marks!

Ao Susu hugs her bountiful chest and cries: “Damn it! You. quickly remove it from this princess! What do I look like carrying such things!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, I also didn’t increase it by a lot, it is only around Wang Lele’s size.

But this is the size that Murong Die is dreaming of! You actually look down on it?!

Indeed, dragon race and human race sense of beauty have differences!

“If you want me to realize is okay but you must promise me some things!” says Liu Yi slowly.

“Pei! You are an evil person! Four-eyed bug! Shameless human!”

Ao Susu scolds, “You all only know how to use those despicable methods! If you have the abilities let’s have a head-on fight!”

“In a head-on fight, you are also not my opponent ah!”

Liu Yi is helpless, “I only don’t wish to injure you that’s all okay?”

“Nonsense! You evil person! You already killed my elder brother! You definitely wish to kill me to eat my dragon pearl!”

“I have already eaten a dragon pearl why would I want to eat a second one?”

“Because there are legends that say if a person eats seven dragon pearls, he will be able to smoothly pass his tribulation and become an immortal…AH…”

Ao Susu face suddenly turns white as she covers her mouth.

The reason why the dragon race appears in the world so rarely is because the dragon pearl’s in their body is too precious.

Every single cultivator, demon, devil, all wish to consume dragon pearls!

Thus even if a dragon race secretly goes to the surface they will not show their real body.

Ao Susu didn’t know that the opponent didn’t know this matter but she herself accidentally revealed it. She covers her mouth as her rigid eyes carry horrid stares at Liu Yi.

He…would he really want to take away my dragon pearl…

Wu wu wu…royal father… I do not wish to die…

“So dragon pearls also have such usage…”

Liu Yi creases his brows, No wonder so many people wish to kill dragons.

{A dragon’s body is a treasure ah!}

Lin Tong sneers and says, {Swallowing a dragon pearl can largely increase cultivation, swallowing seven they can immediately cross their tribulation smoothly and become an immortal. Their scales can be used to make immortal clothing which have high immunity against cultivator techniques. Drinking their blood can speedily recover your lost qi. Their horns can be used in medicine, to create exceptional amazing soldiers…}

What the hell…it is really from the top to the bottom of their body’s are treasures!

Liu Yi looks at the horrified little dragon girl and sighs. He stretches out a finger and taps her chest.

Immediately her pair of bountiful chest deflates and returns back to normal.

There is still some swelling but it is not a real flatland.

“You! What did you do to me again…ah…”

Ao Susu suddenly realizes that the demonic technique used on her is removed and is shocked.

“Outside is too dangerous for you. It is better if you return back to your Dragon Palace soon.” as Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hands to indicate to Ao Susu to leave.

Ao Susu ask in shock: “You…you are really letting me go?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “That’s right, you quickly leave.”

“Vile evil person! It is me who was looking for you for revenge but why is it that you are releasing this princess!”

Ao Susu sneers, “Heng, you must have some conspiracy!”

This lass is too annoying…

“If you do not go then I will use my technique on you again!” says Liu Yi as he swirls his finger.

Ao Susu is so frightened but she suddenly started crying.

“Wu wu wu…but….but I lost Turtle Minister….this princess is unable to find my way back…”


Liu Yi eyes widen.

What the heck is this situation?

This little dragon girl is actually…lost?

“Oi, oi, are you for real? You are a princess of  theDragon Palace and you are unable to find your way back home?”

Liu Yi instantly starts to feel that his head is swelling.

“Heng…it is still not your turn to talk about this princess! This is this princess’s first time leaving Dragon Palace…when walking I was perhaps a bit too much in a rush…so, so I left Turtle Minister behind…wu wu wu….where are you Turtle Minister….I want to go home…”

Liu Yi’s heart softens when he see how sadly the lass is crying.

“How about this, I send you back how about it?”

“Heng, you evil person! Don’t think that I don’t  know what you are thinking of!”

The Dragon Palace princess immediately glares at Liu Yi and scolds, “After you send me home, you will sweep my Dragon Palace and take care of all of our Song River’s dragon race! Heng, Don’t think I do not know your scheme! Big evil person, if you have the ability then kill me! I will not let your scheme succeed!”

Liu Yi is speechless when he sees this side of little dragon girl. He stretches out his hand towards little dragon girl’s head.

Little dragon girl is so afraid that her body trembles and she nearly cried.

She thought that she will definitely die as she cries in her heart, elder brother…royal father…I, I am going to die…

But the pain and darkness of her imagination did not occur as the evil person in her heart only stretches out a finger and flicks her forehead.


“Aiyah!!! You hit me!!!”

Although it is lightly, Liu Yi still uses some force.

The slightly painful feeling rushes through her head causing her to hug her head as she glares at Liu Yi.

“I do not have any interest in your dragon race’s dragon pearls. What passing tribulation, what immortality, I can achieve all of that through my cultivation and hard work. As for your elder brother, I can only say I’m sorry as there was a lot of misunderstanding in between. If you are not willing to let me send you home, think about it. This is the mortal world so how many cultivators are hidden around? To them, you are no different from a mountain of gold?”

“This…this princess naturally have my own methods to go back…even if I meet other cultivators…then…then I just fight them!”

“Just you? A five-star little dragon girl?”

Liu Yi has already seen through the opponent’s strength earlier, “You can’t even defeat me this four-star cultivator and you still wish to challenge other cultivators?”

Although I am a four-star cultivator, my combat ability is around 8 stars.

Of course, Liu Yi will not let little dragon girl know about this point.

“ don’t lie to me!Anyone who is stained by dragon blood..will all become hunters…”

Little dragon girl says: “Hunters are the bane of all monster races especially the dragon race…I, I will not believe what you say!”

Hunter…Liu Yi mouth twitches.

“What hunter I don’t know about that, but I am a Hunter, a member of the Hunter’s organization. To me, you are like my younger sister. I’m not interested in your dragon pearl. If you do not want to let me care about you then you can return on your own.” Liu Yi retreats backward indicating that he does not care about the little dragon girl.

[TL: both Chinese words mean hunter.]

Ao Susu is slightly dumbstruck.

Why did this evil guy say this suddenly? I actually don’t know how to handle this?

What to do?

Fight, but I am unable to defeat that evil guy as he is too strong…he is obviously a four-star cultivator but he can bully me within an inch of my life…

Leave? But where do I go…where is the way back home ah…

“How evil…evil guy! You…can you be trusted on what you say?”

Ao Susu feels that the evil guy in front of her is her last hope…

Can….can I believe that evil person?

“I, of course…”

Just as Liu Yi starts speaking he suddenly turns into a ray of light and rushes towards little dragon girl.


Chapter 281- [Send you back home]

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