MKW Chapter 279

Chapter 278 [Check below]

[TL: longest chapter title ever…]


“Are you my elder brother?”

The girl lifts her head and reveals a youthful and exquisite beautiful face.

Seeing the girl’s appearance, Liu Yi shivers.

What the hell, a living beauty embryo!

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten, where did this girl come from? The Immortal realm?

But what Liu Yi is sensing from the girl doesn’t seem to be immortal qi!

It is a very strange qi…that seems to a better form of a qi that he has.

{Dragon race! She is from the Dragon race!!!}

Lin Tong pulls on Liu Yi’s ears as she screams, {Heavens…it’s a living dragon race! Furthermore, it is a female dragon…}

{What are you so excited about?}

Liu Yi restrains the bouncing little fox, {Didn’t we meet one a while back and I killed it?}

{You don’t understand…that is a male dragon!}

Lin Tong is still very excited, {Female dragons usually are not allowed to go out! Unless it is when they are marrying people! And what you are looking at is a living female dragon ah!! I didn’t imagine that they are so beautiful…}


Liu Yi is feeling speechless as Lin Tong is still concerned about that even at this point of time.

{Immortal Fox sister…I feel that…there is something within my body that is mutually connecting both of us…}

{Ah, so that is the case ah…}

The little fox nods her head when suddenly her eyes widen into circles.


{What is the matter Immortal Fox sister?}

{That…this dragon girl…should be blood-related to that dragon that you killed back then! Thus you are able to feel that kind of connection.}

{Blood related???}

Liu Yi looks at the dragon girl below him, {Indeed it seems to be the case… would there be any result?}

{The result would be……she will definitely take revenge for her relative!}

Lin Tong makes a sighing sound, {Why did this miss forget…at that time you would have been stained with dragon blood…there will be a bright light to those looking for the dragon pearl…I actually overlooked such an important matter!}

{Looks like she has stepped up to our door…}

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and says: “Let me go and discuss with her and hope that we are able to come to a peaceful settlement.”


Lin Tong hurries and explains, {Fire dragons have a very violent nature! It will be impossible for you to reason with them!}

{Let’s give it a try, after all the other side is a beautiful girl so we should be able to reason with her.}

Liu Yi says, {As long as there is a reason, you be able to walk anywhere!}

Done speaking he jumps down.

At this moment a lot of people in the school are looking outside to see what is happening outside.

When they see him a lot of them cry out in shock, “Blood Emperor! Blood Emperor! It is Blood Emperor ah!”

“Blood Emperor! Look over here! I am your fan!”

A group of students starts becoming passionate, as this is the first time they have seen Blood Emperor at such close distance.

“Call the police! Quickly call the police!”

The teachers in the school quickly take action as they are already over the age of chasing stars.

While Liu Yi is unable to do anything about the fiery gazes that are surrounding him.

After all, he doesn’t have anything that is able to block the sight of normal people.

So he can only thicken his skin.

“This beautiful err….dragon lady.”

Liu Yi tries his best to soften his tone and appear good-natured to avoid angering the dragon girl.

“You are not my elder brother!”

The dragon girl’s widen her pretty eyes and raises her fist, “You killed my elder brother! You swallowed his dragon pearl!”

Wind forms and starts to revolve around her body.

“Don’t be angry! Don’t be angry!”

Liu Yi immediately says: “It is a misunderstanding!”

“What misunderstanding! You killed my elder brother so I want to kill you!”

The dragon girl roars and dashes forward throwing a fist at Liu Yi’s abdomen.


The fist is powerful, fast and fierce.

Liu Yi is unable to dodge in time and was sent flying.

His body turns into a cannonball and smashed into the school building behind.

The first-floor wall is immediately smashed into pieces by Liu Yi’s body as he was sent flying into a classroom.

The students in the classroom cry out in shock as they look at Liu Yi who is lying in pieces of the wall.

“Sorry for disturbing your lesson.”

Liu Yi brushed off the rocks on his body and stands up.

After his body has started to dragonify, his body has indeed become very sturdy. Despite smashing through a wall his body is still fine.

“Return my elder brother!” roars the dragon girl causing the whole school to shudder.

“Gods, that girl is scary…”

“Is she really a human?”

A lot of students cry out in shock.

“I wish everyone happiness during your new school term.”

Liu Yi is worried that the students will be caught by the shockwaves and quickly jumps out of the building back to the field.

“Dragon girl, its ok if you want revenge but this is our battle, let’s not affect other people.”

Liu Yi moves to the side causing the dragon girl’s back to face the school.

This dragon girl is quite powerful…perhaps she is nearly seven stars in power!

That move of hers might be able to collapse the school building and injure my schoolmates!

“I won’t harm other people, as I only want to take revenge for my elder brother!”

The dragon girl is not that unreasonable…allowing Liu Yi to breathe a sigh of relief.

“They will live but you will definitely die! You repulsive bastard!”

Dragon girl’s tone is like a spoilt little sister making Liu Yi shocked!

If she didn’t have such large strength, then she will, even more, be like a little sister!

Dragon girl rushes towards Liu Yi and throws out three continuous punches.

Her fist is very heavy and fast, causing explosions whenever she throws a punch.

But Liu Yi activates his Black and White World, allowing him to see everything clearly,

Her fist slows down in Liu Yi’s view and the fist’s path becomes very obvious to him.

“Damn it, you evil person don’t keep running! If you have the ability take some of this princess’s punch!”

When her punches are unable to touch Liu Yi the dragon girl becomes angry and throws a tantrum, “Stand still obediently and let me punch you a few times!”

“What the heck!!! Do you think that I’m an idiot?!?!”

Liu Yi shouts: “If I stand still and let you hit me, am I a target or an idiot?!?!”

“You are not a target nor an idiot! You are an evil person, an evil person who killed my elder brother! I hate you!”

Dragon girl suddenly barrels over into Liu Yi’s embrace.

A fragrance rushes into Liu Yi’s nose as he takes a deep breath but is immediately alert.

What is this lass going to do?

Before Liu Yi is able to react, he was pushed by her into the air.

“What do you want to do?”

Liu Yi is pushed into the sky at a very high speed and within moments he is within the clouds.

Dragon girl’s face suddenly turn red as she spits and says: “You stinky rogue!”

“Why am I a stinky rogue??”

Liu Yi did not react for half a day after being scolded suddenly. But soon he realized what is going on and immediately blurts out: “Oi, oi…come on, I am not meaning that ah! It is you who are thinking wrongly okay? I did not mean that I want to do that with you…I am asking you what you want to do? Ah, wrong I mean I am asking you what do you want to do? ”

[TL: okay I believe most of you are confused, what the author is meaning is the sentence what do you want to do? In Chinese it is 我是问你要干嘛? but if you break up the sentence in a different manner it means different things. 我是(I am)问你(asking you)要干嘛(what you want to do?), but if you want to think wrongly 我是(I am)问你要(asking you if)干嘛(you want to do it?)]

[TL: on hindsight if you guys are lost feel free to @ me on discord to clarify.]

[TL: P.s I will only reply when I am awake ^^]

“There is no need for you to explain, you are a stinky rogue! Big evil person! For my elder brother’s blood debt, for my purity, this princess also wants to kill you!!”

Liu Yi shouts: “What the hell ah…what does this and your purity have any kind of connection ah!!!”

Dragon girl pushes Liu Yi into the clouds and shouts: “Turn into plankton!”

The top of her head instantly grows a pair of red horns.

Seeing this sight instantly makes Liu Yi recalls the show <<Little Dragon Person>> that he had seen when he was young!

What the hell ah, this is way too similar!!

Of course, this dragon girl is way more beautiful and cute as compared to the little dragon person.


Little dragon girl suddenly roars and her dragon aura spreads out instantly.

The surrounding clouds are immediately pushed aside and even Liu Yi is sent flying back a few meters.

“Taoist Laozi, speedy as commands! Sword come!”

Liu Yi immediately spews out a sword chant and a white sword like lighting speeds across the sky and appears under Liu Yi’s feet.

Liu Yi steps on the Taiji sword and stabilizes his body as he floats in the sky.

He faces the little dragon girl and says: “Oi, oi you crazy girl, I have already said  that it is a misunderstanding!”

“Big evil person! Whatever you say are all excuses! My royal father has said that humans are crafty and cunning and like to lie to people the most!”

“What the…this, this cannot be applied to everyone ah….”

Liu Yi feels that this saying is a bit too wrong and immediately retorted, “There are humans who are honest and considerate! For example me ah!”

[TL: …you who killed her elder brother???]

[KG: In his defense, the brother did attack him during another battle and it was Wenren Qian who made the brother attack Liu Yi]

“Pui! You, big evil person, big devil! Today this princess must kill you and help this world get rid of a scourge!” done speaking the little dragon girl takes a deep breath.

Following which her body starts to emit a brilliant red radiance, like a red outer clothing draped over her body.

Lin Tong reminds him, {Five star dragon race…big idiot you need to be careful!}

{I know, relax Immortal Fox Sister I will be fine.}

Just seven star only, I have even fought against even powerful enemies and even faces the power of Kṣitigarbha…

Only a dragon girl…and such a cute and pretty dragon girl…so what!

“Come! Since you want to fight then let’s fight!”

As Liu Yi speaks he cracks his neck and loosens his joints.

Although he says that he will use his full strength to fight but he didn’t remove the gravity on his body.

Since he has broken through to the four-star stage, Liu Yi has increased the gravity on himself to 40 times.

Thus at this moment, Liu Yi is splitting a part of his strength to control his body.

While the other part is to fight.

“Turn into plankton!”

Little dragon girl shouts as her hands turn into scaled dragon claws swiping at Liu Yi’s chest.

After the little dragon girl has draped the red qi around her, her speed has increased by a lot and she instantly arrives in front of Liu Yi.

That dragon claw rips the air and lands on Liu Yi’s chest.


Chapter 279- [Little dragon girl who is finding her elder brother]

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