MKW Chapter 273

Chapter 273 [Dragon Palace]


“I’m in slight disbelief of your promise…”

Fu Zhongtian is not willing to believe the words of the young man called Commanding officer…

He feels that this Commanding officer is more like a madman!

“Its a pity Mayor Fu, today I am here to not let you choose.”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry as he gently knocks on the folder thrown onto the chair by Fu Zhongtian, “Currently you only have one path.”

“You….you are bullying me…”

Fu Zhongtian is somewhat angry.

“Mayor Fu, do not throw away face when people give it to you .”

Liu Yi suddenly turns around with a handgun in his hand and places the muzzle on Zhongtian’s forehead.

“In this life, I especially hate corrupted officials like you! If it was not because you are still of use to me I would have shot you earlier okay? If you keep saying rubbish to me, I will send you to meet the Jade Emperor!”

“Let’s talk, let’s talk instead…”

At this moment, Fu Zhongtian completely understands that the Commanding officer in front of him is a madman…

I cannot anger him! Otherwise, I really will die!

My bright and glorious future is waiting for me, I still cannot die…

“Say it then. What do you want!”

Although Liu Yi speaks softly, the muzzle did not lower.

Fu Zhongtian starts to sweat as he says: “I will give the Red Scarf Army the green light. We will keep working together, keep working together…”

“Good, looks like Mayor Fu is a smart person.”

Only then did Liu Yi keeps his gun and pat Fu Zhongtian’s shoulder in satisfaction, “Mayor Fu, our North Dragon city’s development is a long and heavy burden  …”

What the hell what does North Dragon city’s development have to do with your Red Scarf Army…

Haiz, but after Black Dragon Gang gets eradicated, Red Scarf Army will indeed have a big relation to it…

“What do you wish to do…”

Fu Zhongtian can only ask Liu Yi for his intentions.

“I have already told you my plan, which is to uproot the Black Dragon Gang, this poisonous tumor and become the master of North Dragon city’s underworld. Of course, this cannot be done without Mayor Fu…ah sorry it should be municipal committee secretary Fu’s vigorous support.”

“Your flattering me…”

Fu Zhongtian is still nervous.

This Commanding officer is giving him a dangerous feeling…but in the face of threats and benefits, Fu Zhongtian decided to change sides.

At least based on the information given, all of the Red Scarf Army’s actions are against other gangs.

As for the North Dragon city residents, the Red Scarf Army didn’t commit a single offense against them.

While those Scarlet Cloth Guards…in the eyes of the experienced Fu Zhongtian, are no ordinary hooligans…they are definitely retired soldiers who have been through strict training.

Perhaps giving them North Dragon city’s underworld to put it in order…is better than the Black Dragon Gang.

Fu Zhongtian says honestly: “But as for the Black Dragon Gang, they still have dirt on me…if I don’t follow Zhuo Long instructions…I might die very badly, not to mention  helping you…”

“Hehe, as for the matter regarding Zhuo Long, I will help you settle it.”

Liu Yi pats the shoulder of Fu Zhongtian, “You just take responsibility of helping us take care of the aftermath then wait to accept merits and money.”


“Oh? What is the matter? Do you have an opinion?”

“No…not at all…”

Fu Zhongtian immediately shakes his head. How would he dare to even say the word no!

“Very good. Tonight it was very pleasant seeing you. In the future, if there are any problems, I will call you. If you need to find me then call this number.”

Liu Yi passes Fu Zhongtian a phone number which is taken care of by Chen Dahai.

Of course, Liu Yi is not so stupid to give Fu Zhongtian his own number as he doesn’t wish to expose his identity again.

“Okay, okay…”

Fu Zhongtian immediately remembers it and Liu Yi claps his hand and says: “Come, send Mayor Fu back home. It already late in the night and there aren’t any cabs around. We cannot let our Mayor Fu get cold here.”

Immediately a Scarlet Cloth Guard drives an unremarkable black Ford over and allows Fu Zhongtian to board the car.

Before Fu Zhongtian is able to say good-bye, the car immediately drives away,

“Commanding officer? Is this Fu Zhongtian reliable?”

A Scarlet Cloth Guard walks up and removes his mask revealing a rough face.

This person is none other than Guan Yihua.

“Hehe don’t look down on my ability to discerning .”

Liu Yi places his hands into his pockets and says: “These two months of training weren’t for nothing. Other than teaching me some kung-fu, my master also taught me something even more precious…one of them is called the Emperor method.”

Hearing this words, Guan Yihua becomes curious, “Emperor method?”

“That’s right. It is the emperor method.”

Liu Yi nods his head before saying: “You know, why those emperors in the past obviously know that his officials are corrupted but they still put them in important positions? For example Emperor Qinglong and He Shen.”

Thinking for a while, Guan Yihua says: “Er…probably because these corrupted officials are very capable at boot-licking the emperor?”

“You are wrong.”

Liu Yi smiles as Guan Yihua’s answer was the same as what he told his master.

“Actually most of the emperors are very smart. The reason why they are willing to use corrupted officials is that after taking his leniency, they are willing to help the emperor do things. Furthermore, the corrupted officials are protected by the emperor, making their benefits united thus they can protect their emperor’s rule. The last point is that when the citizens are complaining, the emperor can randomly kill two or more of the corrupted officials to settle their complaints. Thus our relationship with Fu Zhongtian is based on mutual benefits but don’t look at how I threaten that old fox. Actually, our conditions are very good and when the old fox returns back he will be secretly happy.”

“So that is the case…damn it, politics are so complicated!”

Guan Yihua sticks out his tongue, “I think I’d rather follow Commanding officer and be your hired thug!”

“In the future, we all need to possess a few political brains ah.”

Liu Yi pats Guan Yihua shoulder, “ You need to progress youngster!”

“Fine then, for the Red Scarf Army!”

“Yeah, for the Red Scarf Army!”

Liu Yi is filled with expectation as he prepares to deal with Zhuo Long’s plan. But he doesn’t know that at this moment an even bigger crisis is coming towards him.


At the northeast three provenances, also called White mountain and Blackwater by other people.

White mountains represents the Paektu mountains which snow throughout the year and contains rich forestry and natural resources. While Blackwater represents Heilongjiang.


There is folklore that says that Heilongjiang has history, because in the past in this northeast three provenances, there is a black dragon that had cultivated for many years and became a demonic dragon.

This demonic dragon did all kind of evil deeds and caused this entire region of people to live in a terrible situation. Finally, it alarmed the celestial immortals who sealed the black dragon into the river. There are also legends that say after the black dragon died, it turned into this Heilongjiang. But no matter which legend it is, in the end, it turned into a segment of beautiful mythology.

And North Dragon city is situated on top of one of the tributaries of Heilongjiang.

At this moment, although the river is normally dead calm, because it is already winter on the top of the river was a very thick layer of ice. During the winter it is very cold in North Dragon city, the river water was also frozen very firmly. Even if a tank drives on top of the ice, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Although the river looks to be calm the bottom of the river is not so calm.

“Why is my son not back yet!”

An old dragon king sits on his throne as he grasps his precious jade armrest and narrows his eyes like he is in a deep sleep but not sleeping.

His beard drifts along with the river flow as a turtle-headed prime minister stands by his side as his head bobs.

“Reporting to Dragon king, the Third prince has already went out for two days and there is no news of him.”

The turtle prime minister’s voice is very sharp and is like a eunuch in the palace.

“Why would it be so long? Ao Lei has never left for so long before. I feel that my young son has met with a mishap…”

Now the world is no longer the same as the past and with the winter freezing over the Dragon Palace, the old dragon king rarely lets his people go out to exercise.

At this moment a beautiful girl wearing red Nichang speaks up: “Royal father, how about I go out and search for him!”

The girl’s hair is worn in a bun and within the bun conceals a pair of exquisite red dragon horns.

She has delicate features and her forehead carries a heroic spirit.

Old dragon king rejected immediately, “No way Ao Susu, you are still young and have never left the Dragon Palace before. How can I be at ease to let you go!”

“It will be fine Royal father, I am no longer young ah! Furthermore my powers have been cultivated successfully, thus it is time to go out to experience the world!”

Ao Susu runs over and pulls on old dragon king’s beard and shakes it.

“Royal father…I’m begging you ah…royal father…royal father…”

Ao Susu throws a tantrum with all her might and the old dragon king is unable to bear it. He is already quite old and such shaking is indeed making him dizzy.

“Fine, fine…you can go. Let turtle prime minister go with you. He has roamed around the top quite often so he knows more about humans.”

“Hehe, thank you Royal father!”

Ao Susu immediately becomes happy as she hugs the old dragon king’s throat and kisses him on the face.

“Turtle prime minister let us go now!”

“Aiyah, my little princess ah…”

The turtle prime minister says crying while being dragged away: “I am already very old and am unable to bear such torment ah…Let us slow down, slow down. Before we leave there is still something that we need to do…”

When Ao Susu hears what Turtle prime minister has said, she stops and look at Turtle prime minister and ask: “What is the matter?”

The old turtle explains, “The Third prince hasn’t returned for two days already, his life and death unknown. I reckon that it is inauspicious…thus before we go we must carry out a magic to find third prince’s signal that he left behind.”

“What signal?”

“If someone killed the Third dragon prince…as long as his body comes in contact with the dragon blood we will be able to use a method to determine the killer’s rough location. When he is near us, it will activate on him. At that time, we will know who is the one who killed the Third Dragon prince!”

Ao Susu tilted her head and pouts asking: “Brother is so strong…there shouldn’t be anyone who is able to kill him?”

“That is not so easy to say ah…I also hope that the Third Dragon Prince is safe. Little princess let us go, as for whether the Third dragon prince is lucky or unlucky when we go up we will know!”

[TL: Well I guess all of us know what is going to happen in the next few chapters.]


Chapter 273- [Dragon Palace]

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