MKW Chapter 276

Chapter 276 [Let’s play a game]


“Why do you always like to fight and kill.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “Actually I am a person who hates violence.”

Zhuo Long really wishes to curse, you hate violence?!?! Sweeping my Black Dragon Gang and using a fork to kill Wolf King!

Think about it, Wolf King was really nothing! A rank 49 killer of the Heavenly list and he died to a fork!

If this word spread out, perhaps the reputation of the Heavenly list will start to stink!

“If you are a man then stop wasting breath, if you have the ability then let’s fight!”

As Army Blade speaks, he wields a pair of daggers and looks at Liu Yi coldly.

While Liu Yi confidently stands up and pulls out a gun from his back and says: “Can I use a gun?”

Army Blade starts to sweat.

“You are too shameless!”

Zhuo Long roars in rage: “People are using daggers and you use a gun?”

“Hearing the word shameless from your Zhuo Long’s mouth is rather ironic.”

Liu Yi smiles, “But if you are afraid then I shall not use it.”

Liu Yi places the handgun on the table and says: “But I will not fight with you for nothing. After all, I am still the commanding officer of the Red Scarf Army. Fighting a round with you is considered giving you face,”

Army Blade directly says: “If I win, then let us go.”

“But if you lose?”

“I will never lose.”

Army Blade gaze is cold and filled with confidence in himself.

“Since you say it this way, there is no longer any meaning. Then how do we gamble?”

“Then how do you wish to gamble?”

“I only need a stake that’s all.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and points at Army Blade, “If you lose then you must follow me in future.”


Army Blade hesitates for a moment.

“Don’t hesitate. If you don’t fight then both of you shall die. If you fight, you still have a chance.”

Liu Yi points out, “As long as I give the order, the both of you will be shot into sieves.”

“I’ll gamble!”

Army Blade clenches his teeth and says: “Let us start the battle upright and frankly!”

“Good. Come then.”

“I am already waiting to collect your life.”

Army Blade licks his lips and points one of the daggers at Liu Yi while making a throat cutting motion.

“I have heard of stories about you.”

Liu Yi is not frightened by Army Blade’s threats as he stands there and says faintly: “That year the hero of drug enforcement during the anti-drugs campaign at Yunnan, A team instructor. Who had nurtured countless special forces. You are originally supposed to continue active service but it is a pity that you accidentally offended a high officer and could only retire. Afterward, you joined the Black Dragon Gang.”

“Your investigation is rather detailed.”

Army Blade wields a dagger as his expression turns sharp, “I originally wished to only be a soldier but it is a pity that the gods don’t wish to give me the chance…but now I am reborn, I am still a warrior, though a degraded warrior.”

“Do not make yourself into such a noble person.”

Liu Yi sneers, “Black Dragon Gang does all kinds of evil and you are the helping the evildoer so there is nothing to be proud of.”

“I am only making use of my abilities to earn money that’s all.”

Army Blade says coldly: “You are also the same and aren’t something good, why bother to plate gold on your face!”

“You are right, all of us will be going to hell.”

Liu Yi recalls the netherworld, “But you will be going deeper than me. If you are willing to join the Red Scarf Army, you might be able to redeem some of your sins.”

“I want to kill you more.”

As Army Blade speaks, he suddenly tosses out a dagger at Liu Yi’s cheek.

Liu Yi moves to the side slightly and avoids the dagger.

While he turns around, Army Blade is already in front of him as the dagger in his left-hand slices towards his throat.

His actions are very fast and clean as well as ruthless.

Liu Yi can only exclaim in appreciation as Army Blade is really powerful.

While Army Blade is smiling like he is already prepared to collect the corpse of Liu Yi.

But he suddenly realizes that his dagger hit empty air as Liu Yi who was in front of him earlier suddenly disappeared.

“Where did he go?”

Army Blade starts to sweat.

“I have already told you not to be too confident.”

Liu Yi’s voice comes from the back of Army Blade, “If not because I need you to nurture my Scarlet Cloth Guards you would be already dead.”

Army Blade immediately turns around and saw that Liu Yi is standing behind him with his arms crossed as he smiles in ridicule.

That smile makes Army Blade very unhappy, this is the first time he has met this kind of opponent in his many years of experience.

Even that Wolf King earlier, Army Blade has a 50% chance of killing him..

But as for this Commanding officer…Army Blade is more and more unable to see through him.

What is his true abilities?

“Army Blade what are you hesitating for! Kill him!”

Zhuo Long roars: “After killing him we can leave!”

Army Blade says him his heart, it’s not that simple…in the past when Army Blade fought he has a type of confidence. But now that confidence has completely disappeared to gods know where.

“Why do you not dare to make a move?”

Very quickly Liu Yi’s voice once again comes from behind Army Blade.

Army Blade is shocked as Liu Yi who was in front of him has disappeared without him knowing.

Army Blade turns around on the spot in shock as he looks around.

No matter where he looks, there isn’t any sign of Liu Yi.

Army Blade knows that this Red Scarf Army Commanding officer did not disappear…but is always behind him!

How fast must he be! My turning speed is already very fast and how is it possible for a person to be able to keep staying behind me!

This Commanding officer….is he a ghost?

“I feel that the combat between us should end now.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stretches out his hand and taps on Army Blade’s arm.

Instantly a force enters his body and seals all of his veins.

Army Blade felt his body turn soft without energy to control himself and he can only lie there like a sculpture unable to move.

Seeing that Army Blade is not moving, Zhuo Long instantly shouts: “Army Blade what are you doing! Move dammit! Kill him!”

“I am sorry. He is no longer able to help you.”

Liu Yi turns around and walks towards Zhuo Long, “He is already defeated and from now on he is a member of my Red Scarf Army.”


Zhuo Long suddenly pulls out a handgun and points at Liu Yi’s head: “North Dragon city belongs to me, Zhuo Long! Go and die for me!”

Done speaking he is about to pull the trigger when Liu Yi picks up the dagger from Army Blade’s hand and throws it.


The dagger pierced into Zhuo Long’s palm causing him to drop the handgun.

“My hand, my hand…”

Zhuo Long screams while crying as he cradles his bleeding palm.

“Your nightmare is only just starting.”

As Liu Yi speaks he claps his hands.

Immediately from outside the door walks in two Scarlet Cloth Guards who hold onto Zhuo Long’s arms and pull him to the deck.

“What are you guys doing! What are you doing!”

Zhuo Long is so afraid that he cries out hysterically as his face loses color.

“You guys can’t kill me! Killing me is against the law!”

“You actually know about the law?”

Liu Yi is indeed slightly shocked, “This makes me rather surprised. In my hands are a lot of records proving that you have done a lot of matters against the laws. Ah, do you want to listen to them, Sir Zhuo?”

“I, I….”

Zhuo Long looks at Liu Yi and only feels despair.

Am I really going to be finished like this…

I am the underworld king of North Dragon city ah! Every step I take will cause the entire Northeast three-provinces to tremble ah!

But why is it that now I am going to die obscurely?

This can’t be happening, this cannot be happening!

Zhuo Long suddenly shouts loudly: “If you kill me, the Black Dragon Gang will crazily come after all of you for revenge! At that time all of the Black Dragon Gang in the Northeast three provinces will come and drown out your Red Scarf Army!”

“Even if there is such a day, I am afraid that you will not be able to see it.”

Liu Yi takes out a stack of documents from his bosom and says: “Come, these are business transfer documents. Sign all of them.”

Black Dragon Gang still has a lot of other business in North Dragon city and he Liu Yi is eyeing them.

Currently, Xin Dong Island is theirs but it is not enough.

If they want to conquer all of the gangs in North Dragon city, it is impossible without other businesses.

Thus Liu Yi must take over this business! And make them a part of the Red Scarf Army!

“You are dreaming!”

Zhuo Long laughs loudly, “You want the business of the Black Dragon Gang? hehehe….”

“Looks like our Sir Zhuo is still rather persistent.”

Liu Yi claps his hands, “We might as well let him calm down.”

Done speaking a few Scarlet Cloth Guards lift Zhuo Long up and one of them ties a rope around his legs before throwing him off the boat.


Zhuo Long screams, finally, the rope tightens as he hangs under the protective railing of the yacht head down with the dark sea below him.

Zhuo Long can almost smell the fishiness of the seawater.

His heart had almost flown out and his crotch is slightly damp.

He doesn’t know how to swim ah! If he drops in he will definitely die!

“Sir Zhuo, have you heard of this matter?”

Liu Yi sits on the protective railing and looks at Zhuo Long hanging below him.

“The sharks within this seawater have the most sensitive sense of smell! Since your body is bleeding, when you enter the water it will definitely attract the sharks over! I have heard that these sharks have very powerful teeth and will dismember your body within moments ah… Sir Zhuo I am a very curious person. At that time when you are being dismembered, you must tell me what it feels like!”

Zhuo Long really wishes to curse, bullshit! If you want to know what it feels like why don’t you jump down yourself!

Let me tell you when I really am being dismembered why should I especially come up and tell you how it feels!

Heavens ah! There is actually such a shameless person!

At that moment, Zhuo Long really treats Liu Yi as an opponent.

“Sir Zhuo you must satisfy my curiosity ah! Since you are a person who is going to die, you must not be stingy.”

Liu Yi takes out a lighter and places it under the rope that is tied to Zhuo Long’s leg.

“Come, let us play a game.”


Chapter 276- [Let’s play a game]

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