MKW Chapter 27

Chapter 27   [Uncle Wang is near sighted]


Other than Young Master Lan, Murong Die, Wang Lele these few people with a solid background in their class, whom Kai Wen does not dare to provoke, as for the rest, he does not place them in his eyes before.

Especially Liu Yi in front of him. In the past he was a coward, to be fucked by him however he likes!

But today I am actually kicked by this Liu Yi!

Fucker where do I go and place my face now? How can I still mingle in the class!

Even if it was not for Young Master Lan giving him orders, even if it is for his own face, Kai Wen is still going to beat up Liu Yi until his mother is unable to recognize him!

But first, before I beat him up, let’s give him some humiliation.

What the book says is good. Humiliating a person’s body is only a dirty trick. If you want to humiliate then you must humiliate their soul!

That’s right what I am going to do now is to humiliate Liu Yi’s soul and let him know what kind of price he must pay to provoke me Kai Wen! After humiliating him, then beat him up. Afterward, then break one of his legs to answer to Young Master Lan!

“If you do not wish to be beaten up then obediently kneel down and call me grandpa. What do you think?”

As Kai Wen speaks he points at the ground in front of him.

Liu Yi looks at the spot.

Then he looks at the students surrounding him, watching him like a tiger watching their prey. As long as I do not kneel, they will beat me up…


Liu Yi suddenly says, “I will not kneel.”

“My grandfather said before that under a man’s knee is gold. Even if you beat me to death I will not kneel in front of you.”

Seeing Liu Yi’s rather die than submit attitude, Kai Wen starts scolding, “Motherfucker how dare you try and act tough!”

“If I do not beat you till you search for teeth on the ground then I am not called Kai Wen!”

Done speaking, Kai Wen sends Liu Yi a slap.

Like the saying, when beating people, do not beat the face.

Because hitting a person’s face is a very humiliating that person, thus there is this saying.

While Kai Wen actually ignores this point. It can also be said that he is purposely wanting to humiliate Liu Yi, thus he slaps him.

While at that instant, Liu Yi’s bloodstream speeds up.

Red qi flows out continuously from his first star jade and swiftly revolves around his body.

Liu Yi’s world suddenly turns into black and white.

Kai Wen who is standing in front of Liu Yi has a red glow on his body.

His palm is by the side of Liu Yi’s face and it suddenly slows down like it is in slow motion.

Liu Yi’s thinking also turns cold and detached.

He suddenly stretches out with his left hand and with a ‘pa’, he grabs hold of Kai Wen’s wrist.

Kai Wen is instantly stunned as he did not expect that Liu Yi would be able to grab hold of his hand.

After which Liu Yi squeezes his palm and a ‘kacha’ sound occurs!


Kai Wen sensed that his right hand does not listen to his command as a heart piercing pain transmits over through his wrist, paining him till he hugs his wrist.

“There, there is something wrong with this fellow!”

“Damn it there are so many of us, thrash him!”

Seeing that Liu Yi is being weird and smirking, their hearts are in a mess.

But thinking that there are so many of them, why should they be scared of him!

Instantly they start shouting and rushes towards Liu Yi.


Liu Yi’s wrist shoots out like lightning and hits one of the students on his chest.

Instantly that student’s eyeball nearly pops out as he holds his chest, he curls up like a prawn and is almost unable to breathe. In the end, he collapses onto the ground.


Facing a student who is charging over, Liu Yi raises his right leg and kick him in his head!

If it is the usual Liu Yi, he would have great difficulty to even raise it above his stomach!

Towards a person who had never learn before martial arts, never learn before dancing, their ligaments are usually unable to pull apart. Wishing to raise their leg high up is basically impossible.

While under the state of cultivation, Liu Yi’s entire body becomes outstanding.

The things that he is unable to do in the past, now under the stimulation from the red qi, he is able to barely do it.

But it is only temporary, but to deal with this hooligans, it is enough.


Liu Yi slams down his leg and heel-drop directly on that student’s head without any hesitation, forcing him onto the ground.

The remaining three students are stunned.

Two of them are trembling with fear while the last one turns ruthless. He picks up a brick and smashes towards Liu Yi’s head.

“Damn it! I do not believe that I am unable to hit you!”

Like the proverb says, no matter how high is your martial arts, the moment you get hit you will still fall.

The student should have watched too many of the related sabotaging novels as he prepares to smash Liu Yi with the brick.

But Liu Yi only punches out with his right fist on that brick.


The brick exploded in that student’s hand. The broken brick hits that student on his head instantly causing him to faint.

Instantly there are only two students whose legs are trembling by Liu Yi’s side.


Liu Yi looks over at them and did not say anything. He signals to the two on them to come at him.

The two student runs off screaming like they had seen a ghost.

Finally took care of them…

Liu Yi is about to call it a day when a black figure appears in front of him.

An uncle wearing a black western suit is standing in front of him slowly taking off his sunglass.

“You…must be Kai Wen right.”


“Sister Xiao Die, Uncle Wang is so powerful, how come he retired? Can’t he be an officer or something in the army?”

In the Mercedes, Wang Lele asks Murong Die who had her eyes close.

“Uncle Wang is nearsighted.”

Murong Die says lazily, “And he also did not like to wear glasses nor is he willing to do surgery, thus he retired.”

“Oh…so that is the case….”

Wang Lele nods like she understanding, “Then how long does Uncle Wang needs to return?”

“Back then when Uncle Wang is in the special forces, he was the fighting king for three times in a row. I believe dealing with this few students who do not know any martial arts, ten seconds will be enough. Just wait calmly.”


The two girls continue to wait in the car.

At the same time in the alley, Liu Yi’s eyes widen as he looks at the cool middle-aged uncle.

Are you for real? I am Kai Wen?

Where exactly do I look like him ah!

“You have gotten the wrong person….”

Liu Yi’s blood flow has begun to slow down as the red qi starts to return back to the star jade.

Without the stimulation from the red qi, Liu Yi feels that his thighs are starting to cramp up while his right knuckles have a pricking pain.


The red qi stimulation is no different from eating steroids!

When you are on it, you are like the god of war, but after it, all the sensation comes back!

So painful…

“Haha, students nowadays are so cunning.”

The uncle blinks and says, “Do not lie to me. I have seen your picture. Kai Wen as a guy you must admit to what you do. You got guts to take liberties verbally on my family’s Miss, then you accept the consequence of your actions!”

He rushes forwards like lightning and punches Liu Yi in his stomach.

At that instant, a surge of pain transmitted over from Liu Yi’s stomach.

Liu Yi feels like all of the air in his lungs are squeezed out.

He bends over like a cooked prawn, kneeling on the ground and he pants.

His ears are ringing continuously as his sight turn dark.

But at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly senses that the white qi within his body once again emerges and is actually nourishing his body, healing his injuries!

So strange…this power does not seem to be evil!

Why did it make me feel so comfortable now….

My body is no longer so painful…my sight is also swiftly restoring.

“This punch will put you to sleep for a few hours as a lesson.”

The uncle once again puts on his sunglass and turns around to walk off.

He suddenly hears something behind him.

He turns around in shock as he looks at Liu Yi who is slowly getting to his feet and becomes even more shock.

“You can  get up?”

I am a professional special force soldier! Logically an ordinary student is basically unable to get back up after taking this punch!

But this weak looking fellow is actually able to get back up!

The uncle praises, “No wonder you dare to tease my family miss. Indeed you have some abilities.”

“I am not Kai Wen!”

A red glow is faintly emitted from Liu Yi’s eyes.

The world once again turns black and white and everything starts to slow down.

While speaking he pounces towards the uncle like a nimble leopard.

The uncle sense danger as his body starts reacting subconsciously.

He lifts up his palm and chops towards Liu Yi’s throat.

The special force soldiers’ techniques are all meant to kill!

Because the use of special force soldiers on the battlefield is not to capture enemies but to kill people!

This knifehand can smash a person’s neck bone.

The opponent is only a student, thus the uncle only wished to give him a lesson and did not have any thoughts of killing him.

But how his actions are completely from his subconscious, because this is his natural reaction from the student’s indistinct killing intent.

Towards killing intent, all special force soldiers are very sensitive towards it.

Thus the uncle instantly responds with a heavy blow.

The moment he throws out his attack, he immediately starts to regret because his attack will definitely break the student’s neck!

But he is no longer able to take back his strike! It is already too late to regret!

But what shocked the uncle is that the weak-looking student actually dodges in a strange manner. His shoulder brushes against the palm and dodges the knife hand.

At the same time, his fist punches into the uncle’s stomach.

An enormous force impacts his stomach causing the uncle to retreat a few steps as he takes a few deep breaths and suppresses the pain from his stomach.

Liu Yi says coldly, “Returned to you.”

The uncle is shocked.

Although he had taken a punch from Liu Yi, after all his body is very resilient and he had practiced some hard qigong, thus he did not get any major injuries.

What shocked him is that Liu Yi is actually able to dodge his sure-kill strike!

Is he really just a student?

If this fellow is not Kai Wen then who is he?

Just as the uncle is shocked and wishes to inquire, from the alley comes a yell.

“They are here! Brother Wei!”

“Go, make them bleed!”


Chapter 27     [Uncle Wang is near sighted]

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