MKW Chapter 268

Chapter 268- [Mysterious fifth floor]


Liu Yi starts to provoke Wenren Qian.

While Wenren Qian glares coldly at Liu Yi.

“Since it is you who is seeking death then I shall fulfill you.”

Wenren Qian places her hands together and forms a seal.

Instantly the sky starts to change color.

Red clouds form in the sky while the ground splits open as lava flows out.

Flame columns start to appear one after the other.

Liu Yi looks at Wenren Qian as he feels the incomparable flame power.

“Do not force me to kill you!”

Wenren Qian raises her right hand causing the clouds to disperse revealing countless scarlet meteorites in the sky.

The whole sky is filled with countless meteorites looking very horrifying like it is the end of the world.

“I don’t wish to be enemies with you but your existence has threatened everyone.”

“Tsk, tsk…since you have killed so many people one more me does not matter.”

Wenren Qian smiles faintly, “But it is a different matter. You don’t have the ability to kill me while I have the ability to kill you.”

Done speaking the countless meteorites in the sky start to fall.


Liu Yi cries out in shock and awakens from his dream.

Looking around, it is bright and sunny as he lies on the dry ground. A circle of almost extinguishing flames surrounds him.

While Wenren Qian has left before he awoke.

Liu Yi takes a look at the position of the sun as he mutters in his heart that he has slept too deeply.

He actually didn’t notice that Wenren Qian had left!

When Liu Yi wakes up, Little Jade reports to him, {Master, Chen Dahai is calling you!}

{Pick it up!}

Instantly Chen Dahai course voice starts blabbering into his ear.

“BOSS! Something big has happened BOSS!”

Liu Yi takes a look at the time before asking: “Big matter? What kind of big matter made you call me at 5 in the morning!”

“Boss…a traitor has appeared in the core members of our Red Scarf Army.”

Chen Dahai immediately reported: “It is that Duke Feng…for his drug business he took a risk out of desperation and secretly collaborated with the Black Dragon Gang. In just one night yesterday, nearly half of our territory in Xin Dong Island was occupied by them!”

“En, en. So it is this matter ah…didn’t we expect it to happen?”

Liu Yi does not mind too much, “Just follow the plan that we had made earlier. Transfer all of the newly recruited members to protect our power. At the same time, we can let the new members practice army training.”

“En. We have already arranged that matter. Rat reckons that by 8 am we will be able to collect back our territories.”

Chen Dahai takes a look at the time before saying: “But after that, it is Boss’s turn to bring our actual elites to go and seek compensation.”


Liu Yi nods his head as he asks Little Jade to open the map. Taking a look, he says: “6 am we gather at the Xin Dong Island bridge and prepare Operation Scarlet Sweep.”


Chen Dahai excitedly receives the order and hangs up.

Liu Yi is also slightly excited as this is the first big operation that the Scarlet cloth guard will be undertaking since their formation!

To see if they are able to suppress the Black Dragon Gang will depend on this operation!

Liu Yi sees that the time is getting closer to 6 am thus he stops wasting time and forms a sword seal with both hands and points at the sky.

“Taoist Laozi, urgent as order!Come Sword!”

Instantly a white sword flies over from the mountain peak and stops in front of his feet.

The sword is none other than the ‘Supreme Taiji sword’ that Ma Hua has given him.

Liu Yi steps onto the sword before flying into the sky.


Come to China pub is an important business of the Black Dragon Gang outside of Xin Dong Island.

From the outside, Come to China is a 4-star pub. The pub has a dining area, bathing and recreational areas, KTV as well as guest rooms.

But only frequent guest knows that Come to China has lots of technical experts, beautiful women from North Dragon city.

There is a variety of female experts, beautiful ones, sexy ones, youthful pretty ones as well as mature pretty ones.

Anyway, as long as you have money there is no type of woman that you cannot find in Come to China.

A lot of North Dragon city people when receiving foreign clients, ah friends, they would choose this Come to China pub.

Ling Yan is truly depressed.

Ever since the last time, when he was forced to sign the transfer document of territories at Xin Dong Island, his influence in the Black Dragon Gang dropped.

Afterward, the Red Scarf Army also imprisoned him for a few days to try to lure Army Blade out. Luckily Big Brother had seen through their plans and did not let Army Blade move out, instead he keeps him by his side.

Because there was no result, the Red Scarf Army released him as he no longer is of any value. Damn it, back then the majestic Boss Yan has fallen to the level of a street hooligan!

Although Big Brother did not say anything to him Ling Yan is able to see that he is disappointed in him.

Big Brother also no longer looks for Ling Yan regarding matters of the Black Dragon Gang.

Although Ling Yan is a Hall leader, he no longer possesses any authority and is only left with a nice sounding title.

Damn it… that damned Red Scarf Army!

If not for them, I, Ling Yan would not have fallen to this state!

“Boss Yan, do not drink too much! It will harm your body.” advises a loyal subordinate by his side.

“Damn it I am so depressed!”

Ling Yan says bitterly, “Take a look at me, where do I still look like a Boss! Damn it! Only you remain with me while the rest of them are ingrates! Come let’s go to the pub. Tonight I’ll be the host. Let’s go to the fifth floor!”

“Ah, thank you, Boss Yan!”

Xiao Dong instantly starts smiling widely.

The fifth floor is Come to China’s bathing and recreational area. Although it looks like a regular place but those who are familiar would know that it’s the red light district.

Usually, Xiao-Dong cannot bear to go and play around on the fifth floor, even though there are a lot of girls there, but their prices are also very expensive!

A slightly common one will cost 6-7 hundred while a better one will be above a thousand!

They are just some small fry’s who earn only so little money each month. Usually, he is living day by day thus this kind of expensive place is unimaginable for him.

“Don’t be polite. From now on we are brothers.”

Ling Yan seems to have drunk too much as he pulls Xiao Dong to the side as he says: “In the future only you, Xiao-Dong are my brother! Zhuo Long, damn it, is not my brother!”

The little hooligan sneers secretly looks like Boss Yan really drank too much.

Zhuo Long is our Black Dragon Gang’s big boss ah… and is also Boss Yan’s sworn big brother. If he has not drunk so much…Boss Yan would not have said all this.

“Damn it…they are all looking down on me…sooner or later I’ll give them a big surprise and show them my abilities!”

“Yes, yes. Boss Yan in the future you will definitely be as awe-inspiring as the past!”

Xiao Dong keeps saying good words beside Ling Yan’s ear.

Ling Yan is very satisfied as he holds Xiao Dong’s arm, “Good brother come, let’s go. Tonight brother will bring you to enjoy! I have heard that these in the last few days a new batch of student girls have arrived. Come, brother will bring you to sample them!”

Saying that he drags Xiao Dong to the fifth floor.

Usually, when the door opens, a group of mommies come up and greet them.

But today there is only a server stepping forward and bowing politely to them.

“Two sirs, this way please.”

“Damn it please, what please! You don’t recognize me?!”

Ling Yan points at his nose and rages.

“You don’t wish to do business on the fifth floor anymore?!”

Ling Yan’s anger makes a few mommies who are busy greeting other guests glance at each other as they exchange some signal.

A slightly younger mommie immediately steps forward and greets.

“Aiyah, Boss Yan you haven’t come for a long time!”

“Damn it! I have not come for some time and you all forgot about me?” says Ling Yan angrily.

“Aiyah, Boss Yan how could that be. You haven’t been here for so long that the ladies under me are all missing you so much.”

The mommie’s mouth is quite sweet, “When they have nothing to do, they come and reminisce with me about how powerful Boss Yan is. Boss Yan has not come for so long that they have become like the palace ladies waiting for Boss Yan to pamper them!”

Hearing this, Ling Yan finally becomes happy, “Ha ha ha! At least you all have a bit of conscious!”

“Come, come, come. Arrange for me and my brother the best room. Put it on my bill!”


The mommie’s originally smiling face changes when she hears what Ling Yan said.

“What’s the matter. Got a problem?”

Ling Yan starts to frown. Does this mommie not want to stay in this place anymore? To actually not give me face in front of my little brother?


The mommie says awkwardly: “Its that the leaders have given word…Long Ye has personally given the order…this place is a 4-star place so from now on…all internal members are not allowed to put on bills on tabs….if you want to purchase something … you need to pay cash.”

“What the hell!”

Ling Yan instantly raises his hand and slaps the mommie.

Immediately on the mommie’s heavily made-up face appears a five finger palm print.

“Goddamn it, you don’t know who am I? I am the Hall leader of the Black Dragon Gang! I’m that bloody Zhuo Long’s sworn brother! When I was helping Zhuo Long conquer the territories you guys were eating shit at some unknown place! Now you actually climb up my head?!”

The group of people don’t dare to make any sound but they are cursing in their hearts.


Chapter 268- [Mysterious fifth floor]

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