MKW Chapter 274

Chapter 274 [Maritime Weather]


At the moment, Liu Yi doesn’t know that there will be people from the Dragon Palace looking for him while he is currently busy with the next operation of the Red Scarf Army, meeting Zhuo Long.

Based on what Fu Zhongtian has said, in Zhuo Long’s hands, there are a large number of records of Fu Zhongtian accepting briberies. If he is unable to get rid of Zhuo Long, Fu Zhongtian will be unable to be the protective umbrella of the Red Scarf Army.

Although Fu Zhongtian is a corrupted official, Liu Yi cannot guarantee that the next official that takes over the post will be as corrupted.

Furthermore, Fu Zhongtian is easy to control thus Liu Yi decided to retain him and let him be the protective umbrella of Red Scarf Army in North Dragon city.

After sending Fu Zhongtian back, Liu Yi immediately sends an invitation letter to Zhuo Long inviting him out for a meal.

The location will be set by Zhuo Long and Zhuo Long set the location on a yacht out in the seas.

The north side of North Dragon city is against the river while driving a car in North Dragon city towards the south for around six hours on the expressway, you be able to reach Nangang District which is against the sea.

The location that Zhuo Long has set is a yacht anchored at Nangang harbor.

Liu Yi did not expect this thus he doesn’t know what Zhuo Long will do. But this time is definitely a Feast of Hongmen.

Based on the agreement of both side, each side is only allowed to bring at most two people.

Thus following along Liu Yi is Guan Yihua and Chen Dahai.

Currently, Guan Yihua is driving a speedboat carrying Liu Yi and Chen Dahai as he borrows the moonlight and driving towards a brightly lighted large yacht.

“Boss, this time around Zhuo Long definitely doesn’t have good intentions. I have investigated the yacht which is under the name of a beautiful woman. That woman is indeed a mistress of Zhuo Long.”

“En, I had already guessed it.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Thus I also didn’t hold back.”

“I hope that this operation will succeed! If it succeeds then our Red Scarf Army can truly rise in North Dragon city.”

Chen Dahai is very excited and his eye expression contains expectation and wildness.

Liu Yi ask the driving Guan Yihua: “Brother Guan how is our men’s preparation?”

Guan Yihua replies as he drives: “Reporting to Commanding officer, all necessities are prepared.”

“Very good. Tonight’s Dragon Beheading operation will depend on us!”


At the same time, Zhuo Long is sitting in the dining room of the yacht with a few waiters standing beside him.

Zhuo Long is clear that these waiters are no ordinary waiters but rather they are the most elite members of Black Dragon Gang.

This time around the Red Scarf Army is sending themselves to the front of their door. As long as their boss comes into this room Zhuo Long will be able to take back everything that he has lost!

If they cannot take back? Very simple, just send that so-called Commanding officer to heaven!

At that time the Red Scarf Army would be like a dragon without its head! Let’s see how they snatch my territories then.

Army Blade by the side taps on his earpiece before reporting to Zhuo Long, “Boss they have come.”

“Very good. Tonight let us prepare to send them to heaven.”

Zhuo Long smiles coldly, “All enemies of my Black Dragon Gang will definitely not have a single survivor! But I have heard that that Commanding officer has some ability. I hope that the Wolf King that I have invited is able to help me hold the stage.”


A man wearing a black windbreaker standing on his other side instantly laughs.

Hearing what Zhuo Long says, he stretches out his hand and licks his iron claw-like sharp fingertips.

“There has never been any survivors under my Wolf King claws.”

As they are speaking, the dining room door opens and three men wearing deep red attires and devil masks walk in under the escort of a few people.

The three people are wearing a red scarf on their arm’s like burning flames and appear very eye-catching.

“Red Scarf Army friends have come from afar, I welcome you.”

Zhuo Long claps his hand and says: “But everyone are friends of the same business why are you wearing masks, isn’t it rude?”

Done speaking, Chen Dahai and Guan Yihua take off their devil masks.

Zhuo Long takes a look at Liu Yi and says: “This one must be Commanding officer then. Why aren’t you taking your mask off? Is it that you are ashamed of something?”

“You also know that I am Commanding officer.”

Liu Yi touches his mask and says impolitely, “Thus not anyone can see my real identity.”

Zhuo Long snorts and says: “Though I must admit that your Red Scarf Army caused some harm to my Black Dragon Gang, but I still want to remind you that comparing my Black Dragon Gang to your Red Scarf Army yours is not even a dish!”

Liu Yi says proudly: “From the beginning, we are not a dish. We are the future owners of North Dragon city.”

In this kind of situation, one must absolutely show no weakness!

Whoever shows weakness will be the first to lose!

“What a large tone!”

Zhuo Long instantly laughs: “Why don’t you take a look at what kind of group my Black Dragon Gang are! Let me tell you the Black Dragon Gang has influence in the entire Northeast three provenances! If we wish to destroy you it is as simple as squashing an ant to death! Let me tell you it will be your nightmare to go against our Black Dragon Gang!”

“I feel that we are too rushed, why don’t we first eat something.”

Liu Yi pets his stomach, “After sitting on the boat for half a day, I am really hungry. Come let us eat!”

Done speaking, he picks up chopstick. This devil mask is originally a half face facemask which only blocks the top half of the face and doesn’t block the mouth from eating which is very convenient for Liu Yi.

On the side, Guan Yihua and Chen Dahai also pick up the wine glasses and chopsticks and start to stuff themselves with food.

Zhuo Long watches for half a day and comes up with a conclusion.

Bloody hell, this Red Scarf Army is a group of foodies…

But he cannot say anything and can only eat along.

They’re wasting time! Let’s see how long you guys want to drag this out! Tonight I have all the time to accompany you!

Zhuo Long takes a look at his left and right at the waiters standing by the side waiting for Zhuo Long’s command.

Wolf King also smiles coldly as he sits on the right drinking wine like a starving wolf waiting to pounce on its prey as ferocity flashes across his eyes.

I have already set up a trap and the Red Scarf Army has already entered the trap so what is there for me to be anxious about?

Zhuo Long smiles before starting to drink wine.

But he doesn’t know that at this moment, the seawater near the yacht is no longer as calm as he imagines.


Twenty plus frogmen wearing wetsuits and carrying diving equipment are moving closer to the yacht.

The twenty plus frogmen stop around the yacht and the leader of them makes a few hand sign. The rest of the frogmen immediately nod and takes out a harpoon-like weapon and aim at the deck of the yacht.

-Dang, dang, dang!-

Twenty plus hawk hook carrying ropes fly up and hook onto the railing of the yacht.

The frogmen immediately climb up the rope, their movements very fast and soon they reached the deck.

The frogmen start to take off their wetsuits and change into the deep red attire in their waterproof backpack.

“You guys are…”

A sailor walks over and sees the men wearing devil masks.

Just as he was about to scream, a Scarlet Cloth Guard instantly moves behind him, grabs hold of his head and twist forcefully.


The sailor’s neck instantly breaks and collapses onto the ground with his eyes wide in shock.

Everyone on the yacht are people from the Black Dragon Gang thus there is no need to be merciful.

The Scarlet Cloth Guards have been on a long car ride before infiltrating here to carry out their Dragon Beheading operation!

Zhuo Long thought that he is able to eat up Liu Yi but he doesn’t know that he will be eaten by Liu Yi.

A Scarlet Cloth Guard carrying a silenced pistol peeks into the pathway and says: “Safe.”


The commander immediately gives an order and all of the Scarlet Cloth Guards immediately start to enter the yacht.

On the way, everyone they meet, the Scarlet Cloth Guards shoot all of them without hesitation.

If military advisor did not anticipate wrongly, everyone on the boat should be Black Dragon Gang elite members! If they die, they are guilty and deserve punishment!


“Commanding officer, we are nearly done with our meal.”

After eating for an unknown amount of time, Zhuo Long is finally impatient from waiting, “Isn’t it time for us to discuss proper business?”

“Proper business? What kind of proper business?”

Liu Yi pretends that he does not know anything and glances at Zhuo Long, “Isn’t today just for us to have a meal together?”

“Of course not!”

Zhuo Long nearly vomited blood, “Today I called the heads of the Red Scarf Army over to discuss the matter of North Dragon city!”

“Tsk, your Black Dragon Gang always likes to play this hand.”

Liu Yi picks up the napkin and wipes his mouth, “If you want to discuss matters than say that earlier. If you want to have a meal then you invite me for a meal. Why do you always want to mix them together!”

Zhuo Long hides his anger and asks, “Anyway…can we discuss it now?”

“Up to you.” Liu Yi spreads his hands, “I’m all ears.”

“I, Zhuo Long still have the same words, if you do not want your Red Scarf Army to die very badly either you disband or you join my Black Dragon Gang. You don’t have any other choice.”

“Words cannot be said this way, I feel that my Red Scarf Army still has other options,” says Liu Yi as he looks at the reminder of time by Little Jade.

“Other options? Hahaha Commanding officer really likes to joke around. On this boat, you only have two roads to walk.”

Done speaking, Zhuo Long claps his hand and instantly all of the waiters surrounding them pull out handguns from under the tables by their side and aims the muzzle at Liu Yi and gang,

There are around ten plus attendants and ten handguns all of it pointing at Liu Yi.

As long as Zhuo Long gives the command, they will immediately open fire.

“Do you see this? This is the method of the Black Dragon Gang!”

Zhuo Long laughs coldly.

“To be honest, I’ve seen it before.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Last time your underling Ling Yan already used this method. Last time he did not use it properly do you think that this time around it’ll be useful?”

“Why is it not useful!”

Zhuo Long laughs, “In the underworld whoever has guns, whoever has more men then he shall be the boss!”

“So that is the case…”


Chapter 274- [Maritime weather]

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