MKW Chapter 270

Chapter 270 [accepting a disciple]


The nurse’s figure is rather good and curvy in the right area. Her alluring white nurse attire as well as her two white legs below her short skirts which look delicate and fair.

Liu Yi takes another glance at her, it is a pity that the nurse is wearing a face mask which is blocking her face making it hard to see her appearance.

But this lady’s smell seems to be somewhat familiar…it is not from perfume but rather her natural scent…

Sometimes Liu Yi does not understand why girls like to use perfume when they originally smell very nice.

But what kind of perfume does this nurse use…hmmm…why it is that when I smell it I start to feel sleepy.

Liu Yi’s eyelid starts to become heavier as he blinks, his head is like a chicken pecking rice as he keeps nodding.

Almost at the same time, the Immortal Qi in his body starts to revolve instantly flowing throughout his body clearing his spirit.

Liu Yi instantly wakes up. What is going on? Why did I fall asleep suddenly?

{Master, this is the X-2 sleeping drug manufactured by the Americans!}

Little Jade has analyzed the drug, {It is a type of sedative used by the secret service, after inhaling it you will easily fall unconscious.}

Hearing what Little Jade said, Liu Yi instantly becomes alert.

Why did this nurse spray on drugged perfume? There is definitely a problem!

Liu Yi glances at the nurse again and at this time, the nurse is holding a syringe and stabs towards Liu Yi’s arm.

What a fast speed! She is definitely not a nurse!

While Liu Yi is thinking, he stretches out his right hand and slaps the nurse”s hand, hitting the syringe away.

The needle head is very sharp as the syringe pierces into the wall by their side shocking Liu Yi.

What the heck…this needle is way too sharp already…

Looks like this nurse wants to kill me ah!

“Go and die!”

At this moment the nurse suddenly hits her trolley and a row of daggers appear and rushes towards Liu Yi.

The space within the lift isn’t very large and with a drug delivering trolley in the way, there isn’t much space to dodge.

With that push from the nurse, Liu Yi does not have any place to hide.

Liu Yi raises his hand and slaps the trolley.

The lift stops for a moment while the trolley immediately breaks and collapses.

The nurse seems to be shocked but her actions did not pause as she pulls down the mask she is wearing.

Liu Yi curiosity peaks up, is this nurses’s face pretty? Will her face match her body?

But when the nurse pulled off the facemask completely, Liu Yi got distracted.

What the hell! It’s her!?

Taking advantage when Liu Yi froze, the nurse spits out red smoke on his face.

“Master…your weakness is so obvious !”

Poison Jasmine laughs as she says to Liu Yi: “Women are your weakness. Although the sedative has lost its effect but this present for master is a sedative that is able to knock out a whale. Master just give me your life.”

Liu Yi indeed feels that his whole body is becoming lethargic as he starts to feel faint. If this goes on, he might not even be able to stand steadily.

But after two counts of using the breathing technique, he has completely recovered his state.

Immortal Qi keeps revolving as it unceasingly clears away the impurities in Liu Yi’s body.

“As long as master obediently takes me as a disciple, then I will give master the antidote!”

Poison Jasmine shows a delighted face while Liu Yi shakes his head before saying: “I am afraid that it is not possible. I still need to go and visit Murong Die. If   late, that lass will definitely scold me.”

“That is much better… WAIT A MOMENT!”

Poison Jasmine’s eyes widen, it must be said that her eyelashes are very long, making her look as cute as a Barbie doll.

“Master! You are actually fine! Even that sedative is unable to put you down, are you monster?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, monster ah…well you can call me that.

“Damn it…are there really no methods…”

Poison Jasmine clenches her teeth as she kicks a backpack among the trolleys debris into her hand.

“Since that is the case then I can only use my final method!”

Done speaking, she takes out a bundle of explosive and hugs it, “Master if you don’t promise me then I’ll die together with master!”

What in the eighteen hells…..are you for real!!!

This Poison Jasmine is way to savage already…to even take out explosives! From her expression…this lass is definitely for real!

Ahhh!!! I really hate people forcing me!

Liu Yi suddenly moves to the front of Poison Jasmine as he grabs hold of her chest with his right hand.


Poison Jasmine is shocked as she did not expect it!

“Since you are so mischievous then you shall be my lab rat for my new ability…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he activates his new ability that awakened when he broke through to four stars.

Liu Yi calls it…er…bountiful chest bubbly hands.

Very quickly Poison Jasmine cries out in shock.

Because her nurse attire has suddenly become very tight, when she lowers her head and takes a look, her originally B chest looks it has been inflated and it keeps growing bigger and soon it turns into an E size chest and it is still growing!!!

Gods…if this goes on wouldn’t it explode!!!

Poison Jasmine’s upper clothing are pushed up and reveal her white chest.

Her chest is still inflating and within moments it turns into the size of a small volleyball scaring Poison Jasmine till she almost cries.

“Master…master I beg you ah…save, save me…” shouts Poison Jasmine as she cries.

Liu Yi smiles mischievously, “Then be obedient and toss the explosives aside then I’ll remove the spell.”

This bountiful chest bubbly hand…seems to be a god grade technique against girls!

With this technique…heng, heng when I meet Gu Yu again there won’t be any need to fear!

Not only that…actually this bountiful chest bubbly hands also seems to be useful against men as well…

Liu Yi does not dare to think of it, especially the image after the technique is used on a man!

“I, I will throw it away now…”

At this moment, how would Poison Jasmine dare to say anything else as her chest has already inflated to the size of a football…

She immediately throws away the explosive in her hands and only then did Liu Yi tas on her chest.

Instantly her chest stops inflating.

Poison Jasmine immediately asks while crying: “Master…they…will they be able to turn back to normal?”

Although girls always wish that their chest was bigger…but as for a pair of soccer balls…that is way too much!

Furthermore, she is also a killer, with such a large chest how will she able to kill people!

Use her chest to crush people? Please this is not meteor hammer!!

[TL: well she just need to large hard qigong and concentrate especially on her chest ^^]

[KG:Heavenly Boob Smash]

“That shall depend on you.”

Liu Yi smiles towards Poison Jasmine, “If you do not bother me anymore I will naturally change your chest back to normal.”

Poison Jasmine instantly trembles slightly but she bites her lips and spits out, “NO!”


Liu Yi got stunned as he has thought that she will immediately beg for mercy!

He did not imagine that the lass would reject him!

“I don’t want to! I must take you as my master! If you do not agree I’d rather have a large chest! Worst comes to worst…I’ll just cut them off!!!”

What the heck!

Liu Yi got a huge shock. This lass is way too tough and ruthless…

At this moment Lin Tong suddenly appears on Liu Yi’s shoulder and says, {Liu Yi, why don’t you just agree to her demands?}

Liu Yi cannot comprehend what Lin Tong mean, {Ah? Agree with her? Then what can I teach her ah? Where do I look like a teacher?}

{Spiritual Body owners are heaven sent cultivating geniuses.}

Lin Tong says, {Actually it is a good thing for you if you have a spiritual body owner as your disciple. In the cultivating realm, you need some help. I believe…that soon you will come in contact with the cultivating realm..}

{Fine then…but what do I teach her! Which of the three cultivation sutras is she compatible to?}

{Those that are within your body are not compatible..}

Lin Tong shakes her head, {The only cultivation law and heart sutra that are a set is the Glorious Sun palm, spiritual fox steps, and Heavenly fox heart sutra! But all of them are unable to be passed to Poison Jasmine!}

{Then what to do?}

{No problem, we can first teach her some basic sword cultivation techniques then I’ll find her some matching heart sutra. Later when we have even better cultivation techniques it is not too late to teach her.}

{But…I don’t have any kind of high-grade heart sutra neither do I know impartation technique ah!}

{Big idiot! You have me ah!}

Lin Tong says proudly, {This miss knows ah! Just leave it to this miss!}

Liu Yi understands tacitly and says to Poison Jasmine, “Fine then, I can teach you but whether you are able to become powerful depends on your comprehension!”

“No worries master, I will definitely work hard!”

Poison Jasmine is very excited as she jumps about and the soccer ball on her chest also bounces along. Her balance immediately scatters and she collapsed onto the ground.

Poison Jasmine scowls and says: “Aiyah…this pair is so troublesome… I never realized that  these can be so troublesome..”

Liu Yi taps on her chest again to remove the bountiful chest bubbly hand technique.

Immediately her chest, like letting go of air speedily changes back to normal.

The pushed up nurse uniform drops back to her waist.

“Whew…finally released.”

Poison Jasmine lets a sigh of relief.

“I will teach you a cultivation technique but I also want to know.”

Liu Yi’s voice suddenly becomes cold, “Are you, Poison Jasmine standing on my side?”

“Of course master! Who else do I help if I do not help you?”

Poison Jasmine immediately stands up and says: “In the future just relax, master’s matter is my Poison Jasmine matter! Ah yeah, Poison Jasmine is my code name. My real name is Li Moli!”

As a heaven list killer, Poison Jasmine actually tells Liu Yi her real name!

“That is good. Master shall pass to you this cultivating technique. Learn it well!”

Liu Yi is also slightly interested, master this term of address…eh, I dont know why it sounds somewhat evil…

“Yeah! Master tell me, I am listening!”

Poison Jasmine is very excited by Liu Yi did not say anything, instead, he stretches out his hand and taps on her nose.

With a snap, Lin Tong the little fox that Poison Jasmine is unable to see, bites down on her nose.


Chapter 270- [Accepting a disciple]

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