MKW Chapter 269

Chapter 269- [Smash and rob]


“Boss Yan, Boss Yan do not be so worked up about it.”

Xiao Dong by his side immediately advises, “Boss Yan have you forgot that today is the big day to deal with Xin Dong Island? You are the person who knows about the matters in Xin Dong Island the best. After Xin Dong Island is taken back, it will be given back to Boss Yan to manage. At that time all of them will need to obediently hug your legs.”

“You are right.”

When Ling Yan hears what Xiao Dong says, his heart becomes slightly comfortable.

“Damn it, how about swiping my card?”

He unwilling takes out his wallet from his pocket.

“No hurry, no hurry. After Boss Yan is happy it is not too late to settle the bill…”

Although the mommie got slapped, she still smiles back.

“Heng, all of you who look down on others! After tomorrow, I will once again be the Hall master of Xin Dong Island! Those who look down on me today, I will remember all of you in my heart!”

He pulls Xiao Dong and prepares to walk in.

“Quickly, quickly. Help Boss Yan to arrange…”

The mommie is about to look for the ladies under her when the elevator door of the pub suddenly opens.

A man walks out followed by four men wearing deep red attire.

These men are wearing a red scarf on their arm and the scarf is embroidered with a single ‘Guard’ word.

Every one of them is wearing a devil mask looking very terrifying.

“Boss Yan, it has been a long time since we last met.”

Ling Yan doesn’t recognize the people at the back but the young man’s voice at the front, even if he is turned into ash he will still be able to recognize it.

“Liu Yi!”

“Ai, Boss Yan. Such a coincidence to actually meet here. But I am not Liu Yi, you have recognized the wrong person.”

Liu Yi is also wearing the same red attire, the material of the cloth is similar to that of the army.

Even on the shoulder of Liu Yi is their own special epaulet.

In the Red Scarf Army, there is a strict ranking system. This system is based on the army ranking system. Liu Yi is the general so his epaulet is three stars and a flower.

The four Scarlet Cloth Guard’s epaulet is from one star to three stars.

Only with rules and regulation, discipline and strict rewards and penalties would you be able to form a real team.

This is the rules and regulation of Red Scarf Army that Liu Yi, Chen Dahai, Rat and rest have come up with after discussing.

“Liu Yi. You really think that you are a commanding officer!”

Not bothering about Liu Yi pretending to be clueless, Ling Yan glares angrily at the epaulet on his shoulder as he smiles coldly, “It is a pity that after tonight, the Red Scarf Army will no longer exist!”

“Boss Ling really likes to dream ah.”

Liu Yi inserts his hands into his pocket as he smiles and says: “You really think that relying on Duke Feng as well as the little fries of your Black Dragon Gang you be able to snatch Xin Dong Island back?”

“You know nothing! Tonight the elites of the Black Dragon Gang are deployed to snatch back Xin Dong Island as well as eradicate your Red Scarf Army!”

“I know, I know.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Thus I left most of the Red Scarf Army in Xin Dong Island.”

This time around, Liu Yi brings along the Scarlet Cloth Guard, who are elites among elites.

They are not from the first group of Red Scarf Army members but are chosen from all of the members after devilish training and an assessment!

With the help of Chen Dahai as well as Guan Yihua, the Red Scarf Army is continuously recruiting members.

A Lot of retired soldiers also joined them.

As the Scarlet Cloth Guard only need the true elites, thus members of Red Scarf Army can only join the Scarlet Cloth Guard after strict training and assessment.

The only pity is that those who are truly able to pass everything only amount to thirty people.

These thirty people are the celestial soldiers and heavenly generals for Liu Yi to make a comeback!

“Then what did you come here for?”

Ling Yan suddenly thought of something and starts laughing, “Ha ha. I know. You definitely came here to beg for forgiveness right? Commanding officer ah Commanding officer. Come, come, come. Right now if you kneel down in front of me and beg for forgiveness, then I’ll help you ask Big brother to give you a path to survival! Ha, ha, ha!”

“What an idiot.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “What a worrying IQ. Today I am here not for anything else but to destroy your Black Dragon Gang.”

Done speaking he claps his head and says: “Brothers, take action.”

The Scarlet Cloth Guards instantly take out handguns and one of them fires a shot into the ceiling.

“ Red Scarf Army is clearing the area. Those who do not want to die, SCRAM!”

The gunfire causes the fifth floor to instantly turn into a mess.

A lot of people cry out in shock as they start to escape in all directions.

Ling Yan rages, “What are you all doing! How dare you be arrogant in Black Dragon Gang territory!”

“I said, I am here to destroy you all.”

Done speaking a lot of Scarlet Cloth Guards suddenly appear at the fifth-floor stairs, each of them are holding a hammer.

These Scarlet Cloth Guards start to smash up everything in sight like a demolishing team, everywhere they go, they smash up everything not even sparing a single tile.

This is North Dragon city’s regular district, not Xin Dong Island thus Liu Yi also doesn’t dare to mess around and casually kill people.

His operation tonight is to sweep all of the places of the Black Dragon Gang in North Dragon city to teach them a lesson and injure their constitution.

We must hit them till they feel pain otherwise they won’t know what kind of terrifying opponents they are messing with.

To be able to have enough firepower to fight against Black Dragon Gang, most of the Red Scarf Army purchased firearms from Axe Gang.

Only with help in his hand did Liu Yi have the courage as the Black Dragon Gang is indeed a veteran large gang in North Dragon city, thus to knock them down courage is not enough.

With such a ruckus in the fifth floor, instantly all of the guards that the Black Dragon Gang have in the property come out.

These fellows are like fiends as they rush into the fifth floor and there are around one hundred of them.

“Liu Yi, daring to only bring so few people to mess around in the territory of the Black Dragon Gang, today you shall stay here!”

As Ling Yan shouts, the Black Dragon Gang members have already rushed to the Scarlet Cloth Guards.

But Scarlet Cloth Guards are indeed elites as their actions are clean and ruthless.

Basically, within a move, the Black Dragon Gang members collapsed onto the ground.

There is not even a single moment of suspense and after two minutes have passed, all of the Black Dragon Gang members are lying on the group while all of Scarlet Cloth Guards are without injury as they continue to smash stuff.

Ling Yan is shocked as he stands there not moving as he watches a hurricane pass through the fifth floor.

Xiao Dong is also standing beside Ling Yan as he does not know what to do.

Ling Yan suddenly pushes Xiao Dong as he shouts: “GO UP. As long as you’re from the Black Dragon Gang go up!”

Xiao Dong can be considered as quite capable in fighting otherwise Ling Yan would not rely on him.

Xiao Dong was pushed in front of a 1.9-meter tall Scarlet Cloth Guard who glares at him. Instantly Xiao Dong kneels on the ground and shouts, “I am not from the Black Dragon Gang! I am only an ordinary guest!”

In front of the Scarlet Cloth Guard, Xiao-Dong instantly becomes terrified.


The Scarlet Cloth Guard sneers and kicks Xiao Dong aside.

Ling Yan clenches his teeth as he didn’t think that his own people would become so terrified!

“Boss Ling ah, help me tell your big boss that this is the present that the Red Scarf Army want to send back to the Black Dragon Gang. I, Commanding officer, always like to return politeness with politeness.”

After leaving behind that sentence, Liu Yi brings the Scarlet Cloth Guards and leaves.

As for Ling Yan, Liu Yi is too lazy to trash him again.

Scarlet Cloth Guards are like the wind, come fast and leave just as fast.

But they are a hurricane.

The outside of Come to China pub is still gorgeous but the inside is like ruins.

All of the guests have been frightened away, after all, who would dare to stay there with gunfire and smashing happening!

Ling Yan thought that everything will end after this but what he does not know that this is only the beginning.



Zhuo Long is sitting in his office when he smashed the teacup in his hands.

The teacup is not any ordinary good but is part of a really high-quality tea set.

After smashing the teacup, Zhuo Long does not feel heartache, instead, he is raging as he looks like he is about to erupt.

Within a night, all of the businesses that Black Dragon Gang had in North Dragon city were smashed!

All of the businesses! All of them!!!

Not even a roadside toilet that the Black Dragon Gang has undertaken survived!

Damn it this Red Scarf Army is too arrogant! Not only did they snatch Xin Dong Island, they even do such cruel attacks on all of the business of the Black Dragon Gang!

It is too unbridled already!

“Long Ye, what do you plan to do?”

Army Blade stands by his side coldly as he asks: “Do you want me to remove Commanding officer?”

Zhuo Long counter ask: “Are you confident?”

“Not entirely ..”

Army Blade says honestly: “But if I have time to prepare, I have an 80% chance of succeeding.”

“There is no rush to kill him”

Zhuo Long waves his hand as his eyes turn cold, “Every year I passed a great deal of money to the top, I hope it wasn’t for nothing. Contact Fu Zhongtian, I want to invite him for a meal.”


Army Blade immediately turns around to arrange it as he is the right and left hand that Zhuo Long is most proud of.

“What is the Red Scarf Army…I will let you know that it is not so easy to mingle with the underworld of North Dragon City…”


At this moment Liu Yi does not know that a big catastrophe is about to land on the Red Scarf Army. At this moment he is nervous as he carries a large bouquet of fresh flowers to the city hospital.

“Lele, which floor and room are you girls in?”

“ 508, Brother Yi come quickly…Sister Die does not seem to be very happy….”

“I know…I’m coming now…”

Liu Yi heart is pounding, this…is Murong Die angry at me…

Last time I said I’ll go and save her but in the end, I disappeared…although it wasn’t intentional how do I explain that to Murong Die?

I nearly died and went to hell to holiday for a bit and fought against Kṣitigarbha?

I’ll be damned ah…who would believe in this explanation!

Such a headache…how do I explain ah….

I’d rather fight against Kṣitigarbha again than face Murong Die’s lioness roar….

Murong Die that lass is really scary! She is definitely way scarier than Kṣitigarbha!

Wu…how about I just call her Queen Yama? That seems to be rather good…

Liu Yi hugs the fresh flowers as he fears Murong Die in his heart before walking into the room.

At this moment a nurse pushing a tray that carries medication walks in as well.


The Scarlet Cloth Guards are about to undergo an even larger operation, while Liu Yi’s underworld construction is about to come to a temporary end~

[TL: Kg? I think this sentence is the author afterwords???]

[KG: Foreshadowing for the future.]

[TL: ah I see]


Chapter 269- [Smash and rob]

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