MKW Chapter 271

Chapter 271 [Black Dragon Gang’s protective umbrella]


{Immortal fox sister, do you think that Li Moli is really reliable?}

After walking out of the elevator, Liu Yi asks Lin Tong as he walks towards the hospital room.

{No matter what, it’s just like a gamble.}

Lin Tong comforts Liu Yi, {Although we don’t know the results of the gamble but I must say that our stake is rather good.}

Lin Tong is looking forward to Li Moli’s wood spiritual body.

{Fine then, I will listen to Immortal Fox sister.}

Liu Yi nods his head.

{Heng, why do you listen to everything this miss says, can’t you have your own opinion?!}

Lin Tong sneers, {What if one of these days this miss is upset with you and harms you on purpose?}

{If Immortal fox sister is upset with me, its because I made you angry.}

Liu Yi replies honestly, {If it can make Immortal fox sister happy, so be it even if it would harm me.}

{You, annoying idiot…}

Lin Tong instantly becomes speechless like her throat got stuck with something,{I really don’t know…if you are really stupid or acting stupid..}

{Ah? What do you mean Immortal Fox Sister?} asks Liu Yi blankly.

{Heng, it has no meaning. Hurry and enter the hospital room to see your miss! If you are late and get beaten I would not care!}

{Ah! right right right…}

Liu Yi remembers that he has a very difficult task waiting for him as he hurries over to the door of room 508.

In front of the door, some girls voice are able to be heard.

“Lele, why do I feel that your chest seems to have grown bigger recently?”

This voice must be Murong Die’s, sounds like her vitality is fine, that lass must be fine.

Looks like the protection that Wenren Qian had given Murong Die was rather good. Even after the two of us had fought crazily, she was not caught by the shockwaves.

“No ah…Sister Die, you must have seen wrongly…”

The weak voice must be Wang Lele’s.

“How is my chest big…it is still the same…furthermore I am already so big already…my chest should not be able to develop again…”

“How evil!! If you develop again for 10 years, this miss will pretend that I don’t know you!”

“Hehe…Sister Die don’t be upset. I have just learned a type of enlarging chest method, let me help you?”

“Really? Can it work?”

“ It can work, guaranteed reliable. Come on…”

“Wuu….that, fine then…”

This Murong Die seems to be very resentful of her chest ah…

Should I use the bountiful chest bubbly hands to help her out?

But this technique of mine has a time limit ah…around half an hour and it will break on its own…

I can’t be by her side forever and charge her chest for her! Furthermore, what kind of situation would it be if her chest was big one moment and small the next!!!

She will definitely become even crazier!

Liu Yi gives up on that plan and opens the door and walks in.

“Little Die, the matter that day, I am sorry…”

Liu Yi is holding flowers with one hand while pushing the door with the other as he walks in.

Walking in, he was immediately stunned.

What in the hell…what is this damn situation…

Because in the expensive premium hospital room, Murong Die and Wang Lele the two lasses are nearly naked, wearing only small panties, as they sit on the bed face to face.

Wang Lele’s chest is pressing against Murong Die’s chest, perhaps they are massaging but when they see Liu Yi walking in the two lasses were stunned.

What the hell….

Cold sweat starts to form on his forehead…why is it always this kind of situation ah…

This is considered as encountering a beautiful romance….or seeking one’s doom ah…

This Great God’s curse is really giving it’s all ah…

I really have the feeling of wanting to turn into a butterfly and escape ah…I’ll be damned…why don’t I know any shapeshifting techniques!!!!

Immortal Fox sister ah… you know the seventy-two transformation???

Who can save me ah!!!


Murong Die suddenly wakes up and screams as she tosses the pillow behind her at Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi immediately dodges as he scrambles out of the room and closed the door firmly.

Damn…the scene earlier is way too stimulating!

The two lasses are actually sitting together to massage their chests!

Wang Lele ah Wang Lele…this time around you really are going to kill your Brother Yi ah…


From outside the room, Liu Yi is still able to hear Murong Die’s scream despite the rather good sound insulation of the room…otherwise her scream would be even more earth shaking!

Should I take advantage and escape? If I don’t escape…perhaps I might lose my life…but if I escape…perhaps I might lose my life in the future…

Damn it both are the same ah!

Liu Yi starts to consider his future path, at this time the door that he is leaning against opens.

Liu Yi turns around to see a properly clothed Wang Lele.

Her face is completely red as she looks at him.

“Brother Yi…that…its fine now…come in…”

Liu Yi doesn’t dare to speak, he only raises his hand and points inside.

Wang Lele waves her hand to indicate that it is fine.

I hope that it really is fine…Liu Yi thickens his skin and walks in.

“Liu Yi…”

When Murong Die sees him, she constantly clenches her teeth like a female lioness that is preparing to pounce on her prey.

“Sister Die ah, calm down you must calm down…”

Wang Lele immediately holds onto the properly clothed Murong Die, “ The doctor has said that you must not get angry, and don’t you have things to say to Brother Yi….”


Murong Die touches her chest and stabilizes her emotion before saying to Liu Yi: “Come, what do you have to say about this?”

“Ah? About What?”

Liu Yi blinks as he does not know what Murong Die means.

Flames start to form in Murong Die eyes, “Heng, Lele and I were nearly completely seen by you, don’t you have something to express?”

“This…it is also not the first time thou…”

Liu Yi immediately feels a wave of killing intent baring its fangs at him.

He immediately holds his tongue otherwise he might be killed by Murong Die.

“That….I am really not doing it on purpose…isn’t it because I was worried about your health…that is why I rushed here to see you…”

Liu Yi’s eyes roll and the other him starts to affect him causing his mouth to turn sweeter, “You see I also bought flowers for you!”

Saying that he lifts up the fresh flowers in his hand.

There are a few lilies that are surrounded by roses which he has bought from the flower shop downstair.

Seeing the flowers, Murong Die’s expression calms down slightly.

“Heng, at least you have some conscious! Now tell me honestly, last time after you saved me where did you go?”

Murong Die looks to be angry as she is slightly unable to accept the fact that Liu Yi had tossed her there and ran off.

“Back then I had found you!”

Liu Yi immediately says: “At that time the bad person threw you down and ran off. I chased after her and after that, we fell off the mountain cliff…”

“Ah?? You fell off the mountain cliff???”

Hearing what Liu Yi said, Murong Die instantly looks at him in worry, “Are you injured?”

“No, no…”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “The mountain cliff wasn’t really steep, but I wasted a lot of strength to climb back up…after that, some matters had cropped up at my friend’s side so I had to hurry back. I had just finished settling in and immediately obediently came to meet you…”

“Heng…if I come to know that what you say is will definitely die…”

Murong Die pouts as the anger in her eyes fades slightly.

Liu Yi sees that the topic is over and immediately asks: “So how is it? How is your body doing?”

“Still okay…but my father wants me to stay in the hospital for two more days for observation…I am so bored staying here.”

Murong Die stretches her waist before saying to Liu Yi: “How about…you secretly bring me out to play…”

Liu Yi instantly starts to sweat…this lass really likes to do what she finds interesting….

He immediately advised, “No way. You are still sick so it is better if you take care of your body. The earlier you recover the earlier Ill bring you out to play. How about that?”

“Heng, you only know how to use this sentence to coax me…so boring!”

Murong Die sneers, “Lele turn on the television. Let’s see if there are any interesting channels.”


Wang Lele immediately picks up a remote controller by the side and turns on the LCD TV in the room.

Turning on the TV the first thing they see is a beautiful hostess who is broadcasting news.

-Yesterday night, a major case has happened in our city. A lot of key businesses in our city were robbed. This conduct is vile and horrifying. Our reporter has interviewed the deputy mayor Fu Zhongtian, please take a look at the report.-

As Murong Die did not leave the hospital yesterday she asks in shock: “Yesterday something  happened in North Dragon city?”

Wang Lele shivers as she replies: “That is right! I have heard that a lot of places got smashed! So scary!”

“Come let’s hear about it. What on earth has happened…”

Murong Die is worried that her father’s business was also smashed and hurries to watch on.

Liu Yi also watches coldly by the side, perhaps this is the matter regarding the Scarlet Cloth Guards operation yesterday.

The TV scene changes to a middle-aged man wearing western attire.

The middle-aged man faces the camera with an angry face.

“This matter is completely vile! This is a challenge to our North Dragon city’s law enforcement power! I, Fu Zhongtian being the deputy mayor shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding all of North Dragon city resident’s legal property! Thus I declare that we will start to strike firmly at the criminal organization ‘Red Scarf Army’! Soon we will uproot them from North Dragon city!”

“Who is this Fu Zhongtian?” asked Liu Yi curiously.

“Are you a person from North Dragon city ah???”

Murong Die rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Uncle Fu is the deputy mayor of North Dragon city ah. The power in his hands is very large and I have heard that it might be possible for him to become the next Municipal Committee Secretary !”

“Uncle Fu…do you him?”

Murong Die replies: “My father’s relationship with him is rather good and will regularly eat a meal with him. But I don’t like him much as I feel that he is rather devious.”

“So that is the case.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, So is he is a person who is able to cover the skies of North Dragon city, but it seems like he is displeased with the Red Scarf Army.

Liu Yi immediately sends an SMS to Chen Dahai to investigate about Fu Zhongtian.

Very quickly Chen Dahai replied back and when Liu Yi saw the reply his heart sunk.

Fu Zhongtian, North Dragon city deputy mayor, Black Dragon Gang protective umbrella.


Chapter 271- [Black Dragon gang’s protective umbrella]

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  1. thanks for the chapter!

    I’m secretly suspicious whether Murong Die is lesbian. Otherwise how did she let Lele talk her into doing that in a freaking hospital where anyone might walk in on them.

    PS: It’s not Lele’s fault, cause she’s too cute.


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