MKW Chapter 277

Chapter 277 [Dragon Pearl]


As Liu Yi speaks, he lights up the lighter and the flames start to burn the rope.

The rope is rather sturdy, it seems like it would not snap from burning for half an hour but there are already some threads that have snapped.

Zhuo Long uses all of his strength to lift his head up and eyes the rope that is being burned.

This is his lifeline, the moment it got burned apart his life will also end.

“Let us do an experiment together. Let’s see how long will this rope take to burn apart. En, if it does not break within one minute, I will give you a path to survival. How about it?”


Zhuo Long ’s heart becomes restless but at least it ignites some hope.

One minute…I must stick it out!

“Start a countdown!”

Liu Yi gives a signal and one of the Scarlet Cloth Guards by the side immediately start to count backward continuously.

“Sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight….”

The normally unremarkable one minute now feels like spending a year within a second!

Zhuo Long starts to sweat from his legs to his head.

The seawater below him churns while the rope above makes popping sounds.

At this moment, Zhuo Long feels that all of the blood vessels in his body are warping as he shivers wishing that the fire burns slower while the time moves faster.

“Thirty-seven, thirty-six…”

The Scarlet Cloth Guard is still counting down the time while the rope still seems to be fine and not a large portion is burned apart.

Zhuo Long’s heart settles down, looks like I can live from what I am seeing!

“Twelve, eleven…”

The time continues to pass while Zhuo Long’s sweat drops into the seawater.

The rope is mostly fine, so I should be able to live!

Zhuo Long heart is rejoicing and wild with joy, wishing to kiss the rope.

But at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly stands up and picks up a dagger saying: “Bloody hell, I don’t believe that I cannot break it!”

Saying this, Liu Yi’s dagger is about to cut the rope.

This, this, what are you doing!!!!

At that moment Zhuo Long’s soul has been nearly scared away.

Zhuo Long is no longer able to control himself as his psychological barrier collapses and he nearly pees from fright as he screams: “NOOOO!! DO NOT KILL MEEE! NOOO AHHH!!!!!”

“Don’t kill you? Why should I keep you alive?”

Liu Yi smiles coldly, “I already found you unpleasant to look at since the beginning. What boss of the Black Dragon Gang, you Zhuo Long is just a beast of burden! Killing you can be considered as me helping society, getting rid of an evil! As well as accumulating some virtue! So why should I not!”

“Don’t kill me… I beg you not to kill mee….”

Zhuo Long has already given up all his resistance as he says crying: “Whatever you want I will give to you! I will give you everything!”

“No, I already don’t care. I only want your life!”

“My business, my savings I’ll give you everything! I’ll give you everything! As long as you let me live, as long as you let me live…”

Zhuo Long cries till his nose is running. This is the first time when he felt death being so close to him.

At that moment he is unable to think of anything else but wanting to live on.

What money ah, power ah…comparing to life it is it is completely insignificant!

If I die then that means that everything is really gone!

Thus Zhuo Long wishes to live, from the bottom of his heart he wishes to live. As long as he is able to live, the rest he doesn’t need!

“You want to use these to redeem your life?”

Liu Yi steps on the rope with a leg as the dagger in his hand makes a ‘dang’ sound and cuts into the protective railing.

Zhuo Long heart nearly got cut in half as well.

Bullshit…you are able to cut iron wouldn’t it be easy to cut a rope!

Zhuo Long immediately starts to beg for mercy: “I’m begging you…please let me go…I can give you everything…don’t you want the Red Scarf Army to proclaim dominance in North Dragon city, as long as you have my Black Dragon Gang’s power, it will definitely be done! Really!”

“Then sign these.”

Liu Yi tosses the business transfer documents on the floor then orders two Scarlet Cloth Guards to pull Zhuo Long up.


Zhuo Long kneels on the ground as he takes deep breaths.

His heart is like a rollercoaster filled with lingering fear.

“Finish signing everything within one minute.”

Zhuo Long trembles as he picks up the pen and signs his name on the documents.

His tears leak out, a generation’s underworld king has actually fallen to such a miserable state…

But there is no need to be anxious…as long as I am alive there is still a chance!

Tomorrow he will leave North Dragon city to other cities that have Black Dragon gang branches and once again assemble the strength of the Black Dragon city and fight back into North Dragon City eradicating the Red Scarf Army!

I must not spare any cost to kill this damn Commanding officer!

No matter how much money I must spend or even hire the top ten Heavenly list killers!

As long as I kill this damn Commanding officer, everything will be worth it!

Zhuo Long once again regains his energy but on the surface, he is still restless as he finished signing all of the business transfer documents of North Dragon City businesses that he owns.

“I must say, Sir Zhuo’s writing is rather good.”

Liu Yi picks up the transfer documents and passed them to Chen Dahai by the side.

“Keep them safe. These are crucial for our proclamation of dominance of North Dragon city. From tomorrow onwards, North Dragon city shall change blood. Sir Zhuo’s Black Dragon Gang will no longer exist while Red Scarf Army shall take over all of North Dragon City.”

“Yes, yes…”

Zhuo Long is filled with hatred in his heart but his mouth is smiling.

Liu Yi claps his hands and says: “But it is a pity that Sir Zhuo will never be able to see this. Throw him into the sea to feed the fish.”

Immediately two strong Scarlet Cloth Guards pick up Zhuo Long and press him against the protective barrier of the yacht.

Zhuo Long was immediately frightened and starts shrieking: “You can’t do this! You said that you wouldn’t kill me!”

“Aiyah. I apologize Sir Zhuo, I was lying.”

Liu Yi throws down a sentence and turns around to leave: “Do it cleanly. I don’t want any chance of survival.”

After he finished speaking, one of the Scarlet Cloth Guard instantly uses his dagger and sliced Zhuo Long’s throat.

Zhuo Long throat is cut open as fresh blood leaks from his mouth. After which that Scarlet Cloth Guard pushes Zhuo Long’s body into the sea.

His eyes contain conflict as he looks in the direction where Liu Yi walks off.

“If you still have another lifetime, remember to reincarnate into a good person.”

Liu Yi mutters to himself, hell has so much torture I’m afraid that when Zhuo Long enters hell he will need to suffer for tens of thousands of years.

Virtue has its rewards and evil has its retribution, it’s not there isn’t revenge but rather the time has yet to arrive.

This old sentence although it sounds like counseling oneself, but Liu Yi who has been to hell knows that this sentence is the truth,

{Big idiot, you have committed so much killing, in the future if you are going to fly to heaven and cross your calamity what are you going to do?}

Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi shoulder and asks in worry, {At that time your heavenly calamity will be very scary…}

{So what if it’s scary.}

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, {On this path that we walk, we have already experienced so many waves and winds. What is there to fear.}

Saying this, Liu Yi pokes Long Tong’s small head, {But Immortal Fox sister don’t worry, I feel that my luck is rather good. Although I am carrying the Great God’s curse but being able to know you are my, Liu Yi’s, fortune. With such luck, even if heaven’s calamity comes I won’t die.}

“You, big idiot.”

Lin Tong’s heart is very warm and comfortable as she suddenly realized that his mouth is becoming sweeter.

Which girl doesn’t like sweet speech and honeyed words even the intelligent little fox Lin Tong is the same.

Looks like the other nature influence on Liu Yi is becoming bigger like the two natures are slowly fusing, but this kind of fusion is not complete.

Lin Tong can clearly feel that within Liu Yi’s body, the other nature is surviving happily.

The current Liu Yi, although he is slightly two-faced and his mouth is becoming sweeter but his principles have never change.

He is still the same speechless big idiot!

If that wasn’t the case, the overwhelming vital energy would not exist in his body! Although the other Liu Yi has become even stronger, but Liu Yi who possesses vital energy is the one who possesses unlimited possibilities!

Lin Tong doesn’t wish that Liu Yi will become like the other him…that other him is really….too scary.

{Right! Liu Yi, swallow this thing!}

Lin Tong suddenly recalls something and jumps onto Liu Yi’s hand holding a golden ping pong ball sized golden pill in her mouth and passes it to him.

{What is this?}

Liu Yi looks at the golden pill, not understanding.

{This is a dragon pearl.}

Lin Tong placed the golden pill on his hand and says: {The most valuable item of the demon clan. }

Liu Yi got a huge shock, how did Immortal Fox sister get this thing.

{Have you forgotten? Last time didn’t you kill a dragon? This is his dragon pearl. After you swallow it, slowly refine it and your demon qi can evolve its grade…if you are lucky it might even evolve into dragon energy.}

{Dragon energy?}

Liu Yi doesn’t understand all of this.

{That’s right. Dragon energy is the apex state of demonic qi.}

Lin Tong opens her mouth and says, {Among all of the demons, dragons are the kings of all demons. Compared to us, the dragon race is the closest to the immortal race! After you swallow this dragon pearl, whether you are able to evolve to dragon energy depends on your luck!}

{Fine then.}

Liu Yi feels that Immortal Fox sister always gives the best things to him.

{Immortal Fox sister? Why don’t you eat it?}

{I can’t eat it!}

Lin Tong immediately shakes her head, {In the end I am a fox thus I cannot change to another power. But you are different, big idiot your body has unlimited possibilities. You are a human that can turn into a demon thus you might be able to change your demonic qi to dragon energy. Fox energy, in the end, is still too low, I wish that you can become even stronger….but there will be some dangers as well…}

{En, only by becoming stronger will I be able to protect Immortal Fox sister.}

Liu Yi nods his head before taking the dragon pearl and swallows it down without hesitation.

Why should I be afraid of danger? I, Liu Yi am no longer the weak high school student of the past!

After the dragon pearl enters the body, instantly a warm and comfortable stream of energy flows throughout his body. The dragon pearl turns into a golden ball and enters his Dan area like a tenant and stays there.

Looks like this dragon pearl is not so easy to refine.

At the same time, at a distant location, a girl wearing red attire suddenly raises her head.

“I can feel…elder brother’s breath…”


Chapter 277- [Dragon Pearl]

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