MKW Chapter 278

Chapter 278 [Meteor falling from heaven]


The start of new term!

If you ask students every year what is the most painful period in school, then there is no need to ask, it will be these four words.

Starting a new term!

If you ask students what is even more painful than the start of new term, it will be a sentence.

The start of new term and the damn homework that isn’t finished!

Sometimes Liu Yi forgets that he is still a student. This holiday he was busy with cultivation as well as handling the matters of the Red Scarf Army. The pile of small matters made Liu Yi forget about a big matter and that is to do his homework.

At this time, the Red Scarf Army Commanding officer that is able to shake the whole of North Dragon city is standing at the entrance of a classroom.

The reason is that he didn’t do his homework and is punished to stand there.

“Brother Liu!”

“Boss Liu!”

Now is class time and the only students who are on the walkway are those delinquents or the ones going to the toilet to smoke.

When these students see Liu Yi, none of them dare to not greet him!

Although Liu Yi has not come to school for quite some time there is no need to doubt his Big Brother identity.

Even his good friend Chen Cai has also taken in a few little brothers and is tyrannically abusing other students.

Liu Yi didn’t avoid them like in the past as he nods back.

He is already used to this kind of matter.

{How evil! You are already a cultivator! And you are actually punished to stand!}

Lin Tong is not happy as she crosses her arms and floats in front of Liu Yi, {Quickly go in and let that filthy teacher know your identity!}

{It is better to forget about it…}

Liu Yi shakes his head, other subject teachers are still okay but currently, it is the math teacher inside …

Since I don’t even understand the lesson why don’t I just stand outside.

The passing delinquent girls are still eye candy.

While Liu Yi is receiving his punishment, he also didn’t forget to circulate his heart sutras.

Since the last time he has eaten the dragon pearl, Liu Yi can obviously feel his demonic qi changing.

His current demonic qi seems to be even more pure and there is something within that Liu Yi doesn’t know about.

Liu Yi has no idea what it is but he can feel that it is a good thing.

Because Liu Yi realizes that his body is starting to grow!

In the past, Liu Yi cultivates demonic qi, immortal qi and devil qi.

This three qi’s, Immortal qi and Devil qi are like the qi’s from xianxia novels and are unable to strengthen his constitution. While demonic qi is able to slightly change Liu Yi’s constitution not to mention increase his natural recovery.

But now it is different, Liu Yi is able to sense that his constitution has increased by quite a bit.

He feels like he is a human form monster, his skeleton becomes more perfect and denser. While every muscle group in his body has been enhanced and filled with more energy.

At the same time, Liu Yi has grown taller, even when Wang Yuzheng sees him, she says in shock that he seems to have grown taller during the holiday!

Indeed, Liu Yi is currently 1.8 meters tall.

{Then take advantage of the opportunity to refine the dragon pearl.}

Lin Tong also does not like the classroom environment as it makes her feel stifled and depressed.

{You have already absorbed 10% of it and realised that your body has changed right! Wait until you have fully refined the dragon pearl, this miss believes that you can really evolve to dragon energy! While your body will be as sturdy as the dragon race! A human’s body is way to fragile.}

That’s right. Human bodies are indeed very weak, but it is also very mysterious.

A human’s bodily organs work together perfectly and the body proportion is the closest to the golden proportion.

Especially the twenty-eight star jades are all perfect, on the path of cultivation, human’s are heaven-blessed!

While Liu Yi currently possesses the natural cultivation talents of a human as well as the strong body of the dragon race!

Such kinds of good matters are what other people are envious of but they can’t have.

“Liu Yi! Come in for a test!”

Just as Liu Yi is steadily revolving his heart sutra, from the classroom comes the voice of the math teacher.

What the hell? Another test?

Liu Yi makes an unwilling face, but he cannot escape it so he can only push open the door and go in.

“Today we are going to test the subject that you have learned last semester. To take a look if you guys have revised your math during the holiday. Those who fail need to go back and do ten mock papers.”

The math teacher is a 50+ years old short old man, he passes a stack of exam papers to the class representative to pass to the rest.

All of the students lament as this is what they fear most.

Liu Yi has just returned to Wang Yuzheng’s side when the math teacher suddenly says: “Liu Yi, come over to the teacher’s desk to do your paper.”


Liu Yi is slightly shocked, even Wang Yuzheng beside him looks at the teacher in shock not knowing why is there such an arrangement.

The math teacher replies: “The last exam you had scored very well for your paper making me surprised, so I wish to see if it is your real result.”

The heck! This teacher is looking down on me is it?!

Although I am indeed cheating but the feeling of being looked down by other is very uncomfortable.

{Master, leave it to Little Jade!}

Little Jade is also done with the math teacher, {Little Jade is part of master so everything that Little Jade knows, also means that master knows!}

Indeed, this AI is part of my own body.

Liu Yi is prepared to give the math teacher some surprise.

He walks over to the teacher’s desk and sits there and starts answering the questions.

Liu Yi still doesn’t know how to solve any of the math questions on the math paper.

After all, all of these math questions cannot be understood by relying on memories, it needs a lot of logical reasoning abilities and calculating ability….

As for calculations, Liu Yi is truly bad at it.

But as long as he glances at the questions, Little Jade will be able to easily list out all of the methods to answer the questions.

What Liu Yi needs to do is to only copy them down.

Such a matter is very easy, Liu Yi holds the pencil and starts writing speedily on the test paper making the math teacher dumbstruck.

Is Liu Yi’s brain a machine? He doesn’t even need to think much and is able to calculate to fast?

Is he writing randomly?

The math teacher walks over and takes a look at the answers that Liu Yi write.

He is shock as it is not random writing!

Every single one of Liu Yi’s answer is completely correct and there is a mistake on one of the questions which Liu Yi marks out with pen!

Genius! Is he a genius?

But why didn’t I notice it in the past, isn’t this fellow results in the past all very bad?

Unless he got struck by lighting and was enlightened?

[TL: the heck…that is more like brain fried!!!]

Other then such a fantasy answer, the math teacher is unable to think of any other possibility!

Liu Yi’s answering speed is as quick as before and even the math teacher feels that he is unable to surpass that speed!

Very quickly, Liu Yi has already answered half of the questions and left some answers on the paper.

Little Jade cautiously spread out each and every step.

Liu Yi follows like filling in a questionnaire, isn’t that fast!

Very quickly the first major question answer is out and what shocked the math teacher is that Liu Yi uses differentiation and integration as well as some knowledge that are only taught in universities to solve the question!

This Liu Yi…where did he learn all these, did he go for remedial classes during the holidays?

The math teacher is slightly unable to follow Liu Yi’s rhythm and only feels that his own brain is starting to give signs of crashing.

Liu Yi is proud of himself as he says in his heart, i let you look down on me, now you know my…ah wrong, you know the power of Little Jade!

Little Jade to the extent of giving ten plus methods to solve a major question, but Liu Yi chose the most convenient one which allows him to copy faster!

Just as Liu Yi is preparing to answer the next question, he suddenly frowns.

A very strong oppressive feeling transmits over and instantly strike his mentality!

This feeling makes him very uncomfortable like a huge danger is coming!

Liu Yi suddenly raises his head and says to the math teacher: “Teacher…I am sorry but I am having stomach pain…I want to use the toilet.”

“You…just go…”

The math teacher is still in shock as he waves his hand and lets Liu Yi go.

Liu Yi immediately runs out of the classroom to the walkway.

When he steps into the walkway he immediately feels that that pressure is coming at him!

Shit… I must leave the school building…

Liu Yi saw the toilet at the end of the walkway and he increases his running speed, he is as fast as a cheetah as he runs into the toilet.

In the toilet are three students secretly smoking and they were surprised when they see Liu Yi suddenly running in.

“Scram out!” berates Liu Yi impolitely.

The three students were about to scold back when they realise that it is Liu Yi and their faces immediately turn white as they scramble out of the toilet.

Liu Yi watched them run far away before returning into the toilet and starts to change his attire.

After obtaining Little Jade, changing attires has become very effortless.

Very quickly a black suit appears on Liu Yi as the red scarf flutters with the wind.

A white mask covers Liu Yi appearance giving him a mysterious feeling.

“Who on earth is it…let me find out!”

At this moment within the sky outside the window a red fireball suddenly blast passed the clouds and falls from the sky and crashes onto the field outside the window.


An enormous wind pressure instantly shakes the whole school building, along with startled cries of students a lot of classroom windows were jolted into pieces.

Liu Yi is shocked, who is this?

He flies up to the top of the building and looks down.

The smoke on the field has dispersed revealing a ten meter wide large hole.

A girl wearing red nichang cheong san slowly stands up from the deep hole.

Who is this girl?

At the beginning, Liu Yi thought that it is Wenren Qian but very quickly he sensed that something is wrong!

This girl gives me a type of feeling that we are of the same bloodline.

Furthermore, a strong menace emits from that girl’s body.

“You are my brother?”

That girl raises her head slowly and looks at Liu Yi who is standing above.

Instantly Liu Yi is able to clearly see the appearance of that girl.


Chapter 278- [Meteor falling from heavens]

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  1. Let’s hope Liu Yi won’t make a mistake or that the old turtle won’t arrive, or else he’s in deep trouble…

    Killing her brother and taking his core to refine it, it would surely make the whole dragon clan enraged.


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