MKW Chapter 28

Chapter 28   [Quickly use your right hand]


Back then during junior high, because Ma Wei beat up his teacher in school, he was forced to drop out of the school by the school.

After which he follows a ‘cousin’ from the streets and starts to live on the streets till now.

In the beginning, Ma Wei was just a small hooligan and anyone could bully him.

Until one day, he unintentionally provoked a famous hooligan boss.

That boss threatens to break his legs to make him only able to beg on the streets for the rest of his life.

Ma Wei returns and starts pondering. Knowing that he will be dead either way, he decided to go out with a bang.

He picks up the kitchen knife in his house and went to the nightclub to find that hooligan boss. He uses the kitchen knife and chases him down seven streets!

In the end, Ma Wei became famous.

One of the hall masters of Black Dragon Gang says that he appreciates his ferocity and thus took him in.

Ma Wei continues to mingle there and his status gets higher and higher until he becomes a small boss.

Now he has some underlings working for him.

But after being in the gang for a long time, Ma Wei realizes a matter.

Even if you are a gangster, you are nothing without any money!

Ma Wei wishes to borrow this opportunity to help Young master Lan to associate with this wealthy person which is a mutually beneficial thing.

In the future as long as Young master Lan provides money, he will be his hired hands.

A few days ago a hall leader of Black Dragon Gang had gotten into a major fight and both his hands got chopped off. Thus he is considered crippled, resulting in his position to be empty.

Only if he manages to possess enough funds would he be able to continue climbing up the ladders in Black Dragon Gang.

If he manages to take this opportunity to become a hall leader, he, Ma Wei will really become famous.

At that time what people call him would not be Brother Ma, instead, it good be Lord Ma!


Thinking of his big picture Ma Wei starts to become delighted.

When he leads his little brothers the entrance of the alley, he is stunned.

This….what is this situation….

On the ground lies several students. A weak-looking youngster and a middle-aged uncle wearing a western suit are standing among them. Both of them are standing opposite each other, opposing each other.

Wrong ah…it should not be ah!

Shouldn’t it be Kai Wen and his people beating down a fellow called Liu Yi?

What is this situation?

“Brother Wei…this, this fellow seems to be Liu Yi ah!”

One of his underlings pulls out his phone and pulls out Liu Yi’s photograph.

“This is not right ah….didn’t Young master Lan say that Liu Yi is a soft-egg…”

Another hooligan sees the blood on Liu Yi’s hand as well as the collapsed students on the ground and swallows his saliva.

“Who did you say is a soft-egg?”

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly turns his head over and looks at that hooligan.

The hooligan notices Liu Yi’s slightly red eyes and becomes scared.

But soon he calms down.

I am a person from the Black Dragon Gang!

Who the fuck had I ever been afraid of!

“Who the fuck are you talking to! Let me tell you, I am from Black Dragon Gang! You better be more tactful speaking to me! Otherwise, I will beat you to death!”

When Liu Yi hears this, he immediately turns away from the uncle in a black suit and walks towards the left two-step, and stands in front of that hooligan.

Liu Yi looks at the hooligan and says, “Why don’t you try calling me a soft-egg again?”

“Soft-egg, soft-egg, soft-egg!”

The hooligan cries out a few times, “Hahaha, this is the first time I had heard that someone have this kind of request growing up! You guys,  isn’t this guy an idiot! Hahaha…urg!”

While he is laughing, Liu Yi’s fist lands on his lower jaw.


Two teeth drop out from that guy’s mouth as his entire body flies up, his legs leaving off the ground by more than a meter.

This shit, in the end, collapses on the ground while bleeding all over the face.

The other hooligans by the side are all stunned.

This….this is the soft-egg that does not even have the strength to strangle a chicken that Young master Lan was talking about?

This bullshit….this is way too fierce already!

The uncle behind also lets out a surprised sound.

Is this really an ordinary student?

Did he receive training from a martial artist? Or a soldier?

But the way he attacks does not have any technique behind it, it is very barbarous!

It is like the methods of a wild beast fighting!

Miss actually towards this kind of dangerous student…cannot, I must go back and tell master!

While the uncle in the black suit is pondering, Ma Wei’s side is already in a mess.

They did not expect that while helping out Young Master Lan for a task, they actually kicked a steel plate!

“Who still wished to say that…”

Liu Yi is stimulated by the qi flow. His body is still slightly weak.

After he punched a person, his left hand is also bleeding. His knuckles are bleeding.

But because of the stimulation from the red qi flow, Liu Yi did not feel the pain.

While the white qi flow is also secretly revolving around, healing Liu Yi’s wounds.

Seeing that his underlings are badly frightened, Ma Wei instantly roars, “Damn it he is also a human! Go up and beat him!”

The hooligans by the side immediately let out weird cries as they wield their metal poles, wooden bats and the likes and rushes up.

The uncle crosses his arms as he watches the show happy at the back.

He wants to know just what capabilities does this youngster have!

-pa! pa!-

Liu Yi’s actions are rather fast and clean, and instantly dealing with two hooligans.

At this moment one of the hooligans who is holding a wooden bat smashes his bat against the back of Liu Yi’s head!

Instantly blood and wood fragments fly all over the place.

Liu Yi immediately has a cool feeling from the back of his head.

Under the effect of the red qi flow, he did not feel the pain.

But with his nose, he is able to smell the blood.

This is the smell of his own blood.

It is like a kind of catalyst which makes Liu Yi feel like the red qi flow in his body is revolving even faster!

While the white qi flow also increases in revolving speed towards the back of his head and heals the wound on his head.

If it was an ordinary person being hit like this, if he did not get brain damage, he would also be turned into an idiot!

But Liu Yi is already no longer an ordinary person. He is a lucky student who had just stepped into the cultivation world!


Liu Yi suddenly turns around, grabs that guy by his head with a single hand and lifts him up. Liu Yi finally smashed that guy into the wall behind.


The wall trembles from the impact while that hooligan had fainted and is bleeding from his head.

Seeing Liu Yi’s head covered in blood, and his fierceness, the rest of the hooligan were badly frightened as their legs tremble.

“A group of trash!”

Ma Wei is also afraid in his head but his experience in the triads for so many years tells him that he cannot be afraid otherwise he be done for!

He gathers his courage and pulls out his butterfly knife and moves to the back of Liu Yi and stabs towards his back.

No matter how many brothers lies in the bed tonight, as long as we manage to finish Young Master Lan’s task, he will definitely take care of us. So the hospital fees will not be able to run away!

As long as we make Young Master Lan happy and form a cooperation consensus…

This hall master position will also be mine!

The main point of everything is that I must make Liu Yi bleed!

Liu Yi’s attention is still on that small hooligan and did not notice the sneak attack from Ma Wei.

But at this moment the uncle who was standing at the back watching the show finally took action.

His hand shoots out like lightning and grabs the wrist of that Ma Wei.

He exerts strength with his hand and causes Ma Wei to clench his teeth in pain as his hand lost its strength and the butterfly knife drops onto the ground.

“What I hate to see most is people stabbing others in the back.”

As the uncle speaks, his hand exerts even more strength crushing down on Ma Wei’s arm causing him to kneel down in pain.

While he is preparing to teach Ma Wei a lesson, a chilling wind blow towards him.

The uncle retreats as he watches Liu Yi punch at the location where he was standing previously.

“What the…are you addicted to punching!”

The uncle exclaims.

While Liu Yi did not say anything as he continues to rush forward like a wild beast and starts attacking.

Under the influence of the red qi flow, Liu Yi has already entered the state of not knowing anyone.

In his eyes, everyone is a red figure.

Red figures are all my enemy…this is the sole thought that Liu Yi has.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yi and the uncle exchanged a few rounds.

If the uncle wished to kill Liu Yi, it would not be difficult at all.

But he does not wish to kill people, thus he keeps showing mercy, resulting in an even fight against Liu Yi temporarily.

On the other hand, Liu Yi is not so polite as he uses his full strength and nearly injures the uncle a number of times.

A few hooligans take advantage and help Ma Wei up.

“Brother Wei…what, what should we do…”

“Damn it…..the target is too tough, everyone retreat first…”

Ma Wei curses, “When we return let us take it out on Young Master Lan….damn it, this Liu Yi definitely learned Kungfu….hurry and leave. Later when they stop fighting each other, we will not be able to escape!”

The group of hooligans instantly escape with their tail between their legs.

Liu Yi and the uncle are still fighting each other.

But very quickly the red qi flow in Liu Yi’s body is starting to slowly retreat.

He had only just entered the doorway of cultivation, thus he does not have a lot of qi.

After fighting for a while, he more or less used up all of them.

Thus the red qi flow starts to decline.

{Liu Yi…you trash stop fighting anymore and hurry and escape!}

Lin Tong by Liu Yi’s ear keeps shouting, {Your strength is about to run out and you will definitely not be able to defeat this guy!}

“I, what did I do…”

Seeing the students and hooligans lying on the ground, Liu Yi is stunned.

Just what on earth…did I do!

Liu Yi’s entire body cools down, carrying with it an unbearable pain.

He has a feeling that he is going to collapse at any moment.

While the uncle does not know Liu Yi’s condition. He grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm pinching on his left shoulder joint and is preparing to put Liu Yi into a hold.

The pain from his shoulder causes Liu Yi to cry out in pain which badly frightened the uncle in a black suit.

This fellow actually knows how to cry out in pain?

Wrong ah….just now he was still fighting like a wild beast that does not care about his life…

Why is it that he is like a weak scholar now?

Lin Tong shouts into Liu Yi’s ear, {Liu Yi! Quickly use your right hand!}

Liu Yi resists his sinister thoughts and stretches out his hand and grabs the tights of the uncle in a black suit.

The uncle in the black suit is still confused, why did this youngster touch my tights for?

What kungfu is this?

While he is thinking a strange feeling instantly jolts thought his entire body!


Chapter 28     [Quickly use your right hand!]

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