MKW Chapter 272

Chapter 272 [I don’t sabotage my own people]


Fu Zhongtian recently was flushed with success as North Dragon city is about to be reshuffled soon and he has a high chance of accepting the post of municipal committee secretary.

For this day, Fu Zhongtian has strived bitterly for too long!

As long as he is able to become the municipal committee secretary, he will be able to cover the skies of North Dragon city!

At this time, if he wants wind he will get wind and if he wants rain he will get rain!

But there is a thorny matter in his hands that he needs to settle, which is the fight between the Black Dragon Gang and the Red Scarf Army!

While under the protective umbrella of the Black Dragon Gang, Fu Zhongtian has mixed feelings about it.

The wild heart of Black Dragon Gang’s boss Zhuo Long is becoming bigger and bigger and is getting harder and harder to control.

Currently, there are a lot of places of entertainment in North Dragon city that are flooded with drugs and sex business. Sometimes even if Fu Zhongtian wants to take care of it he is unable to.

Because he and Zhuo Long are basically in the same boat and in Zhuo Long hands are a lot of data on him accepting bribes.

Furthermore every year the Black Dragon Gang will give him a lot of benefits thus he can only open an eye and shut an eye.

This time around the Red Scarf Army has swept all of the Black Dragon Gangs gathering places causing a lot of movement!

Zhuo Long is pressing him urgently like he is very angry, thus Fu Zhongtian decided to take this opportunity to sweep all of the gangs in the city!

If in this round of sweeping all the gangs are done in well, perhaps he might be able to get some achievements.

Fu Zhongtian sits in the car as he closes his eyes to rest.

“Mayor Fu where do we go?”

“Return home.”

Fu Zhongtian is slightly unhappy as this new chauffer does not know the rules.

What he hated the most is other people calling him Mayor Fu as it sounds like Deputy mayor.

In the future he will be the municipal committee secretary wouldn’t others be calling him Secretary Fu?

[TL: Deputy in romanised is Fu, fourth tone while his surname is Fu, first tone.]

Haiz my surname is so hateful…no matter it is called I’m still at a disadvantage!

“Okay, Mayor Fu. You take a rest and I shall call you when we have arrived!”

The new chauffeur says very passionately but he does not know that he has already unknowingly offended Fu Zhongtian.

Fu Zhongtian leans back as he snorts not bothering to reply.

The black Audi A6 starts to move slowly as it moves towards Fu Zhongtian’s house.

This chauffeur’s driving skill is rather good, the car is driven very steadily and soon Fu Zhongtian starts to feel tired as he looks at the retreating scenery outside. He yawns not knowing when he will fall asleep.

Just as he was about to fall asleep the car suddenly stopped to an emergency stop and nearly tossed Fu Zhongtian from the back seat to the front seat.

Fu Zhongtian instantly wakes up as he roars: “What are you doing!”

The chauffeur says in panic, “Mayor Fu there is a car in front…”

“Of course there is, we’re on the road! If there were no cars why would it be called a road!!”

Fu Zhongtian is angry as his tone carries his displeasure.

“No, that Mayor Fu…a truck suddenly cut in front so I could only use the emergency brake!”

The chauffeur points in front.

Fu Zhongtian looks in front and indeed there is a large truck blocking the slightly narrow road.

Unknowingly two taxis suddenly drive to their sides.

The taxis stop and a few men wearing deep red attire and each of them are wearing devil masks.

These few people walk towards Fu Zhongtian causing him to shiver.

Based on his many years of experience he knows that this is not a good thing!

Furthermore, these people are the Scarlet Cloth Guards! The elite members of the Red Scarf Army!

“Quickly move, quickly drive away!” shouts Fu Zhongtian.

“Ah, yes, yes!”

Although the chauffeur does not know what is happening he is feeling afraid.

He immediately changes to reverse and prepares to leave this place.

But at this time, a Scarlet Cloth Guard suddenly takes out a silenced pistol and shoots two rounds at two of the car wheels.


The tires exploded as they were shot through.

On the other side, another Scarlet Cloth Guard does the same thing and shot the other tires on the other side of the car.

Within moments, the Audi A6 got paralyzed and lies in the middle of the road.

[KG: Should have had run flat tires]

“Lock the car doors! Quickly lock the doors!”

Seeing the other side firing their guns, Fu Zhongtian got badly frightened.

He immediately orders the chauffeur as he pulls out his handphone to call the police.

Pulling out his handphone he realizes that there is no signal!

Looks like the other side has installed a jamming device in their car, jamming the signal in this area!

While the chauffeur has locked all of the doors in a fluster.

The two of them tremble in the center of the car as they look out.

This is the first time that Fu Zhongtian has met such a situation and doesn’t know what to do.

Now he can only hide in the car and wait for people to come and look for them.

“Mayor Fu….we, what do we do…”

“Do not panic!”

Fu Zhongtian seems to be comforting himself, “The car doors are locked and the car body, as well as windows, are special bulletproof material. We should be fine! We shall wait here for help!”

“Yes, yes…”

The two of them can only put their hope on the car.

But very quickly they start to fall into despair.

Because a Scarlet Cloth Guard pulls out a crowbar and inserts it into the car window and uses his strength to pry.

With a ‘crack’ sound the door was pried open.

[KG: Cheap POS doors]

[TL: have to agree]

The Scarlet Cloth Guard reaches out and grabs the throat of the chauffeur. Instantly like wringing the neck of a chicken, the chauffeur faints.

Fu Zhongtian becomes even more afraid as he shrinks to the back of the car.

“You all..what are you all doing!”

“Mayor Fu, after all, you are a big official in North Dragon city ah. With only so little courage this doesn’t seem right.”

A young man uses strength and tugs the back door.

The locked car door was instantly ripped off and tossed aside by the young man.

That ‘dang’ sound scares Fu Zhongtian into quivering.

“You…who on earth are you…”

Seeing the young man wearing a devil mask walking into the car and sits beside him, Fu Zhongtian starts trembling like he got tossed into a freezer.

“This morning didn’t Mayor Fu says that he wants to look for me on the TV?”

The person sitting in the car is none other than Liu Yi.

“You, you are…”

“I am the leader of the Red Scarf Army, you can call me Commanding officer.”

Currently, Liu Yi likes to wear masks, even within the Red Scarf Army he doesn’t wish for his real appearance to be known by others.

Because he is afraid of harming his family. He is able to protect himself but as for Ling Yan, those kinds of small people, if they try to harm his family in secret it’d be very bad.

But Liu Yi has also sent a few Scarlet Cloth Guard elites to secretly protect his parents in case they got dragged in.

Fu Zhongtian felt a chill seep into his bones. He didn’t expect that the people of the Red Scarf Army really dared to do any anything!

They actually hijacked my car in the middle of the night!

I am the grand and magnificent deputy mayor ah!

Fu Zhongtian tries his best to calm his mood down and says: “Your actions are against the law and you will pay the price for it!”

“This is not something that Mayor Fu needs to worry about us. How about we discuss another question?”

Done speaking, Liu Yi claps his hand.

A Scarlet Cloth Guard standing like a statue by the side instantly walks up and passed over a folder.

“I feel that Mayor Fu will be very interested in the things inside.”

Fu Zhongtian receives the folder in suspicion, opens it and flips through it page by page.

Very quickly his face turns completely pale.

These are all records of the secret dealings between me and the Black Dragon Gang…how did the Red Scarf Army get their hands on it?

“How is it, are you now interested in chatting with me?”

Liu Yi sits in the car as he crosses his legs and looks at Fu Zhongtian calmly and unhurriedly like victory is already in his grasp.

Perhaps Fu Zhongtian will never find out how did all of these documents get leaked out.

Liu Yi relies on the heaven-defying Little Jade and hacked into Zhuo Long’s computer and obtained these precious documents.

As for whether these documents are real or fake, from Fu Zhongtian’s response it can be easily seen.

Fu Zhongtian takes a deep breath as he leans against the seat.

He is like a fighter who had lost a fight and has completely lost his fighting spirit.

“Just say it…what do you want…”

Liu Yi also did not beat around the bush and directly says: “I want all of the underworld of North Dragon city.”

“That is impossible.”

Fu Zhongtian immediately sits up like being stabbed, “You think Zhuo Long’s Black Dragon Gang are pushovers which you can pinch whenever you want? Because of your existence, North Dragon city is also no longer tranquil! The current North Dragon city is like a hidden danger and your Red Scarf Army will be eradicated by the wrath of Zhuo Long!”

“Ha ha ha. What Mayor Fu says is right.”

Liu Yi does not retort, rather he smiles and says: “Thus aren’t I here to discuss with Mayor Fu? I know that gangs like Zhuo Long’s who wish to make it big if he does not have the support of Mayor Fu it will not be possible.”

“I…I am unable to help anything…”

Fu Zhongtian’s eyes seem to be hiding something, not knowing what he is concealing.

Liu Yi is in no hurry to ask, instead, he says: “1% of Red Scarf Army yearly profits.”

Cold sweat starts to form on Fu Zhongtian’s forehead but he did not reply.

Liu Yi smiles and adds another sentence, “As well as 1% of the Red Scarf Army’s shares will be yours.”

[TL: not sure of the actual term, but basically shares, in this case, mean money earn from stocks but is not a real stock but rather an assumption that that person have X amount of stocks and base on the corresponding proportion and take dividend.]

“I, I am the deputy mayor…”

“You can also turn into nothing.”

Liu Yi points at the folder in Fu Zhongtian hands, “Today you live on private property and tomorrow you might be living in a jail.”

“I, I can support you…”

Fu Zhongtian clenches his teeth, “But this matter is not so simple…”

“After the Red Scarf Army has expelled the Black Dragon gang, we promise that there will not be any drugs in the entire city.”

Liu Yi slowly says the last condition, “Think for a while, if your territory doesn’t have any drug business….who will be the one wearing the cap of municipal committee secretary?”

Drugs, this kind of thing always continues despite the prohibition.

The government from the top will find it hard to remove it completely but if it is controlled by the gangs below, it will be much better.

Zhuo Long will definitely never give up on the enormous profit of the drug trade but this Commanding officer in front is willing!

“You’re really…willing to give up on the drug business?”

Fu Zhongtian is in slight disbelief.

“I will not harm my own people, but I will go to Russia and sell.”


Chapter 272- [I don’t sabotage my own people]

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  1. Sadly when it comes to running flat tires it only prolongs the inevitable by something close to several minutes (usually about enough to get to a safe place). My unlucky self drove a military Lmtv that went flat and the run on flat completely destroyed the rubber from air pressure. We could’ve recovered the tire, but not if their is just a rim left behind…This doesn’t usually happen but with bullet holes it’s a different story altogether.


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