MKW Chapter 275

Chapter 275 [Challenge from Army Blade]


Hearing what Zhuo Long says, Liu Yi seems to be considering something as he nods.

Zhuo Long looks at Liu Yi and says proudly: “Choose then, which path do you plan to take?”

“I always hate to be forced by others to choose.”

Liu Yi suddenly smiles: “How about we change the  playing field?”

He claps his hands.

Immediately the dining room door was kicked open and a group of Scarlet Cloth Guards appear at the entrance as they fire their silenced pistols.

-Bang, bang, bang-

After firing a few times, the waiters are caught unprepared and one by one they collapsed onto the ground in pools of blood.

In a blink of an eye, of all of the Black Dragon Gang members in the dining room, there is only Zhuo Long, Army Blade and Wolf King left alive.

Zhuo Long is in a daze as he does not understand what is going on.

Why would these Red Scarf Army members appear on my yacht?

Where are the people outside? Where did all of them go?

“I must apologize to you, but this yacht is now under the control of the Red Scarf Army.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he leans back against the chair.

He smiles happily because the Scarlet Cloth Guards have made him happy.

This elite team that he has raised really did not let him down ah…

A large portion of the Red Scarf Army’s profit is used to develop these elite members! The Scarlet Cloth Guards will be used to sweep the underworld.

From what he sees, en, the money wasn’t spent for nothing.

Good iron used only at the blade!

Army Blade narrows his eyes as he glances at the elite members of Red Scarf Army and praises from the bottom of his heart: “Your Scarlet Cloth Guards are very powerful.”

“Some of them were brought up by Instructor personally.”

Guan Yihua laughs and says: “We are always waiting for Instructor to join the team, this way the Scarlet Cloth Guards combat ability will increase by a grade!”

It can be seen that the people of Red Scarf Army don’t place the boss of the Black Dragon Gang in their eyes as they try to dig for people in Zhuo Long’s face.

Zhuo Long suddenly shouts: “You, don’t be so arrogant!”

His eyes are filled with anger as well as horror.

He did not imagine that the strength of the Red Scarf Army was so elite! So many of his Black Dragon Gang elites are so easily dealt with by them!

It is really…unthinkable!

Where did these Red Scarf Army fellows pop out from! I am obviously the underworld king of North Dragon city!

“I’m sorry but now it is me who has more people and more guns thus it should be what we say is what matters.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders: “Looks like this time around your Black Dragon Gang also only has two choices. One is to disband and scram, the other is join my Red Scarf Army. My lovely Sir Zhuo, which meal do you choose?”


Zhuo Long clenches his teeth as his eye show conflict.

“Red Scarf Army, this time around it can be considered that you are better! But do not think that you can win against our Black Dragon Gang like this! Black Dragon Gang is such a large group, even if you win today my Black Dragon Gang will still be able to swallow you up!”

“Sir Zhuo, we have already reached this stage, what is the point of saying such beautiful words?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “It’ll be better if you start to choose your path, do you wish to live or do you wish to die.”

“Don’t think that I don’t have backup plans!”

Zhuo Long suddenly smiles coldly, “To deal with you, Commanding officer, I had invited an expert over!”

Zhuo Long shouts: “Wolf King! The rest will depend on you!”

While he is speaking Wolf King who was sitting by the side drinking wine suddenly makes a can-like thing appear in his right hand which he throws on the ground.


The can-like thing lands on the ground and starts to release yellow smoke in all directions.

The spreading smoke very quickly spreads throughout the dining room, blocking the sight of everyone.

Liu Yi instantly shouts: “Scarlet Cloth Guards! Go and guard the door!”

All of the Scarlet Cloth Guards are standing near to the entrance, hearing Liu Yi’s command, they immediately follow his orders and retreat out of the dining room to the deck of the yacht.

“Close the door! And seal off the dining room!”

Liu Yi continues to give commands and the Scarlet Cloth Guards outside immediately close the door and seal off all of the exits.

As long as it is Liu Yi’s command, they will swiftly execute it!

Liu Yi sits within the dense smoke as says calmly: “You guys will not escape anywhere.”

“He, he, he…here is my domain …”

A weird laughter comes from within the smoke: “All of you are the prey of me, Wolf King..”

“Wolf King!”

Chen Dahai expression changes rapidly like he knows something scary.

“Dahai? What is the matter?” asked Liu Yi.

“Wolf King…if I didn’t remember wrongly, this person should be the 49th Ranked killer on the Heavenly Assassin List…it is rumored that from young he was raised by wolves in the forest. He is fond of killing and has strong fighting capabilities…”

“He is actually from the top 50 of Heavenly Assassin List!”

Guan Yihua is also shocked, “Looks like we really need to be careful then…”

Done speaking, he raises his gun and looks around for the enemy.

Within the smoke, there is only Liu Yi, Guan Yihua and Chen Dahai. As for opponents, there is Zhuo Long, Wolf King as well as Army Blade.

Zhuo Long is still okay but Army Blade and Wolf King are difficult people to handle…


Chen Dahai suddenly cries out as bloody claws mark appear on his right arm.

Chen Dahai gasps for breath and says: “Damn it. Luckily I dodged quickly enough otherwise he’d be grabbing my throat!”

“The location is not to our advantage…”

Guan Yihua and Chen Dahai lean against each other and says to Liu Yi: “Commanding officer, we should leave this place.”

“There is no need.”

Liu Yi sits on the chair and says faintly: “Both of you just stay beside me, I already know the location of Wolf King.

“You know my location? Hahaha!”

From within the smoke comes Wolf King’s laughter, “I, Wolf King am a top 50 expert of the Heavenly list! Smoke is my best cover and my hunting ground! All of you are only my prey and can only be teased around by me before being killed!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi smiles and blinks.

Black and white world activates and three red figures appear in his gaze.

No matter how Wolf King borrows the smoke to hide, he will never be able to hide his hostility!

As long as he has hostility, he will be found by Liu Yi’s animal intuition.

This kind of animal intuition is an animal’s inherent ability. For example, when an earthquake is about to strike, mice will start to run madly and domestic animals will be restless. There are also a lot of animals when you move close to them, they will be able to sense it and run away.

Liu Yi being a partial demon cultivator naturally has this ability.

Liu Yi is able to see clearly the position of Wolf King.

“Red Scarf Army’s boss, you must not boast randomly ah! Your head should be worth quite a sum of money!”

Wolf King’s voice comes from all direction to prevent people from determining his location.

If those Scarlet Cloth Guards had not retreated so fast, Wolf King would have already killed them!

The title of Heavenly list rank 49 is not for nothing! It is obtained through countless killing!

“My head indeed is worth a sum of money but it is a pity that you will not be able to take it.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he picks up a fork from the table and throws it out.


The fork pierces through the smoke and into the head of Wolf King.

Wolf King cries out and collapses onto the ground dead.

After killing Wolf King, Liu Yi claps his hands and says: “Smash the windows and let out the smoke!”

Instantly all of the dining hall windows are smashed by the Scarlet Cloth Guards outside and the smoke slowly disperses into the night sky through the window.

Very quickly the dining hall is clear again as Army Blade and Zhuo Long stand there foolishly as they glance at the corpse of Wolf King and each other.

“Just this and he dares to claim that he is ranked 49 on the Heavenly list…he is completely here to buy soy sauce…” says Liu Yi in despise.

[KG: Language Joke]

[TL: yes basically it mean he is here as a cheering squad and can do nothing]

“How…how can this be…”

Zhuo Long does not believe it, the killer that he hired at a high price…is dead in moments!

Red Scarf Army’s Commanding officer…is actually so scary?!?!

“What other trump cards do you have? Just take all of them out.”

Liu Yi places his legs on the table as he casually looks at Zhuo Long, “I will accept them all.”

“You, you….”

Zhuo Long really doesn’t know what to do, all of the trump cards that he had in his hands are completely destroyed!

That Red Scarf Army Commanding officer is like a demon, making him the underworld king of North Dragon city not have any methods!

So much so that…he is starting to feel afraid…

“I, I still have Army Blade…”

Zhuo Long remembers his most satisfied right-hand man, his heart is like a shipwrecked survivor hugging a plank.

“Believe me, he will not be able to help you.”

Liu Yi looks at Zhuo Long with some pity, “The era of the Black Dragon Gang is already over. Now is the era of the Red Scarf Army.”

“Army Blade! Save me!”

Zhuo Long starts to feel frightened as the way Liu Yi is looking at him is like a lion watching a rabbit.

Indeed Army Blade is Zhuo Long’s, right-hand man. His hands suddenly tremble and instantly two daggers fly out.

“Dang, dang!”

Guan Yihua and Chen Dahai’s handguns were hit away by the flying daggers.

After Army Blade has struck the handguns, he challenges Liu Yi, “If you are a man, let us battle one vs one.”

“You think you can one vs one?”

Liu Yi looks at Army Blade in interest, actually, he is very interested in this Army Blade.

Guan Yihua has been praising him unceasingly, as long as he is with me, my Scarlet Cloth Guards power will improve!

I cannot teach the Scarlet Cloth Guards heart sutras and let them cultivate.

Immortal fox sister has said before that not everyone can cultivate! Not only do they need chance and coincidence, they also need a certain degree of talent!

Liu Yi’s talent is not really good but he has too many fortuitous encounters, the three types of cultivation laws allow him to be overpowering!

As for these Scarlet Cloth Guards, they are too old and the best time for them to cultivate has already passed. But Liu Yi still teaches them a few basic qi cultivation techniques to allow them to strengthen their constitution.

What Liu Yi needs now is a vailent elite teacher!

“That’s right, do you dare?!”

Army Blade looks at Liu Yi with a sharp gaze as he beckons with his finger.


Chapter 275- [Challenge from Army Blade]

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